John Legere vows to become even more competitive if T-Mobile gets additional spectrum


John Legere has brought about a lot of change in the mobile industry since he took over T-Mobile, launching Un-carrier moves that led other carriers to do things like move away from contracts and offer rollover data. And in a new interview, the T-Mo CEO has revealed what’ll make him put more pressure on the competition.

Newsweek today posted a profile on John Legere, covering his arrival at T-Mobile and the effects that his Un-carrier moves have had both on T-Mo itself and on the rest of the industry. For example, he’s raised the morale of T-Mobile employees and he got T-Mo from dead last place in the major four carriers to move past Sprint into third. Looking ahead, Legere tells Newsweek that he’ll push even harder to shake up the mobile industry and make things better for consumers if he’s able to acquire more spectrum. He added:

“There’s so much work to do on solving the problems of this screwed up wireless industry.”

The upcoming 600MHz spectrum auction is important to T-Mobile, not only because it offers more spectrum, but also because the spectrum that’ll be on offer is valuable low-band spectrum. Legere pushed for the FCC to set aside 40 megahertz — or half of the available spectrum — for smaller carriers, but the FCC rejected the proposal. There will still be 30 megahertz set aside for smaller carriers like T-Mo, though, which is still a nice portion of the airwaves that’ll be available.

While we wait for the spectrum to take place in 2016 and the spectrum to actually be put to use, which could take years, T-Mobile has been focused on using 700MHz spectrum to expand its coverage. The service, which offers improved service over long distances and good building penetration, is now available in around 170 markets and is expected to reach more than 350 markets by the end of 2015. T-Mo is confident in its 700MHz coverage, going so far as to launch a Lifetime Coverage Guarantee that’s focused heavily on it, but additional 600MHz spectrum could go a long way to helping make T-Mobile a more formidable competitor in the US wireless industry.

Via: FierceWireless
Source: Newsweek

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  • Justin Smith

    Reading these newer articles makes my brain hurt sometimes :(

  • Cam Fas

    How about buying some 700MHZ spectrum for Las Vegas

    • besweeet

      I don’t think that there’s any that they can acquire from anyone.

      • Cam Fas

        I think continuum has it in Vegas

        • Brad C

          They have it in Phoenix as well, just squatting it. I’m sure they’re just asking way too much for it. Crap like that needs to be illegal.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Legere said on periscope that Band 12 was coming to Phoenix.

        • Cam Fas

          Agreed but I think Columbia capital also has some spectrum it would be awesome if this was one of the only markets that got 700mhz on a 10+10 level with some carrier aggregation we could have 30+30 here that would be awesome and inane

        • Roger Sales

          He made a comment about Phoenix on periscope but they don’t own that spectrum. If they have a deal in place to buy it, it’s unfortunately not yet public record.

        • Cristobal Diaz Leon
  • Mr. Mister

    This guy is a marketing genius.

  • guest

    whats with the one article a day thing does this guy not care

  • Barbosa

    And if he doesn’t get more low spectrum?

    • steveb944

      Gives up. /s

      • John Wentworth

        obviously they won’t give up, but you can’t pretend it wouldn’t be much harder to T-mobile to make a go of it if they don’t get significant low band spectrum.

        He’s a salesman at the end of the day and he’s trying to sell the importance of T-mobile getting low band spectrum to the american public.

        And he’s got a good argument, even if you can’t be a T-mobile customer, due to coverage, it’s hard to argue that T-mobile hasn’t forced the big two’s hand and improved things for all cellular carriers in the past few years.

        • steveb944

          Well he’ll just compete with what he has.

          I was being sarcastic BTW.

    • Moby

      Since the government is setting aside spectrum that Verizon and AT&T can’t get of course he will get new spectrum. Your premise is dumb.

  • Aurizen

    So guys the 600 Mhz auction aren’t supported by phones currently correct? after the auction phones will have to support that?

    • steveb944

      Correct, support would come more than a year later. Look at how it’s been for band 12 to get an idea of timeframe.

    • gabmasterjcc

      600MHz is many years away. First, the reverse auction has to happen (TV stations selling airwaves effectively). Second, the auction has to happen. Third, TV stations have to vacate the airwaves sold. Fourth, deployment has to occur and phones have to be released. All in all, we are 4-6 years away from seeing significant 600MHz deployments.

  • Wat

    T-Mobile should Wait till 5G develops before deploying 600mhz or hold off till LTE advance starts rolling out. Either way

  • (J²)

    Anyone know which cities are on the list to receive the Band 12 LTE next?

