Rootmetrics: T-Mobile’s network needs improvement at leading NBA venues


Picture the scene: You’re settling down in your seat at a leading NBA game and want to snap and send a picture of your Zach LaVine slam-dunking from a mile away. Except, you can’t get Instagram to upload your picture because your network is completely congested by the thousands of other sports fans doing exactly the same thing. If this type of scenario is your worst nightmare, and cell coverage at your NBA arenas is of upmost importance to you, there’s a report to help you out.

RootMetrics – the well-known network testing company – recently completed its survey of four NBA arenas. They compared Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile networks for speed and – more importantly in these locations – reliability. The four stadia were: BMO Harris Bradley Center (Milwaukee Bucks), United Center (Chicago Bulls), Staples Center (LA Lakers) and American Airlines Arena (Miami Heat). And while T-Mobile didn’t score terribly in all the arenas, it did show that it has some way to improve so that its customer can stay connected while watching their favorite basketball players strut their stuff on court.

You can read the full report here, but to make it simple, I’ve broken it down by arena:

American Airlines Arena – Miami Heat – 19,735 fans in attendance
– T-Mobile score (/100): 89.5
– Better than: AT&T (84.2) and Sprint (65.4)
– Worse than: Verizon (98.4)

BMO Harris Bradley Center – Milwaukee Bucks – 13,406 fans in attendance
– T-Mobile score (/100): 68.6
– Better than: No one
– Worse than: Verizon (95.9), AT&T (83.6) and Sprint (81.1)

Staples Center – Los Angeles Lakers – 18,997 fans in attendance
– T-Mobile score (/100): 37.2
– Better than: No one
– Worse than: Verizon (69.9), Sprint (60.4) and AT&T (48.5)

United Center – Chicago Bulls – 21,302 fans in attendance
– T-Mobile score (/100): 61.0
– Better than: No one
– Worse than: Verizon (95.5), Sprint (76.6) and AT&T (67.2)

Of the four arenas tested, T-Mobile finished fourth in three of them when factoring network speeds and reliability. In the United Center, during the game, T-Mobile fans would have to wait an entire minute to email a photo. It would have been even worse for those watching the Chicago Bulls during their game. With an average speed of just 0.2Mbps at the Staples Center, T-Mobile’s network would take four minutes to send a picture.

Of course, network performance and reliability at sports arenas isn’t the be-all and end-all. It’s more important that T-Mo continues to build out its 700MHz network and continues expanding its LTE footprint across the country than it is to turn its attention to sports venues. For me, whenever I attend sports events, I take it for granted that coverage is going to be terrible. I use it as an excuse to unplug and just live in the moment for a couple of hours or so before normal life resumes.

What about you? Do you get frustrated by network congestion and slow speeds at sports games? Or do you accept it as just what happens at packed arenas?

Source: SportTechie

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  • besweeet

    An entire minute to email a photo? Oh the humanity!

    Just kidding :D.

    • Verizonthunder

      Hey if I spend several minutes taking selfies to show how good I look in the stadium. I want social media to know I keep looking so good… (joking though some will not)

  • archerian

    How relevant are the results unless we know what ratio in each crowd were for each operator? For all we know, 10,000 of the 19,000 crowd at one place would have been AT&T users.

    • orlando duran

      You are right……..its like a commercial ….4 out of 5 dentists recommend colgate

  • dtam

    I have first hand knowledge that it’s not great at TD Boston Garden either. But my last experience was at the 2013 Stanley Cup final so maybe they improved since then

  • Uxorious

    I find T-Mobile also has a lot of problems at airports.
    For example, around SFO is next to impossible to get a decent connection.

  • AS118

    I don’t go to sports games, but if I did, I’d be concerned about coverage. More about call and text rather than data though, as I’d want to be able to get communications in and out in case of emergencies.

    If I did go to a sports game, I’d probably just plug-out of my phone and watch the game.

  • My local mall has become quite similar. But if I’m at a stadium for some sort of performance, I would expect to watch the performance! Not my phone screen.

    • Justin Smith

      In my mall it is the opposite. T-Mobile routinely has much higher speeds than the other three. The only thing is when I’m in some stores, I get HSPA or no sigal(usually just HSPA) Most stores I’m fine thankfully

      • The stores thing seems like a building issue, but surpassing the others is always great news!

        • Justin Smith

          Definitely, I actually had to lend my phone to a friend I was with on Sunday be a use Verizon couldn’t even load a website.

