T-Mobile Network Updates: Band 12 700MHz LTE shows up in Tampa and Atlantic City

With MWC taking up a lot of my waking (and supposed to be sleeping) time last week, I didn’t get much chance to keep updated with T-Mobile’s network upgrades. While I was away I had a few exciting LTE network sightings that I have to share with you. Two of which are new Band 12 700MHz sites.

Band 12 – Tampa

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.32.32

First up is a Tampa sighting of 700MHz LTE, spotted by our reader, Edward on his Galaxy Note 4. As with virtually every other sighting, it’s running on a 5+5MHz network.


It matches up pretty nicely with DanRant’s open 700MHz map which also shows that a site has recently gone live there.

Band 12 – Atlantic City

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.32.03

Further North, another reader, Jesse, got in touch with his sighting. Again on the Galaxy Note 4.

Atlantic City

If anything, these updates show how busy the company has been upgrading its network. We’ve heard of a number of Band 12 areas now live, and virtually none of them are in a repeat location. We’ve seen updates in Long Island, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and a couple of other states.

If you live in an area where band 12 is now active, be sure to get in touch and let us know your experience. Has your indoor signal noticeably improved? Email me at cam@tmonews.com or grab me on Twitter: @PhoneDog_Cam

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  • justsomecommentor

    I spotted a tower that was recently converted to 700 MHz in Orange, California next to the Orange Crush interchange. For those who don’t know, that is where the 5, 22, and 57 freeways meet.

    • Phl

      Nice. I work about 5 miles away from the crush. I don’t have any problems with signals where I work, but it’s nice to know they’re moving ahead at full speed.

    • pda96

      How could u tell that it was converted to 700MHz? Just curious…..

      • Justsomecommentor

        I’m glad you asked. Typically, a T-mobile tower has three curved “branches” at the top with 2 antenna panels at the end of each branch. T-mobile is adding Band 12 panels by installing horizontal bars between the branch ends and mounting a longer panel in the middle of the bars. Not all T-mobile towers look this way, but for the most part, that’s how it is.

        • Justsomecommentor
        • Nick

          So I guess when the upgrade my area to 700 they will have a longer vertical antenna in the middle of each side? Here’s the pic of it:

          (Photo creds google street view lol)
          Edit: the top part is tmo’s btw. Not really sure who has the bottom part.

        • pda96

          Thanks for that. You must be a technician of some sort! Here’s another silly question for you……how can one tell which carrier a particular tower belongs to? I mean, there isn’t exactly a flashing neon sign on it !

        • Justsomecommentor

          The truth is (sorry to disappoint you), my knowledge of cell technology and towers is not that extensive. The knowledge I do have comes mostly from what I read on Howardforums(dot)com. Those who post on it have a lot more knowledge than I do. I have seen similar pictures on that site and those were confirmed to be T-mobile cell towers by those who are more familiar with the subject. For example, there is another tower in Palm Desert that has had a similar conversion done to it, so that’s how I have come to expect changes being done.

        • NOYB

          Cell providers don’t easily give away that information.

        • Walt

          Can you post Pics?

        • Justsomecommentor

          I have already posted a pic here that I took myself. But here are 2 more showing a before and after view of a tower in Palm desert, Ca. (Source:Howardforums) That is all I have.



        • justsomecommentor

          I already posted one here.

  • Philip

    Whats the servicemode for Note 4? Thanks.

    • JB45


    • JB45

      Enter *#2263# this will allow you to try and manually select the note 4 onto Band 12. Remember to put it back on auto when your done.

      • Jay Holm

        In May people won’t have to do these stupid manual switches to Band 12 anymore, right? Didn’t T-Mobile say their going to send out an update? I wonder if the S6 will come with Band 12 enabled out-of-the box.

  • Chris

    Cam. You say “right on the other side” in reference to Atlantic City. You know Florida and New jersey are on the same side of the US, right? ;-)

    • Deadeye37

      The Yankee – Confederate thing is soooo 1800’s :)

      Now-a-days, its East & West of the Mississippi River. Although, he could be talking about Atlantic City, Wyoming – which would be kinda big actually since T-mobile hardly exists in that state, from what I understand.

      • AFAIK, T-Mobile only has a presence in Cheyenne, WY.

        • jay_max

          And Jackson Hole. :-)

      • Chris

        I had forgotten about AC in Wyoming, amazingly!

    • Theres more to sides than L&R

      He must mean the top or North side vs. the bottom or South Side of the country. :)

  • Bradley Karas

    Told you this months ago Cam lol

  • drzfr3shboialex

    I’m in Jersey, woohoo! Tmobile has outstanding coverage and amazing speeds here.

