T-Mobile targets Verizon customers with “Never Settle Trial” – Offers 14 days of free use

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Verizon’s made a big push and spent a ton of cash on its Never Settle marketing campaign. T-Mobile, in the early hours of this morning, has responded with its very own campaign inviting Verizon customers to switch. As it turns out, T-Mo agrees that you shouldn’t settle… for Verizon.

The Never Settle Trial offers the chance for Verizon customers to try the T-Mobile network out for themselves and – if they don’t like it – they can return their phone within 14 days. Unlike Carrier Freedom, customers trying out T-Mo for the first time – from Verizon – won’t have to hand in their old Verizon phone when they sign up. Instead, VZW customers can trial the network and keep hold of their existing phone. If they like the experience they can then hand in their old phone, port their number across and have T-Mo pay their early termination fee to cancel their Verizon contract. Up until that point, there’s no obligation to switch permanently.

If the experience isn’t good, the customer can hand back their T-Mobile phone within 14 days and the carrier will refund any trial costs as well as any service costs for starting back up with Verizon “or any other related fees Verizon regularly charges.”

“Last week, I said we would hit right back at Verizon — I meant it,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network is the nation’s fastest. Not faster for the price … just faster, period. With T-Mobile, you don’t have to settle for trickery, gimmicks and carrier BS the way you do with Verizon. I’m so confident in our kick-ass network experience that we’re footing the bill so Verizon customers can give T-Mobile a try.”

This new promotion is set to launch on May 13 and customers can sign up through May 31. Alongside it, T-Mobile is launching a new ad campaign with the #NeverSettleforVerizon hashtag. This, as you’d expect, lists all the pain points related to being a Verizon customer:

  • Paying too much
  • A slower LTE network
  • Limited data
  • Two-year service contracts
  • Overages and bill shock
  • Waiting to upgrade their phones
  • Being overcharged overseas
  • Having unused data repossessed every month
  • Being trapped by ETFs
  • Music streaming eating up their data
  • Limited Wi-Fi calling
  • No guarantee that plan prices won’t go up unexpectedly
  • Hidden fees

You can see one of the Never Settle for Verizon ad spots below. This is just one of 8 short video spots which you can see for yourself on T-Mobile’s YouTube channel:

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Cam Fas


  • gmo8492

    Ha, it was only a matter of time T-mobile said something about their marketing campaign. Seriously, those Verizon commercials were getting more annoying everytime I saw one. They basically try to make you feel ashamed of your service. Yeah Verizon, shaming people is what’s going to make them switch to your network. Smh.

    • eAbyss

      I wish they’d do spoofs of their competitors’ commercials just to show how ridiculous and/or annoying they are or just to poke fun. Just think of what they could have done with “Framily”.

  • Improving Network. ..

    Okay, I recently wrote Tmobile USA to suggest (only) that they continue invest dollars in improving their network outside of Metro areas. Typically, I have to use Verizon service as a backup when traveling to small rural towns and cities to get decent coverage.

    • Fabian Cortez

      They currently are.

  • Familiar Joe

    So, is this saying you can try a phone and not worry about the $50 restocking fee if you’re from verizon during this promo period? I would love more detailed info.

  • Frankwhitess

    Well well…. What do we have here…. Verizon, the Carrier that fancy it’s self as a Network of the Gods,…. Is firing off ad’s heavily….. Let me find out that T Mobile managed to piss them off with there recent numbers lol…. Who would have thought 2 years ago how far T Mobile would have come…. I Pray T Mobile Keeps Investing in there network and gives Verizon Hell…

    It’s looks as John Legere has caught Verizon’s attention lol…. ” Can You Hear Me Now ?? ” lmao…

    • Joe

      Imagine if that end of 2015 map comes to life than verizon will really need to watch out. And if t-mobile manages to get a nation wide 600 mhz licence and also when they start deploying carrier aggregation which is currently in testing. I cant w8 thats when we will probably start to see a lot of Verizon customers leaving big read for team magenta.

      • eAbyss

        “And if t-mobile manages to get a nation wide 600 mhz licence”

        I think that’s pretty much a given but they’ll probably only end up with enough for a 5×5 when they could really use a 10×10+. I still have faith in that EoY 2015 map. I really wish they’d start deploying that 700Mhz spectrum they bought in Western WA though. It’d go a long way towards improving coverage.

