BlackBerry Priv pricing details revealed ahead of T-Mobile’s January 26 launch


After confirming earlier this month that the BlackBerry Priv is coming on January 26, T-Mobile today dropped its pricing details for BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone.

The BlackBerry Priv will be available through JUMP! On Demand at a rate of $0 down and $34 per month for 18 months. After those 18 months are up, you can either return the Priv and upgrade to a new phone or pay off the remaining amount and keep it. The full retail price of the Priv is $719.99, so to pay it off after your JUMP! lease, you’d need to pony up $107.99.

If you’d prefer to get your BlackBerry Priv through an equipment installment plan, you’ll be able to do so for $0 down and 24 payments of $30 each. At the end of those 24 months, the Priv will be yours to keep.

To compare, BlackBerry is selling the Priv for $699 in its own online store. In exchange for paying the extra $20 to T-Mobile, though, you’re getting the ability to spread the cost of the phone out over 18 or 24 months. And if you decide to buy the Priv through JUMP! On Demand, you’re also able to trade in the Priv for a different phone when you end up getting that new phone itch.

So now that T-Mo has laid out all of its BlackBerry Priv launch plans, who’s thinking about getting one?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • steveb944

    Ouch. So much for better or equal pricing to the OEM.

    • jonathan3579

      Yeah, just goes to show that T-Mobile is just as bad as the rest of the carriers when it comes to pricing. We aren’t getting lower prices for paying full price.

      • George Salcedo

        Not really true, T-Mobile prices are actually very low compared to att. My brother just switched to att and his phones costs more then on T-Mobile

        • jonathan3579

          That’s just AT&T for you. T-Mobile made it seem like this new program of paying full price was actually better for us, the consumers, because we would save money.

        • Acdc1a

          On the service sure…for flagship phones? Not really.

          If I told 5 years ago that you’d be paying $30 per line of service for a family of 4 and you’d have no shortage of smart phones for $300 or less at full retail you’d have called me a mad man. It’s only trendy folks who are paying more in the brave new world.

      • This has nothing to do with T-Mobile, at all. This means they are not making money off this phone….that’s all. Why should they price the phone lower than the OEM? Makes no sense at all. They can take a huge hit if people bail, and don’t pay their bill. Seems like you don’t understand the process. I will say this phone is way overpriced, however…you wouldn’t take a loss on this phone either if it were your choice.

        • jonathan3579

          That is a downright flat lie. This DOES have to do with T-Mobile; nowhere in my statement did I say they needed to price lower than the OEM but T-Mobile’s statement was that they aren’t making any money off the phones when moving to the full payments… If that were true, then it would it would be priced equal to the manufacturer – period. Need examples? Take the numerous HTC flagships and Apple. (Can’t compare any others since they don’t usually offer unlocked devices here in the states.) It seems like you don’t understand the process.

        • Guest 2

          Do you think T-Mobile is paying Blackberry $700 for the phones and making a $20 profit?

        • jonathan3579

          Nope.. Obviously they’re going to get it cheaper than us but my example was to prove this is an obvious markup.

        • Tinger12

          Most likely Tmobile is getting the phones on a flooring plan and once they sell they pay for them and BB sends them a percent of the sale. Most likely below 10%. Of course Tmobile possibly has to make a commitment to a number to sell for the terms they are getting from BB. Just like Apple, phone manufacturers sell their devices to dealers for retail price and give the discount after the sale. Fairly similar to Car Dealers.

        • You don’t have to be so upset, I’m giving a response to your comment. You don’t understand. BlackBerry is not to be compare with the other OEM’s, because they are trying to make it back to the top. The others you mention are already there. Companies don’t have to worry about if they will make money lol, You will be okay though

    • Acdc1a

      We’re only talking $20…still too much for this device.

      • steveb944

        Well I was hoping for lower than OEM due to the late release.

  • This phone is overpriced period. You can’t charge high end prices, for this rookie foray into Android. If they would have proved it at like $400, and that maybe is still too high, they would have gotten more sales

    • Acdc1a

      $399.99 is the new sweet spot for phones that don’t have fruit on the back.