    • Brian Perez

      Thats true. Its great but as soon as yu leave jersey it gets spotty

  • Jay J. Blanco

    What about LA tmobile? The station has relocated successfully. time to get to work


    700 has been live in Tampa for 6 months. The thing is, you won’t see it unless AWS is non-existent. That will change once the network is complete. And all 700 networks are 5×5. Carrier aggregation will boost speeds once it is turned on.

    • Edgar

      I reported this in December when I notice it in Tampa Bay area. I was getting band 12 inside bouldings. But did.not notice any increase in signal strengh. Where ever I was getting band 12, I was getting band 4 with more or less the same signal strengh

      • Freddy

        I just tested this as far as up Spring Hill, FL where I live. Noticed even with my LTE rs3 signal booster turned off, I have many more bars and it shows BAND 12 on my Note 4. Switches between band 4 and 12. Nice. Issue now, wife has a Iphone 6 lol, so I wont be sending back the signal booster. Speeds are not all that great though even on Band 12 for me. approx 13 down and 7 up. Same as before.

        • tony

          She mad3 a mistake getting iphone 6 it foes not have 700 mhz antenna.

        • Freddy

          She doesnt admit it, but I know she has. Only today her iPhone 6 plus dropped off LTE ( in our home which gets signal ) and stuck on Edge. I had to do the usual aeroplane mode on/off work around. That phone has some serious radio issues, inc WiFi.

    • Trevnerdio

      With a Galaxy phone, you could always just dial *#0011# and force Band 12 LTE :D

  • Jay Holm

    Any 700mhz Band 12 in Connecticut? If so please be specific.

    • Kidney_Thief

      Yes, there’s Band 12 support throughout the entire state.

      • Jay Holm

        No Ch51 interference anywhere in Ct?

        • Kidney_Thief

          Only in the southwestern corner. Fairfield is just barely outside of the exclusion zone.

        • Jay Holm

          Uh oh! I live in Bridgeport and work in Stratford.

        • Kidney_Thief

          Neither are in exclusion zones.

        • taxandspend

          The Providence one takes up the eastern 1/3 of the state.

        • Jay Holm

          Oh, so no Band 12 in the Willimantic or New London parts of Ct for the time being?

          I’m more interested in Bridgeport, Stratford, New Haven, Waterbury, and Southington than anywhere else.

        • taxandspend
        • taxandspend

          And on the eastern side from Providence

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    The station here in San Jose/Sf bay area is still hoarding the spectrum for TV. Who knows when they will agree to move it.

  • Edgar

    Tampa is on since December. I sent screenshots to Cam with speedtest and serviceMode on twitter but he did not publish it, so Tampa is on a while a go with the 700 Mhz spectrum

    • grod46

      I sent him one about Firebaugh, Ca having Band 12 also and he never published it, had it for a while now.

  • calvin200

    Sprint troll here—I feel T-Mobile coverage is going to improve greatly this year.

    • Chris Meyers

      You “feel”? Could it have something to do with the company’s forward looking statement tjat LTE coverage areas would increase from 265 million to 300 million? ;-)

      • Justin Smith

        Everyone talks about the jump from 265 to 300million but the real story is the land coverage. It is going from 0.6million square miles to 1.6 million in a years time! That is the real story

        • calvin200

          and if that happens, it will be good news.

      • calvin200

        I’ll go from feel to realize when it happens.

    • dtam

      not a troll comment. all 4 carriers are going to be improved this year

      • tonY

        Not sprint lol

    • gmo8492

      I haven’t seen TKIndy or Mr. Paul today. Pretty sad how they stand out like a sore thumb on this blog.

      • calvin200

        I think Mr. Paul is pretty fair minded. TKindy sorry I will have to watch your work. Trolls of a feather. LOL

        • Mike

          For a Sprint guy you are also fair minded. You state your points without insulting people

  • daniel

    The tower here in Citra, FL already has L700 antennas, but I don’t know if they are live because I don’t have a band 12 device. :(

    • Nick

      How can you tell if there are 700 antennas? It’d be nice to see if they have any in Cincinnati even though it can’t be activated yet.

      • daniel

        I have connections with the local network team, so I know it’s the 700mhz antennas. They are skinnier than the other antennas and a little bit longer.

        • Walt

          Can you post pics?

