BlackBerry Priv confirmed to be launching at T-Mobile on January 26


Way back in August 2015, we first heard that the BlackBerry Priv would launch at T-Mobile. And five months later, that bit of information has finally been confirmed.

BlackBerry and T-Mobile announced today that the Priv will launch at T-Mobile on January 26. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, but BlackBerry sells unlocked Priv units for $699, and so T-Mobile’s asking price probably won’t be too far off. The good news is that since T-Mo will be selling the Priv, you’ll be able to get BlackBerry’s Android phone on JUMP! or an EIP, which will let you spread the payments out rather than handing over several hundreds of dollars at once.

If you need a spec refresher, the BlackBerry Priv runs Android 5.1.1 on a 5.43-inch 2560×1440 AMOLED display, and it’s powered by a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor. It boasts an 18-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and an f/2.2 lens, as well as a 2-megapixel front facing camera. Inside of its portrait slider frame lives 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, and a 3410mAh battery. Oh, and it’s got a physical keyboard that can double as a sort of mini capacitive trackpad.

BlackBerry has been selling the Priv direct to consumers since November, and that model even includes support for T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE and Wi-Fi Calling. As I mentioned before, though, T-Mobile selling the device will enable folks to buy the Priv with JUMP! and EIP, which will make it an option for many more folks. So good on BlackBerry and T-Mobile for working together to put the Priv on Magenta’s shelves.

Now that T-Mobile will sell the BlackBerry Priv, are any of you thinking about picking one up?

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  • sosarozay300

    is there any website that shows jod devices

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      No, and I wish there were. It’s the kind of thing TMONews should maintain.

  • Tinger12

    So tempting. The physical keyboard is the attraction even with some of the reviews of the device.

  • Lisandro Diaz U

    In the tweet he said “but not this version, this is special for me”. So which version is tmobile getting?

    • Alex Wagner

      John Chen tweeted an image of a BlackBerry Priv with a magenta Batman logo on its rear. That’s what John was referring to when he said that that version is special for him.

    • J Cav the Great

      Chen gave John a Priv with a magenta Batman Logo..John is saying although the Batman one is cool, T-Mobile will carry the basic one. That’s was just

  • Blackberry…

    Bring on the Blackberry Love Baby…Yes!

  • kgraham182

    He speaks!!!!! How does he feel about these allegations about BingeOn throttling?

  • Zacamandapio

    I’m picking one up.

  • Ordeith

    Blackberry abandons all hope and throws their reputation away on an OS that is known for it’s security problems and it’s privacy invasive master.

    And people still want it?

    • Chris

      Troll some more? The only reason there’s a perception that Android is “known” for security problems is because the media keeps talking about it.

      • Chris

        Damn it, my copied table didn’t make it.

        just go to the vulnerability register and check out the counts.

        Android didn’t even make the top 50 all time.
        it didn’t make top 5 for 2015.

        • Ordeith

          “From the Stagefright exploit to other recent security vulnerabilities found in the Android ecosystem, it’s no secret that device security has lately been on the minds of OEMs and consumers alike. A recent study, partially funded by Google and conducted by the University of Cambridge, shows that more Android devices might be more insecure than most of us think. According to a blog post from one of the researchers, Alastair R. Beresford, on average throughout the last four years, a whopping 87% of Android devices are vulnerable to attacks by malicious applications.”
          -Jimmy Westenberg, Android Authority, Study finds 87% of Android devices are insecure due to lack of security updates. October 2015.

        • Orlando Perrone

          That’s why Blackberry added their own privacy layer both software and hardware.

      • Ordeith

        Yes, the media keeps talking about the frequent security problems Android has. It’s a well earned reputation.

        • ygtthw

          nope, overblown.

        • Ordeith

          Underrated by Google’s apologists, you mean.

  • nearvanaman

    Tried one for a few days. Nice phone, good battery. Keyboard was a bit cramped but I figure you’d probably get used to it after a week or two.

    • iCrap

      I played around with one, it seems decent, not exactly a solid build, but that’s also the nature of the beast of a slider phone. it wasn’t exactly the fastest phone i have ever seen. i don’t think it’s worth the 700 price. the fact that they call this a flagship phone and the upcoming vienna being a “mid-range” phone makes me question what the heck blackberry is doing. to me, imo, the priv is a mid range phone, and should be $400-$500 MAX

      • nearvanaman

        I’d agree that it’s overpriced. I figure you’re paying a bit extra for the physical slider and, in fairness, some very solid R&D that went in to it. I expect it’ll be $600 soon which is what it probably should have launched at.

  • AS118

    I find myself wanting a physical keyboard more and more, so yes I am thinking about picking one up in the future.

  • vic l. joseph

    When are they going to give us some info on pricing?
    What is the availability of pre-order so I can have the device in hand on that day because God knows it probably won’t be in any store near me.