T-Mobile fires back at Verizon’s geese ad with new ‘Think Again’ commercial

T-Mobile and Verizon have been trading blows with one another in recent months with offers and ads. T-Mobile launched its #NeverSettleforVerizon promo in May, and then Verizon followed with an ad featuring geese and a jab at T-Mo’s network. Now T-Mobile has fired back in a new commercial highlighting its Extended Range LTE coverage.

The ad begins with a voiceover similar to the one in Verizon’s ad, highlighting a network that “never stops improving” and has “grown faster than any other.” The clip even shows geese that are similar to Verizon’s ad. The spot then touts the Extended Range LTE as reaching twice as far and penetrating buildings four times better.

The new ad functions perfectly fine on its own, highlighting T-Mo’s Extended Range LTE coverage, but it’s also got some subtle nods to folks that are aware of Verizon’s ad. T-Mobile has been placing a heavy focus on its Extended Range LTE service lately, touting its ability to penetrate buildings and how the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support it. The Extended Range LTE is live in approximately 170 markets, and that number is expected to surpass 350 markets by the end of 2015.

For comparison’s sake, you can check out Verizon’s original geese ad below.

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  • That really is a great Ad…. :) It’s about time some of this misinformation/0utdated is set right.

    • Seth

      Look, T-Mobile is improving. I much prefer them as a carrier over Verizon. But I drove from California to Texas last month and didn’t have data most of the 20 hour drive. Verizon, on the other hand, had service most of the way.

      It’s not misinformation, T-Mobile is still a long ways away from matching Verizon and att in rural areas.

      • I have full Bars LTE 80+Mbps all the places I go, no dropped calls, and Perfect clarity 24/7. Rarely do I ever venture into the Sticks(which T-Mobile never claimed to be the best in). I’m Completely Satisfied, so I’m sticking with them even besides all the unwarranted Slander. :)

  • Jordan

    Ok ok. So Verizon’s was funny. But T-Mobile definetly definetly reminded them to watch their ass.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    That was awesome T Mobile but now hurry your rear end up and launch 700 MHz in sf bay area.

    • Adam

      Hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains?

    • Fernando Caldera

      Amen to that! After I had heard that t-mo would deploy band 12 in the bay area, I have been impatiently waiting for the day when I receive messages and phone calls at my job.

    • msohail

      Yes we need 700 in the bay area.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        We have coverage just south, just north and east of us but not here in the metropolis. I am taking a trip to Disney on OCT 2nd will report if I spot any 700 MHz driving down south.

  • Great Customers…

    Just my opinion, T-mobile Stay Humble and above all , focus on great Customer Service …great deals and improved coverage for the rural areas.

    • Acdc1a

      Staying humble is what cost T-Mobile millions of customers…well…that and the iPhone.

      • And even with Band 12, few people would get the IPhone on T-Mobile’s network anyhow. Most IPhone users are with AT&T and Verizon. Android is where most of T-Mobile’s customers are.

        • 9to5Slavery

          because they poor

  • Chadd

    I remember a few years back when AT&T and Verizon were going at it back and forth with their commercials. Saying this and that about features of the network and data speeds etc. No disrespect to Sprint, but you don’t see commercials from the big 2 aimed at them because they know Sprint isn’t a threat to their respective businesses. The fact that Verizon is turning their attention to T Mobile, it makes Verizon realize that T Mobile is becoming a real player in the wireless industry and they feel uneasy about it. This commercial was an absolute great counter to Verizon and I hope it catches people’s attention. I know T Mobile still has a long way to go to be as big as the 2 major carriers, but I think they have a legitimate shot if they can stay on track to keep rolling out their 700Mhz as fast as they have predicted.

    • Richard Roma

      Long way is an understatement. At present Verizon’s 2nd LTE network, their XLTE network, is actually larger than T=Mobile’s entire networks combined. The fact is that 100 feet outside most metro areas and I still see E or No service.

      T-Mobile only owns a fraction of the 700 B12 and its not nationwide.

  • Duckduckgoose

    The last time I took a gander at Verizon, my goose was cooked.

  • jj201367

    verizon sucks tmobile is Awesome

  • steveb944

    Extended range LTE? First time I hear this term.

    • taron19119

      That just what t-mobile is calling there 700mHZ band 12 network so the average customer To understand that t-mobile now have good indoor coverage

      • steveb944

        That’s what I figured. It threw off this savvy customer.