      • Zacamandapio

        This one has the fruit on the back.

        • Acdc1a

          That fruit turned sour a long time ago. $399.99 might have won it back some market share…maybe.

  • iCrap

    $700 for a midrange phone. ROFL

  • Jose Lugo

    overkill! i’m good, sticking with my Note 4.

  • Zacamandapio

    Way too expensive. And I’m a BlackBerry user.
    But’s Android, it will be half in two or three months. I’ll wait.

    • Guest 2

      I think they’re making believe that this phone is premium… by price. And I also think it’s geared, at least for now, to business people, with their security and constant updates promise.
      Let’s see what happens.

      • It’s been out since November at a HIGHER price. So what exactly do you mean by “Let’s see what happens”.? Nothing, because you are full of BS.

        The education level of people that post here seems like High School or below, or maybe it’s just a bunch of kids posting, but common sense is almost nowhere to be found.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    I will agree with the masses…too expensive.

  • If some of you were hoping to see this phone at a lower cost on launch, you were crazy lol. There is no way T-Mobile would take a chance on BlackBerry after their last run in, people were not buying their brand. The Classic is discounted right now, and it’s still not selling. Even though this phone has android, it’s still way too expensive for what the phone is offering. Nothing special about this phone at all, except the keyboard. The privacy thing is just hype, that is tacked along with the name.

    • iCrap

      if the classic was running android, had a flagship processor AND supported all the lte bands, i’d get it in a heartbeat. my nexus 6 lags. a lot. the priv is even slower than my nexus 6

  • TheRealKingSen

    The phone is way overpriced and the leasing option is a rip off. The leasing option your paying over 85% of the phone just to turn it back in.
    Still don’t see how paying full price for a phone is saving the consumer money with tmobile

    • Guest 2

      Paying full price is like paying the full price of the phone, nothing more nothing less. With subsidies you didn’t know how much you’re paying, but I’m pretty sure it was more than the real price.
      I agree with the 85% rip off though, I guess that’s the new T-Mobile, they’re probably thinking they have momentum and they can get away with it.

    • Thompy

      How can you say the lease option is a rip off. The cost of the device remains the same if you full price for the device or choose to take the lease option. It’s a more convenient way to pay for it. Also, you can upgrade your phone 3 times in a year. Not sure how you think you have to wait the whole 18 months before you can jump. It’s a great program with plenty of flexibility to upgrade your device!!!

      • TheRealKingSen

        Not everyone is into having the newest phone to trade in 3 times a year. If not it’s a ripoff.

        • Eric

          To be fair though, if you do pay off the whole thing, you can sell it after (for a fair bit depending on the phone). But I see what you’re saying. I would agree with you if I didn’t care about JUMPing.

        • Andrew Singleton

          you’re not getting it. whether you lease, EIP or purchase, you pay THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT. You can not create a logical argument to call this a ripoff.

        • TheRealKingSen

          Paying 85% of a phone just to lease it if you don’t turn it out early with jump on demand for another phone is clearly a ripoff. Why you so hostile bruh?

        • Andrew Singleton

          At the end of your 18 month lease, there is a purchase option which is simply 6 more payments. This tells us that if you were to lease the phone, it is as if you had financed the phone for the same price, but you are given an option, at no additional cost, to abort financing by switching to a differwnt eligible device and starting a new lease. At 75% paid at month 18, you can keep financing for 6 more months and own it, pay the remainder as a lump sum and own it, or jump and not own it. Get it?

        • Andrew Singleton

          The simple answer here is that if you give your phone back after 18 months, you are not a smart consumer.

        • Thompy

          Maybe I wasn’t clear. The price you pay for the device outright is the same price you pay for the jump on demand. It’s just broken up into your bill instead of having to pay the full price of the device in store. So the Jump on demand program costs nothing to partake in. Absolutely nothing. Then you also have the opportunity to add additional protection for a monthly cost as well. And to be clear, you can add that protection on the device if you pay full price for the device as well. How Is Jump on demand a rip off?