        • Hahah! I can say that about my work though. AT$T is strangely slow there, yet my TMUS works everywhere in the building with full bars.

  • valkraider

    “Except, you can’t get Instagram to upload your picture because your network is completely congested by the thousands of other sports fans doing exactly the same thing.

    If this type of scenario is your worst nightmare”

    Then you are a selfish entitled jerk.

    Not being able to quickly post to Instagram while attending a professional sporting event: right up there with genocide, tornados, or maybe death by fire and being buried alive…

    • Cam Bunton

      I didn’t think including that would strike the right tone with the readers.. but yeah.. Sit down, enjoy the event, switch your phone off. Keep the memory, not the photos. ;0)

    • Mac

      Calm down guy. For a Verizon customer, not getting a signal is the end of the world!

  • Fabian Cortez

    If they’re unwilling and/or unable to take care of their speeds at these major events, then vote with your wallet and leave. That will definitely send the message.

    Take a test drive later on to see if they’ve fixed these issues.

    No service contracts really makes things easier.

  • bydavidrosen

    Same goes for Vegas casinos. Basically if it’s indoors with a lot of people, you’re the schmuck with no signal.

    • vinnyjr

      Any top Casino has signal boosters for usually all the Carriers. I have been a few myself and most of the time I had great signal because they had boosters through out the entire place. No Carrier would have signal if they didn’t due to the type of construction.

      • bydavidrosen

        Well I live here and while it’s not terrible at all the casinos, Caesers Palace is a spotty mess (I can’t even get calls in the Forum shops), Red Rock Hotel is a complete dead zone, and The Palms just randomly goes in and out in and out, I jump around from 4gLTE to 4g to Edge. And that’s through 3 phones now so it’s not the phone. Luckily I don’t go to casinos that often and the one I go to the most (the Orleans) it works fine at.

      • archerian

        Doesn’t having good cell service kind of work against the attempts by Casinos to keep patrons inside and occupied with gambling, like not having windows or clocks, cheap booze and oxygenated air?

  • lion7718

    Must be a slow news day…

  • steveb944

    “For me, whenever I attend sports events, I take it for granted that coverage is going to be terrible. I use it as an excuse to unplug and just live in the moment for a couple of hours or so before normal life resumes.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Mac

      What choice do you have when your a TMO customer!

      • steveb944

        Jump on Wi-Fi calling and have better coverage than anyone else in that place.

  • sanches12

    That sounds about right for the Staples Center. I went to E3 last year at the LA convention center which is right next door to the Staples Center and got a big “E” for my data signal, and at times no signal at all. I’m not sure if it’s because there were 50,000 people there using mobile data or if T-mobile just flat out sucks in that part of LA. To have low to no data signal at the stadium/convention center sucks! Let’s go T-Mo, get that area up and running please! On a side note I spotted John Legere in person at E3 with his family last year.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Coverage will improve in LA by December t-mobile is agressively deploying 700mhz all around LA. So make sure you have a capable phone for the better enhanced network

  • Ordeith

    I get frustrated with T-Mobile whenever a large number of people are around. Whether it’s a shopping center during the holidays or a weekend at Disneyland T-Mobile just can’t seem to handle a crowd.

    It is especially frustrating in Disneyland as text messages and calls are dropped or never connect. It makes it very difficult to coordinate with others that are elsewhere in the park.

    • Justin Smith

      It seems like T-Mobile’s issue is their backhaul. They say they have more capacity per customer than verizon but they routinely perform worse in large crowded areas than Verizon or AT&T. Backhaul congestion would explain all of this.

      • PeteJames1138

        That’s not always backhaul being the issue a lot of times that’s the tower capacity they used but it is a combination of the two at times that causes the issues. Recently in Kansas City for Rockfest there were over 55,000 fans and in previous years T-Mobile was at least usable at times but since they have grown it seems this type of venue kills their tower. Verizon brought Mobile Towers so they were decent but of course Sprint’s headquarters being 25 minutes from the concert venue, they didnt have a mobile tower and they sucked too.

    • Rob916

      Was at disneyland last weekend and my TMO Galaxy S6 worked well for calls and texts but did struggle on the internet periodically. Girlfriend’s Verizon Galaxy S5 didn’t fare much better.

    • DStudio

      Actually just over a year ago it was Verizon that routinely really bad in congested places. T-Mobile was frequently good in the same spots.

      But Verizon quietly upgraded their network while T-Mobile gained subscribers, most all of whom are now on an LTE or at least 4G connection. Around the same time they re-introduced unlimited data plans. So now the situation is often reversed.

