T-Mobile takes the No. 3 US carrier spot from Sprint


There’s been a lot of debate lately about when T-Mobile would overtake Sprint as the number three carrier in the US in terms of total subscribers, with the two carriers inching closer and closer in recent quarters. Now it looks like T-Mobile has finally done it.

Sprint today reported the results for the first quarter of its fiscal 2015, which ended on June 30. Marcelo Claure and Co. say that they added a total of 675,000 connections during the quarter, a number that includes 310,000 new postpaid adds, 731,000 wholesale and affiliate adds, and 366,000 prepaid losses. At the end of the quarter, Sprint says that it had 56.8 million total connections. To compare, T-Mobile ended its Q2 2015 — which also wrapped on June 30 — with 58.9 million total subscribers.

T-Mobile has steadily been gaining on Sprint in recent quarters by consistently gaining more than one million new subscribers, while Sprint saw either gains that were smaller than T-Mobile or straight-up subscriber losses. And while T-Mobile taking over the number three carrier spot in the US doesn’t mean that you’re going to immediately see a better cell connection or anything like that, it’s still big for T-Mobile and John Legere and is evidence of the effectiveness of the Un-carrier moves.

Source: Sprint

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  • Acdc1a

    Sprint had a loss of 12,000 postpaid phones which puts this growth squarely in tablets and other connected devices. Despite my love for T-Mobile I’d like to see Sprint do better than this to put pressure on dumb and dumber.

    • taxandspend

      I agree with you. Healthy competition is always better.

    • Alex Wagner

      Sprint does say that in May and June, it saw postpaid phone net additions for the first time in almost two years.

      • Fabian Cortez

        So now they’re delving deeper into the quarterly results in an effort to justify something?

        They’ve never provided such detail before.

      • Mike

        The repost says they lost 12k postpaid phone subs. All postpaid adds were due to tablets and other connections.

    • Richard Roma

      Yes, but the problem is that the other two are astronomically larger than Sprint and Tmobile. AT&T and Verizon could easily purchase the entire T-Mobile Global franchise.

      The other problem with the distant #3 and #4 is their persistent pathetic swiss cheese coverage. I’m in a Band 12 enabled area, yet I still drop to E or 4G the second I enter any large structure and try to use my connection. All while the AT&T or verizon service that I have to carry as backup, is on LTE.

      These two are not serious about cellular coverage on our ‘wireless’ phones, which is why they will never be anything more than what they are. Even if they were to combine, they would still not be a challenge to the other two.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Band 12 may not be on every tower in your city. T-mobile tends to plop one and says it’s a whole market. Hopefully they go back and do what they did in LA. Band 12 on every tower

        • taron19119

          You don’t need band 12 on every tower and t-mobile did not put band 12 on every tower in la just like in philadelphia band 12 was just downtown for 2 months before its now every where in philadelphia

        • Since one needs about just 1/4 of the towers to get the same coverage with band 12 as with band 2 or 4, TMUS wouldn’t have to set up every tower with band 12.

        • Mike

          Dont forget that in rural areas, they can use band 12 on MUCH taller towers. Height is might.

        • Tower height and power is regulated by the FCC though.

        • Mike

          very minimal. Its more regulated by state and local ordinance. If over a certain height or near an airport, they must be painted red and white.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          That’s what they did in LA. You can go check

        • Interesting. I guess that they want to make sure that inside buildings is covered properly. If so, that’s the right thing to do then.

        • Joohhny7

          You don’t understand Band 12.. It is just a backup band, Band 4 is the primary (and much faster) band. You only need Band 12 where you need good building penetration or backup coverage.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Its only a back uo band if they allow it which would be a retarded Network decision. Especially in a city with dense buildings & population.

      • Drewski

        Hey it does not matter now. Because at least T-Mobile US has now beaten Sprint to that #3 spot. That’s the most important thing to start thinking about right there. At least T-Mobile will already have awhole lot more reliable coverage to go around, verses it being a whackoed out tired behind Sprint situation right theres Bro.

      • Mike

        IDK, T-Mobile now covers 290 Million POP’s while AT&T and Verizon cover just over 300 Million POP’s. Not much of a gap anymore. T-Mobile says it will have 300 million POP’s covered by end of year and 250 markets with wide band LTE.