        • taron19119

          Now all t-mobile needs to do is sale only band 12 compatible devices

        • steveb944

          That’s already set, all new smartphones have band 12. It happened in one of the Uncarrier moves.

        • taron19119

          That’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about the phones t-mobile sale that don’t have band 12 need to be taking out of the store

        • Jeffrey Wang

          I would love that, but unfortunately, T-Mobile would lose a lot of money in unsold inventory.

        • T-Mobile is currently bleeding red on the economic side, although they’re paying off the debts. Taking the handful of non-Band 12 phones out of their stores won’t hurt them anymore.

        • matt

          that is not true. not all smart phones have band 12.
          there is no such thing as uncarrier band 12, that is something you made up

        • steveb944

          Your source that NEW devices don’t have band 12? Because mine says otherwise for 2015.


          My mistake, it was an earnings call. Instead of saying I made something up, actually find the right answer.

        • And not to mention that by this time next week, AT&T must have Band 12 active on all their devices. Per FCC rules.

      • matt

        if you buy a band 12 device, and after 30 days you don’t like t-mobile, they will unlock your phone before it is even paid off

    • gmo8492

      Its a new marketing term T-Mobile is using to describe their band 12 roll out. But the name and commercial is an accurate description of what this spectrum means to the average consumer. Not like how Verizon used their XLTE gimmick to described that they just increased their capacity.

  • Omar Boyer

    Does anyone know how is tmobile in los angeles? I had em 2 years ago and were pretty bad in buildings,i heard it greatly improved ,right now have At&t and honestly att signal is great i get signal in dwtwn in elevators ,underground parking lots ,high rise buildings even when my coworkers sometimes have problems with their verizon phones in those places att comes tru. But i do wanna switch i had lots of problems with att in other things ,didnt wanna replace my phone when it wasnt working even when i was payin for insurance , added more data without my permision when i added the 5 dollar extra to call mexico at the store and my plan went up alot they never told me till i got my bill n saw it was alot more and saw they put me on another plan with more data ,it was HASSLE to make it back like before etc… they screwed me over lots of times ,signal like i said is great but just had it with them ,wanna try tmobile again but im worried about signal .

    • matt

      can you please try it now and stop posting stuff that was 2 years ago??

      AT&T charges us $50 for 3 mbit uverse. and you guys stick up for them

      i love tmobiles new wifi calling feature. i can just leave my iPhone turned off in a good signal area and call out on my iPod at mcdonalds. if AT&T sprint and verizon have great networks, how come you can’t make telephone calls on your apple watch or iPad when your phone is turned off

      • Omar Boyer

        well i dont know about UVERSE i never had it so idk i have time warner for that, anyways like i said i wanna try it now since everyone on here says it works great . 2 years ago it wasnt great . And yes i got tired of payin a shitzload for 1 phone on att.

        • matt

          there are three or four ways to try it out now.
          one is u can do the 14 day test drive, they will give you an iPhone 5s.
          two, you can go to samsung promotions and get a s6 to try out for a month for 1 dollar
          three u can buy a iPhone 6s and try it out for less then 30 days and return it
          four u can buy an iPhone 6s and try it out for more then 30 days and then cancel your service, get your phone unlocked so you can go back and AT&T , or verizon, or maybe even sprint, while you continue to make payments for the phone.
          iphone 6s can also mean any device that is band 12

        • Omar Boyer

          that samsung thing sounds good haha ill do that.

      • AT&T and Verizon have better networks overall than T-Mobile, simply because they have about 90% of the 700 spectrum in use and about 88% of the 800 spectrum in use.

        With those kinds of numbers, AT&T have a signal everywhere except West Virginia (National Radio Quiet Zone), and Verizon have a signal everywhere in the Eastern Time Zone.

    • Dave Slater

      My wife and I both have T-Mobile and were just in LA for over a week. We had full bars everywhere we went and didn’t have any issues. We did not get coverage in an underground garage at a mall, but I wouldn’t expect to either. Do the Test Drive.

  • Joe

    The add is good but they should have put end of 2015 and not say that there coverage is like that in 2015.

    • gmo8492

      There’s only 3 months left in in 2015 and it’s safe to assume that most of their band 12 roll out will be at the end of its completion. They already surpassed Sprint on pops covered.

      • Joe

        True but they still have a lot of land mass currently not covered that they promise will be covered. Yes most of it is in 700mhz licenced areas so hopefully it will be rolled out quick.