        • daniel

          I don’t have Dropbox or anything like that. I have pics on my Twitter. @danielplumley

  • Mike Palomba

    I have T-Mobile and I love it but I walked past a sprint store today and decided to see if they had improved at all since I switched a few months ago. First off, the staff were extremely nice. Second, I did a speed test expecting T-Mobile to blow sprint away but sprint actually wasn’t terrible. T-Mobile had 20 down and 8up and sprint had 13 down and 11 up. They’re not as good as T-Mobile in my area yet but whatever they are doing to try to impose, it’s working

  • mreveryphone

    All I know is I went to the NBA All-Star weekend a few weeks back in New York and I did a speed test on a unlocked Verizon Note 3 with my T-Mobile sim in it and was consistently getting 50 down and 20 to 30 up! I was blown away by the speeds and latency! If T-Mobile can roll that out nation wide……….

  • MP

    Need a tower to cover sarasota area, its blowing up with population.

    • superg05

      .tell john on twitter

  • SouthPhillyPT

    Does anyone know if Band 12 is already up and running in Philadelphia? Thank you.

    • Jess

      I’m at the airport and I’m on B12

      • SouthPhillyPT

        Band 12 is up and running at PHL? Cool. Good to know! Thank you!

        • Jess

          Yep I have screenshots of it too bad I can’t post them. But yeah it’s live in PHL :-)

        • thepanttherlady

          Upload them to an image hosting site and post the link here. I’ll approve it when I see it come through.

        • Jess

          Pardon my ignorance, something like Dropbox?

        • Jess
        • guest

          Can we confirm for PHL?

        • SouthPhillyPT

          That would be great if you can send screenshots. Thanks again!

  • eAbyss

    Waiting for FCC approval here in Western Washington. Can’t wait.

    • jay_max

      I believe the transaction has been approved by the FCC. The parties just need to consummate the deal.

  • mingkee

    No NYC love.
    Too bad.
    Hopefully it will be active before G4 is released.

    • Justin Smith

      There is a channel 51 block there. As of this moment T-Mobile can’t deploy LTE on the 700Mhz band, they have to reach and agreement for the broadcasters to be moved to another band first.

  • nycplayboy78

    For those who live in the DC Metro (NoVA, DC, Maryland) I can only get Band 12 on my phone for like maybe 30 seconds and then it reverts immediately back to Band 4. I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge….I have the latest radio for my device is there anything else that I am missing guys??!!

    • Nick

      Try typing *#2263# into the dialer, select “LTE band preference” then click band 12. This should force your phone to band 12. The code works with the s5 and I’ve been using it on my avant so I would assume it works on the note as well.

      • Do you know if that works for non-Android phones?

        • pbxtech

          Samsung devices ONLY.

        • pbxtech

          EDIT: It could work on non-Andriod phones for other Samsung devices.

          They might use the same service mode for their other OS platform from Samsung Bada OS, Samsung Tizen OS, and maybe Samsung ATIV Windows phone.

    • Justin Smith

      Band 4 has a large 10×10 block and is better outdoors then band 12. Your device is just picking up the best signal

  • Nick

    Does anybody know if the Avant would work with carrier aggression?

  • vinnyjr

    T-Mobile is killing it. Every day T-Mobile is adding LTE in new locations. My brother is a full time self employed tower jockey and that is his job, running cable and installing LTE Towers. His largest and best customer is T-Mobile. It just keeps going, one after another, T-Mobile will have coverage everywhere. T-Mobile is spending money where they should, on their Network.

    • Jay Holm

      300m pops covered by LTE before years end! No doubt T-Mobile will pass 60m customers by the end of the 3rd quarter.

  • justsomecommentor

    That’s right. The top will be upgraded. Good catch. No, I can’t identify the bottom part either.

  • vgp

    Has anyone info about band 12 in Puerto Rico?

    • Raiterio Patterson

      700MHz can’t be used because of channel 51 WRFB has a red circle around it.

    • No Spectrum, No Band 12

      Unless something changed and the map hasnt been updated…. TMUS doesn’t have any Band-12 spectrum in PR. Take a closer look at the map, it’s not shaded.

  • pda96

    Oh, just great !! So now I’m gonna stare at every cell tower I pass on the road from now on. I hope I don’t cause any accidents from not looking at where I’m going :)

    • Justsomecommentor

      Not recommended. I took that tower picture I posted in a parking lot.

  • I’m in tampa!

  • Jess

    Band 12 being tested in Cincinnati!!

    • Nick

      Where in Cincinnati? Like downtown?

      • Jess

        I’m in Covington Nick but it’s picking it up from downtown.

        • Nick

          Nice! I’m up closer to Hamilton and I check every day but so far no luck

        • Jess

          I was at the Horseshoe Casino earlier this evening and was getting B12 and also inside the restroom. Something odd i noticed both LTE Discovery and Signal Check Pro were giving me B4 EARFCN readings, very strange.

