T-Mobile band 12 sightings in Georgia, Massachusetts, Washington, and more


T-Mobile has made a point to let us know that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus include support for its band 12 LTE, making them the first iPhone models to do so. At the same time that Apple is launching its new iPhone hardware, T-Mobile continues to work hard to roll out the band 12 LTE that the new iPhones support, hitting 170 markets with band 12 with the goal of surpassing 350 in the next three months. Here are a few of the recent additions that’ll help T-Mo reach that goal:

Northeast Atlanta, Ga.


Canton, Mass.


Puyallup, Wash.


Kansas City, Kan.


When T-Mobile announced its Lifetime Coverage Guarantee last week, it also shared a map that shows what it expects its coverage to look like when 2015 is all over. Check it:



Thanks, Jason, Mike, Wade, and R3V0LUT10N!

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