T-Mobile HTC One (M7) will get Android 5.0 Lollipop update on Tuesday, March 10th


Good news for the original HTC One owners out there on T-Mobile’s network: Android 5.0 Lollipop is scheduled to drop over-the-air this coming Tuesday, March 10th.

One of the manufacturer’s employees tweeted out just a little while ago that the software update has received technical approval.

If you do have the M7, be sure to set yourself a reminder for Tuesday to check for updates. Once live, we should also see the Software Updates page updated with the “Completed” progress marker.

Source: Twitter

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  • Dominimmiv

    Now a 2 year old phone is getting updated, still no love for the current LG G3 flagship.

    • Westbrook

      Hold your horses cry baby. In one years time it will be your turn to get yours updated first.

    • TheCudder

      This isn’t on T-Mobile. The G2 & G3 are still in “manufacturer development” stages for 5.0. So blame LG, T-Mobile hasn’t even received the 5.0 G3 software to even start testing on their devices and network.

    • Juan Pablo Darquea

      Don’t forget htc promise updates for 2 full years that’s why my m7 will get lollipop now I will wait to see if the update will bring problems like the lollipop on my nexus 7 and 9

  • Joe

    I’m really happy to c that htc and t-mobile have provided fast software updates for a new entire 2 years

  • GreatNews

    Just amazing how T-Mobile is going first for older phones then newer phones like the LG G3

    • Lukasz Balicki

      HTC is one of the more aggressive manufactures with delivering OS updates. LG has a sketchy past with updates.

      • GreatNews

        That’s BS since all other carriers and all other regions were already updated to Lollipop and only T-Mobile hasn’t so don’t fool your self and try to fool others by blaming LG here when its clearly T-Mobile the problem!

        • Jarobusa

          Yea I am sure T-Mobile is not updating LG G3 on purpose just to make people like you mad. They love this bad pr… /s

    • Eric

      Umm no, this isn’t T-Mobile. HTC released the software to T-Mobile for testing a bit ago. First they updated the m8, now they are doing the m7. Software is released in the following steps: first it is signed by Google, then the manufacturer (HTC/LG/whoever) tweaks it for their devices. Then it is sent to carriers for testing. HTC did their part quickly. I would follow up with LG, not T-Mobile.

  • SVU BOlieve in AJ’s EMMAlution

    YES!!! Now I’ll have Lollipop til the next HTC is released, hopefully next year. Now if only my phone could magically get Band 2, so I can actually use LTE when I go on my family vacation the week of Thanksgiving.

  • Marcelo_L

    More reason why the Galaxy Note II should get Lollipop. Geeze..even HTC “gets it”.

    • Justin

      We don’t even have KitKat yet lololol

  • Mark Kebrew

    T-Mobile is the worst for software updates imo.

    • Lukasz Balicki

      I disagree, AT&T and Verizon is usually worse.

      • Romdude

        Yup, my friend’s updates on Verizon are usually last. Sprint, T-mobile then AT&T have been going in that order for updates recently depending on the model.

      • Spanky

        AT&T definitely takes the cake with delaying updates. For example, every other carrier version of the M8 has already received Lollipop. AT&T is still waiting.

    • Brian D Buckley

      I Agree!!

  • monkeybutts

    To anyone crying about not having an update, please don’t cry about your update sucking when it’s released, you wanted it.

  • Romdude

    Gotta love my M7, passed on the M8 and passing on the M9, too bad it wasn’t the updated design (with speaker slits and minimized HTC black bar) instead more of the same. I’ve had problems with the tint on my phone but good thing I have jump, I just returned it and got a working one that shoots great in the dark beating my brother’s iphone 5s.

    • Joshua Lawson

      I do not want the slits if they would interfere with the sound quality.

  • Joshua Lawson

    I am downloading it now

  • Lukasz Balicki

    Updated my M7 to lollipop now. T-Mobile update is live.

    • OZ

      Nice. Downloading now

  • CalicoKJ

    Update available now (as others have posted). Running a backup first since several have mentioned needing to do a factory reset after installation on other devices.


  • Brian D Buckley

    as of 3/9/15 it was available very early early when i checked @ 1:15 am this morning. Rocking the Lollipop!

  • tomnewtn

    All done here. Then I factory reset and it did another Android upgrade. ok. But I did this because battery life was terrible.

  • Guest

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