T-Mobile wants to spice up Verizon’s Q4 2015 earnings call with a drinking game


T-Mobile runs its quarterly earnings calls pretty differently than the other three major carriers. While AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are all conference calls between analysts and executives, T-Mo typically runs a video stream and takes questions from folks on Twitter, making the announcements more interesting for us regular folks. And now T-Mobile has decided to spice up the announcement of one of its competitors, too.

T-Mobile just announced the Verizon Earnings Call Drinking Game, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The rules have three different drink levels, with the most basic tasking you with taking a drink whenever Verizon says “millennials” or “young people,” completes a sentence without using any jargon (T-Mo thinks that that’ll never happen,” or when Verizon references a year-old network test.

The next level of actions will see you taking two drinks. If you hear Verizon talk about monetization, compare Go90 to SugarString or Redbox Instant, or reference “leadership,” T-Mo wants you to take a couple of drinks.

The final level includes three things that T-Mobile things will never happen, but on the off chance that they do, you’ll need to finish your beverage. You’ll need to chug your drink if Verizon admits it plans to copy Music Freedom, Binge On, or Mobile Without Borders within a year; if Big Red admits that it no longer has a network advantage; or it Verizon says that its strategy of targeting millennials is “just the result of a midlife crisis and that it’ll stop trying to be cool…eventually.”

Verizon’s Q4 2015 earnings call is happening tomorrow, January 21, at 8:30 am ET/5:30 am PT. That may be a bit early for some of us to be drinking alcoholic beverages, but T-Mo says that you can use your beverage of choice for the game, so feel free to hydrate with water or caffeinate yourself with some coffee.

If you could participate in Verizon Earnings Call Drinking Game and partake in any beverage that you’d like, what would you choose? A good beer could help to make a call full of ARPA and churn references a bit more fun…


Source: T-Mobile

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  • dontknowyet

    I don’t if I like this. Lol.

  • mikeZo6

    DUMB !

    • patt

      are you upset or something lol?

  • StevenM

    While it sounds dumb, Verizon primarily appeals to 3 different crowds: 1: Older individuals who don’t use much data, making Verizon not much more expensive than others 2: People who have so much money they don’t care how much their bill will be 3: People whose company pays their cell phone bill.

    T-Mobile is spot on in the buzz words used in this ‘fun’ campaign. Verizon gets an “F” at tailoring rate plans to millennials.

  • Deadeye37

    Sounds fun! I don’t think I’ll take part of this. The last drinking game I took part in (taking a drink everytime ‘eh’ is said in Strange Brew) did not turn out pretty. I now pass on drinking games. :)

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Wow this is interesting but so funny. Too bad I’ll be sleep

  • Zach Chadwick

    This sounds fun.

  • Matt

    I’ll be at work doing my driving job so alcohol is decidedly not kosher. LOL

    • Joshua Lapin

      Kosher? Yay another tribe member!

  • gmo8492

    I never thought I would see a publicly traded company endorse such activities. But this is what T-Mobile has become and it’s pretty awesome :)

  • Paul Garrison

    John and crew are nutts, and that is how the change the US mobile landscape.

  • Rupesh

    This is very funny.. I like Ledger’s antics – So not wall street type :)

  • Malik Shelton

    I’ve worked for both Verizon and T-Mobile. T-Mobile could learn a lot from the leadership at Verizon.

    • Paul Garrison

      Like what? I’m just curious.

      • patt


  • Moe

    Grow up John and act like the CEO that you are. You’ll feel like a shit if one of the Tmo groupies wraps their car around a tree because of this drinking game. John ask legal if Tmo has any liability if. People get hurt because of this drinking game. You know Youre on the hook – don’t you. Good luck with this one.

  • Chris Boerst

    Honestly T-mobile is the biggest mom and pop shop in america. They hire district managers that don’t know how to spell, hit on their reps, and don’t ever work. The managers are all hired based on popularity and what they’ve done for the district managers. They break so many rules and do so much fraud in their stores. And forget about the authorized dealers, their only intention is to rip off customers left and right.