T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ads take two of the top five spots in YouTube AdBlitz voting

T-Mobile had two ads during this year’s Super Bowl, and after they aired, they both seemed to be pretty well-received. Now they’ve won a couple of awards, too.

YouTube’s AdBlitz program has been running for years now, giving viewers the ability to vote for their favorite Super Bowl ads. This year’s voting recently wrapped up, and T-Mobile’s “Drop the Balls” and “Restricted Bling” ads finished second and third place, respectively. The big winner was Pokémon’s “Train On” ad, with Mountain Dew Kickstart’s “Puppymonkeybaby” and KFC’s “Dream” ads rounding out the top five.

While it doesn’t look like YouTube has shared specific numbers on how many votes each video received, it has shed some light on just how well Pokémon’s ad did. The “Train On” spot ended up getting three times as many votes as the second place ad (T-Mo’s “Drop the Balls” spot) and more total votes than the other four ads combined. YouTube also says that this year’s AdBlitz competition had more brands and more total ads than any previous year.

There are a lot of ads on the AdBlitz page, including spots from big companies like Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Amazon. T-Mobile beat them all out with two different ads, though, making their second and third place finishes even more impressive. To peruse the full list of Super Bowl ads included in this year’s AdBlitz, just visit YouTube’s dedicated page right here.

Via: Reddit
Sources: YouTube AdBlitz (1), (2)

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  • x

    I don’t know, but, aren’t we behaving like cheerleaders for corporations.

    • fan

      no I want to see funny commercials

    • Acdc1a

      Yes the collective “we” are. We are fortunate to have choices in nearly all aspects of our lives. In Cuba it takes 1/2 a month’s salary to pay for really bad cell service. Is that what you’re advocating?

      • C

        Bernie Sanders loves Cuba. Maybe we’ll be forced to “upgrade” to whatever service he chooses.

        • Acdc1a

          There’s no advertising outside of the hotels and airports in Cuba. Very strange environment as an American. The only outdoor advertising is pro-regime propaganda.

      • x

        I believe what said is not an extremist idea, so I don’t understand why you brought Cuba to the discussion. Care to explain?

  • Jason Caprio

    I didn’t think the Steve Harvey T-Mobile commercial was funny. For the most part I am happy with my T-Mobile service, but to even TRY to compare T-Mobile’s coverage to Verizon “claiming” they have more LTE towers is a complete joke. They might have more towers in populated areas because of needed density for AWS 1700/2100 but in most rural areas across the USA and Alaska, coverage is non-existant in the same areas Verizon has blanketed in LTE. Please cut the BS, T-Mobile and be honest about your coverage and keep improving! I’ll stick around as long as I get the better deal for my area.

    • Mike

      4 unlimited lines for $150 no major network is touching that.

    • slybaon

      I bet they do have more LTE towers than Verizon… Doesn’t mean more coverage though. T-Mobile had to build a network without low-band spectrum. There are 4 high-band towers for every 1 low-band tower to cover the same amount of area. T-Mobile now covers nearly as many POPs as Verizon (304 million for T-Mobile vs 314 million for Verizon). Without using a calculator, seems plausible. :)

      • Jason Caprio

        POPs doesn’t mean anything because that only includes mostly cities and towns. When you factor in rural/middle of nowhere areas, Verizon CRUSHES the competition. When T-Mobile can cover as cover the same amount of raw square miles as Verizon, then they deserve to boast about it.

        • Acdc1a

          Check the coverage map lately? That excuse won’t hold water for long.

        • Jason Caprio

          Yea I’ve checked the coverage maps of all the carriers and T-Mobile’s is a joke compared to Verizon’s. I get it, they are the underdog and don’t get me wrong, I am rooting for T-Mobile because they offer so much more, but all I’m asking is for them to quit the BS until their LTE footprint matches Verizon’s on a national scale. To a non-tech minded person, the saying “More LTE Towers” comes off as saying T-Mobile has more coverage, which is completely false.

        • x

          Search this: We Assessed the Accuracy of Wireless Coverage Maps per Carrier, and the Results Disappoint

        • That’s laughable. Verizon couldn’t crush a Cheeto if they had to. US 14 in Wyoming? Non-existent. JOHN PRINE AVE in Drakesboro, Ky.? Non-existent. Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest city? Largely non-existent.

          Meanwhile, T-Mobile has LTE in the boondocks of Drakesboro and in the big city of LA.

          Verizon isn’t as reliable as they think.

        • Jason Caprio

          T-Mobile has no coverage hardly anywhere in Wyoming (roaming partner), and Drakesboro, KY seems to have a weak signal of Band 12 from T-Mobile. Maybe all carriers suffer in those areas?

        • #notallcarriers. AT&T has the strongest signal in each area mentioned. And that’s Band 2 LTE in Drakesboro, not B12.

      • Fudging numbers, much? VZ only has 308.14 million POPs on LTE. AT&T has more than that, at 308.155 million.

  • NardVa

    Didn’t see anything special about the Pokemon or the KFC commercial. The two T-mobile’s ads and the Mountain Dew ad were creative.

  • Android_God

    Meanwhile, the other carriers are pushing out Marshmallow. Looks like TMobike will be playing catch-up

    • Lol^

      Aren’t you an android god, make it happend then.

      • Guest

        I don’t think he’s really a “God”. We shouldn’t be believing anything on the internet.

  • Ads are ads. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who watch them and spending your hard-earned money on making it happen.

    Now onto other business. Should I choose a Laphroaig 40 year for T-Mobile’s earnings conference call or do you think it’s just a tepid, commodity Laphroaig 10 year event..?

    SuperBowl ads budget cost US$1,500,000.00 (£1,040,000) per 30-second spot this year, T-Mobile bought 2 minutes of airtime. That means T-Mobile spent US$6,000,000.00 (£4,200,000) in two minutes of ads. This is roughly 60 times the amount Chief HR Officer, and EVP Larry L. Myers made when he cashed out vested stock the week prior.

    This is also a rough amount needed for T-Mobile to build 24 macrocell sites in areas they don’t have coverage.