T-Mobile offering $48 device discount to students and teachers


Several companies offer education discounts to give students and teachers savings on new devices or services, and that includes T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is giving out coupon codes good for $48 off of a new smartphone or tablet. To qualify, you’ll need to verify that you actually are a student or teacher by submitting your name, email address, school name and ZIP, and possibly some “additional documentation” as well. Once T-Mo has confirmed that you’re a student or teacher, they’ll give you an instant coupon code good for a one-time $48 discount.

This web-only deal is available to US college students as well as K-12 and college staff.

Now before you go to get your discount code, there are a few more details that you should be aware of. The offer excludes devices that cost less than $100, so you won’t be able to get one of T-Mobile’s affordable devices on the cheap. Additionally, the fine print says “new services required” and that the coupon “doesn’t apply to device upgrades,” so you’ll need a new line to use your code.

Some may not consider $48 to be a huge discount, but every little bit helps when you’re buying a new phone that can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. So if you’re a college student or a school staff member and you’re going to be getting new T-Mo service — or you know someone that is — this is an offer to keep in mind.

Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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