        • Nick

          You should email cam some screenshots if you haven’t already.

        • Jess

          I did send him Screenshots of the B12 yesterday morning. Today I sent him a screenshot of another site I saw with B12 this morning. Things are definitely happening around here :-)

        • Nick

          Did you notice if the sites are still live or were they just testing?

        • Jess

          They are not at the moment, I’ve been keeping my phone on B12 and haven’t seen it since 5:30. This seems similar to when they were getting ready to deploy lte. I’ll continue to keep an eye out.

  • Laststop311

    Enjoy the band 12. Cleveland ohio area band 12 has been incredibly awesome for me. I actually get 2 bars of LTE reception deep in the hospital where before my phone was totally cut off.

    • Walt

      Is it only downtown cleveland that you noticed band 12 or is it in the suburbs too?

      • Carl

        Look at the coverage map, it is huge in the Greater Cleveland area and even surrounding areas.

    • Carl

      I work at 2 area hospitals. Same problem areas have no signal. Verified band 12 via service mode in areas of the hospital that do.

  • brybry

    what app is that in the third picture. Would be great to show which band i’m currently connected to.

  • Here in the South Texas Oil Patch,looks like they’re upgrading the Towers. Heres the odd thing. 1) T-Mobile phone = Nokia 810,No LTE.. Unlocked Nokia 820(an ATT Phone) i get LTE up to 10.5 mbps.. Bands for the 820 are LTE 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 (Bands 1, 3, 7, 8, 20). So how can i find out which band its connecting to? Doesnt show specific info in the “About” section. I think it’s Band 7 (2100), but i’m not sure.

    • Justin Smith

      It wouldn’t be band 7 because that isn’t a piece of spectrum T-Mobile owns… None of those bands are T-Mobile bands actually so this sounds like a troll comment.

    • Justin Smith

      It could be roaming on a regional carrier though.

    • robertkoa

      There are codes you can dial in the Dialer of your phone which will show what Band and frequency you are currently connected to. This can change quickly sometimes while you are viewing it.
      It’s called “SERVICE MODE”.

  • Mark Benjamin David

    so, what do those of us with phones that don’t have band 12 capability…EDGE? or 4G? I surely hope they are upgrading their EDGE or GPRS towers with both 3G/4G HSDPA(+) and LTE, especially with these new bands many phones don’t have. I plan to keep my iPhone 6 for at least 2 years, perhaps longer, and, very unfortunately, it does not do band 12.

    • Mark Benjamin David

      I wish, when these are posted, you would post what the upgrade is from, and every frequency (4G etc.) it has, for those of us without band 12 LTE capability. I’m just hoping they are not upgrading from EDGE/GPRS to LTE and nothing in-between.

      • Justin Smith

        Most of the places they are rolling out band 12 in already have either band 4 or 2 so it doesn’t matter. In areas that have no LTE TMobile will deploy band 2 1900mhz along side band 12.

        • Walt

          Why is T-mobile utilizing 1900mhz PCS for LTE instead of their 1700/2100 AWS on towers that are only 2G Edge? is t-mobile too cheap or is it time costly/ cost effective to install new LTE antennas? just do it the right way instead of trying to “get around” it. LTE 5×5 on 1900 is gonna be slow once there’s a ton of people on it. you’ll see

          ps does anyone know what t-mobile holds spectrum wise? ie 10×10 1900. 15×15 on LTE. 5×5 on Edge….etc. i think they own 5×5 on 700mhz

        • sillieidiot

          spectrum licenses go by region. so if they don’t have a license for AWS in that region and they have PCS, then that’s why they convert. it’s not like you buy AWS or band 12 and you get to use it in every square foot of the US.

        • Justin Smith

          1900Mz isn’t just 5×5. It all depends on which regions they have a larger piece of 1900 or aws. T-Mobile isn’t cheap, they want to get LTE out as quickly as possible and match the likes of Verizon and AT&T 1900 is the best for that since they can for the most part reuse antennas.

        • Walt

          Are they using edge or gprs antennas to deploy 1900 LTE? Deploying on 1900 pcs band saves time right? Since they dont have to install new antennas on top of the tower?

        • Justin Smith

          speed wise on 1900 10×10 and AWS 10×10 they should be the same.. or very similar. It is the backhaul that is the speed determiner.

        • robertkoa

          Hey Justin- the new 700 LTE Band that Tmo is gradually rolling out .
          My Alpha has 700 Band but many say that is not enough info to be sure I have Band 12…
          Any way to tell ?
          Of course if I see it in the Service Menu…I would be sure but in South Florida we won’t see Band 12 (700LTE) for awhile..right?

