Today’s the last day for some T-Mobile subscribers to claim free stock


Heads up, existing T-Mobile subscribers, because today is the last day that some of you can claim your free stock.

Stock Up was announced at the Un-carrier 11 event earlier this month as T-Mo’s effort to give its subscribers free stock in the company. Customers that joined T-Mobile on or before May 28 have until June 21 to claim their free share in the company, meaning that today is the last day that those folks can get their stock. If you joined T-Mobile between May 29 and June 6, your last day to claim your free stock is June 28. New customers must switch to T-Mobile from a postpaid carrier to be eligible for Stock Up, and they’ve got 15 days to claim their share once it appears in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

To get your free share, you’ll need to load up the My Stuff section of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app — which is having issues today, but T-Mo says that they’re working on it — to confirm your eligibility. Every primary account holder on postpaid consumer voice accounts are eligible for a share. To actually receive your stock, you’ll also need to sign up for an account at LOYAL3.

Also worth noting is that T-Mo customers can get up to 100 additional T-Mo shares per year by convincing people to switch to T-Mobile. All that you need to do is go to the Stock Up webpage or log in to and enter your friends’ phone numbers. If they accept your referral, switch to T-Mobile, and stay active for at least 15 days, you’ll get an additional T-Mobile share. Customers that’ve been with T-Mobile for five years or more will get two additional shares for each referral.

Have you claimed your free T-Mobile share yet?

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  • F4LL0U7

    Anyone need a referral? I’ve been a customer for 11 years and I’d love that extra stock :-D

  • Michael Tran

    what’s the catch? not comfortable giving them my bank account number

    • Bryant

      The catch is you have to claim it by today. You won’t be giving T-Mobile your bank account number…

      • Rene Shabastari

        It’s required for sign up

    • Ozgur Sen

      For Business customers T-Mobile is giving $50 credit
      Go to
      1- enter your primary account phone number
      2- Enter your account PIN
      3- Enter the promotion code which is “@WORK50”
      4- Complete the form and DONE

  • Mike Thaler

    Unfortunately, small business accts. aren’t eligible. Been w. TM 10+ years

  • Jay Holm

    I’m waiting on news about the 600mhz spectrum auction…it should have been over by now…

    • dtam

      the bidding process was supposed to take months and months though

      • Jay Holm

        Oh…I don’t understand anything that takes months and months…so apparently 2017 flagships won’t have support for 600mhz then! Guess that’s ok, we’ll have tri-band carrier aggregation in the meantime…

    • Clifton K. Morris

      Um, no. It’s not as simple as buying a WiFi router.

      Look at it this way- when the last auction occured for the 700MHz band, the Government used auction proceeds to provide digital TV converters. Only then could airwaves be used.

      This is similar in size and scope. TV broadcasters have to move to whitespace, and perform their own tower engineering (often this is a single 100,000 watt tower) before cell phone companies can start setting up smaller 40-watt antennas. Plus, there’s often additional backhaul needed to support customers. That frequently requires new fiber (or microwave… Yet another license and approval) to be installed. It’s not like flipping on a lightswitch. It’ll conceivably be 5 or 6 years before it’s available for use by customers so don’t go shopping today for a 600MHz phone. They don’t exist.

      • Jay Holm

        5 or 6 years?!?!? Really? Was it THAT long between auction and deployment of the 700mhz auction?

        • Clifton K. Morris

          Yeah, it’s a very slow process. T-Mobile’s 700MHz Band was a part of an auction that occurred around the 2006 timeframe. Apple didn’t make an iPhone which was compatible, so Verizon never used the airwaves. That didn’t stop T-Mobile from offering money to Verizon for the airwaves.

          Remember these are physcal towers, and a 1900/700MHz antenna won’t be designed to work at 650MHz. Also, in some areas, there will need to be approvals for upgrades. These upgrades may need town meetings or HOA approvals. Don’t be *that* neighbor who doesn’t want it to occur. Be sure to go to town/city meetings and say “more choices for service is great for everyone in the area.”

          T-Mobile has been known to abandon plans for upgrades and installations in areas where red-tape, city council meetings or community design standards are needed. If the city requires cell phone tower needs to look like a tree through a “design standard” TMobile will probably not offer service in that area.

