T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 now getting its Android 6.0 update


Right on schedule, the T-Mobile version of the HTC One M9 is getting its Android 6.0 update.

Several T-Mobile One M9 owners are reporting that Android 6.0 has arrived other devices this morning. The update is arriving in two parts, with the first being a smaller 98.64MB update to prepare your phone for Android 6.0, then a second 1.32GB update that’ll finish the upgrade process.


Neither T-Mobile nor HTC have posted official changelogs for the update as of this writing, but we do know that One M9 folks are getting some new Android 6.0-specific goodies. Those include improved app permissions, Google Now on Tap, and Doze battery optimizations.

To check for the update yourself, you can grab your HTC One M9 and head into Settings > About > Software updates > Check now. If you’ve got a One M9, be sure to let us all know when you get Marshmallow installed on your phone!

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  • Mark

    I’m working on the first step now… taking close to half an hour for just that.

    • Mark

      The second part took about an hour to install, as promised. I can’t see a lot of change yet, but I haven’t had a lot of time to explore. Also, I downloaded it via my home Wi-Fi.

  • Andrew Singleton

    1.3 gigs! thank god I have unlimited high-speed data on America’s fastest 4G LTE network ;)

  • Chilehead

    All three of us M9 owners are happy

    • Tim O. Towers


      • Taurean Tucker


    • Mark

      My only complaint so far is that they didn’t include the Lock Screen Message. And, of course, not the Marshmallow Easter egg either.

      • Realest Ever

        Wow , forgetting the easter egg smh , that’s a problem

        • Mark

          No, they never include it in Sense. I think it would just be nice of them to put it in, that’s all.

          Overall, the biggest change seems to be Now-on-Tap; I’ll see how battery life runs today and if Doze helps.

    • George Salcedo

      The M9 runs really smooth but the camera is lacking. Marshmallow running great so far, all fluid and app permissions access rocks.

  • Ty Christensen

    My mother in law has the M8 on TMo and it’s on Lollipop right now but the problem is that is has 3 pending updates that say they prepare it for 6.0 but when you do the updates that are OTA it soft bricks the device and the only way to recover is to enter the bootloader and do a factory reset. I even used the RUU from HTC and the issue persists so I spoke with HTC and they said I’ll just have to wait for 6.0 to come out so I just turned off automatic update, waiting patiently for 6.0 on the M8 which if the M9 is barely getting it this could take a while.

    • Rick

      I took those updates on my M8, no problems. Do a factory reset. Don’t forget to save your custom wallpaper ):

      • Ty Christensen

        I’ve done a dozen factory resets on her phone and even turned off those updates and it’ll eventually just do them and soft brick it again. If it was my phone I would have gone the rooting and custom rom route long ago, I have no patience for carrier updates.

  • Jimybell

    I don’t have access to WiFi and the update says the download MUST be done via WiFi or cable connection. Anyone know how I can get the download to download via cellular network? I’ve tried changing the date but that didn’t work.

    • Realest Ever

      No Idea, it makes no sense honestly because I have the option checked to download over mobile connection, yet it forced me to turn on Wi-fi to get to get the update, it is definitely a glitch

    • M9

      Setting – About – Software Updates, Check Auto download system updates and Uncheck Update over Wi-Fi only

      • Jimybell

        Thanks but that option has already been unchecked. Guess I forgot to mention that.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    Can’t wait until Note 5 gets its turn. Tough sitting on the sidelines. But love reading other comments and seeing how excited everyone is.

  • OZ

    Not much change yet. Will explore further.

  • Apple

    Congratulations to HTC for updating the customer phones to Marshmallow. Even though Marshmallow was release back in December that not what important right now. What important is you got your update!




    • Realest Ever

      At least changing the date won’t brick my phone, smh iSheep are so blind

  • T Redd

    Really? I was so close to buying an iPhone a few weeks ago.

    • John

      You have to jailbreak for it, I’m tired of apple working to fix my jailbreak. It’s a toss up of being jailbroken, or having updates with basic phone capabilities.

  • George Salcedo

    Took about hour and a half but so far all is running smoothly, this phones runs like a beauty.

    • Ascertion

      I’m considering picking one up for my dad who is loving his M8. Do you recommend it?

      • Chilehead

        The main benefit is the M9 has the 700mhz Band 12 which the M8 does not. Other than that, in my opinion, it’s not worth the upgrade.

      • George Salcedo

        I would honestly wait for the M10 coming in April, I came from the M7 so it was a big jump but from the m8 it’s not such a big difference. Plus the camera is a bit inconsistent on the m9

  • Jack Packlaian

    Its great foe HTC owners! When will LG g3 get there update??

  • OZ

    Battery life seems worse. Had to reinstall whatsapp as it was acting up. Thus far not happy with the upgrade. Doze ain’t doing anything on my phone.

  • George Salcedo

    The battery life still sucks after this update, no change at all, disappointing to say the least.