    • David Icke

      Miami went up today, then San Francisco by the 25th, San Antonio/Eagle Pass by 10/1 and Sacramento by 10/3

      • (J²)

        Well, what I’m trying to figure out is what cities are apart of these 180 additional roll outs by years end. I live in the largest metro area of The Carolina’s and also the 17th largest city by population BUT poor reception is a HUGE issue.

    • SolarLeoX
  • JustSaying

    Everyone do me a favor, look up “The Real Sprint Fan Page” on Facebook. There are fools on there saying “The UnCarrier isn’t working” and “John Legere is a car salesman”. If the UnCarrier wasn’t working then how the hell did T-Mobile pass Sprint?! These Sprint fan boys are so pissed off that T-Mobile passed Sprint to become #3 that they say ridiculous things about T-Mobile and John Legere to make themselves feel better.

    • >do me a favor
      >look up something on facebook

      nope. i’ll take your word for it, chap.

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    • Durandal_1707

      Some people on a Sprint fan page wrote disparaging things about T-Mobile? I am shocked. Shocked!

      • The only real question here would be why are we becoming fans of any particular carrier. It’s just silly.

        • Thatguy

          This guy has point!

    • VernonDozier

      I have a few friends in T-Mobile Engineering whom *do* believe Legere is a car salesman; and engineering doesn’t have the tools to adequately provide service to customers. Marketing budgets are always approved before the infrastructure is in place.

      I also have a few other friends who wonder if it’s ethical for a company partially owned by any foreign government (regardless of what percentage) to make profit on citizens that live in another sovereign country.

      Think of it as something similar to a postcard from someone in Canada mails you a postcard, or even a company sends you a billing statement… But in order to open it, the Canada Post Office wants to charge you a $3.00 fee.

      The engineers have a great topics in ethics that we talk about during lunch hour. Eventually someone reminds us that these are the guys who lied to millions of people during World War II about “showers” that don’t result in death.

      • Dustin Roe

        Why do you perpetually troll T-Mobile posts? Your foreign government rants are completely wrong and IMO border on slander, T-Mobile goes out of its way to promote ethics and doing it the right way, and as far as your engineering team friends it sounds like disgruntled workers who liked the old easy way of doing business that “Uncarrier” is the antithesis of.

        • Dustin Roe

          Your anti-ownership statement would be better directed at the US government selling bonds to foreign governments than an openly traded company on a US stock market having a foreign government as a shareholder. Shareholders can only pull profits from a company in the form of dividends which T-Mobile does not have at this time.

        • You realize other countries do that too right? The only difference is the US has the largest economy by far to sustain higher debt. US bonds have the highest demand since we’ve never missed a single payment in the entire history of the USA. No other country can claim that.

        • VernonDozier

          “Uncarrier” is a marketing program. Pure and simple.

          As for Deutsche Telekom’s desire to change the competitiveness of the wireless industry in the US, to something that is less capitalistic and more European is disingenuous.

          If T-Mobile was serious about being a formtable competitor to US-based companies in the US, it would have filled in the map starting back in the 1990s. It speaks volumes to the mindset and type of leadership they have in Germany; where the telecom company was started as a part of the postal service.

          Take Verizon as an example. They too had foriegn investment. They did a heck of a job providing service everywhere.

      • Fabian Cortez

        More doomsday theories from you again.

      • vinnyjr

        You are obviously a Sprint suck, that’s your problem. I have never been so happy being a T-Mobile customer. My signal is very strong, data speeds are very fast and haven’t dropped a call in over a year. Yep it must really suck being stuck on Sprint. You better read that Newsweek article, John Legere has changed the Mobile Industry, not too shabby for a car salesman.

        • bronxboi

          Yes, data on Tmobile is good in metro areas but those speeds drop off very quickly when you venture out into the burbs. Also, my friends with Tmobile seem to have to use my Sprint phone when we take road trips. Finally, your building penetration is really weak. Tmobile is going to see a high rate of churn because the people they purchased from AT&T and Verizon, from the ones I spoken with and other sources, are voicing disappointment about the coverage. Look, I want Tmobile and Sprint to both succeed because I would hate to have to deal with Verizon or AT&T.

      • calvin200

        Sprint user here. What the heck?! You are just so….. so….. I can’t even put my finger on it. You are the worst troll I have ever read, or close to it. Like they can control who their parents were. Just stop! Go away if you are going to troll like this.

      • taxandspend

        Are you doing a copy & paste of this opinion? I saw your exact same post about T-Mobile in Germany, ethics etc on FierceWireless. Is it ethical to spam forums?

      • John Wentworth

        Ok, you have a point that T-mobile’s marketing department might have too much control, given I’ve seen few ideas like this network coverage guareenty that seem to be putting the cart before the horse. They should have at least waited until the 700 Mhz rollout was completed for that.

