T-Mobile selling new Tile locator accessory, John Legere giving away 50 units

Ever heard of Tile? The company makes small Bluetooth tags that you can use to help locate your lost phone or keys, and today it introduced the new version of its product, the second generation Tile.

The updated Tile includes several new goodies, such as the ability to double-tap the “e” button on the Tile to ring your lost phone, so long as it’s within the 100-foot Bluetooth range. You can also use Tile’s web app to locate your phone if you’ve lost both your phone and your Tile, and you can turn your phone into a virtual Tile to give to someone else. That means that you can ring your lost phone from that other device. Finally, the new Tile is three times louder than the last model, ringing at 90 decibels.

“But wait,” you say. “What does this have to do with T-Mobile?” Well apparently John Legere is a big fan of the Tile, because our CEO said today that the new second gen Tile is now being sold in T-Mobile stores and on its website. Pricing for the Tile is $24.99 for a single unit, but if you’d like to buy several, you can get discounted pricing from Tile’s online shop.

If you’d rather get a Tile for free, John Legere is giving 50 units away on Twitter. Simply head to Twitter and tell @JohnLegere what you lost most often, then tag your Tweet with #UnLost.

Most people’s keys are pretty small, and while phones are getting rather big, they’re still small electronics that are also often thin. Both can be easily misplaced — I know my wife frequently forgets where in the house that she left her phone — but the Tile can help you find both your phone or your keys by letting you ring either of them. And now you can get yourself a Tile while buying a new T-Mobile phone, picking up some other accessories, or paying your bill.

Sources: Tile, @JohnLegere

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