T-Mobile’s #NeverSettleforVerizon trial promotion extended through June 27

never settle t-mo

Just a few weeks back, T-Mobile launched its latest promotion to target competitor customers. The #NeverSettleforVerizon promotion was launched with Verizon’s customers in center focus. Apart from a snappy hashtag, a “backfiring” Twitter ad and support from everyone’s favorite celebrity watcher, the promotion offered Verizon customers a free two-week test-drive. Customers could sign up to a plan then – if they didn’t like the service – return the phone and cancel their agreement without penalty. But, if they liked it, they could keep the phone, port their number across and take advantage of T-Mo’s “contract freedom” offer and have their VZW ETF paid.

Initially, the offer was only available until May 31st. However, John Legere tweeted just now that the company has extended it by another few weeks until June 27th.

If you’re a Verizon customer reading this blog, or you know someone who is, you’ve got about three and a half weeks left to take advantage of the offer. Incidentally, if you’re a Verizon customer (or previous one) who has already signed up, let us know how your experience of using T-Mobile’s network has been so far.

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  • FILA

    Wonder if this is a good sign or bad sign they are extending it

    • Christopher Olson

      Usually a good sign, if the campaign was ineffective then they would scrap it and try a new promotion.

    • k

      Good sign. If it only costs 200k for the campaign and they grab just a few thousand customers, which is likely, then it paid for itself. Anything else is icing.

  • steveb944

    Wow, it’s actually working.

    Now they just need to either extend it to all carriers or add more devices and it’ll be a huge wave.

    • Joe

      They don’t need to add a bunch of devices but they should have a band 12 phone such as the s6 and an iPhone.

      • Mike Palomba

        I second that, the trial needs to have a band 12 phone or possible subscribers may believe they have bad coverage when in reality they just don’t have a phone that supports the bands

      • eanfoso

        You’d be surprised, all. 5 lines in my account left t mobile because of the lack of a high end Windows phone. Now we’re loving cheaper monthly bills and having high end windows phones.

        • Joe

          I am talking about there trile phones which they really only need 2. But for the phone’s that you buy you are right that they do not have a proper windows phone selection.

        • eanfoso

          trile phones? what on earth is that? they really only need 2?

        • thepanttherlady

          The OP misspelled trial but I’m pretty sure you already knew that.

        • eanfoso

          ah I honestly didn’t, then again my brain is shot from work lol :D how’s it going! long time no talk!

        • orlando duran

          There are no high end windows phone, that’s like saying you are waiming for a high end blackberry.

        • eanfoso

          hi there android fan, yes there’s currently Lumia 1520, Lumia 1020, heck even Lumia 930(this is the variant of the verizon Lumia icon internationally), and well a high end BlackBerry is the Passport, seriously, get out of your cave, and honestly I have given it some thought about the BlackBerry passport, we do own a business and the nice extended screen would do wonders when it comes to excel on the go, anyway, don’t be ignorant and educate yourself about current phone line-ups, even though there hasn’t been a Lumia flagship in a year doesn’t mean the ones from a year ago are bad at all or not considered high end, definitely much better for me for what I need them for.

  • DStudio

    I think passing Sprint (in subscriber numbers) is such a priority that T-Mobile’s willing to pay a little extra right now in order to get them.

  • afive720

    We did that to switch 2 of the 3 lines over… So glad that we ONLY did 2 out of 3 and can return to Verizon and our promo plan. First of all, store reps do not know about it that well and royally screwed our T-Mobile account. Then, they gave us attitude when it came to restocking fees and had to spend hours with T-Mobile customer care managers going in circles. Second line on my account is used by my business partner who does Uber as a side gig to get his student debt paid off on weekends. In Atlanta, I am talking about downtown, Midtown, Buckhead he had so many issues with T-Mobile. He lost countless trips due to poor signal, some of which were Expert, XL, and Select (earn the most).

    So, while Rootmetrics says T-Mobile coverage is close to Verizon in the ATL.. it is DEFINITELY not. Granted, unlimited LTE is pretty amazing and Tmobile constantly gets 20-100mbps where it works, but many locations are still very poor. Indoors specially. That’s with S6 and iPhone 6+.

