T-Mobile Galaxy S5 receiving its Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update


The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge aren’t the only Samsung phones being updated by T-Mobile today.

T-Mobile says that it’s now pushing Android 6.0.1 to the Samsung Galaxy S5. The update includes all of the goodies that you’d expect when you move it Marshmallow, like Google Now on Tap and Doze mode battery optimizations. Also included is May’s Android security patch and a “Device slowness fix”.


This update is more than 1GB in size, so if you’ve got a T-Mobile GS5, you may want to track down a speedy Wi-Fi connection before starting the download. To update, you can wait for Android 6.0.1 to be pushed to your phone over the air, or you can update manually. To update manually, go into Settings > About device > Software update, or load up Samsung Smart Switch on your PC.

We’ve known that the Galaxy S5’s Android 6.0 update was in the works for a while now, but it’s still nice to see the rollout begin. The GS5 is more than two years old at this point, but it’s now getting the latest version of Android and some new features, giving it a new lease on life.

If you’ve got a Galaxy S5, let us know when Marshmallow makes its way to you!

Thanks, John and Luis!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Dave Slater

    Any word on the Xperia Z3? It would be nice to know if support is officially dropped or not.

    • MattPortland

      T-Mobile support for the Sony phones has always been awful.

      • brybry

        Sony support for Sony phones have always been awful

        • MattPortland

          That’s too bad because I like their phones.

    • jawash22

      We Z3 users are screwed. TMO has dropped us…AND we are stuck with a locked bootloader! I’m jealous of Sammy users cuz at least they can run custom roms.

      • Dave Slater

        Although unlikely I’m still hoping they will come through with Marshmallow. I don’t think missing a 5.1.1 update means we’ve been dropped. It’s possible they decided to skip that update and go straight to M. I’d really like some official comfirmation that it’s not coming as opposed to our speculation. It’s frustrating in the dark.

    • B_Eng

      You might want to look into the Android N preview. Z3 is the only non-Nexus device that was approved for the dev preview. Obviously not a stable release by any means, but you get to skip right into bleeding edge if you’re willing to make the leap.


  • alexanderwardlaw

    way to go t mobile… get it out to the S5, S6,S6 edge, note 5… WHAT ABOUT THE NOTE 4 MARSHMELLOW??.>> WHERE IS IT?? I feel like T mo doesnt care if it ever gets an update..

    • MattPortland

      It just got released to European carriers yesterday so it can’t be far off.

      • alexanderwardlaw

        still.. pretty ridiculous that it still has NOT hit the note 4 here…. It WAS a flag ship phone…

        • MattPortland

          I know and I agree. I just wanted to put your mind at ease a little bit.

        • Gio Calle

          I have the Note 4. It’s the best Note phone to date!!

        • AM Gone

          And still no love for the Note Edge. THE Flagship phone at the time. I’m thinking I may be done with Sammy.

    • MarcusDW

      That was my immediate reaction when I read the headline. Tmobile still has it as under “Manufacturer Development”

    • mikejones1876

      Last it’s the oldest

      • Nick Ramacciato

        Lol what? The Note 4 released AFTER the Galaxy S5. Stop speaking out of your ass.

    • B_Eng

      It’s all of the Note specific optimizations (i.e. S Pen apps/functionality) that’s probably holding it up. The Note series updates have always been slower to release than their S series counterparts. This fact alone makes me second guess my plan to upgrade from the S5 to the future Note 6.

      • alexanderwardlaw

        samsung has already put it thru those phases last year.. what we are waiting for t mo to put all the bloat ware on the OS…thats why the os has to go thru carrier development..

  • Philip

    You are so lucky that Samsung still do update on this phone that is old. They will never do anything to my Tab S tablet.

    • brybry

      Im waiting on the Tab S update too, but it’s on ATT

    • arbocorp

      If T-Mobile doesn’t upgrade my Samsung Tab S, I’m seriously thinking about giving up on Samsung.

  • Gio Calle

    Damn T-Mobile, when the hell you gonna do the Note 4 Marshmallow update?

    • vinnyjr

      Thinking the same damn thing. Still have a Note 4 in the family, have the S7 but will always keep the Note 4.

  • hyper

    So I just downloaded it on two of my phones and so far it seems to run faster and less lag. I haven’t managed to play around too much yet on the new os… although there is one issue I am noticing… and it is happening on both of my S5’s… the Google play store isn’t updating some apps… I am seeing the dreaded -505 error. Anyone else noticing this? I’ve already cleared the cashe, data, and uninstalled updates, but still no go.

    • B_Eng

      Haven’t seen that issue – although I did do a factory reset after the update.

      • hyper

        I did the factory reset as well but still getting the 505 error but this time only on one app. Thank goodness its one app I never use. Other than that all my issues with the S5 have been resolved with MM. its really quick no and lag. the battery life is much much better.lollipop was by far the worst update we have seen.

  • AS118

    Good news, we do have an S5 in the family and it is kind of laggy / slow at times.

    • Acdc1a

      I don’t know that 6 will fix it. The S5 is by far the worst Samsung experience I’ve ever had. Haven’t gone back to Samsung personally since though my wife still carries the Note 4.

      • B_Eng

        24 hrs in, it’s been a marked improvement over lollipop on my end. Although, I’m not sure how much of that is due to to a factory reset (I perform after every update) vs Marshmallow itself. Time will tell. So far, it’s been very snappy and battery life has been improved by a fair margin.

        • Antoine George

          You are lucky I have at@t and my s5 is still on 5.1.1

        • B_Eng

          My condolences. I had the same freezes and performance issues on Lollipop, like a lot of other people. Wanted to throw the phone off a bridge at one point. 6.0 has completely rejuvenated the performance – practically like a new phone at this point. Hang in there!

        • Antoine George

          My s5 is on 5.1.1 and it runs just find on lollipop I just want to update to Android 6.0 because some of the newer apps required 6.0 and I can video call with my little brother and he has the T-Mobile LG stylus that has 6.0 marshmallow

  • Christian Flores

    Cant believe note 4 is getting mm probably in june…sprint had thiers already…i think this will be the last samsung note i buy.if the next nexus turns out to be good im so jumping ship

    • Dunn Justintyme

      Don’t blame the note 4. Blame T mobile

  • Joe Curtis

    When is Sprint doing the mm for the g3?

  • vinnyjr

    I still own the Note 4, waiting for MM update. Have updated my phones 3 times but always kept my Note 4, still brand new with every accessory possible. Please give us the MM UPDATE!!! PS, Would be great if T-Mobile gave the Note 4 am/fm radio like they did with the S7.

  • MVSGeek

    I wish the MM update for the Galaxy S5 had band 12 support. :-(

  • redistuo

    There appears to be a problem with this upgrade: when using the speaker, the person on the other end of the conversation hears a very loud racket when speaking. This happens on both of our Galaxy S5’s. I hope TMobile addresses this promptly.

  • Steven Matthew

    Battery drain
    Heating up faster
    Powering on/off the device takes longer
    Slowness here and there
    Mobile Data turns back on if you cut the phone off and power it back on (I’m always using wifi so mobile data is disabled)
    Phone still vibrates even tho I have the vibrate intensity sliders all the way down

    • Trayton Jay

      I installed 6.0.1 on my S5 when the update rolled out in May. Have been experiencing frequent reboots since the upgrade – and my phone was rock solid on the previous version OS. I like the features of 6.0.1, but the rebooting has become both a nuisance and sometimes a liability to reliable communication. Are others having similar issues? Does anyone know if (when) TMO will deploy a fix for these issues. Rest of the 6.0.1 OS function seems to work OK on my hardware.