T-Mobile now selling Guitar Hero Live for iOS bundle, complete with guitar controller


T-Mobile sells all kinds of phones, tablets, accessories, and connected devices. Now they’ve entered into the market of game controllers, too.

The Guitar Hero Live for iOS Bundle is now being sold in stores and online, and yes, it’s available on an installment plan, just like phones and tablets. Pricing for the bundle is set at $0 down, 23 payments of $4.16 per month, and 1 payment of $4.31. That adds up to a final price of $99.99.

The big part of this bundle is the Bluetooth guitar controller, which will let you play Guitar Hero Live like you would on a traditional console. You can even play on your TV, but in order to do so, you’ll need an iOS device with a Lightning port as well as a Lightning Digital AV adapter and HDMI cable, or an Apple TV. If you’d prefer to play on the small screen, you can play the digital touch version of Guitar Hero Live on the iPhone or iPad screen.

Also included with this bundle is a strap and 2 AA batteries for the guitar as well as a download code to unlock all of the content inside the Guitar Hero Live app.

It’s definitely kind of strange to see T-Mobile selling a video game controller online and in stores, but John Legere says that Un-carrier is all about “looking outside the box to offer customers some of the best stuff out there,” and this certainly is outside the phone carrier box. Guitar Hero is a big name in gaming, and while most hardcore players will likely stick to traditional consoles, perhaps some folks buying iPhones or iPads for the holidays will decide to give this version of Guitar Hero Live a try, too? Here’s to hoping that when customers buy this bundle, it’s made clear to them that they’ll also need a Lightning Digital AV adapter or Apple TV if they want to use that new controller.

Sources: T-Mobile, App Store

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  • beyondthetech

    “iOS devices must be lightning-capable” is a quicker way of saying it “requires an iPad 4 or better, iPhone 5 or better,” but it should be noted that the guitar connects to your iOS device through Bluetooth, so it does not have anything to do with a Lightning cable.

    The Guitar Hero Live Mobile website also states that it supports the upcoming Apple TV 4th Generation, which means it’s an Apple TV app.

    So, your last statement of “they’ll also need a Lightning Digital AV adapter or Apple TV if they want to use that new controller” is actually incorrect.

    Lastly, the Guitar Hero Live Mobile app is currently free to download on the App Store now, with a 49.99USD in-app purchase to unlock everything, so if this bundle includes a “download code,” that could essentially mean that the guitar and app are essentially 50USD each.

  • cloud strife

    I know Legere has a crazy mind & do stuff for publicity but this is just…hmmm…I dont know what to say…

  • David

    bad move. I don’t think guitar hero belong in tmobile store. Legere, this is a bad idea, should focus on cellular service changes.

  • Danny

    I agree this dont belong in Tmobile stores but I do respect the man for trying to innovate.

  • Bklynman

    Why do I think within 6 months this will be half price,before it is 1 yrold,it will be eol?

    • Vicky Stromberg

      Guitar Hero is the second-most sold things at Thrift Stores and garage sales. The #1 items is VHS copies of “Jerry Maguire”.

  • kgraham182

    T-Mobile has room to store these guitar hero accessories but no room to display more devices in their stores. I don’t understand the 2 year installment payments, if you can’t afford $100 upfront this probably isn’t for you.

    • TelFiRE

      If you’d turn down a zero-interest loan… well… I wouldn’t.

    • Vicky Stromberg

      Likely it’s in the store because another company like Target bailed on carrying it. It needs a demo and to be on display to prevent returns.

      The hassle of A 2-year installment plan is also an effective way to prevent returns.

  • TelFiRE

    Wow, everyone here is really all offended that a phone store would sell a major phone accessory? I mean… I don’t get it.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    about time thanks T-force/Team Magenta/John Legere for hearing me out I was hoping T-Mobile started to offer accessories for our devices, like the iPad pro ipencil, iwatch 38mm, 42mm in store I want to see, feel, purchase.

  • Vicky Stromberg

    Seems like Guitar Hero has run its course.

    Reminds me of when T-Mobile carried “Man Purses”.

  • Ryan Neely

    Only on iOS? Is this 2007?