Samsung Gear VR will arrive at T-Mobile on November 27


Samsung has been working hard on its Gear VR virtual reality headset, teaming with Oculus on the device and offering a couple of developer-focused models in the past in order to make sure that Gear VR is ready for consumer use. Now Samsung is gearing up to launch the consumer edition of Gear VR, and T-Mobile has announced that you’ll be able to buy one from them.

The Samsung Gear VR will launch at T-Mobile online and in participating stores on November 27 at a price of $99.99. The Gear VR is compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, and Galaxy Note 5.

T-Mobile has shown lately that it likes to sell products that its customers might be interested in beyond traditional chargers and cases. There’s the Tile locator from a few months ago, the Guitar Hero bundle that launched in October, and now the Gear VR this month. Selling these products makes it easy for a customer to buy ‘em when they’re in store to pick up a phone, make a plan change, or whatever else, and it could help to make some consumers more aware of these devices when they otherwise might not have found them in a store like Best Buy.

Are any of you going to pick up the Samsung Gear VR when it launches later this month?

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  • SEBA

    I’m surprised they didn’t offer one last year. On the other hand I understand it’s not made by apple. Then they would call it revolutionary. Yes, I have last years model for Note 4 and will buy this one on the 20th from Best Buy.

    • Daniel Marchand

      Yep just wait when apple launches a VR Headset Media will declare it revolutionary, a breakthrough and a game changer!

      • NEO2U

        I think they like to make things that sell well.

        • Daniel Marchand

          Eh, it’s like anything else… Apple Pay – all of a sudden the media made a fairly big deal over mobile pay apps, Google Wallet and ISIS/Softcard already existed, no one made a huge stink over those… The Apple watch, again not that revolutionary, Samsung, Sony, Pebble, LG… they all had watches out already, but everyone went nuts about smart watches when the apple watch came out. Apple just has this cult following, I’ve even heard news reporters gush over how Apple invented the smartphone with their first iPhone and I can’t help but shake my head (FYI it wasn’t anywhere near the first smartphone) – it did bring a couple revolutionary things to the table like multi-touch, and having a centralized app store – but multitasking, web browsing, taking photos, listening to music, watching videos, etc. could be done on several devices pre iPhone (Symbian, Windows Mobile, RIM/BB, Palm). In exchange for those couple revolutionary items that first iPhone lacked 3G (2G/EDGE only), the ability to record video, or having expandable memory – which to me in those days were much more important then being able to pinch to zoom… lol

    • superg05

      note 4 needs the other version but best buys going to sell them the same price or at least they where

      • Wish that Note 4 version would drop. I have too many damned phones I don’t want another!

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    So, what’s the main draw for this? Is it mostly games, or can you use these to simulate a massive movie screen or something?

    • sosarozay300

      buy a google cardboard for $5 youll get the same experience but it wont be as comfortable

      • Enrique Escobar

        where do i buy it for that price?

      • monepone

        Google cardboard doesn’t even compare to Gear VR, Gear VR has onboard sensors that take 1000 samples a second that eliminate the latency you would have on Google cardboard and other VR viewers which rely on the slow phone sensors. That latency is responsible for motion sickness, which Samsung Gear VR eliminates. The optics are also way beyond what you get in a cheap VR viewer and you get lots of great content that you don’t get with a generic viewer.

      • ConceptVBS

        Good cardboard will only make you dizzy. You get what you paid for. There is not immersion effect with it. People will get turned off once they use it. Its is NOT a good way of introducing skeptics to VR. Tell them to use the Gear VR, then they will open their eyes.

    • SEBA

      There’s no way to explain or demo this. You need to try it in order to know what it is. Yes, you can watch movies on big screen, play games and take tours of different places.

    • bettercoverage please

      It’s for us users with crappy coverage.
      This revolutionary device will show us a virtual reality with great tmobile coverage.

      • g2a5b0e

        If you have crappy coverage, why would you not choose another carrier? Oh, I get it. You like to come on websites to troll when you have the very easy ability to change your situation.

        • It’s Sprint employees, they don’t have any real fans so their new stratgey is to troll anonymously.

        • g2a5b0e

          No phanbois like don’t ever get it.

    • ConceptVBS

      You can watch full movies, experience places you’ve never been to in the comfort of your couch, fly into the sahara desert in a guide plane, helicopter rides over the niagara falls, swim with the dolphins, attend a live rock concert (from the stage looking towards the audience), watch a live basketball game (from the front row seating), be the character inside a video game, fly through the blood vessels inside the human body and many more.

  • stevie

    porn will never be the same again

  • Aurizen

    What if T-Mobile evolved into an electronic store! lol

  • steadymobb

    I have the Innovator Edition and it’s cool, but I haven’t used it in 4 months…

    • Rob

      Must not be that cool then.

      I can see limited usage scenarios for this product honestly. Used in public it’s just asking for someone to jump you and used at home why would you limit yourself to your phone?

      • steadymobb

        It’s definitely cool for a couple weeks, just one of those things that you run out of stuff to do on. I’m excited for them to keep releasing new software as these become more popular which will get me interested again. Not sure why you would use it in public? It’s not meant for that at all.

  • Laststop311

    Is there anyone that actually wants this crap?

    • ConceptVBS

      Yes, dont knock it till you try it.

  • nonmindo
  • maraline none

    I try it at best buy n i cant wait until friday to get one its so cool i love it..