Android 6.0 update for T-Mobile’s HTC One M9 earns technical approval, rollout to start Feb. 16


HTC One M9 owners, get ready for a Marshmallow treat.

HTC’s Mo Versi just announced that the Android 6.0 update for the T-Mobile version of the One M9 has received technical approval. The over the air update is scheduled to start on Tuesday, February 16.

Neither HTC nor T-Mobile’s support pages appear to be updated with info on the Android 6.0 update quite yet, so there’s no changelog available. We do know some of the goodies that are included with the upgrade to Android 6.0, though, like improved app permissions and Doze battery saving.

With today’s news, some HTC One M8 owners may be wondering when they’ll be getting Android 6.0. Versi said last month that HTC and T-Mo were aiming to release the One M8’s Android 6.0 update on January 25, but that date came and went without any Marshmallow. The most recent news from Versi came earlier this month when he said that there is no firm date for the One M8’s update, so for now it looks like One M8 owners will have to be patient.

Source: @moversi

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  • Mark

    Am I the only one here running an M9? * Does happy dance *

    • jonathan3579

      I have an M9 but it’s my bastardized spare phone. My Nexus 6P is the star of the show. :P

      • George Salcedo

        Yeah and it’s a brick sized star lol

        • jonathan3579

          But damn if she doesn’t shine bright. Lol

    • Taurean Tucker

      You’re not alone, been using my M9 since I traded my Z3 for it since November. Hell I’m probably one of the few people that actually enjoys using the damn thing.

  • Oscar Bolans

    Exciting. Thx for the good news

  • TinyHunt

    Help me out on my m8 :(

  • Tim O. Towers

    Awesome! Looking forward to tasting some delicious Marshmallow.

  • Android_God

    I really hope that is marshmallow on that guys finger in the ad above.

  • Pat

    And he’s dodging questions related to the M8 for weeks. It’s looking more and more like it’s not technically possible.

  • Deihmos

    This phone probably sold very poorly. I had the M7 and M8 but skipped this one and probably woudln’t return to Android.

  • Philip

    What about for Note 4 or Note 5? I didnt know Samsung is this slow!

    • Rob

      Note 5 pushed out to T-Mobile Poland and has 200 beta testers on AT&T so it shouldn’t be much longer for final release but who knows when T-Mobile will actually push it.

  • Melissa Cardenas

    what about the desire 626 s? it aint that bad i used it when my s6 crapped out , the 626 was not bad at all go the job done , email,fb ,twitter, getting driving directions,txting n call quality was great it was all smooth ..

    • Bklynman

      This the take I get from reading comments on here,it seems like it is not phone makers don’t want push out updates,it most of the time Tmobile don’t want to send them out,since 626,is mid-level phone,no matter how good it is really is,it might never get an update.

  • George Salcedo

    Finally some news on this, LG beat HTC to the punch this time though.

  • Brucipher

    As per usual, Samsung is last to update…grrr. I think the S6 will be my first and last Samsung phone.

    • Apple

      Sounds like somebody should of gotten a iPhone


      • todd

        an iphone

  • steadymobb

    Look at those bezels

  • CrankyBear

    Patience my toucas. I’m giving up on waiting for the M8 to get Marshmallow and getting the Nextbit Robin. No more carrier interference with updates.

    • Kenneth Warner

      You should be used to the newest device getting the latest version if Android first by now

      • CrankyBear

        True, but multiple promises have been made on this particular release to the M8. From now on, I’m taking carrier interference out of the equation and going with unlocked from now on.

        • Kenneth Warner

          give it two more weeks I guantee that the m8 will see it by the end of march

        • CrankyBear

          Cool, by then my daughter will have Marshmallow because I’m giving my old phone to her and upgrading to the Nextbit Robin.

        • Kenneth Warner

          See a little over 2 weeks and it has it

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    lol I have those logitech desktop speakers. Lotta sound for about 35 bucks

  • John

    Haven’t even got 6.0 on lg g4 yet

    • Evan Lam

      You should be getting it soon. My mom’s phone couldn’t find the OTA update, so I downloaded LG bridge and it found the update as soon I plugged the phone in. If you’re patient enough, you can wait for the OTA to be pushed to your device, or you can just download LG Bridge and get it right away.

      • John

        This lg bridge how do you do that??

        • Evan Lam

          LG bridge is LG’s desktop backup and syncing program. You download LG bridge onto your computer and once its installed and running, just plug your phone into the computer and click on the update section.

      • Jimmy James

        Why doesn’t the LG V10 have it? Obviously the LG V10 didn’t sell well and LG doesn’t care. More worried about people with older phones, not the people who bought their current poorly selling phone.

        • Evan Lam

          Same thing happened with HTC, the unlocked variant of the M8 got the marshmallow update before the unlocked variant of the M9. With the LG V10, it is likely that additional testing must be done to ensure the secondary screen works properly with marshmallow.

  • Miller

    I think with current pricing M9 is a bargain. Initial software problems
    and poorly implemented marketing strategy sunk M9. I’m running stock
    Android 5.1 on M9 and I can see HTC implemented a lot of cues from
    Marshmallow. I know it because I’m running it (I mean Marshmallow) on M8
    (rooted and loaded with Android Revolution HD by awesome mike1986). I
    can not imagine improvements in battery life as M8 and M9 with current
    updates in software is simply outstanding. I updated to M9 solely to get
    LTE band 12 available on M9 and that improved my coverage considerably
    in Great Lakes area not to mention concrete buildings. And yes camera is sub par but I couldn’t care less unless someone is planing to shoot weddings with it.

  • Panzer

    Sense 5.0 was better than lollipop then they had to ruin it with Lollipop.

  • mingkee

    I had it managed to update G4 to 6.0 through LG Bridge, and rooted again.

  • Jimmy James

    I wonder why the LG V10 is not getting an update. There is nothing listed that it’s even close to being ready. It is not available through LG Bridge either.

  • Ben

    updating here!!! tmo m9 on second install now. second update is 1.32 gb @ 60 minute install.

    • Taurean Tucker

      Any trouble installing? Do you see any major differences? Bugs?

    • todd

      temperature any better when working hard?

    • OZ

      Longest update ever. Still on the second install here. Over 1 hour and counting.