HTC aiming to release Android 6.0 to T-Mobile One M8 on January 25


Following Google’s launch of Android 6.0, T-Mobile named 17 devices on its network that’d be getting the Marshmallow update. The HTC One M8 was one of ‘em, and now we’ve got an idea of when that update will be arriving.

HTC’s Mo Versi says that his company is aiming to begin pushing Android 6.0 to the T-Mobile One M8 on January 28. The update is currently in HTC’s labs, though, so it’s possible that we could see the release date shift a bit.

Android 6.0 is a big update, and while the One M8 may not benefit from some of the update’s features (like native support for fingerprint readers and USB Type-C), it will get goodies like Doze battery saving, improved permissions, and Google Now on Tap. And it’ll just be nice to jump from Lollipop to Marshmallow, right One M8 owners?

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