T-Mobile holding another earnings call drinking game, this time for its own live stream


After hosting drinking games for Verizon and AT&T’s earnings calls last month, T-Mobile says that it’ll be holding the “Last Call” edition tomorrow.

T-Mobile will have an earnings call drinking game when it live streams its Q4 2015 results tomorrow, February 17, at 8:30 am ET (the actual results will be released at 6:00 am ET). Every time that anyone mentions “listening to customers,” John Legere says a four-letter swear word, or Mike Sievert says “Un-carrier,” you’ll need to take one drink. There could be quite a few drinks taken because of these actions.

Next up, you’ll need to take two drinks if Braxton Carter appears in a magenta sombrero, if Neville Ray says both “Verizon” and “Balls” in the same sentence, or if someone’s vocabulary takes a turn for the R-rated.

Finally, there’s the “Finish your drink if…” tier, which includes three seemingly unlikely actions. You’ll need to go bottoms up if someone compliments AT&T or Verizon, if there’s someone wearing a suit and tie — a real one, tuxedo t-shirts don’t count — or if someone calls Sprint a legit competitor or mentions doing a “listening tour.” Lately Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has been visiting various US cities, talking to consumers and visiting Sprint stores as part of a “listening tour.”

You can watch John Legere and Co. discuss T-Mobile’s Q4 2015 results for yourself on YouTube tomorrow morning. And if you’re thinking about playing the drinking game, maybe grab a couple of whatever beverage you’ll be enjoying, because some of these actions could happen multiple times.


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