      I believe recent statistics showed that T-Mobile users average nearly twice the data usage of Verizon (or AT&T or Sprint, I believe). So this result shouldn’t surprise us.

      Last Thursday I saw the Tigers at the Angels – a 12-2 blowout. During the middle of the game, Sprint was 2 Gb/s, Verizon was 1 Gb/s, and T-Mobile was unusable (< 0.1Gb/s, I believe). Really, only Sprint was usable in practice, if you wanted to watch any video. But toward the end of the game, as the majority of the crowd left, Verizon jumped to 13Gb/s in the stadium.

      Of course these were downstream speeds. Verizon was a steady 8Gb/s or so up (even in the middle of the game), so you could've sent video up if you wanted.

      T-Mobile needs to make sure they have dramatically better coverage at all MLB stadiums, since they're the official carrier for MLB and advertise this all over the stadium!

  • Frankwhitess

    Dam….. I have to agree… I live rite by the Yankee Stadium and when there is a game going on… It’s lights out for t mobile… Speeds slow down to the point of death.. It’s killing me saying it but t mobile is pretty bad when it comes to large games or event….

    But on another note, I do get unlimited data and have the ability of being able to laugh at my friends that have limits on there data lol… Life is a give and take.. ;)

    • Justin Smith

      Small cells from T-Mobile(and possibly better backhaul) would solve all of this!

      • Cam Bunton

        There’s that, and there’s the 5GHz unlicensed spectrum T-Mobile is working on using. It’d be great in situations like this.

        • Justin Smith


    • Trevnerdio

      Aw man, don’t use the unlimited point in a comment like this, you’ll sound like a Sprint user…”yes, my service sucks, BUT…” ;)

  • Michael Barnes

    They need to expand coverage badly footprint and capacity mainly footprint its so bad in suburbs or rural come on tmo you can do it 2015 :)

    • Dude

      Still have 2g outside of
      Lancaster, PA

      • Michael Barnes

        I wish i had any service even 2g the highways in va are all 2g except citys richmond williamsburg hampton roads lte but anywhere else lucky to have signal at all even 2g west point va has 2g only on the bridge and main road any turn forget about it

  • customer

    I don’t go to sporting events but some conventions I go to, including Staples Center, has nearly zero connectivity for two years that I’ve attended. Good news is that one of the venues in northern California didn’t give me trouble this year like it did in the past.

  • vinnyjr

    Was in Fenway Park last week and got a great signal. I had strong LTE during the entire game.

    • Fabian Cortez

      It’s outdoors.

  • MarkAzali

    and most theme parks/major airports

  • brybry

    T-mobile Services sucks at the barclays center. It’s good outside the arena though.

    • Deihmos

      the arena has wifi

      • terryjohnson16


    • terryjohnson16

      I agree. The funny thing is that the seats where sponsored by MetroPCS. Their names are imprinted in the seats. There is a macro site outside of the stadium on atlantic avenue

  • Jonathan Lesueur

    All the network are the same at disneyland you would have good service at most part of the park where you would have bad service in other parts of the park I am with t mobile and get good service in tower of terror while my wife who has verizon gets no service at all.

    • Medion

      Now, take a breath.

    • Rob916

      I went to Disneyland last week and had a good LTE signal on my TMO Galaxy S6 in most of the park but the internet did have struggles here and there. The girlfriends Verizon Galaxy S5 struggled to even have a couple bars throughout the park.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Ever since the NBA dumped T-Mobie as their sponsor, they took their sorry shitty coverage with them.


  • UMA_Fan

    I’m frustrated Tmobile isn’t thinking out of the box for these kind of popular and major venues.

    Wifi is as good as coverage if you’re a T-Mobile customer. Why doesn’t T-Mobile offer to be an exclusive wifi provider at a lot of these venues? That way since these property owners are too stubborn to pay for part of the cellular infrastructure they would likely be happy to help pay for free wifi infrastructure. Tmobile could have software in their phones that automatically connect to the wifi networks they build out. Then those not on T-Mobile would pick up brand awareness because they would be hooking up T-Mobile branded wifi and see T-Mobile as a quality provider.

    • Fabian Cortez


      • UMA_Fan

        If the issue with DAS systems and microcells are going to be the cost maybe a venue would look at setting up a wifi network differently.

        If T-Mobile took the charge building these wifi networks out they could optimize it for calls/texts.

