LG V10 added to T-Mobile’s list of devices that’ll be updated to Android 6.0


Following Android 6.0’s launch last year, T-Mobile named 17 devices on its shelves that will get an update to Marshmallow. Now that number has grown to 18.

T-Mobile’s Software Updates page now includes the LG V10, which is joining the LG G3, LG G4, and LG G Stylo as the group of LG devices that’ll get a bump to Android 6.0. As of this writing, the LG V10 is in the Manufacturer Development stage, which is the first of the three phases of T-Mo’s update process.

The V10 is one of LG’s current flagship smartphones, so it’s no surprise to learn that it’ll get an Android 6.0 update from LG and T-Mo. Exactly when the update will begin rolling out is still unclear, but hey, it’s exciting to see that the Marshmallow ball is rolling for T-Mobile’s LG V10.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • Sushimane

    No love for the z3 makes me sad.

    • Andrew Singleton

      I’m surprised. Great phone but I really like my fingerprint sensor.

      • Sushimane

        Yeah it is a good phone. Sony does support marshmallow but it’s tmobile choice if they wanna update it or not.

  • G4

    Finally something for LG G4! Mine is pretty laggy, but it could be due to running a bunch of Xposed modules.

  • David Coleman

    I have to ask, why has LG been taking so long with this model?

    • Trevnerdio

      It’s the Note Edge all over again. No one knows about it, it’s LG’s first big dip into the whole dual screen thing, and will be forgotten quickly. Then, like the S6 Edge, it’ll suddenly be “the best thing since sliced bread” on LG’s next model. I have the V10, I wish they would pay more attention to it.

  • Menobastian

    This is great and all but I’m sad my old sony xperia Z is stuck at 4.3 -_-

    • gmo8492

      I used a program called “flashtool” to update my friend’s T-Mobile Xperia Z to kitkat. What it exactly does is that it flashes the official Sony software over the existing T-Mobile ROM. You don’t need to root your phone, you just need to download the program onto your computer and download the official Sony software. Just Google flashtool and look up some videos on how to set everything up. His phone is already updated to 5.1.1 lollipop and everything works great.

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        Cool thanks I look at all kinds I’ll try this one!

      • Menobastian

        Thanks man I’ll look into it, was thinking of getting rid of it on eBay as android pay doesn’t work on it unless it’s 4.4 or higher. This might also be a fun experiment. Appreciate the info.

      • RLB63

        You probably still void any warranty you might have on the phone

  • Joe

    Would love at least a 5.1+ version for the Note 3. Right now still stuck at 5.0.0

  • Chilehead

    This is not newsworthy. LG would be foolish if they didn’t upgrade their most recent flagship phone to M. I miss the days when this site was worth a visit now and then.

    • PC_Tool

      This is the first official word on this. V10 owners have been in the dark since it’s launch and the owner community has been dying to hear anything about it. This is newsworthy to many of them.

      • Chilehead

        I own the V10. I didn’t buy it because I was hoping for Android M. I never buy phones, or any device for that matter, hoping they will get an OS/FW upgrade. I’m actually quite happy with the V10 on L.

        • Guest 2

          Me too. I care more about updates than upgrades. But with the V10 I think an upgrade was appropriate since it was released closer to the M.

        • PC_Tool

          Better handling of the SDCard is really the only reason I am looking forward to it. The only other issues I have with the device cannot be fixed by software.

  • Jay Holm

    And the S6???

    • Chilehead

      JUMP as fast as you can.

      • Jay Holm

        Until LG starts using true OLED screens in their smarthones, I’m sticking with Samsung. There is no reason for LG to be using IPS screens when they can be using their superior OLED tech.

  • steve1026

    Anyone know anything regarding the G4 pro? It was due to be annouced Q3 2015, but haven’t heard anything more on it.

    • Barnassey

      The V10 IS the G4 pro.

  • Android_God

    Adele is crying because you all got the LG V10 instead of the Nexus 6P.

    • DM725

      People who have a V10 CHOSE it over the Nexus 5x and 6P. Its a more expensive device, therefore if we wanted to pay less for a 6P, we could have.

      • Android_God

        I kniw…I kniw…I feel your regret.

        • Chilehead

          Kids these days…

        • DM725

          I don’t think you understand. You’re commenting on a V10 article trying to justify your smartphone purchase. That wreaks of buyers remorse.

  • PC_Tool

    Finally we have something somewhat official. Would be good to have a time-frame on this brand-new device, but I guess that’s just asking too much…

  • Nunyabeezwax

    Yeah it’ll be released when Android N developers preview is released!!!

  • tranceformer978

    By the time this arrives on my V10, I’ll already Jumped onto my next phone.

    • Yep. I already jumped mine. It was a nice piece of hardware, but nothing worth holding on to.

  • Android_God

    They don’t appear to update that page much. Once a particular device is in testing it doesn’t seem to update but rather BLAM the update gets pushed out. Window dressing…like how they provided the ASUS router yet never made it compatible with the ASUS app that controls Asus routers. Despite all of John’s bluster they continue to do things half ass. I bought the V10 for my son a month ago and just yesterday they decided to charge my CC for the initial payment on the phone. You call CS and the reps BARELY KNOW ANYTHING about the products they sell. Again, a poorly run company. You’re paying less FOR A REASON.

  • Jose Lugo

    Should have come in white!

  • HotInEER

    I sold my V10 since T-mobile couldn’t seem to release the fingerprint scanner update that AT&T and Verizon did a month ago. Heck, they don’t even know anything about it. SMH. Luckily, I own 3-4 phones at all times. Went to the Nexus 6p as my daily driver, it’s a shame because the V10 is a beast. It should have launched with 6.0.

  • Fuego77

    Great news, sold my v10 after about a month though. Hopefully the new update adds some more features to the second screen. They half assed it, its barely useful.

    • Chilehead

      What is it missing? Why is is not useful?

      • Fuego77

        All it does is tell the time, and it also displays the recently used apps. Which of faster and easier to reach just by pressing the recents key. They could have just made the screen bigger without the useless second screen

        • PC_Tool

          To be fair, it does a bit more than those two things.

          It allows you to control your music player while in another app, launch your most frequently used apps (not just recents) from any screen, and gives you quick access to your most important contacts from any screen.

          It’s become a must-have for me – I use it regularly.

          The only things I think they could improve are the time notifications are displayed on it, and making it possible to set it to be active even when applications are in “immersive” mode.

  • Jimmy James

    So, this update will come out the same time as the S7 or the G5. Will be upgrading to one of those, whichever screen has the biggest size. The LG V10 would have been out 6 months already at that point.

  • Marcos

    Is it worth upgrading to the V10 from the G4?

  • Trevnerdio

    It’s been moved to carrier testing last time I checked! Huzzah, we are close.