        • Mike Palomba

          They say that, but T-Mobile’s coverage does not compare to Verizon’t at all. Yes, in most cities they have great coverage but in rural places, buildings, and many other areas, they are lacking. But, there getting better and better everyday so maybe one day there coverage will be on par or even beat verizons.

  • Hopefully T-Mobile will then have better access to capital for the 600 MHz auction.

    • yankeesusa

      Exactly. I hope so too.

  • besweeet

    What’s a Sprint?

    • eanfoso

      An Olympic event

    • NotOnSprint

      A company that does not live up to its name.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Also note the difference between “connections” and “subscribers.” Of course, I’m sure Mr. Claure is still working on cooking the numbers so that Sprint remans #3 in his mind.

    • Drewski

      Screw Sprint. Lol T-Mobile is now #3. Yay. I’m sooo proud of T-Mobile even more now dogs. :)

  • t-mobile cust

    T-mobile, now that you are third place, you wont stop with your uncarrier moves right?

  • eanfoso

    Good job t mobile, hopefully now I won’t lose service for more than 30 minutes on my commute from Dallas to Houston!

    • I-45 has LTE coverage all along that route even in Madisonville.

      • eanfoso

        I kid you not but I was there just this Sunday, and yeah at bucees I get LTE barely but anything before I get roaming with chinook or just no service, I have a jetta so I don’t think I’m driving something that would heavily influence signal. How long ago did you have your commute?

        • Adrayven

          Often it’s the phone. Remember, T-Mobile has been adding new spectrum like crazy as they get it. How old is the phone? does it have the latest bands?

          That could be a huge factor.

        • eanfoso

          I’m using a blackberry passport, not that old I must say, although I am missing band 12

        • Jay J. Blanco

          T-mobile uses band 2 LTE outside of Metro Areas also. But I think your devi e has band 2. Not 100% sure

        • eanfoso

          It does it says it in the box, either way I hope not to lose coverage

        • According to Sensorly, coverage does seem to be spotty along I45, around Huntsville, Buffalo, Fairfield and Richland: not even 2G in some areas. Though I45 has a pretty thick traffic.

        • eanfoso

          That’s beautiful and all, but I kept losing service almost as soon as I got out of Huntsville

        • 2 months ago with an iPhone 6 Plus. Network was probably attached to PCS Band I think. I remember getting 15Mb/sec down, 5Mb/sec up.

        • eanfoso

          Your phone and mine have the same bands, unless you didn’t know your phone for a while no way you couldn’t tell, btw are you from Nigeria?

    • PaulMello

      I don’t have coverage at my home.

      The good news is that I only have to drive 2 miles to get coverage, My home is 5 miles away from Denver Airport.

      Sometimes when I’m expecting a long conference call, I just go to the Airport.

  • yankeesusa

    Although coverage in rural areas still stinks, more subscribers means more money for continued upgrades. I have noticed this for sure in my area. On my way home i would hit 3g and 2g areas and now i only get LTE and have no dead spots anymore. I live in a small town too where for the past years only verizon had lte. Looking good for tmobile.

    • I’m making a point of mapping the spots with poor coverage in the area I live in. It’s a long shot, as I prefer to use Sensorly instead of the service favored by TMUS, RootMetrics.

      • MastarPete

        It doesn’t really hurt to run multiple mapping apps though. I ran Rootmetrics, Sensorly and Opensignal for most of my road trip from Chicago to Atlantic City last year. Other than my phone (Galaxy Light) getting warm/hot and the battery draining like crazy it worked alright, just need to remember to have it hooked up to car power or a portable battery for extended mapping sessions.

        RootMetrics is the only one that doesn’t really like being backgrounded so just run the other two first and set Sensorly for map trip and set Opensignal for highest+background.

        • In my experience, Root Metrics devoured bandwidth. Had this changed?

        • Woochifer

          Depends on the speed. In an area where I observed 70 Mbps speed, one speed test alone chewed through 100 MB.

          T-Mobile used to exclude speed tests from data caps, so I used to leave the RootMetrics tests on all the time. But, a few months ago, I started noticing that a large chunk of the speed test data started showing up on my usage report. T-Mobile does not count all speed test data, but I can see that either the upload or download test now counts against the data cap.