        But then you go completely off the rails. International companies are a reality, hell that american car you drive was probably mostly build in china and just assembled here. You know what your signing up to T-mobile.
        Until very recently Verizon was half owned but by Vodafone and Sprint is owned by a Japanese company.

        And wow, bring in Nazi’s, you need to be committed.
        Hating anything German based on what was done 70 plus years ago is racist too.

      • Paul

        Paragraph by paragraph:

        I have seen most of the changes that Ledgere working, in terms of technology. The engineering and tools are there and they do work. However, there are more logistics to expanding and upgrading than people may think. I can say that in Dallas I get GREAT speeds.

        It’s fine, many companies do this. DT isn’t exactly profiting as they are half-a$$ looking to sell T-Mobile USA. But yes, it’s legal, ethical, and totally fine. This is a moot point, T-Mobile USA is the US company.

        Shipping a physical item and selling a non-physical service are NOT the same thing. This is an apples-oranges argument and has no real base.

        How is running a business that focuses on international markets wrong? It’s T-Mobile USA that is owned by DT, it’s not DT that is offering the services in the USA. You are confused on how the business is actually structured.

        No, DT is in Germany. T-Mobile USA is in the USA. Please learn their business infrastructure before spreading misinformation.

        Troll elsewhere, you’re not very good at it.

        • VernonDozier

          TMUS’s primary shareholder *is* Deutsche Telekom. If DT sold it’s stock and position in the company, then it could be called whatever it wanted, and on top of that, it wouldn’t need to pay licensing and royalties to the Magenta color and other trade dress.

      • Bklynman

        How is this different from Sprint being own by company form Japan? I am sure a few people employ by Softbank that had people who are blood related ,who were in the arm forces when Japan attack them China,other countries?

  • Erik Hernandez

    Hey guys I just noticed that band 12 it’s up and running in Stockton ca.from Sacramento to Fresno. ..I just don’t know how to show a screen shot. .!

    • doubleatheman

      In Sacramento?!?!? Humm, Ill be testing this tomorrow! I noticed when I was in one building today I had LTE where I normally don’t, but I didn’t pursue the matter as I was in a rush.

    • Angel Nieves

      Download LTE Discovery from the Play Store. It would show which band you’re using.

      • Philip

        On Samsung phone, you just press #*0011* on keypad and it show up the service mode screen with the Band info and others.

        • Angel Nieves

          That didn’t work for me, and I have a Note 4.

        • JB45

          its actually *#0011# to get into the service screen

        • JB45

          to force the note 4 onto a specific band its *#2263#

    • Fabian Cortez

      Don’t use LTE Discovery as it’s currently inaccurate at reporting Band 12 on T-Mobile.

  • Chadd

    Is there an article or map that gives an expectation of when cities will go live with band 12? I am curious when I can expect to see band 12 in Lubbock, TX

    • Rupesh

      I asked the same question to T-mo on Twitter and they sent me the list of Wideband LTE Cities – LOL. But the short answer is there is no official list from T-mobile. All we know is that 170+ markets have the Band12 already and they are on track to have more than 350 market sby the end of the year. Though there’s this map that can give you some indication:

    • SolarLeoX

      Here’s a map of areas that already have band 12 towers up and running. Looks like they’ve already spotted band 12 in Lubbock, TX –

    • Angel Nieves

      Right here on the TMoNews site, you will find the 700 Mhz map on the top bar.

      • Johnnnn

        Unfortunately its old and not updated. This site has become more of a re-blog of other new.

      • Chadd

        I am aware of the map as it shows current sites. I would like to know when I can expect it in my area. Not an exact date…just a time frame

  • Sushimane

    I’m curious about all the 700 mhz tmobile submitted has been approved because I know they submitted quite a bit.

  • calvin200

    If wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, we’d all have a bowl of granola.

    • JLV90

      with or without yogurt?

  • Tmo1111

    This site isn’t as informative as it use to be. Most of the news has already be reported else where first or isn’t really an insider view on T-Mobile. The joke use to be you can find it on Tmo News before its even official. Now you just read articles about what John Legere said on periscope or some network improvement that was reported else where first. This site isn’t bad, but I really hope Tmo News will gain its inside edge again.

    • Yeah no disrespect to anyone, but this site seems to have become an RSS feed for T-Mo press releases without much value add.

      • kxzhca

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    • kev2684

      yeah i agree. i think david had the sources but phonedog wasn’t able to maintain the sources after he left. we used to get the rumors, deals & news weeks before it was announced. that’s what made tmonews successful.