  • Melissa Cardenas

    Madonnas Mdna tour in staples center both att n tmobile had no service i had tmobile friend had att ,att wasnt actually better it was same calls n txts didnt go tru at ALL. Verizon was the only one that worked . Same when brittney spears came with her femme fatale tour both att n tmobile crapped out while only verizon worked.

  • Jerry

    I dont usually go to arenas but I live near Los Angeles coliseum. Browsing the web is really a pain in the a#. reliability is important to me

  • JLV90

    No one goes to Lakers games anymore, Staples is for the Clippers at the moment :P

  • TmoChicagoUser

    This past January I was at very well attended Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center (same arena as the Chicago Bulls) and I actually received really good T-Mobile Service there. We were sitting close to the ice/floor and I was picking up 1 or 2 bars of LTE. The speedtests were showing 4-6 mbps over LTE. However, when I turned off LTE, I had full HSPA+ coverage and I remember getting about 15 mbps when I ran a speedtest. I remember thinking that perhaps T-Mobile did indeed have a DAS site in the arena but one that was just emitting HSPA+ and not LTE. All of my family on their T-Mobile iPhone 6s were using social media without any complaints of speed. I know that this is just one anecdotal story but I still wanted to share since I remember being pleasantly surprised by our experience at such a busy venue.

    • SteveD

      T-Mobile just turned up the DAS at the United Center this year.. Other arenas coming soon!!

      • TmoChicagoUser

        I was disappointed when I found out that the decommissioning of HSPA+ in AWS was being delayed until July 1st in Chicago. It was originally planned for June 1. There are obviously so many LTE devices these days. If it was up to me all spectrum would be dedicated to LTE. lol.

        • guest

          Tmobile engineers too. The problem is there are so many customers using old legacy devices it’s hard for them to shut that part of the network down to repurpose the spectrum for LTE.

  • AndrewSP37

    I spent a weekend at a convention near Chicago/O’Hare last month that had around 30,000 attendees. Data was completely dead by early Friday, and voice/sms was spotty at best. Happens every year, and it keeps getting worse. I’ve noticed the same thing at large events, like our local 4th of July fireworks show. My girlfriend with AT&T, and my friend with Sprint, both had perfectly working networks.

    I complained on Twitter, and T-Mobile’s answer? Have the convention request extra coverage cells. :/

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      In all fairness, this happens with all carriers. I was in Washington D.C. during the March for Life and Verizon was totally unusable. T-Mobile had good, working speeds on both 4G (HSPA+) and LTE, while Verizon was stuck on 1X.

  • spillitz

    I went to the Verizon Center in DC to see an NHL playoff game. I was thinking it was some type of conspiracy why I could barely get a signal. I heard DC has 700MHz but my iPhone doesn’t have band 12, maybe in the next one. VZW and AT&T need to stop hogging all the good spectrum though.

  • YABD

    I live 1 mile away from indy 500 race track and the race day I ended using wifi calling to communicate because the network was dead. Tmobile didn’t beefed up the network. On the other hand, my sister with verizon didn’t have any problem.

    • nycplayboy78

      LOVE your avatar pic :)

  • Jay J. Blanco

    3G was dead at SC State Fair, plus LTE speeds have slumped. They claim wideband is going to be launched in Columbia. They must be gone use Carrier Aggregation because we don’t have the spectrum. We only have 10mhz available for LTE & 5 of it is still being used of HSPA smh

  • Black TheBadGuy

    Movie theaters too. Was in line for a screening struggling to send texts while everybody else was searching Google, on Facebook, etc. It’s too the point she in serially considering switching. Can’t even use Band 12 in Pittsburgh since CH. 51 is blocked. $250+/mo. to hire I get service indoors

    • Seabass

      T-Mobile is infamously bad indoors. I get no service inside movie theaters or most stores, while my friend who has AT&T can get full bars and LTE. It is what it is.

  • Prox

    Same problem at Yankee Stadium

    • nycplayboy78

      ^^ THIS ^^

  • Brian the populist.

    That sucks…I haven’t really experienced this problem. But yes tmus need to continue to expand their network!

  • Jess

    They’ve improved a lot at the Great American Ball Park, must be cause of the All Star games coming in July. I’m happy with the progress there.

    • TaylorW86

      Cincy just got 4G LTE (Tmobile) this year and TMO is paying a lot of money to sponsor the Reds organization this season. Will be interesting to see if that’s a multi-year agreement or not.