        • MastarPete

          I haven’t run RootMetrics in several months since like I said it doesn’t like to be backgrounded, uses more cpu and generates more heat than just GPS lock requests besides TMO is already pretty well mapped in my area.

          RootMetrics is more of a Data speed mapper. So as Woochifer said, it’s data use really depends on the speed of the towers you encounter. 50+ mbps LTE really chews through data fast!

          I used to run it regularly on an iphone 3GS, 2G/1900mhz HSPA only and I think the most I ever saw was around 12mbps? The one month I heavily mapped the network refarm I think it pushed my data over 1gb by itself. The data use wasn’t counted, but I didn’t care anyway, I never passed 1.5gb in normal use when I was using that iphone and I had a 2 or 3gb plan.

          I’m on the 2 for $100 unlimited plan now so I may test run RootMetrics during part of my drive to Orlando at the end of the month. I Should be able to tell within the first four hours if it’s being counted in the TMO Account app or not.

  • Derrick

    Because they are #3 let’s all just hope they don’t start changing.

    • Chris

      They won’t; they still need to catch up to big 2 to start being able to change and start charging more. But we all know, it’s a long ways to get there. the gap between AT&T and Sprint before is huge! Sprint was easy to pass because the gap between Sprint and T-mobile after T-mo acquired Metro was reasonable. But passing AT&T and Verizon is possible, but it’s not going to happen in the next 3 years.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Great news. I knew this quarter would be the quarter since Metro PCS expanded retail locations and was snatching customers like crazy along with T-Mobile. Now let’s focus on Network upgrades and capacity. My city is still waiting on 10mhz LTE. & still has AWS HSPA halfway smh

    • With the shutting down of MetroPCS CDMA network, has that PCS spectrum been refarmed yet?

      • Jay J. Blanco

        T-mobile network people says yes. But we all know that takes a little time

        • Mike

          In my area they just went to 15×15 and i hit speeds of 100Mbps Download & 26Mbps upload. According to what i read, we will go 20×20 in early 2016. Cant wait to see those speeds!

  • someone

    According to a CNET article published just a short time ago, Mahayoshi Son, CEO of Sprint’s parent company Softbank, is angry.

    • anyone

      Specifically, he said:
      “When I come to the [United] States, this network is not something you
      should be proud of,” he said on Sprint’s quarterly conference call with
      analysts. “It’s very, very bad.”

      • Trevnerdio

        Yet he bought the company…blood’s on his hands.

      • KingCobra

        Looking back he probably should’ve bought T-Mobile first, then as Sprint languished near death, he probably could’ve gotten approval from the Feds to buy them since they would’ve likely been teetering on bankruptcy.

    • (J²)

      And they should be.

      What has Sprint done recently or really ever that compares to what Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have?

      They can’t even brag about their 4G/LTE!!!

    • gmo8492

      Sucks for him, his company bet on the wrong horse.

  • notyourbusiness

    Finally. It’s shocking that this didn’t happen sooner.

  • guest

    well their about to lose a customer because coverage in my house isnt good going back to AT&T

    • Have you tried calling TMUS to have a home node installed?

    • Rick

      I Agree with Augustine, its for free and works both as a router and a home antenna booster

    • Paul

      Most of the phones have WiFi calling which solves that issue.

      • YABD

        And you have wifi wherever you go? Freeways and rural areas?

        • Paul

          “…because coverage in my house isnt good…”.
          Pretty sure you do in your house.

        • Mike Palomba

          Even if they do have WiFi in their house they won’t have it every where else T-Mobile has coverage. Plus, on some phones, WiFi calling isn’t reliable. Personally I have no issues with it on my iPhone but some others probably do. Anyway, the point is, if T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t what this person needs and they want to pay a premium for Verizon or AT&T’s service, then that’s good for them any maybe when T-Mobile’s coverage gets better they could come back. It’s better to leave if your unhappy with service then suffer with it for years and then develop a sour taste for the company.

        • J.P. Avila

          Amen! I love my T-Mobile service, but if someone is not happy with their coverage they should definetly goto whatever carrier provides them with the service they need. End result is more happy customers.