  • Monkeyk

    Whatever happened to the potential Dish deal? Wasn’t that supposed to help increase T-Mo’s low-band spectrum?

    • VernonDozier

      Differences in company cultures were the main reason. Also, because a number of VPs and SVPs left DishNetwork to work at T-Mobile, there was likely some built-in angst.

      As for company cultures, DishNetwork prefers to own assets used to provide service. T-Mobile prefers to outsource. When T-Mobile sold its network real estate portfolio to Crown Castle, it was also a reflection of something AT&T’s Randall Stephenson discussed in a WallStreet Journal article a few years ago. T-Mobile likely has difficulty attracting and retaining engineering talent with the budget it has to work with. But that’s expected when the technology stack used is designed and developed by an overseas European committee called GSM.

      • taxandspend

        You don’t know what the reason is. Unless you can cite a source.

        • VernonDozier

          As for the WSJ article, that article, if you can find it featured a meeting with President Obama, Randall Stephenson and others. I believe John Chambers was also cited in the article. The context was about creating opportunities in education; student loans to better prepare high-tech workers of tomorrow.

        • taxandspend

          That doesn’t explain your reasoning quoted below:

          “Differences in company cultures were the main reason. Also, because a number of VPs and SVPs left DishNetwork to work at T-Mobile, there was likely some built-in angst.”

        • VernonDozier

          Get some experience working for both companies. Once you are successful at that, you won’t need to cite specific statements because there are none. You can adequately cite your own experience.

          One company delivers data on a massive scale; several gigabytes of MPEG per second, with higher requirements for reliability. The other company delivers text messages, tweets and selfies. If your selfie isn’t delivered, buy a WiFi service. What else do you need to know?

        • taxandspend

          1). So that’s your opinion. Not the reason.

          2). How many is several? 3, 4, 5? Do the math. T-Mobile with 55,000,000 customers, each consuming 2.7GB/month (probably higher now). That’s 57GB/second traveling over their network.

    • Acdc1a

      Dish has high band spectrum and a lot of it. EchoStar (owned by dish) does have some 700 MHz block E spectrum purchased in 2008 but the vast majority of its holdings including the most recent AWS-3 is 1900 MHz and above.

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  • CaptaiNex2

    The next phase needs to eliminate taxes and reg. fees.

    • VernonDozier

      It already does that through a secondary brand it created called “MetroPCS”. To accomplish this, it has variable pricing for the service in each city, market, and municipality, based on the amount of taxes collected. The logic behind this was first copied from Cricket Communications. The basis for per-city pricing for the same service was an idea that started when gas stations had different pricing for gas, sometimes on the same city block.

      The billed amount is always the same- $30 because the price of the service itself changes. In order for T-Mobile to offer something similar to this, it’d require a substantial billing system migration. Even if they did it, a company like AT&T would probably be second to offer the same method of billing; AT&T acquired cricket and its billing systems that do this already.

      • taxandspend

        T-Mobile did not create MetroPCS. They merged. MetroPCS was its own brand.

        • VernonDozier

          I never said they created Metro. And yes, the two were completely separate and based in Richardson, Texas. However, they *did* buy the brand of the company when Metro’s spectrum position placed it in a difficult situation.

          Much of that was actually due to technology changes. Qualcomm started supporting LTE. Also, CDMA teleco equipment manufacturers (Lucent) couldn’t compete on a cost basis with royalty-free GSM. When Qualcomm, the patent rights holder to many of CDMA’s key patents, designed a line of broadband processors that supported multiple modes (LTE/CDMA/GSM) all in one MSM chip, that was the nail in the coffin for CDMA.

        • taxandspend

          “It already does that through a secondary brand it created called “MetroPCS”.”

          That’s your quote.

        • VernonDozier

          Well, thank you for pointing out the mistake. Want a cookie?

        • taxandspend

          Please read what you wrote before contradicting yourself. That’s all.

        • VernonDozier

          I bill out at a $5,000 daily rate for that. Comments made online are free. :)

        • Augustus McMillan

          What mistake? It is their secondary brand. They own it.

  • Bravadu

    How many megahertz of 700Mhz does T-Mobile own compared to the other carriers?

  • Cam Fas

    We need to get the news posted about att upping he unlimited data throttle threshold from 5gigs up to now 22gigs before throttling data speeds on lte. Honestly think that tmobile should up the throttle congestion threshold from 21gigs up to 30 gigs basically allowing you too watch 45 minutes of Netflix a day seems reasonable given the data intensive world we live in that’s not a lot of data 30 gigs now is not taxing a network created with the tech designed to give hundreds of gigs

  • kev2684

    why haven’t they bought continuum 700 yet? that’s a large 700 Lower A coverage they can snag now.