    • RLB63

      Yeah I agree. This pay full price is expensive. Every year on black Friday you are able to get the top of the line galaxy S phone for a dollar. I don’t need unlimited minutes. Yes it’s nice but 600 fit what I needed just fine.

      So a family plan of 5 phones times $600 equals $3000 plus tax spread out over 2 years. Makes it so you are paying over $125 a month more. Of course T-Mobile I’d doing better. They have people convinced that paying full price for the phone actually saves you money, when it costs way more…

      • You should go do whatever bullshit you claim is better then. This is America. You have a choice.

    • You don’t have to turn it back in, you can keep it. All you need to do is put the remaining balance on EIP, read about the leasing before posting! It helps.

    • Rod

      Paying full price for the phone saves you money because the cost of the phone subsidy is no longer included in your monthly service bill. You don’t start saving until you either pay the phone in full or you save by not buying a new phone.

      • thepanttherlady

        $699 is $699 regardless of whether you pay it all now or over 24 months.

      • jonathan3579

        You mean the monthly bills that have gone up? Right.. Try again!

    • Acdc1a

      Just like leasing a car, they feel the resale on this model will tank, thus the higher price.

  • Alex L.

    stupid move on tmo’s part. ill wait for the price drop chen mentioned at ces that should happen around MWC.

  • yankeesusa

    My question is… who set the price, tmobile or blackberry? If it’s tmobile i think that it’s them trying to steer people towards an iphone or samsung instead. Either way you are better off buying a nexus 6p from google.

    • Guest 2

      With the nexus phones, can you uninstall all the Google apps? I only use a couple of them.

      • Medion

        I have a Nexus 5x. Most Google apps that are preinstalled can be flat out uninstalled. Some can only be disabled.

        • Guest 2

          Thanks for the reply.
          Does the 5x have any LG apps? I like QuickMemo, LG Backup and some other, probably.

        • Ascertion

          Nope. None.

        • Guest 2


      • yankeesusa

        Most can, some can only be disabled.

        • Guest 2

          Thank you.


        You can disable most, but almost none of them you can uninstall. I know the music, book, news, hangouts, gmail, google+, and Play you can’t uninstall


        I have the Note 4 btw, but I remember on my N6 it was the same thing

  • blacksheep242

    Get it’s horrible performance issues resolved and I may consider it.

    • iCrap

      not with that processor. blackberry continues to fail. john chen needs to be fired. if this midrange phone is a flagship, and the upcoming vienna is a midrange, man oh man that phone is doa.

      • Alex L.

        Samsung phones are considered high end, but they put so much bloat on it that the phones are laggy as hell. specs arent everything, how the phone works is more important.

        • Acdc1a

          Yes I have to agree. My Nexus 6 works better than any Samsung I’ve ever used. That said, Samsung has a pretty and intuitive interface.

        • kolijboy

          Repeat nonsense long enough and loud enough and people believe it. I am a power iser and I own both a Nexus 6 and a NoteEdge. I can tell you that there is no appreciable, overall real world difference between the two in terms of speed. Some things load a a couple of microseconds faster on one but slower than the other and vice versa. Net result: precious little difference.

        • Acdc1a

          To each their own. My wife had the Note 5, returned it for the Note 4 and there was a clear noticeable difference from flipping through screens to opening apps.

        • iCrap

          my nexus 6 is laggy as hell. i really hate this phone.

        • iCrap

          and i’ve tried out the priv. it is slow and laggy.

    • Ordeith

      They’d need to go back to BBOS to accomplish that.

  • skinnemuva

    I really want to get this phone, but not at that price. I really want the keyboard and I was going to get it as long as my JoD payment was less than my Galaxy S6 Edge +, but it isn’t somehow… I am not sure why BlackBerry thinks this phone is so premium. I will wait.

    • Alex L.

      John Chen announced at CES that there would be a price drop around Mobile World Congress (end of Feb). hopefully it will be worth it and that TMO will drop the price accordingly.

      • Medion

        He needs to be fired for that. He basically said, “Don’t buy our phone.”

  • Ordeith

    Blackberry’s abandonment of their privacy and security image is not something people should buy into. I’m betting they won’t.