        • Paul

          Right, only the poster only talked about the house and nothing else. WiFi calling will fix it, or the cell spot that they can get for free.

          I agree, if the coverage doesn’t work for them then find a carrier that meets it.

    • Bene

      I think people are missing the point. It’s good and all to get a router but he/she shouldn’t have to get things like that to maintain service especially how T-Mobile talks about their service.

    • YABD

      2 customers tmobile will loose soon.

    • Andrew Singleton


  • JJCommonSense

    Go TMO GO!!

  • TC

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 6 years and feel even though their LTE footprint has expanded much nicer than I thought it would, their call quality, dropped calls,indoor coverage has deteriorated to the point where I think I’m about to head to Verizon. Last week I drove from Madison to Chicago and dropped like 3 calls and the phone kept switching to edge after the call would drop. Unfortunately this was on 2 T-Mobile phones so you can’t blame the phone. The worse part is, T-Mobile is not advertising their coverage as if it were comparable to Verizon. Trust me, it is far from. I love the money savings of T-Mobile, and the the uncannier moves, but making as retaining a phone call needs to be John Legere’s number one focus.

    • Acdc1a

      But unless we know what kind of phones we could very well blame the phones.

    • At least go to ATT, whose coverage is comparable to VZW’s, but it’s not part of the CDMA plantation, allowing you to use the same phones you already have.

      • TylerCameron

        Cricket is the best option… Unless that’s what you meant.
        I think it’s funny that AT&T owns Cricket, and Cricket literally charges half of what AT&T charges for the same thing..

        • With the speed throttled to 8Mbps, it’s actually less than half of the same thing.

    • Chris

      What’s your phone?

      • yeah right

        i’d bet bottom dollar its an iphone.

        • Mike

          May not be the issue. I make that drive all the time with no issue. I have an iPhone 6 Plus

        • Mike Palomba

          I’ve got no problems with my iPhone 6… Can’t say the same about my past android phones.

        • TBN27

          Same here.

        • tc

          They are both iPhone 6 plus’. I’m sure I wouldn’t have these coverage problems with AT&T or Verizon. I’d rather T-Mobile focused more on dropped calls. Highway driving should not have the dropped calls it has.

    • J.P. Avila

      I was having the exact same problem. The dropped called are due to VoLTE. When I disabled it and had the phone goto the HSPA network to make calls I no longer have that issue.

      • Mike Palomba

        VoLTE works fine on my iPhone 6. It’s so seamless sometimes I forget that its even enabled. And call quality with VoLTE vs. without can not even be compared. Talking with VoLTE sounds amazing where as without it I struggle to hear what people are saying, sometimes.

        • J.P. Avila

          That’s great. However, I’m not judging the mertis of how great or not great VoLTE works for you. I’m mearly responding to TC’s statement on dropped called. In my experience, in large metro areas – I live in Los Angeles and DC – VoLTE tends to work really well, but when you get to mid-size and smaller areas VoLTE isn’t the best.

        • SirStephenH

          Same with my Nexus 6.

  • thetown


    • Mike Palomba

      Congrats, your phone payment probably costs more then your car payment!

      • Spanky

        That’s a bit of a myth nowadays. I’m with AT&T (2 line family plan) and my monthly bill is in line with a comparable T-Mobile plan. Same goes for Verizon. In the interest of full disclosure, I get corporate discount with both carriers. If the discount is not factored in, it would be about $15 a month higher than T-Mobile. $15 well spent for better coverage, in my humble opinion.

        • Mike Palomba

          Yea I was exaggerating lol but it definitely is more expensive. With T-Mobile we have 4 lines, 2 EIP’s and 1 Jump on demand. 3 Lines have 10GB and 1 Line has 20GB. We also have a corporate discount of 15% and we pay $208.00/mo after taxes and fees. I was thinking of switching to VZW or AT&T so I found out what it would cost. To get an somewhat similar plan on ATT or Verizon would cost at least $100 more plus with Verizon you don’t get rollover data and w/ AT&T the rollover data is only good for a month as opposed to a year with T-Mobile. Plus when those 2 EIP’s are paid and that 1 Jump on demand is over, our bill will go down another $60 give or take a little.

        • (J²)

          Lol which is more than some peoples car payments. You said it right the first time!