      • Jess

        All we need is some Band 12 to come to life to fill in the pockets, I know many say it’s not much, but for us, being in such an “Anorexic” Market when it comes to spectrum, we’ll take it anything that comes this way :-)

  • Medion

    I joined TMO in April 2013, just before uncarrier rolled out. It was immediately after TMO officially built in iPhone support (wife uses iPhone). We brought over our existing 3G and “faux-G” phones (Galaxy S II unlocked model, iPhone 4s), before upgrading to LTE phones that were fully compatible with T-Mobile.

    Initially there was rapid improvement with T-Mobile. But not only has the improvement seemingly ceased, but now their is a rapid decline in my area due to new members. And I don’t live in just any area. I work in Seattle and live nearby, T-Mobile’s backyard.

    For the Seattle-Tacoma area, we have a patchwork of towers supporting LTE. So dropping down to “4G” between towers is not too uncommon. In fact, it’s VERY common. And when you do drop to 4G, that means “no data.” It’s been re-farmed but with no LTE behind it, there’s no pipe. So my morning train ride from Auburn consists of data on/data off as I alternate LTE/4G areas. But forget the afternoon ride home. Seemingly due to congestion, there’s little data to be had (there’s two spots where I briefly get LTE, so that’s when I pull out the phone).

    Service has actively gotten worse here. My wife’s EIP is paid off, I never had an EIP on my line, and neither of us is looking for an immediate upgrade. We’re considering our options.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      T-mobile has 700mhz in Seattle so soon you will have the back haul and Carrier Aggregation

      • Medion

        Adding more spectrum in itself doesn’t necessarily mean more backhaul (just look at Sprint). It also doesn’t address all the towers here that don’t offer LTE service in areas where T-Mo has the spectrum that could be offered on LTE bands.

        It seems like they’re simply being scattershot with LTE. Technically, a provider can say “2 million pops covered” by putting up one LTE tower in the middle of Seattle, because it’s a metro area that people live in, work in, and commute through. It’s a technicality. I’m not saying that TMO is THIS bad (I like them, for the most part), just that tower deployment has not been as rosy as their coverage maps would indicate.

        • Justin Smith

          They haven’t really added many new towers. Only a few in already covered areas and in areas they had no coverage in before.

    • JJ Clark

      I live in Pioneer Square, about 5 blocks from Centurylink. I only survive with the CellSpot router and 4G LTE boosters in my apartment. I get decent service most other places, but it’s absolutely terrible down here (especially during Seahawks and Mariners games) and in Capitol Hill and Ballard, which really sucks because they’re the neighborhoods I spend the most time in. 11 year tmo customer and I keep telling myself that the service will get better. I guess the joke is on me.

    • T-Mobile sucks, you only go to a game a few times a years but your at home most of the time & that’s more important, my max data during the day is 200kb at night if I’m up is 500kb to 1mb sloooowwww….

  • washinma2424

    Yeah, that is just embarrassing that they are that bad at the Staples Center.

  • Clippers FANactic

    I can totally vouch for this article. Although you get full bars of 4G LTE inside Staples Center, it’s “Edge Slow” I had to post my pictures and videos after the Clippers games…

    • Justin Smith

      Is HSPA any better?

      • Clippers FANactic

        No my nephew who attends games with me has a 4G only (HSPA) phone. And that blows too…

        • Justin Smith

          Ah :/

    • JJ Clark

      It must kill all of you two-year long Clips fans. ;)

  • Rican_SoldierBoy

    What’s frustrating is the fact that i can’t do any of those things at an NFL game, because what it seems like promotion preference. I’ve been to several texans games and i can’t even load google, let alone sent a text message. Now, on any other regular day i can get decent enough speeds to send pictures

  • Rick

    this also happens on baseball stadiums not sure why since is open but I guess the “walls” around the stadium can make a difference

  • VernonDozier

    This must be what T-Mobile Director of tower and Citing Policy, Allen Tantillo wants to do. Perhaps he continues to be personal friends with John Stanton whom was part owner in the Seattle Supersonics NBA team in the past.

    Because Seattle Voters turned down new taxes to rebuild Key Arena, it’s likely he doesn’t want T-Mobile customers to go to NBA games.

    This was detailed in a panel discussion last month, where Allan had no apparent problem with sending bills for service… but he wanted the venues to install T-Mobile antennas and equipment for free, provide service like a “utility”.

    That article online is titled “T-Mobile DAS Commentary: ‘I Will Hold My Nose'”. It features quotes from this National Director of Site Policy. The article explains why customers really shouldn’t expect service at sport arenas, hospitals, hotels from T-Mobile (until he retires) and also why service doesn’t work.