    But good to see T-Mobile’s OS duopoly push remains strong. /s

    • Android_God

      “OS duopoly”


      • Ordeith

        Yes, some idiots are still pushing for a Google Monopoly, but thankfully Apple is still able to hold them back a bit in the U.S., at least.

        It’s like only being able to choose between ATT and Verizon. T-Mobile isn’t above supporting and pushing duopolies when it suits them, it seems.

        • Acdc1a

          I’d prefer to have multiple platforms, but like PC’s there’s probably only room for 2 majors and a number of minor ones.

        • Android_God

          It’s a conspiracy duuuuuuude

  • I’ve been using the Priv since November on TMO and love it.

  • Android_God

    The ad above featuring an image of Adele crying,, seems rather apropos.

    • patt

      31 ads blocked…

  • Randy

    I want to buy on contract.

  • Sushimane

    719 for a phone that was release 4 months ago kinda steep. I’ll wait until it hits 600

    • patt

      299 in few months

      • Sushimane

        It would never be that low.

        • patt

          mhmm same thing nerds were saying here about nexus 6 ;) it was even lower on black friday :D

    • Matt

      I’ll stick to budget phones. I refuse to pay more than 150.00 for a phone. Just not gonna happen.

  • kolijboy

    Years ago, when this “no contract” foolishness first appeared, I warned that this would inevitably mean price hikes. What it means is that Tmobile has been successful in duping people into believing that their device and plans would end up cheaper overall. This was a cleverly orchestrated strategy that has us the consumers paying more and more each year, but thinking we got a great deal.

    Remember when we paid $100-$200 for a flagship device on contract? Even with ETF, there is no way we would have paid $800 for a phone! And that’s just for the device!

    Well played, Legere.

    • Acdc1a

      No one is forcing you into an $800 phone! Why should the entry level phone customer subsidize a power user by paying more for their service? They shouldn’t and now they don’t have to.

    • Mike Palomba

      The plans are cheaper now that there are no subsidizes. Once the phone is paid off your bill is far cheeper than your bill with a subsidized phone would be.

      • Guest 2

        It’s a mixed bag:

        $50 for talk, text and 2GB of, let’s say, hi-speed data it is expensive. That would have been a perfectly subsidizing plan.

        Now with family plans, promotional plans and the freedom to bring your own phone the story starts to change.

        But overall we are better off without contracts because it’s fair to everyone.

        We just have to speak up for single line plans, it is a screw up and T-Mobile knows it, just like it knows that it is screwing many many people who don’t know they are being throttled with Binge On.

    • PiCASSiMO

      I’m so glad they got rid of the contracts. Pricing was all over the map and not reflecting the true price of the phone.

      It was estimated that approximately $20 (if not more) per month covered subsidies. So for 24-month contract you would spend MINIMUM $480 to cover the cost of a phone. Then comes your up front costs of $0 to $300. So that would cover the costs of about $780.00.

      Now, what happens when you are selling bottom end phones with contracts? They are free ($0.00), but you are still paying $20/month in your contract price. So a phone that has MSRP of $150, you will end up paying additional $330 in your 24-month contract.

      Breaking up the service and phone bill was the best thing you would do. This way you know up front how much you are paying TOTAL for the phone, and then simply dividing the costs into monthly installments.

      My LG G4 cost me $325 this past November, which is now an additional $13.50 per month for 24-months. After 24-months, I don’t continue to pay the $13.50 because I’ve paid off my phone. Under contracts, you will continue to pay the $20 extra until you decide to upgrade your phone.

  • YABD

    34 dollars a month?! That’s a lot of money.

  • gmo8492

    Basically it would be the most expensive android phone on T-Mobile besides the Note 5 which the base model starts at $700. This phone is primarily targeted to enterprise customers, but even then that’s pretty steep. This thing is not going to sell and they will probably knock $300 off in a few months, just wait a bit if you still want this phone.

    • iCrap

      the performance you get however for the $700 price tag is certainly not worth it.