        • Joe

          Yeah obviously 10×10 would be nice but they don’t need a 10×10 nationwide licence they just need 10×10 in all of the populated arias which they will probably be paying a hefty price for those. And also if someday sooner rather than later they buy Cavalier licence, Continuum, and AB Licence co than I think they are pretty much sett for a while they just need better financial backing not the joke of DT who could care less about them.

  • mreveryphone

    Verizon phones work better on the T-Mobile network than they do on their own network… I went to New York City recently and used a Verizon Note 3 and got 40 to 50mbs… Verizon customers should definitely take advantage of this so the revenue T-Mobile makes off them can go back into the network so we can have the coverage like Verizon…

    • Chriz

      How is this possible? CDMA is not GSM…

      • Hector Arteaga

        Many do the newer VZW phones (not sure about the Note 3), include radios for GSM and CDMA.

        • Evan Lam

          Yup, a lot of Verizon’s phones are global phones, so the are Sim card unlocked and support GSM, which allows the phones to connect to edge and 3g, but if remember correctly, the two types of LTE used in the US are FDD and TDD, and out of the 4 major carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all use FDD, which is why Verizon phones can connect to T-Mobile’s LTE network, while Sprint uses TDD.

        • Ozgur Sen

          Only nexus 6 is a global phone which can connect to both GSM and CDMA. The rest of their phones are cdma only and are locked with verizon. The sim card slot on the verizon phones are for LTE ONLY.

        • mreveryphone

          Nope they’re not lol! You have been misinformed… The gsm radios in Verizon phones are fully unlocked!

        • Ozgur Sen

          I don’t know I stopped by verizon store with my friend who is a verizon customer with an unlocked phone and in both of the phones in veriOn store and his unlocked lte phone when I put my t mobile sim it would just show bars on the locked phone and lte only on his unlocked phone. Don’t think I’m disagreeing with you Im just saying this because of my experience. do you have any suggestions?

        • Evan Lam

          You have to add T-Mobile’s APN to the phone to get full functionality.

        • Ozgur Sen

          I forgot about the APN thanks.

        • patt

          Dude where do you get this information lmao.. a simple google search will tell you that pretty much all 4G LTE phones on Verizon are factory unlocked,tablets as well.

        • mreveryphone

          Trust me… We tried to tell him all this earlier lol

        • Evan Lam


          From what it looks like, all phones as far back as the Galaxy S4, possibly even older phones too since this is just a list of phones they still sell, are global ready. I know for a fact that the Note 3 from Verizon came factory unlocked because I was able to put my T-Mobile SIM into my sister’s old Note 3 and use it with T-Mobile’s LTE network for about 6 months, after adding the T-Mobile APN.

        • mreveryphone

          The Verizon Note 3 has these radios… I was blown away by the speeds I got on a non T-Mobile phone!

        • eAbyss

          I think pretty much the whole Droid line is global (CDMA/GSM).

      • mreveryphone

        Verizon phones have a sim slot for global gsm use… The lte T-Mobile bands are covered with the Verizon phones.

        • Ozgur Sen

          No verizon phones sim card slot is just for LTE. It even says it on the sim. If you don’t believe me call customer care they’ll tell you the same thing. Unless you have a nexus 6 from google which can work on both networks.

        • JarrettZ

          Of course the customer service rep would tell you that you tard. They obviously dont want you to take their devices to another network. Verizon agreed with the FCC a while back that to be able to use GSM for LTE, the SIM has to be UNLOCKED, thus letting you take it to AT&T and T-Mobile. When my mom bought her iPhone 5s from Verizon, they guy blatantly lied to her face saying “It can only be used on Verizon’s network”. I thew my T-Mobile SIM in her phone showed the guy and made him eat his words. Verizon is full of bullshit and you’re a fool if you believe anything they tell you.

        • mreveryphone

          Yep yep!

        • Ozgur Sen

          Like I said if you have nexus phones and apple phones it will work on gsm and CDMA because they come with both technologies implanted in the motherboard out of the box, but if you try droid or lg or other phones it will not work you dummy.

