T-Mobile feels comfortable with its $95 unlimited plan price


Late last year, T-Mobile made some waves when it bumped up the price of its unlimited LTE plan by $15, bringing it to $95 per month. Fast-forward to today and T-Mo has chimed in on the price of its unlimited LTE offering.

According to analyst firm Jeffries, T-Mobile is “comfortable” with the pricing of its unlimited plan. T-Mo management met with Jeffries and talked a bit about its pricing, saying that it doesn’t view itself as a price discounter.“Uncarrier moves rarely touch pricing,” the Jeffries analysts said, “and the company is comfortable with its unlimited pricing, particularly as the network strengthens.”

T-Mobile is in the middle of the three US carriers that offer unlimited data plans, with Sprint’s pricing set at $75 per month and AT&T’s at $100. However, Sprint’s unlimited plan only comes with 3GB of mobile hotspot, while T-Mo’s comes with 14GB. It’s also worth noting that in order to get AT&T’s unlimited plan, you must sign up for DirecTV or U-Verse television service, too.

While unlimited LTE data may not be quite as attractive to most T-Mobile customers as it used to thanks to Binge On and Music Freedom, some folks still want the ability to do whatever they want on their phone without having to worry about their data usage. And COO Mike Sievert said during T-Mobile’s Q1 2016 earnings call that T-Mo “[doesn’t] have any plans to change the fact that we offer unlimited,” so it sounds like the $95 unlimited plan won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Source: FierceWireless

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  • pj


  • Volker

    From the linked article: “the vast majority of our unlimited customers keep their Binge On control activated for a number of reasons, including the speed and reliability of the rest of their data.”

    But according to their terms and conditions, unlimited data customers are de-prioritized once hitting the 25gb cap, and the streams from BingeOn and Music Freedom count towards the 25gb, even though they don’t count it towards the data allotment. With that said, why would anyone on unlimited keep BingeOn turned on unless for the VUDU rentals?

    • Don Goyo

      Data flows more efficiently “3X more”, as they say, so you hit the cap further on the cycle.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Your comment reminded me to go get my free VUDU rental promo code. Thanks!

      • Hurlamania

        How do you go get it?

        • Kelly Stewart

          I sent a link in reply to your post above but it’s still being “approved” Just google it.

        • thepanttherlady

          Sorry, didn’t see the email come through. Post approved now.

    • Hurlamania

      I kept mine on but never received a vudu rental so turned it off

  • q5he45

    Wish I had jumped on it when it was $70, lol.

    • thepanttherlady

      Sticking with mine!

      • Sushimane

        Me too. 65 dollars cant beat that

        • Kelly Stewart

          I’m grandfathered in to $20 for my unlimited data. NO WAY I’m giving that up!!! my entire plan is $60 for talk, text and data. Same for my husband as well. Too bad we didn’t get the kids on board then.

        • Chris

          I thought they switch everybody from $20 unlimited to $30 unlimited simple choice. TT

        • Kelly Stewart

          I double checked my bill: $20 for data.

        • Chris

          how much u paying for talk/text??

        • Kelly Stewart

          My husband and I split 80 for unlimited talk/text and we each pay $20 for unlimited data. Together it’s $120 for unlimited talk, text and unlimited data for the both of us. When we add the kids’ lines, another $10 per line for 2 kids And $10 each for 3gb each. Our total for the whole family is $160.

        • gmo8492

          They didn’t, everyone was grandfathered in at that price if they didn’t switch it. I had it until I joined my cousin’s family plan. We pay $180 in total for 5 unlimited lines on T-Mobile.

        • Philip

          I am happy with my 4 for $150. My aunty pay me $40. So I get 3 for $110 with unlimited data every line.. And I get 15% gov discount also. Forever love to T-mobile!

  • Steven

    Misspelled Jefferies…. Sorry, its my last name, I’m sensitive to it haha.

  • Allen

    I just discovered the VUDU rental and it’s awesome. I have four lines on my account, so that’s $16 per month. I used that to buy Disney Movies for the kids. Then with DisneyAnywhere I also get it on YouTube and Apple TV (iTunes) as well.

    I agree with T-Mobile. I rather we get more perks than lower prices. Verizon and AT&T can lower prices to drive T-Mobile out, but the creative perks are what set T-Mobile apart. I love the international roaming, the VUDU rentals, Mexico and Canada roaming, 14GB mobile hotspot, and etc…

    I really wish for Uncarrier 11, T-Mobile would let you combine phone, tablet, and wearable into one line. So I can add my iPad to my line and still get unlimited data. Something like that would be great.

  • Kelly Stewart

    I’m grandfathered into the older unlimited from years back. I don’t have to pay near this much for unlimited data! Glad I never gave it up!!!

    • Hurlamania

      I’m on the $20 plan an I still eligible it said I I need to call CS didn’t get a code. I turned it off I believe after my last billing cycle but unclear.

