T-Mobile fires back at Verizon’s geese ad with new ‘Think Again’ commercial

T-Mobile and Verizon have been trading blows with one another in recent months with offers and ads. T-Mobile launched its #NeverSettleforVerizon promo in May, and then Verizon followed with an ad featuring geese and a jab at T-Mo’s network. Now T-Mobile has fired back in a new commercial highlighting its Extended Range LTE coverage.

The ad begins with a voiceover similar to the one in Verizon’s ad, highlighting a network that “never stops improving” and has “grown faster than any other.” The clip even shows geese that are similar to Verizon’s ad. The spot then touts the Extended Range LTE as reaching twice as far and penetrating buildings four times better.

The new ad functions perfectly fine on its own, highlighting T-Mo’s Extended Range LTE coverage, but it’s also got some subtle nods to folks that are aware of Verizon’s ad. T-Mobile has been placing a heavy focus on its Extended Range LTE service lately, touting its ability to penetrate buildings and how the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support it. The Extended Range LTE is live in approximately 170 markets, and that number is expected to surpass 350 markets by the end of 2015.

For comparison’s sake, you can check out Verizon’s original geese ad below.

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