T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ads take two of the top five spots in YouTube AdBlitz voting

T-Mobile had two ads during this year’s Super Bowl, and after they aired, they both seemed to be pretty well-received. Now they’ve won a couple of awards, too.

YouTube’s AdBlitz program has been running for years now, giving viewers the ability to vote for their favorite Super Bowl ads. This year’s voting recently wrapped up, and T-Mobile’s “Drop the Balls” and “Restricted Bling” ads finished second and third place, respectively. The big winner was Pokémon’s “Train On” ad, with Mountain Dew Kickstart’s “Puppymonkeybaby” and KFC’s “Dream” ads rounding out the top five.

While it doesn’t look like YouTube has shared specific numbers on how many votes each video received, it has shed some light on just how well Pokémon’s ad did. The “Train On” spot ended up getting three times as many votes as the second place ad (T-Mo’s “Drop the Balls” spot) and more total votes than the other four ads combined. YouTube also says that this year’s AdBlitz competition had more brands and more total ads than any previous year.

There are a lot of ads on the AdBlitz page, including spots from big companies like Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Amazon. T-Mobile beat them all out with two different ads, though, making their second and third place finishes even more impressive. To peruse the full list of Super Bowl ads included in this year’s AdBlitz, just visit YouTube’s dedicated page right here.

Via: Reddit
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