T-Mobile selling new Tile locator accessory, John Legere giving away 50 units

Ever heard of Tile? The company makes small Bluetooth tags that you can use to help locate your lost phone or keys, and today it introduced the new version of its product, the second generation Tile.

The updated Tile includes several new goodies, such as the ability to double-tap the “e” button on the Tile to ring your lost phone, so long as it’s within the 100-foot Bluetooth range. You can also use Tile’s web app to locate your phone if you’ve lost both your phone and your Tile, and you can turn your phone into a virtual Tile to give to someone else. That means that you can ring your lost phone from that other device. Finally, the new Tile is three times louder than the last model, ringing at 90 decibels.

“But wait,” you say. “What does this have to do with T-Mobile?” Well apparently John Legere is a big fan of the Tile, because our CEO said today that the new second gen Tile is now being sold in T-Mobile stores and on its website. Pricing for the Tile is $24.99 for a single unit, but if you’d like to buy several, you can get discounted pricing from Tile’s online shop.

If you’d rather get a Tile for free, John Legere is giving 50 units away on Twitter. Simply head to Twitter and tell @JohnLegere what you lost most often, then tag your Tweet with #UnLost.

Most people’s keys are pretty small, and while phones are getting rather big, they’re still small electronics that are also often thin. Both can be easily misplaced — I know my wife frequently forgets where in the house that she left her phone — but the Tile can help you find both your phone or your keys by letting you ring either of them. And now you can get yourself a Tile while buying a new T-Mobile phone, picking up some other accessories, or paying your bill.

Sources: Tile, @JohnLegere

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  • JLV90

    Pretty cool, but without thousands of people using this the whole find your stolen items isn’t very good.

  • VernonDozier

    This is very similar to the Pebble Bee; which is a device made by a company based in the Seattle Area.

    I’m noticing a trend where T-Mobile doesn’t promote other businesses in the area such as RootMetrics, or even AT&T (located in the area and has A+ roaming services for the first 50 megs every month. Yay!) So my theory is that T-Mobile hires real mean, ugly and repulsive people to work at the corporate office. When they meet with local businesses they’re turned off and run away..!

    Only T-Mobile would select Tile. Just like T-Mobile cellular service, Reviews online said that its competitor, PebbleBee was more reliable when making a connection. Look at it this way- why would T-Mobile want to sell anything that connects reliably..? Making sure it doesn’t work is part of solving the painpoint.

    • Paul

      T-Mobile has openly supported Sensorly’s app over RooMetrics’ method of testing cellular speeds.
      If the Pebble Bee is a better device then go for it. You should never purchase something just because a company endorses it. Do the research and make an informed purchase.

      • VernonDozier

        Why, thanks for the invitation..!

  • Anthony S Jennings

    As a personal “find your lost item” it’s perfect. I keep one (of the first gen) on my keychain. I also placed one in my luggage, and was able to track it when it turned up on the carousel in Heathrow. It wasn’t as useful there though because my luggage is bright yellow, and I saw the bag at the same time my phone “located” it.

  • fencepost

    Ah, that 1-year battery life. Then “we replace your old Tiles with brand new ones at a fraction of the cost.”

    I’d be a lot more interested in these if they had a calculator-size solar panel on them, even if the charging capability meant that battery life fully in the dark was only 3-6 months.

    • the2000guy

      This is ridiculous to buy a product that rely to pay to replace the batteries instead of having integrated rechargeable batteries. I was considering to buy it, but after discovering that, No thank you.

      • calvin200

        You’re going to let a cheap replaceable battery stop you? Pop out battery is a life saver. It’s the reason I bought it. Different strokes……

        • the2000guy

          So, do you mean I can replace it myself? What kind of battery does it need?

        • calvin200

          Just type in LG G4 battery. The back is meant to pop on and off.

    • matt

      that locator that you can buy at target has replaceable batteries. i forgot the brand,. it used r1616. i think it was called the trackr bravo

  • eanfoso

    So nokia treasure tag ripoff, got it.

  • John TM

    Tweeted to John Legere and T-Mobile just replied to let me know that I’ll be getting one for free! Thanks Alex for letting me know about this :)

  • Yeah I was able to get a free one as well, they said it will arrive in a few weeks. I can’t wait to test it out!

  • vinnyjr

    Tried for the free one but think I was too late. Bought a 25.00 package from T-Mobile. Does anyone know how many in a package, hoping more than one???????

    • the2000guy

      The $25 package is only one. If you want more than one and want a discount you will have to buy at least 4 to have a 30% discount.

    • Yeah, bro…it’s just one in there. I copied this from the website, $25 is super high in price wow!

      In The Box
      1 Tile and users manual

  • matt

    does the new version of the tile have removable batteries? the last one didn’t thats why i didn’t want t