HTC One M10 image leak shows a logo-free front


After the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge leaked out one week ago, it’s time for another upcoming Android flagship to show its face.

An image that appears to show the HTC One M10 has made its way online. Shared by Evan Blass, the photo shows a device with a fingerprint reader, camera, and notification LED on its face, as well as power/lock and volume buttons on its side. Notably, the HTC-branded strip found on the front of the One M7, M8, and M9 is missing from the M10.

Another notable change between this alleged One M10 and past HTC flagships is a lack of BoomSound speaker grilles. It’s rumored that the One M10 will not have the front-facing speakers that HTC has touted with its past flagship smartphones.

Overall, this One M10 looks more like HTC’s One A9 than past One M flagship phones. The front of this One M10 does look a bit cleaner than past One M phones thanks to the removal of the HTC strip on the front, which is sure to please quite a few people. However, there will probably be just as many folks that are upset over this device’s lack front-facing BoomSound speakers.

The rumor mill has suggested that the One M10’s spec list will include a 5.1-inch 2560×1440 display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, and Android 6.0.1. There are some notable upgrades from the One M9 in that list, including a higher-res display and added RAM. One other feature that’s rumored to be coming with the One M10 is a 12-UltraPixel rear camera, which is a switch from the One M9’s more traditional 20-megapixel camera. If the rumor holds true, it’ll be interesting to see how HTC’s UltraPixel tech performs.

The HTC One M10 is expected to be announced at a dedicated event after MWC 2016. And while there’s no solid info about a T-Mobile version yet, T-Mo has offered the One M7, M8, and M9, so there’s a good chance that it’ll carry the One M10 as well.

Sources: @evleaks, VentureBeat

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