        • Spanky

          My AT&T bill would also decrease by about $60 a month, as both of my lines are on Next 12 plans. There’s no extra fee for any of the Next plans, which would actually make a similar T-Mobile plan more expensive than what I’m paying AT&T, even with my discount not factored in, if I were to include JUMP! for both lines. By the way, are the 10GB and 20GB plans special promotions? I’m only seeing 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and Unlimited on the website.

        • Mike Palomba

          10Gb & 20GB are the latest promotions but once you get them they never expire, so we’re now grandfathered in even when the promotion ends.

        • Spanky

          Thanks for the clarification!

        • Acdc1a

          4 lines with 10GB each at $120 is a promotional plan. The promotions don’t expire.

        • WW

          Same here 5 lines 10GB each (50GB total; no overage charges) for $140. I gave up my $140/month 2.5GB (10GB total; 4 lines) & unlimited (1 line) plan to get the kids more data.

          I went to Costco to consider switching to Red or Blue but the mobile kiosk guy cut me off without even giving me details of the other carriers’ plans explaining that nothing could touch my TMo plan.

    • dan lol

      You stupid troll you need to be starved

    • Andrew Singleton

      good thing verizon doesn’t limit your data! oh wait

  • TMO

    Any one who complains about T-Mobile coverage and says they wish they could stay with T-Mobile should be the first person telling the FCC to help out the little guys in the 600 spectrum auction. If you like what T-Mobile offers then tell the FCC to level the playing field.

    • Mike Palomba

      True, but I think the rules they have in place now are pretty fair. I am a T-Mobile customer and would love better coverage but you have to look at it from VZW & AT&T’s POV. They have a lot of customers and have to keep them happy and constantly improve coverage just like any other carrier. Saying they can’t buy spectrum because they have too much already is very similar to segregation that took place years and years ago. T-Mobile is already lucky that they were given an advantage and should not push their luck too much. Contrary to popular belief, Verizon and AT&T’s coverage is not perfect, they have dead zones and coverage gaps just like any other carrier, just not nearly as many

      • PaulMello

        Not only that, but AT&T and Verizon also have a network they started building in the mid 1980s.

        T-Mobile’s spectrum auction was in 1996. It’s a lot of catchup they need to do.

      • (J²)

        I disagree.

        Verizon and AT&T really need to re-purpose their 3G/4G network. T-Mobile is re-purposing it’s 2G and 4G and has already done so with 3G. LTE is the future. Why should Verizon be allowed to easily buy more spectrum for XLTE when some carriers are unable to fully transition to 4G/LTE?

        I honestly believe these carriers should be bidding in classes based on the amount of spectrum they already have.

        Business wise, I would agree with you but it’s truly not in the customers best interest at all regardless of which brand you are loyal too. Verizon and AT&T have the best coverage, period. It’s time that other carriers with less money and better intentions have the opportunity to compete with the duopoly.

        Hey Verizon, AT&T and Sprint customers….. Thank T-Mobile for driving your prices down. Love them or hate them, please be unbiased and imagine what the industry would be like without T-Mobile.

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  • Mike Palomba

    Drove all the way from Staten Island to Ocean City a few days ago and was able to stream music from iHeartradio all the way there without cutting out once. And we did drive on some rural roads and highways. On the way back, there were some issues with coverage but I was still able to stream music for most of the time with a few coverage gaps in between. Definitely better then I was expecting though.

  • mreveryphone

    Looks like they are doing all the right things right now. I have a great lte signal in my office which is in the middle of a solid concrete building. My co-workers have att and they have to run out of the room to use their phone… Keep it up T-Mo!!!

  • Chad Dalton


    • Chad Dalton

      From High Point, NC to Pelham, AL I had LTE 95% of the time, I was really impressed major improvement since last year!

  • (J²)

    I think at this rate T-Mobile will be a real threat to more than the profits of Verizon and AT&T in 3 years. Apart from T-Mobile acquiring MetroPC’s,T-Mobile has been gaining 7-10 Million customers a year for the last several years.

    In time, the lack of spectrum and coverage will no longer be the issue. As long as T-Mobile’s parent company “DT” is patient and supports the carrier and the “Uncarrier” antics I’m sure T-Mobile will get there.