          Here’s another example— I happen to know that my local Fire department has a tower that’s disguised to look like a flag pole. But to upgrade the fiber optic cables, the fire department driveway would need to be jack-hammered. It’s possible they’d need to put the fire department somewhere else while the cement dries.

  • One Share…

    Just checking, anyone claim their stock? I am hesitant about giving out my social security number, per the sign up for the One share/stock.

    • Jeffrey Skilling

      No need to be scared. What’s your social security number and i will sign you up for a free share in t-mobile stock

      • One Share…

        Okay, give me one minute And I will share it with you the on June 21, 2066.

        • Jeff

          okay, i’ll be waiting

        • VN

          I’ll give you mine.

    • frank

      Wow, there are few comments on this posting/topic. I tried the tmobile Tuesday app for the first time today. I did not see the free stock offer (I got frosty, vudu, lyft amd 20% or so on I called tmobile and they are submitting a request to add the stock to the My Stuff area of tmobile Tuesday. I won’t have to worry about the expiry date because I requested the stock today. I hope it works out.

    • Stock Up

      I agree, To get set up on LOYAL3, you will need to provide some information like your name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, employment information, date of birth and other details that are connected to your identity. LOYAL3 is required to collect this information according to compliance and regulatory guidelines.

      Good Luck!!

    • lion7718

      I claimed mine on day 1.

      • One Share…

        Thank you for your feedback, appreciative!

    • Adam

      LOYAL3 will be sending that information over to the IRS when you sell your share.

  • dontknowyet

    Wanted to take advantage of this. But it’s not available for business accounts.

    • Clyde Matta

      Just found that out. It sucks. Oh well

      • A T

        I was wondering why it never showed up on my t-mobile tuesdays app.. thanks for clarifying that business customers weren’t eligible.. but they could have given it to the primary account holder rather than the business… but i already own shares in Tmobile..i’m more concerned with them meeting their commitments to me …

    • Ozgur Sen

      I just called and they told me that their was an issue with the FCC that they didn’t allow the Business Customers to receive free stocks.

      • Clifton K. Morris

        And you believed that?

  • Thornye Rose

    Thanks for making it near impossible for non-Apple or Android users to collect stock. No link to follow, despite my having multiple lines for many years now.

    • Critic4U

      You are welcome!! Just login with the main number on the account and click the offer to get your stock

      • Ishimaru


        • Critic4U

          I could of done it the way you posted, but I needed a way to piss off the grammar police.

    • matt

      I have a post paid ipad + mvno voice. I am not eligible for the stock, but you should of been able to collect all the deals on tmobile’s website , t-mobiletuesdays dot com

      As far as I know you can go to that website on any computer. And give it your phone number, and they will text you back a confirmation code. You enter that code in the browser and the stock deal is supposed to be in my stuff

      If you have internet access enough to leave a comment on this article you should of been able to get something for free on that website

      • Thornye Rose

        t-mobile did not have correct primary user info on my account. Why are so many readers trying to make this my fault?
        And how about all those for whom the app didn’t even work? A missing link is a missing link. How is THAT my fault?

    • trger

      Only have yourself to blame for using an unsupported operating system.

      • Thornye Rose

        Why would I know t-mobile would have some promotion like this and why would they not support all users?

    • Clifton K. Morris

      I’d file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. FTC exists to ensure company claims (including in ads) are legit. The correct webpage will be titled “FTC Complaint Assistant”.

      Your an American and pay taxes to support investigative efforts like this. I’d file a complaint in a heartbeat!

  • Rocket Scientist

    Thanks for making it contingent on your crappy app too – Nothing in the “my stuff” section about the stock ever appeared, so thanks for nothing.

  • Kevin

    I claimed it on day 1 but it shows pending and never hear it back.

  • Clifton K. Morris

    If you missed the promo, head over to an AT&T Cricket store to get a bonus referral credit.

    Don’t know anyone on AT&T’s Cricket service to claim your prize? No problem! Simply use Google, search for “Get your Cricket referral here” and look for the post on Reddit. The promotion is good through the end of the month.

    People transferring in a number from T-Mobile will get a total of $160 over 3 different credit promotions.