  • Tinger12

    And I was considering one, but not at this price. Unless there are some hidden gems/improvements over the original release gonna have to pass of this. Shame of T-Mobile for jacking beyond Blackberry’s retail price and shame on Blackberry for setting a $700 price point on this device. $400, yep. $500, maybe. $700 not a chance in hell.

    • I guess that’s why BlackBerry couldn’t keep up with demand. I love it when people talk shit like they are are some sort of authority in retail and economics.

  • Mike Palomba

    JOD price is higher than EIP price? Thats not how its supposed to work… the lease is supposed to be cheaper. Maybe if it was around the same monthly price as the galaxy s6 and lg g4 it would sell a lot, but at this price point they won’t be selling many

    • Alex

      They are higher because you pay your monthly payment plus taxes with JOD since you don’t pay taxes upfront, but EIP you pay the taxes upfront, so pay only your monthly payment.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    If their is a discount on Accessories I will buy the phone in store I’ll buy on the spot!

  • Bellside

    It’s ridiculous that BlackBerry isn’t going to price this phone wayyy cheaper. I wanted to jump my v10 when this came out. But I get way more for my money, especially with the promotion items I got. BlackBerry needs to take a loss (even though they’ve been losing for years) to make a gain in my opinion. They should’ve made an android device years ago, if a nexus like price point is out of the question. A consumer price, for the a more consumer based OS if they want people to accept BlackBerry as a thought.

    • This makes no sense and I don’t think you understand the expense of this device & the high end components in it.

      A Samsung S6E+ is almost $1,000. People but them in spades.

      There are low cost BlackBerrys, the Priv is not a low end device.

      • iCrap

        have you used one? it is a mid-low range device in terms of build quality and performance.

        • Yes Sir, I have used one for almost Two weeks. And you are wrong, but its all good.

  • Bruce Banner

    Rad phone. In particular the concealable keyboard, shortcuts, universable inbox and other productivity features.

    Unrivalled if you know how to get the most out of them.

  • james

    id wait for G5 Sounds promising

  • vic l. joseph

    You say it is too expensive, let’s see:

    iphone 6s plus is either 16GB or 64GB, the 16 is $749.99 full price with nothing down it is $31.25 a month, the 64 is $849.99 full price and with $129.99 down it is $30.00 a month

    Note 5 is 32GB or 64GB, the 32 is $699.99 full price with nothing down it is $29.17 a month the 64 is $779.99 full price and with $99.99 down it is $28.34 a month

    Galaxy 6 edge+ is 32GB or 64GB, the 32 is $779.99 full price and with $59.99 down it is $30 a month, the 64 is $859.99 full price and with $149.99 down it is $29.59 a month

    LG V10 is 64GB only and full price is $599.99 and with nothing down it is $25 a month

    BlackBerry Priv only comes in 32GB, full price is $719.99 and with nothing down it is $30 a month

    Now all of these monthly figures are 24 months and seems that the Priv is right there with all of them

    So if T-mobile would have requested a down payment people would have been up in arms about that but like the late-great Abraham Lincoln said with a twist, “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

    P.S. I was gonna bring in specs but you can look that up yourself

    P.P.S 2TB card only goes into two of these phones, you figure it out

    • iCrap

      there is a flaw in your logic.

      1) iphone is a flagship brand (disclosure: i hate apple). people know if they buy an iphone it will have flagship level build quality, be updated quickly, and have fantastic customer support

      2) samsung/lg have been in the android game a long time. they use flagship components in their phones (we know samsung has the best mobile screens in the business). you might not like touchwiz, and slow updates, but lg appears to be trying to change that.

      3) the priv was blackberry’s hail mary. since this is their first android phone, there’s a huge question looming over the consumer’s head, “how will support be on this device?” the build quality on the priv is atrocious. i for one am a fan of polycarbonate, but this feels very cheaply made. lots of creaks and rattles, and the screen “clicks” unless you bend it a certain way. also, the phone is a very, very slow turd. it’s so slow its almost unusable. this was within 1 minute of picking up the phone after doing a fresh reboot. have there been updates since i messed with one? one or two i believe. they didn’t even use a flagship processor in the device. no, this is not a flagship device, it’s a mid-range device selling for a flagship price.