    Unfortunately, Verizon and AT&T cannot afford to compete with T-Mobile because of share holders and I don’t expect much more from them except for a promotion here and there. Once the playing field becomes even, I’m sure everyone will recall when they’ve had to bend over and pay out the ass.

    Sprint is in this situation now. Sprint has played both sides of the fence for years. This carrier doesn’t seem to know what role it wants to play in the industry – the good guy or the bad. For this reason (at least in part), Sprint lacks the loyal long time customers that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have.

    Maybe I’m alone, I don’t support T-Mobile because it’s affordable. I support T-Mobile because of the Uncarrier movement. It would be nice if this type of effort would crossover into other industries.

    • Acdc1a

      If they really wanted to, Verizon and AT&T are both in a position to offer promotional deals to CRUSH T-Mobile like a bug. I think it’s the fact that they’ve held up well despite T-Mobile that they haven’t.

      If they wait too long and T-Mobile can truly compete on service as well as price, they’ll no longer be able to stop the momentum.

      • A Nobody

        Shut up. Hater. Verizon/AT&T are always money hungry(not going right out of their way to help out customers like myself. No need to hate on the Un-Carrier. Fall back Cannon.

      • PaulMello

        I wouldn’t count chickens before they hatch. Both companies are making a lot of money selling *nothing* when T-Mobile pays early termination fees.

        As for coverage, that’s a long process. Even if T-Mobile can convince DT to finance a spectrum bid and buy in the US, the number of new towers needed is enormous. Likely it won’t be able to build the thousands of antennas it needs needed outside of the metro areas for 5 or 10 years.

        Remember– most people left T-Mobile in the 2000s because of patchy coverage including myself. I’ve noticed that T-Mobile hasn’t filled in coverage gaps that existed in 2004. I gave them another chance, but it’s like revisiting an old girlfriend who has the same problems today as years ago when we were dating.

        Competition is a great thing. With both Verizon and AT&T offering multiple services, including pay TV, it’s quite conceivable that wireless will become a loss leader for other services they sell. Based on their typical mode of business, they’ll probably whine and moan about being able to compete when wireless becomes a loss leader.

        • Acdc1a

          I think in addition to spotty coverage, many left for the iPhone.

          The fact that I can drive from Miami to Detroit with only a rare occasion not seeing LTE tells me the network won’t be an issue for long.

        • PaulMello

          That’s right, and a terrible mistake. I remember reading that Android software started as a pet project of someone that was a T-Mobile US sales manager during the day, and Android founder/developer at nigh. So, T-Mobile foolishly didn’t want to carry the iPhone and that was an opportunity that was lost.

        • dtam

          they were the last company to get it, but remember that the iphone was an att exclusive for a couple of years

        • Fabian Cortez

          More than a “couple” years.

          Remember, “couple” means “two.”

        • dtam

          I didn’t feel like looking up the exact timing

        • SirStephenH

          True and Fabian could have given you the answer…

          I double checked, it was 4 years. 2007-2011 with Apple releasing a Verizon iPhone 4 in 2011.

          “Apple rejected the “design by committee” approach that had yielded the Motorola ROKR E1, a largely unsuccessful collaboration with Motorola. Instead, Cingular gave Apple the liberty to develop the iPhone’s hardware and software in-house and even paid Apple a fraction of its monthly service revenue (until the iPhone 3G), in exchange for four years of exclusive US sales, until 2011.”

        • Mac Oh Noez

          Lol, a pet project. Maybe you should Google Android before posting this crap. BTW, I left att for tmobile when Google released g1 for tmobile.

        • TylerCameron

          You left AT&T for the G1?… But why? Android didn’t even have phones with capable hardware until 2009 with the Motorola DROID. I left AT&T for that.

        • orlando duran

          Except, tmobile brought lte to areas faster than any company has ever done. You raised the bull $hit flag

  • sidekicker89

    I just got my T-Mobile shirt in the mail!!! I LOVE T-Mobile and John Legere! I wonder if Sprint’s CEO sends their fans shirts.. probably not!

    • Sushimane

      How did you get a tmobile shirt?

      • sidekicker89

        I emailed John Legere and gave him my address. He didn’t reply back to the email but I just got the package from T-Mobile today! :)

        • gmo8492

          Oh man, gotta email him.