        • Justin Smith

          You may see it before year end… Other than service mode there isn’t really a way to tell.

        • William Kestle

          Its a speed of deployment thing. T-mobile already has band 2 panels installed,just installing new base station equipment with LTE capability is much faster than climbing every tower and installing all new panels. Also avoids the issue of panel shortage’s.

        • robertkoa

          Well Tmobile is using 1900 Band for 3G, H and H+ and gradually expanding 1900 Band Coverage everywhere, starting in Major City Areas.
          On my Factory Unlocked Alpha 850M when not in LTE I am mostly on 1900 3G , H and H+ in South Florida.
          Where no 1900 3G is available my phone shows 1700 3G ,H ,H+
          Since I am on a Non Carrier Device – any time I make or receive a call my phone switches to 1900 or 1700 3G then goes back to LTE 1700 AFTER the call.
          On a Carrier Device – T mobileMetro PCS Phone would stay in LTE mode during call – VoLTE.
          So you are best off on unlocked Device having
          3G 1700 Band and/ or 3G 1900 Band IF in ” reframed” area .
          And of course the LTE 1700 Band ( AKA “AWS Band”).
          If you have no 3G 1700 Band OR LTE 1700 Band and are in certain areas – you will be stuck in Edge or 2G .

      • robertkoa

        Yes they make evrrything a big mystery and you must remember that even with a BYOD like my Alpha 850M which has ALL the Bands needed for TMo/Metro you still will NOT get VoLTE meaning my display says LTE but as soon as I make a call it drops to 3G H or H+ but
        Carrier Devices stay in LTE on calls with faster Data.
        IF your phone has 3G 1700 Band you will get 3G H and H+: IF your phone has 1900 Band in 3G and you are in a Reframed Area you will also get 3G H and H+ – ideally you would have both 1700 and 1900 3G Bands and you will have 3G H and H+ everywhere. So yes they have the above between Edge 2G and LTE .
        You can dial *#0011# to see what Band you are currently receiving at a given instant…

      • Justin Smith

        In many rural areas they aren’t deploying LTE. One to save time and two because T-Mobile doesn’t own very much spectrum in more rural areas.

    • robertkoa

      Band 12 will be added and you will still have LTE on the other Bands, you won’t lose anything if your Device does not support LTE Band 12.

      • Mark Benjamin David

        I get it now, I should have responded to Justin Smith’s reply below. I drive a lot of places with EDGE or GPRS, so, just hoping that anything better arrives soon. (Can’t use siri unless 3G or better).

      • Charmed79

        This is going to be a tad bit long, but I need to ask. We have 2 note 3’s that we bought just this past Oct, things were great until Feb of this year. We were having speed issues, full bars on LTE but dial-up speeds. We contacted T-mobile in Feb and was told it was a tower issue and it would be fixed. A month goes by, still having issues, contact them again and told they could not go up on the tower because of the wind, get told give it another week and everything will be fixed.

        Another 3 weeks go by and told everything is fixed and working fine, yet our speeds cannot go above .5Mbps down and .01 up. To add when we go to the south end of town speeds are over 45 down and 10 up, so we know it’s not our phones. They tell us the work was done, then another rep says no it wasn’t, then another says yes everything is fine. Now we cannot stay connected to LTE, can be full bars and it will switch to 4G and the speed sucks, using *#0011# both phones say band 4.

        Then the best part… We call yet again and they tell us that this area went to band 12 back in Dec, and because we have note 3’s that is why we are having issues (funny no one mentioned that the 10 calls before) They told us we would no longer have LTE and the phones would only run on 4G! We knew something was wrong with that statement because the issue started in Feb not Dec, plus we can still get on LTE 4-5 bars, it just doesn’t stay on LTE, unless we are on another tower, then speeds are fine. It is like talking to a rock when we call, we know it is tower related, yet we get no where..

        So any suggestions? We are paying for these phones for the next 16 months, don’t really want to get rid of them if it is not the phones causing it.

    • Jose

      Band 12 is for 700 MHz 4G LTE spectrum. Which means better penetration into buildings. So you would still get 4G LTE on other bands once the upgrade them.

  • Guest

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  • robertkoa

    Will the new Galaxy S6 support
    LTE Band 12 ?

    My Galaxy Alpha 850M supports Band 12 but I may upgrade to S6…..

    • dsaf

      alpha does not support band 12 FYI

      • robertkoa

        My Alpha is 850 M and does have the 700 LTE band…
        But have not seen it in Service Menu yet…

    • Justin Smith

      Yes all phones released in the last few months support band 12 and all phones from now on will as well