        • mreveryphone

          So tell me how I was able to use a Note 3 then? It’s neither a nexus or a apple product obviously… You should do some research…

        • Ozgur Sen

          In my experience with verizon and their phones, their phones would only connect to t mobiles 4g lte network even though our phones were unlocked and rooted. And after doing some research I found that the sim card slot is used for only lte. Yes you can but back when I had verizon, they would use cdma for calling and texting. Not data for calling and text. Today we can use Lte for calling and texting and for web. So you might be using LTE for all. I have one request can you select gsm only on a verizon phone with a t mobile sim if you can, can you tell me if it can connect to 2g. I don’t have verizon no more so I can’t test it out.

        • mreveryphone

          I don’t have that note 3 anymore but I believe you could do that. I kinda remember going in the network settings and being able to select those options…

        • JarrettZ

          I have no issue putting my Droid MAXX on T-Mobile’s network. Try again dummy. You are sounding stupid and uneducated and should just stop typing….

        • Ozgur Sen

          Why do you have to use that tone with me. I was never insulted you. I was just commenting on this subject because of my experience with Verizon and their phones.I was on verizon 3 years ago and even though our phones were unlocked and rooted only 4glte would work on T Mobile when we were switching. I guess they added compatibility to their phones recently. Thanks for telling me your experience.

        • Ozgur Sen

          And no I am educated finishing my masters this year in compiter programming and network

        • thepanttherlady

          If you can’t contribute or comment constructively without the personal attacks then don’t.

        • patt

          Yes it will work. My note4 works on T-Mobile just fine just like LG G2,G3 will. This isn’t year 2000 …

        • mreveryphone

          Don’t believe everything your told from the competing cell phone company!! Try it out for yourself first and see… Go find someone you know with a Verizon phone and put your sim in change the apn settings and I guarantee you it’ll work! I’d bet you my s6 edge and moto 360 that it works!

        • eAbyss

          I doubt he said it that way. The SIM card slot is only used by Verizon (same with Sprint and any other CDMA network) for LTE (LTE is SIM based, CDMA is not) but it’s a normal slot and can be used for GSM networks if the phone is compatible with the bands used.

      • peharri

        Verizon is moving to LTE. While technically the frequencies its using make it incompatible, economies of scale mean that many devices that support LTE support multiple frequencies AND support the entire GSM stack (LTE is merely the latest member of the GSM family.) So it’s increasingly common to find a Verizon phone will work on networks that use GSM/UMTS/LTE technologies

      • Ozgur Sen

        Some phones like nexus 6 or htc one m7 can be used on both networks but other cannot be used. the sim card slot on the verizon phones are not for calling they are ONLY for LTE connection. So you cannot use a verizon phones to make calls or text even if you insert a t mobile sim card but connect to their LTE network Only

        • mreveryphone

          Your definitely wrong… I wouldn’t have traveled all the way to NY with just data… I made phone calls, text, I even downloaded the T-Mobile visual voice-mail app and got all my voice-mails. I didn’t miss a beat with that phone… Like I said it worked better on T-Mobiles network than Verizon phones work on their own network. You just put the sim in and go, no unlocking or any crazy rooting tricks needed for it to work on T-Mobile.

        • Ozgur Sen

          In todays Lte technology we can use LTE to make calls but in an area where there is no LTE you won’t be able to make calls or text. I have been to NY and the whole NY city is covered with LTE. So when you said you were able to make calls yes you can only if you are connected to LTE

        • mreveryphone

          Not true… I was on edge in other parts of the country and was still able to make phone calls and get text…

        • Ozgur Sen

          I was on verizon 3 years ago and even though our phones were unlocked and rooted only 4glte would work on T Mobile when we were switching. I guess they added compatibility to their phones recently. Thanks for telling me your experience.

        • mreveryphone

          No problem… It’s definitely different now than what it was 3 years ago…

        • patt

          Verizon phones switch to H+ when there is no LTE for calling. In fact Verizon phones are best on T-MO for example my note4 won’t get much LTE on AT&T if any at all.. but with T-MO works just fine.

        • Tell that to my Lumia 822 from Verizon, making calls, SMS, MMS, and data connections on T-Mobile HSPA+.

        • Omar Boyer

          Every single verizon phone now suports gsm and a few lte bands on att n tmobile i tried a verizon xperia z3v on att and tmobile got lte on both att n tmobile and voice service on both ,same with a verizon lg g3 lte and VOICE service works fine on both att n tmobile on a verizon phone ,i dont kno were u got they only work for lte? they dont ,even when i had an 2G EDGE or 3G hspa signal voice service worked fine so did data even tho it was a lil slower it worked .