  • emcdonald75

    Are we going to have an article about the recent Verizon – T-Mobile PCS/AWS-1 spectrum swap? I was hoping someone can help me understand what areas are getting more spectrum so T-mobile can offer better or faster coverage.

  • HeatFan786

    Sprint is number one …. in crappy signal.

    • PaulMello

      At least they have budget to try and fix it. T-Mobile on the other hand tells you to open your wallet, get a stronger WiFi router.

      • itguy08

        Why would you need to open your wallet? T-Mobile will give you a WiFi router while you are a customer. For Free.

        • SirStephenH

          For a $25 deposit…

          Not exactly free but close enough.

        • TylerCameron

          And it’s a top-of-the-line router, too!

        • SirStephenH

          Yeah, but too bad the firmware’s neutered.

          I still can’t really complain though. It’s one bad-ass router and at the right price. Free-ish.

        • itguy08

          Neutered how? I had one of the early ones and it seemed to have all the standard features. It worked really well.

        • itguy08

          I paid no deposit when I got mine.

        • Mike

          If you have a no deposit post paid Tmobile line the router is free if you were required to put a deposit down on post paid you’ll pay the $25 for the signal booster

        • mark

          how do we get the free router?

        • itguy08

          611 from your phone and ask for it.

      • ett11

        Actually T-Mobile will send you a free one

      • Mac Oh Noez

        BTW, “softbank” does have the budget but fails to invest it on sprint.

      • HeatFan786

        How would you know their budget? T-Mobile gave it to early adopters for free.

      • KingCobra

        It’s always funny to see people who naively believe that Son is willing to pour endless amounts of capital into Sprint, giving them this mythical unlimited budget. It doesn’t work that way.

      • Mr. Mister

        Walk into any T-Mobile store its free. Wifi Version, or Antenna Booster.

      • Mike

        Awww is the Sprint fanboy hurt T-Mobile is kicking Sprint azz. Plus I see Sprint is offering wifi calling as well punk.

  • Alex Zapata

    Glad to see they’re #3 now, but I’m having a lot more dropped calls lately.

    • MVSGeek

      Do you have a galaxy S5? Mine started dropping calls after the last software update. I had to re-install the operating system. All is well now.

      • arak

        did you reinstall the latest 5.1.1 update again or rollback to the previous 5.0.1 update?

        • MVSGeek

          I just did the wipe/reset function on the phone. I still have the 5.1.1 update. It’s just a royal pain to wipe/reset the phone.

        • arak


          Did you have lag on your phone before reset? If so, did the lag problem get resolved as well?

          5.1.1 seems to be an update from hell on my phone. Forces me to reboot twice daily to get a handle on the severe lagging. Almost makes it feel like the old Windows Mobile phones from 2003.

      • Alex Zapata

        No, I have a Lumia 925. I started noticing that there are complete dead zones in areas where I used to have flawless LTE coverage. I’m not the only one noticing it out here either. Hopefully TMO will listen to my complaints.

        • I had the Lumia 635 and experienced this as well (now I have the Lumia 640 XL international version, and haven’t experienced it yet) until I reset the phone and did a complete restore. You might try that and see if it helps. :)

        • Alex Zapata

          I’ll definitely consider it, but like I said I’m not the only person noticing these dead zones. I’m hoping it’s just a temp thing though.

        • I got the same device. I decided to toggle the LTE relevant to where I am. In most cases, I use the Band 2 LTE only setting. In others, I toggle all except Band 17.

  • KingCobra

    T-Mobile has come a long way over the past couple years. In December 2013 the network was like a bunch of islands of LTE surrounded by a sea of EDGE. These days while driving I get mostly LTE with only a rare occasion of EDGE.

    • Seabass

      When they first got the iPhone in April 2013, they didn’t have LTE at all. I only ever got HSPA+.

  • Matt

    I am happy to see a healthy T-Mobile. I would just like to see more of the HSPA+ spectrum in my area re-farmed to LTE. LTE is weaker in my home area so I have to set my Android phone to CDMA Only

    • orlando duran

      Do you mean setting it to wcdma or gsm only. Tmobile does not use cdma