        • Michael Barnes

          I am with you there’s no coverage here at all its about 3 miles either direction of me and its old 2g and everywhere else in surrounding counties is none exitent coverage roaming on att if lucky

        • Joe

          Yeah fortunately where I live coverage is very solid, and one good thing is that t-mobile is always improving coverage hopefully they manage to back that map up in the next 3 months.

        • Michael Barnes

          Ya I am checking almost weekly sensorly and there maps for it to be here I am with att they only hspa+ here Verizon has fast lte and no coverage even 2g T-Mobile the day it’s here I am switching I was with them for a while and want to go back

    • Chadd

      When it shows the coverage of the map…if you look at the bottom right it says by end of year 2015

      • Joe

        Yeah I realized that later…A bit on the small side imo. I know its not really something they want people to look at though.

  • ragumaster

    iPhone for 5$ or 10$ a month on JOD

  • eanfoso

    Lol t mobile playing catch up, when just recently Verizon said it’ll start testing 5G

    • Chadd

      So can you tell us exactly what “5G” is? They are only promoting it as that for marketing purposes

      • FILA

        exactly. No one understand this. LTE can get alot faster. What over 150Mbps or so, and we only see around 70 atleast on T-Mobile and thats on a very good day and location. Verizon no where near matches the top speeds of LTE. What are they thinking about 5G for. All marketing

      • guest nonstop

        Verizon is talking 5G to proof it moves leap ahead of industry. Nobody cares about 5G for now. Its same useless as 4K display in samsung/sony smartphones. Good 4G coverage will be more useful for the next 5 years.

      • Joe

        Yeah I have a feeling what they are calling 5G is just LTE Advanced.

    • Da-Durr

      What good will 5G be on Verizon with the data buckets they sell to customers, just to hit 2GB of data usage in a hot second and get slammed with $15 per GB overage fees.

    • matt

      hopefully AT&T and sprint will catch up to t-mobile’s offer of unlocking your phone when its not even paid off

      • Spanky

        Just as soon as T-Mobile catches up to AT&T’s coverage!

        • guest nonstop

          ATT has te same crap coverage in Montana as Tmobile has.

    • Jaret Protagonist

      Don’t get your hopes up for that anytime soon, to expense and the roll out would take years if ever.

  • Nick Ramacciato

    Haha, I love it

  • The truth hurts

    I’m a TMO fan, but TMO is never going to come close to Verizon. The way it keeps pimping itself out to every company that shows interest in acquiring it. The only reason it hasn’t completely disappeared all together is because of the FCC/DOJ and that would have been as a supersized AT&T. So, while the home team gets a chuckle out of their jabs at Verizon, most of their customers are still trying to get a signal outside the city limits or inside their homes. The old clique of you get what you pay for, rings very true here.

    • TBN27

      In my region I can’t agree. They have expanded their LTE coverage into rural areas. It used to be mostly EDGE. Now it is Mostly LTE. Very small packets of EDGE or no LTE drop outs at all.

      • guest nonstop

        All road from LA to Las Vegas – EDGE. Sick.

        • TBN27

          I know. I see it on their coverage map. Driving through New York State, what T-Mobile is doing rings true. Most of my road trip was LTE connected. 3 years ago it was mostly EDGE.

        • guest nonstop

          Agree. i80 in IL now also partially LTE covered. Earlier it was mostly no coverage or EDGE.

        • 9to5Slavery

          around the capital it sucked… especially going west.

        • Acdc1a

          Yeah, when I was out west it wasn’t fantastic…but when you get into the cities it’s fine.

          I-75 from end to end is almost all LTE though and that’s a HUGE improvement.

        • chrtt679

          Hey…what phone do you have?

        • guest nonstop

          iphone 6+. Now 6s+.

    • Joe

      Yes it will probably be a long time till they can match the reliability of Verizon wireless. But they have been getting better and better even in rural areas. In January I had a few spots in my neighborhood that had no service and I told them about is and since about 3 month ago i’ve been getting 20-40 down in previous no signal. They definitely need low band spectrum though cuz when traveling to the mountains signal leaves much to be desired.

  • specialbuddy

    Small print says, “projected by end of 2015”. This damn map got me excited about using T-mobile in Northern Michigan finally. Still no coverage.

    • Mike Palomba

      Well to be fair, “end of 2015” is only 3 months away

  • Lavalamp009

    IS that Solitude Mountain Resort, Top of Powderhorn, the ski resort in the commercial??

    • Cowboysuk

      So happy that someone else thought this was cool. I googled this to double check and it definitely is.

  • Leigh

    What city is shown in the beginning of the commercial? Phoenix?