        • eAbyss

          I think you’re a little confused there. It’s true that CDMA phones need a SIM only for LTE because CDMA requires phones to be registered to the network while LTE is completely SIM based. The thing is that GSM is also completely SIM based. To use a phone on a GSM network all you need is a compatible phone and a SIM card but you can also use LTE only on a CDMA LTE phone using a SIM card because LTE is a single standard unlike CDMA/GSM.

          Most if not all Verizon phones are global capable, your problem is probably that your phone isn’t compatible with the GSM bands used by the network, isn’t global capable, or you have it set to CDMA only.

  • Let us not forget that T-Mobile is a bit of the pot calling Verizon a black kettle, for, in its prepaid plans, it too repossesses unused data or data is eaten up by music streaming.

    • CeZa

      No it doesn’t it is two different plan options one comes with data stash and music freedom try again my friend….

      • Jay J. Blanco

        All plans above 3GB comes with data stash , & music freedom

        • Wrong: prepaid-phones{dot}t-mobile{dot}com/prepaid-monthly-plans/compare-monthly-plans

    • Logan C.

      So get off prepaid, its not hard unless you’re irresponsible with your money.

  • JB

    TMobile’s coverage sucks nearly everywhere that is not within a few miles of a major city. Verizon’s penetration is much better. Try making a call from inside a building. Unless I’m on wifi calling, I literally can’t make a call from inside my house, my office or my local grocery store on TMobile. I can’t get a text to go through to my daughters when they are in their friend’s basement watching a movie. The only reason I’m still a customer is price. But my patience is waning…

    • Acdc1a

      If you’re that miserable, pony up the extra cash and switch to Verizon. More importantly you can go to one of Verizon’s MVNO’s and save a few dollars.

      • jumpmanj2395

        Lol Verizon isn’t expensive.

    • skittle

      ” I can’t get a text to go through to my daughters when they are in their friend’s basement watching a movie”.

      Not a problem for the daughters, that’s a feature ;)

    • Andy

      no, it doesn’t suck everywhere. I have better T Mobile coverage in rural areas than what I did with Verizon. My best friend is with Verizon and cannot get signal inside his workplace in a town of 20,000 and cannot get signal at his home. another one of my friends has Verizon and lives in a town of a hundred thousand and he stuck on 3G most of the time at his house and his speeds are half of what mine are. all kinds of dead spots around my town with Verizon. I know T Mobile’s not everywhere but it’s been a much better experience.

    • kaw

      I’ve worked in two different buildings in NYC and did not have problems texting or calling people…

    • If you can get a T-Mobile phone with Band 12 LTE then that’ll help with in building penetration, but you have to be located in an area with Band 12 LTE coverage. Your daughter could have Wi-Fi calling enabled which will help temporarily with calls in the basement.

  • Derek

    Does anyone else think the commercial is awful? I get what the point of it is, but the words scroll too fast in the beginning to even read and as it increases, it just because impossibile. If I had to rewind the commercial online 5 times to read the first few statements, then people watching it on TV are never going to see it.

    • Guest2376

      Agree 100%. The commercial is awful.

    • eAbyss

      It’s got you talking about it doesn’t it?

  • IceMan

    Now that Sprint will allow their phones to be unlocked, I could see this becoming an option for Sprint customers, too. Especially seeing as Sprint’s newer handsets support all of T-Mobile’s LTE freqs.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Now that Sprint will allow their phones to be unlocked, I could see this becoming an option for Sprint customers, too. Especially seeing as Sprint’s newer handsets support all of T-Mobile’s LTE freqs.

      Care to clarify your statement?

      This promotion provides you with a new phone that works on T-Mobile’s frequencies. I’m not sure how that pertains to Sprint’s phones including T-Mobile’s frequencies.

      • IceMan

        My bad, I’ve misinterpreted the promotion. I thought they were letting T-Mobile customers use Verizon phones for their Test Drive promotion. Disregard.

        • Fabian Cortez

          That’s not a problem. That’s why I was asking for clarification.

        • Ruben Hernandez

          However this will make it easy for sprint customers to byod to tmobile to enjoy the rate plan and data speeds where applicable. Great point sir.