    • Hurlamania

      Did you get a code on your plan? We have the same.

      • Kelly Stewart

        I did a while back, but I haven’t tried since.

  • Leo

    I Still have my unlimited data 20$ when they started simple choice I’m glad I’m still with T-Mobile 4 years with them in October of 2016

    • Kelly Stewart

      I have mine too!

    • Frankwhitess

      I used to have that plan.. But i switched to the 4 lines, everything unlimited for $150.00… Giving me Canada, Mexico and 14 of Hotspot for each line…

      • riverhorse

        When I start traveling a lot this is what I will upgrade to, even though I’m by myself on Metro…I’ll just need to find someone to take a line or two…

        • Frankwhitess

          Another KEY feature with the New unlimited plans besides Canada & Mexico as well as the 14gig Hotspot,…

          The Most Valuable feature with the new unlimited plan, is that with the 14 gig Hotspot, you also get Binge On which allows you to stream via Hotspot unlimited You Tube, Netflix, etc to your tablet or in my case, to the 3 tablets while I drove on long trips with my cousins..

          The part that I find mind bending is that even after driving for 3 hours on one of our trips, I only used 642mb hot spot data mainly because everyone was streaming Netflix and YouTube as we I was streaming music while driving….(remember, any data plan over 6 gigs gets you unlimited streaming from Binge On.. Even on devices connected to your Hotspot )

          That’s 4 people using one phone for 3 straight hours.. Streaming, posting on line and surfing the web as well…

          That deal that t mobile had with 4 lines unlimited everything for $150 was one of there best plans ever given!

        • riverhorse

          I use up a lot more than you, my punishment for using regular old geezer sites, lol
          I need to be very careful to not go over the allowance.

  • Matt

    Glad I have my MetroPCS unlimited 4G LTE plan at 60.00 per month. I even got in on a special that gives me 9GB of hotspot data. I’m all set.

    • Mike Mac

      Same here you canto beat it

      • riverhorse

        Unless if you snagged it @$50.

    • Drewski

      Do you mean 8gb of mobile hotspot with metroPCS??

      • Matt

        Nope. I have 9. I got a promotional 1GB in addition

  • Nathan Riden

    I had the 70 bucks unlimited plan but had to add my wife last month. We both have unlimited data for 100.

  • Phil

    So glad I got on early.
    20.00 Unlimited data & Select Choice 25.00 Unlimited Talk+Text. <—— ☆Grandfatherd☆
    I'm also on Jump1 12.00

    Total cost 57.00 month

    • OldTimer

      I have a similar plan. I don’t think I would be with T-Mobile if I had not been grandfathered.

      • Phil

        Right on , I’ve had a couple ruff coverage runs plan kept me on board. Now that coverage has improved greatly it’s truly paid off staying put.

  • NapoPeb

    I pay $31 for unlimited on TMO. Got the plan within 30 days of becoming a TMO customer. Beat that..:)

    • Phil

      Sweet deal! Whats name of that plan?

      • NapoPeb

        It’s just the standard unlimited plan with discounts.

  • 2 lines for $100 unlimited talk, text, and data. 7gb of Hotspot included per line. Got it on promo when they launched it a while back.

    • HawaiiD

      Got the 4 lines unlimited data with 14GB Mobile Hotspot each line(56GB total) for $150-15% corporate discounts =127.00 or 31.75 a line a month.

      • brybry

        do you utilize all 4 lines?

      • Philip

        With tax + junk fees it goes back to $149 something. You save on tax but you pay it back. Still 15%.

  • Quailallstar

    So happy I’m grandfathered at $75 a month with unlimited everything.

  • Will

    If you live in D.C., MD, or VA, you can still get the 2 lines Unlimited for $50 each deal. You have to specifically ask for it as it is an in-store only deal.

  • NardVa

    Are people really signing up for $95? If you aren’t doing a family plan on T-Mobile, unlimited is not worth it. For one line the best option is Metro PCS at $60.

    • Drewski

      It’s worth it, if they do not want their video quality at 480dpi resolution. I would much rather have the full package at 1080dpi revolution verses having to worry about binge on being on(due to people worrying about their data disappearing at a short amount of time). So overall due to being signed up for T-Mobiles 95 Dollar Truly Unlimited 4GLTE Data plan, is when it is not necessary to have binge on, on.

  • jozefd14

    Because of Music Freedom and Binge On, it has been do-able with just having 2 GB of data :)

    • Drewski

      Hey Unlimited Data plan remains forever now Brother. Plus, say if people with Truly Unlimited Data plans decide that their movies in 1080i high definition movie/picture quality, is when Binge On will no longer necessary to be turned on(due to those choosing the 95 Truly Unlimited 4GLTE Data plan for) for that matter there. I do however see where you coming from in all of this, due to others being stuck limited Data to use on Limited Data plans for that matter also.