    • Philip

      I am surprised. I live in Atlanta and I thought T-mobile have good coverage everywhere. I even have good coverage in Macon.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Atlanta is scheduled to get band 12 700mhz soon so all that will change. When I travel to Atlanta my service was good. Pulling 50mbps

    • maximus1901

      Rootmetrics is not a good ‘everyday coverage’ tool to use.

    • afive720

      Don’t get me wrong, it is good. Most places it is very good. Problem is that LTE does drop out a lot, specially in buildings. Few busy locations in Midtown don’t even have any service whatsoever still. The dead pockets is what make it bad. Do i go there? Nah, not really. But, if I was doing rideshare service, there would be a major issue as those pockets are important.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I would say give it another shot in December 700mhz should be live there last time I checked antennas have been spotted

  • happy Tmo user

    And in the meantime, Verizon is fighting back with ads saying that they have 4 times the coverage of Tmo. I wonder what John Legere has to say about that.

    • kgraham182

      I talk to him earlier today, this is what he said, Legere: T-Mobile has more coverage where it counts. With wifi-calling our customer could even make and receive calls in Antarctica, can Verizon say the same.

      I replied, “Wifi-calling is a joke.” He laugh and said he knows.

      • Paul

        How is it a joke?
        I’ve used it and it’s pretty freakin great for those situations where there’s no signal.

      • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

        Legere knows his network sucks! Johnny just want that DT bonus, so he spreads lies to maintain growth.


      • orlando duran

        You didn’t talk to him……that’s those voices in your head. You are an idiot

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Verizon would eat T-Maybe for breakfast! Then take a massive magenta DUMP!!


    • dara


    • Paul

      Strange that T-Mobile is growing and Verizon really isn’t.

  • eAbyss

    I still think it’s too early.

  • bullet7

    I cannot believe they kept this going. I drive 200 miles on e way and then back in Illinois and T-Mobile sucks on interstate 74 and 57 everywhere. It buffers just like verizon

    • KingofPing

      You are the 1%.

      For the rest of the world who mostly remains within a 30-mile radius from their homes, this is just peachy.

      • JLV90

        Eh I’d say about 100 miles is about as far as most people usually go. I know a lot of people that drive 50-70 miles just for work.

    • Paul

      If T-Mobile and Verizon are buffering on thise higheays then it’s not a fair complaint since neither seems to work there.

  • AS118

    I switched from Verizon in early 2014 when they started paying ETF fees. I’ve been totally fine as I don’t go out of Urban areas very often for work or personal stuff.

    Only difference I’ve noticed from Verizon is faster data, and no overage charges. That said, my bill’s not that much cheaper than it was with Verizon because our whole family had cheap, low data plans.

    Now we pay around the same but have much more data, and it rolls over, but that’s good because we also use more data now. Mostly because we can without worrying about constant overage charges. 3gb + data stash is more than enough though.

    • Paul

      I’m in the same boat that I don’t leave major cities very often.
      When I do end up in a bad spot I can turn on the WiFi Calling and have no issue with sending or receiving calls and messages. That is something that Verizon doesn’t offer, WiFi Calling.

  • Derek

    So many negative comments on this tread. If so many of you claim that T-Mobile’s network sucks soo bad and that you hate wifi calling etc…then why don’t you go back to your overpriced data capped ATT and Verizon. Have fun throwing your money away. It’s a friggen cell phone!!! Even myself as a power user does not care! I use my phone all the time and if for some odd reason I go into a dead spot, so be it! I don’t whine and complain. My life does not break down. I just put my phone away and go on with my life until im back into coverage. I swear people act like they are entitled all the time.

    • Spanky

      Guess what? If people are paying the service provider their hard earned money, they are entitled to receive coverage for which they pay.

    • Richard Roma

      Yeah, unfortunately this flawed fanboy rationale does not hold water as we are paying for a service.

    • eanfoso

      That’s not necessarily true, for 5 lines, 4 with 2.5 Gb of high speed data And one with 10 Gb as well as unlimited intentional talk text And even to cell phones we pay 120$ with Cricket which runs on at&t and the sad thing is that in the outskirts of my city

  • msohail

    Its working .. i was at the tmobile store to get a new sim card last Sunday and saw at-least 4 people switching over to T-Mobile … 3 from verizon and 1 from Sprint.

  • JLV90

    How many people are actually taking advantage of this? Could be extended for not enough advertising on the initial campaign.

  • kgraham182

    I can’t wait until Dish Network buys T-Mobile