  • patt

    As a VZ customer patiently waiting for contracts run out, I am just waiting for perfect moment and im out. Yea i know i can do etf buy out but i will wait.

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile should wait until they have a better network with more coverage before stepping into that ring.

    • Spanky

      Agreed 100%. That’s like Kia putting out a “#NeverSettleforMercedes” campaign.

      • 1ceTr0n

        Thats a real terrible comparison.

        • Prod1702

          lol 100% agree because I would #NeverSettleforMercedes

        • Spanky

          Why do you say that? T-Mobile has a fraction of Verizon’s coverage, horrible building penetration, yet they imply that they are a better choice than Verizon. I’d say my comparison is accurate.

      • I like the Comparison…

        Too Funny, I like the comparison and will tweet it to John Legere with your permission. LOL, LOL, LOL

        • Spanky

          Feel free!

      • FILA

        If you want German JUNK

        • Spanky

          Semantics…feel free to replace Mercedes with a high end vehicle of your choice.

    • Michael

      They also can’t have better coverage without more customers to help pay for network upgrades.

  • afive720

    Tmobile has improved a ton in Atlanta. We switched out to verizon few months back and have crappy coverages places Tmobile was very good. Yes, there are areas where the coverage is not as good, but we aren’t there ever. Dc T-Mobile coverage has also improved a lot, in fact I had no data or service in some buildings T-Mobile had lte. We are also moving our office and looking at an apartment, very nice place in Buckhead. Inside we are jumping between 1x, 3G and lte that doesn’t work. My girlfriend came to look at the place with us today, she had 80mbps all over the complex on T-Mobile. So, we are pretty sure we are going back…

    • Atlanta Metropolitan

      Yes, Atlanta metropolitan T mobile coverage has approved greatly. However, for other areas outside of Atlanta, that is, rural Georgia…there is room for improvement. No complaints, I am glad for the competition!!

  • dtam

    a little bit off topic, but have people looked at the interactive maps again? They’ve seem to become more accurate since inception. Just clicking around my area that is 4G LTE, it says things like “satisfactory connectivity in some homes” and “connectivity in most homes”.

    • eAbyss

      Still very inaccurate in my area but it does look like some HSPA+ and EDGE has crept into areas that were previously shown as LTE. Too much of the supposed LTE coverage still seems like wishful thinking.

      • Chris Dooley

        Remember that depends of what handset you have and what bands your handset supports. My business partner has a 6 plus I have a Nexus 5 and I consistantly hold LTE even in rural areas where he will often default down to HSPA or EDGE. This was the same when I worked at Verizon we always noticed that the iPhone whatever never seemed to hold as strong of a signal as LGs or Motorolas.

  • Matt

    It’s good to see T-Mobile taking pot shots at Verizon. Maybe this will further shake things up some. I’m a Verizon customer and I really like T-Mobile’s moves because they benefit every consumer. I have to use Verizon because of its superior coverage as I am a truck driver. The moment the coverage compares more favorably, I’ll drop VZW like a hot coal.

    • eAbyss

      “The moment the coverage compares more favorably, I’ll drop VZW like a hot coal.”

      So December then?

  • eAbyss

    “Limited Wi-Fi calling”

    Speaking of… My Nexus 6 STILL doesn’t have WiFi calling.

  • Tamara2589


  • Richard Roma

    Yes, never settle for the #1 carrier in America. Yeah no, T-Mobile is getting ahead of itself if it assumes they can beat the #1 ranked carrier in America. As ranked #1 in data, call quality, and customer service by a 3rd party.

    Tmobile doesn’t even have half of Verizon’s customer base.

    • AussieB

      Most people I know with Verizon are pretty happy and wouldn’t switch. Yes, they pay more but they do that for a reason…because they have coverage when they need it

    • Chad Dalton

      Yeah this is a bit of a stretch for T-Mobile…they’re having a hard enough time overtaking sprint for the #3 spot.

  • mary5652


  • Chris Dooley

    I switched from VZW to Tmo about a year ago and I couldn’t be happier. In building penetration has improved significantly in the last year since the EDGE to HSPA/LTE re-farm. The LTE speeds are definitely superior and as far as rural coverage they have improved 1000 percent in the last year in the Virginia market.

    My usage level is quite high 3000+ minutes a month and 10+ gigs a month. I am a the owner of a small/medium retail chain and generally live on my phone.