New T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge updates are now rolling out


Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners, the time to update has come again.

T-Mobile is now pushing updates to both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. These updates are rather small, weighing in at around 43MB, and include security improvements. Specifically, T-Mobile says that there’s a “Google Security update” inside.


Small updates like this may not seem super exciting, but considering how most folks store personal information on their smartphones, it’s important that they be secure. This is the second security update that T-Mo’s GS7 and GS7 edge have gotten this month, following the May Android security update that rolled out at the start of the month.

If you haven’t yet gotten an update on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you can go into Settings > About device > Download updates manually to try and grab it right now.

Thanks, Luis and Matt!

Source: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • Bradley Karas

    I heard there is a HUGE update on the way as well per Android Central that will be fixing the always on display, a few tweeks with the SD Card etc etc

    • Jimmy James

      They released a fix last month for always on display, and the SD card. Search this site.

  • Richard Roma

    These updates are awesome, well until the phone is over a year old, then Samsung doesnt give a damn about you or your handset.

    • Philip

      Yep! That is exactly correct. But they did update the S5 to 6.0.1 today but its a good long while.

      My Tab S has not been updated since. LIke you say, Samsung have left it. Sad!

    • MattPortland

      It’s the carriers more than it is Samsung.

  • dtam

    Just glad that there are updates monthly, makes you feel like they actually care about the owners

  • pseudoswede

    My phone’s screen lit up my hotel room at 3am telling me there was an update.

  • iCrap

    i hope this includes a ram management fix and a microsd fix, but i’m not counting on it

    • Bradley Karas

      Supposed to be a big one coming in the next week or so to deal with sd card, always on display etc etc

      • iCrap

        really? do you have a link? this is getting pretty irritating. samsung also still has very, very poor ram management. my nexus 6p, hell even my 6 smoke my s7

        • Bradley Karas

          Dang can’t find it now…it was dated just before this update. It was a big one like 300+ mb

    • dtam

      I just updated and am not getting that MicroSD card notification during startup

      • Joe

        I still got it on mine.

        • iCrap

          it’s not the notification that’s the issue, it’s the google music issue or sometimes not detecting the card at all (and thus requiring a reboot). google music detects my card, and is set to download the card, but can’t download to the card.

    • Acidfix

      The SD card fix was in the last update. I’m still wondering if the shape correction camera setting was put in and doesn’t have a toggle… or if the SD version doesn’t need it. I have shape correction when using the selfie camera but not for rear camera settings.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    T-Mobile is boss period.

    • Glenn Bolton

      Agreed! It’s obvious they are listening to their customers…and their potential customers. That’s why I’m here now…from ATT. :)

  • Whats in the update since the change log doesn’t say? If boot loader unlock is not in the change log then I am still disappointed. Won’t be pre-ordering a phone from T-Mobile again after this ridiculous fiasco.

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile only says that there’s a “Google Security update” included.

      • ah, didn’t see that listed. Thank you. Honestly the whole bootloader BS that Samsung dropped on all US users makes me want to leave this phone, even though its one if not the best phone out right now. Just sucks to hear that its locked after pre ordering it, disappointing.
        My buddies S7 Edge booted up after the update and it was super HOT, he had to turn it off for awhile. I didn’t get heat from mine but we both had really bad lag for the first minute or two. Seems to have gone away.

    • Philip

      You can get the HTC 10. Bootloader is not lock and they welcome it.

    • T-Mobile doesn’t have any control over Samsung’s locking of the boot loader. They are as pissed off about it as you and I are. Direct your hate to Samsung.

    • Paul

      OEM unlock is now appearing after opening “developer options”

      • This option has been there since day 1, and does not work. The phone is completely locked in every way, but for some reason the international devices get an exception to this rule.

  • Glenn Bolton

    I applied this update and it slowed my phone response time down. Restarted a couple of times and then wiped the cache. Did the trick. I usually reserve phone wipes for major Android version updates.

    Glad TMO is shipping out the updates as quickly as they have been. I was on ATT with a Note 5 and would still be waiting for MM as the others still are. Love my S7. On MM. On TMO. :)

  • bluemoon737

    Battery life sucks after this update. During the workweek I generally have very little usage and by the time I go to bed I still have 70% or more but after this update with the same usage I am at ≤20% in the same timeframe.

    • Alexis Gonzalez

      You are not alone. It also seems to lock up on me and go really slow. Not to mention my service is type shitty now.

    • Acidfix

      That’s odd, I’m not having this issue. But if so many people are, I’m sure they’re will be another update.

  • ICES_ POP_RITSU (Squidgirl_nya

    What about unlocked bootloader. This is infringing…

  • Tony Brown

    After this update to my S7 Edge me and my colleagues S7 we have had similar problems. My issue is the phone reboots unexpectedly whenever it wants to. During a call, during charging or just when its not in use. When it is in charge mode it illuminates with bright colors, so i had to move it out of the bedroom or turn the phone upside down to get darkness in the room. I called T-Mobile and they helped clear the Cache but that didnt help it. They wouldn’t acknowledge it was due to the update, but this clearly started the moment the update was installed. Frustrated in MD