Samsung Pay promo will give new users a free $20 gift card


Heads up, Samsung users, because a new Samsung Pay promo is live.

From May 20 through June 6, Samsung will give new Samsung Pay users a $20 gift card when they use Samsung Pay for the first time. Samsung does note that private label cards and Bank of America Visa debit cards added to Samsung Pay before March 31 aren’t eligible for this deal.

If you do qualify for this promo, all that you need to do is add a compatible credit or debit card to the Samsung Pay on a Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S6 active, Note 5, S7 or S7 edge. After you make your first purchase, you should receive a pop-up asking you to agree to the Terms and Conditions of this deal. If no pop-up appears, you can manually agree to the T&C by going into More > Events > Summer Perks inside the Samsung Pay app.

Once you’re done, you’ll get a free $20 gift card from one of the five participating merchants. They are Toys R’Us, Nike, California Pizza Kitchen, Banana Republic, and Regal Entertainment.

It’s kind of a bummer that existing Samsung Pay users aren’t eligible for a promo, but Samsung has been using these deals to actually try Samsung Pay and see what it’s like to use, and this latest promo is no different. So if you recently bought a new Samsung phone or you’ve had one and just never launched the Samsung Pay app, you may want to fire that app up and make a purchase some time in the next couple of weeks.

Also worth noting is that Samsung is still offering a $150 rebate for the T-Mobile Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Note 5.

Thanks, Luis!

Source: Samsung

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  • Joe

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    • J

      You’re talking to a bot

  • CJ

    Worst Timing ever I used my Samsung Pay last week for the first time grrr!

  • Joe

    Wish my bank supported Samsung Pay so I wouldn’t take out more debt when using it with my Chase credit card.

  • Joe

    Check your Tmobile plans in your account online for any changes. I’m on the 6GB 2-12 line for $80 promo right now and a new plan that’s exactly the same plan but $70 showed up on my list. I talked with a tmobile rep about it and it is indeed the same plan but $10 cheaper. It’s only available to a select few in select markets he said. Only bad thing is it’s not eligible for your work discount which I have. So the $80 plan I’m actually paying less for than the $70 plan would be. Here’s a screenshot:

  • symsoul

    This really isn’t worth anything unless your bank is participating. Unfortunately, neither of mine: USAA or Advantis CU is at this point. :(

  • BillSmitty

    Bummer, was looking forward to a new Samsung Pay promo, but have no interest in any of the five retailers they are offering this $20 gift card for here. Thumbs down!

  • BOlieve in AJ’s EMMAlution

    I’d totally use Samsung Pay, but they don’t support Capital One or my Credit Union.

  • Croq

    Pretty lame compared to some of their earlier promotions (like the $200 credit they offered to the Samsung store a while back).