  • Chris Zielin

    I can vouch for this. I have always gotten terrible service at Laker games. If I can get a data connection at all it is extremely slow.

    • Rob916

      A couple years ago I would have horrible trouble with data at Dodger stadium. Once the game started I could not use the internet at all. Something changed recently, I was there last weekend and it worked GREAT the whole game, no troubles with internet. I suspect the turn the extra equipment off after the game though because once the game was over both my T-Mobile phone and the girlfriends Verizon phone couldn’t get online.

      • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

        Dodgers stadium was recently upgraded with 19 distributed antenna systems and 20+20 LTE

  • Corey Ambitious

    I have no Problems at Cardinals game in “Baseball Heaven” LTE speeds all 9 innings

  • Car Hound

    “If this type of scenario is your worst nightmare….”

    Really?? Talk about First World problems!

  • Seabass

    I went to a small, 10,000-seat arena, and my LTE was still pitifully slow – around 0.2 Mb/s. It was difficult to use data at all.

  • DStudio

    Last Thursday I went to see the Tigers at the Angels – a 12-2 blowout. During the middle of the game, Sprint was 2 Gb/s, Verizon was 1 Gb/s, and T-Mobile was unusable (< 0.1Gb/s, IIRC). Really, only Sprint was usable in practice – at least if you wanted to watch any video (such as replays). But toward the end of the game, as the majority of the crowd left, Verizon jumped to 13Gb/s in the stadium.

    Of course these were downstream speeds. Even during the middle of the game, Verizon was a steady ~8Gb/s upstream, so you could've sent video up if you wanted.

    T-Mobile needs to make sure they have dramatically better coverage at all MLB stadiums, since they're the official carrier for MLB! It looks bad when they advertise their superior performance all over the stadium, while performing like this!

    • Rob916

      Really depends on where you are. I tested 24mbps at Dodger stadium during the game on T-Mobile.

      • DStudio

        Yes, it depends a lot on where you are. There’s no one superior carrier, despite what the advertising may want you to believe. (I actually have AT&T devices as well, so I have a decent picture of how each carrier does in certain parts of southern California).

        I was actually a bit shocked T-Mobile was so bad there, because there are many places where they’re far superior to (and others where they’re roughly tied with) the next best carrier (which could be any of them).

        T-Mobile’s main drawback is they’re not as robust as the other three – that is, they’re not really “corporate strength.” Specifically, Sprint has the most consistent performance with lower latency, trailed by AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile is significantly behind all of them.

        The problems?

        – Sprint has the fewest good spots, by far. Even though they have fewer customers (therefore less congestion), there aren’t enough “good coverage” spots where you can take advantage of their good network. They also have the worst billing practices.

        – Verizon has a slow 3G network, and coverage falls back to it more often than you would expect. And they have the most customers. Billing has been fine for me, albeit expensive.

        – AT&T has less coverage than Verizon, but is far superior in a number of spots. However, they also have plenty of poor spots, and the 2nd worst billing.

        – T-Mobile has the best 4G fallback network and often superior LTE coverage. But they’re poor in some buildings and still need more coverage. Best billing; highest ping times.

      • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

        That’s because Dodgers stadium was recently upgraded with 19 DAS and 20+20 LTE

  • No issues at Target Center and Target Field. Then again we do have good coverage in Minnesota. Including band 12.

  • the good person test

    Sadly there are probably some poor fools who just watch the game and miss out on all the phone fun everyone else is having.

  • Mike

    MSG wen I watch the Knicks lose ..speed is bad says I have service but can’t do anything I usually have to go on to the free WiFi

  • Tony Yayo

    Yeah United Center is pretty bad but it has gotten a lot better. I remember not being able to do anything in my seat or anywhere in the building for that matter. I thought they had free wi-fi but I could never connect to that either. I did upload a pretty large video last time I was there and it went pretty quick as opposed to taking 20 minutes to upload a photo to instagram a couple years ago. But how hard would it be to wire an antenna or two inside or outside of stadiums and arenas? Places where you know there is going to be a higher than average amount of customers in a concentrated area?

    • SteveD

      United Center should be fine now.. That DAS was turned up this year.

  • SVU BOlieve in AJ’s EMMAlution

    Last time I went to the Smoothie King Center I had no problems with my speeds. I was able to post vids and pics to Instagram with no delay. Funny because during all the Mardi Gras parades this past Feb, It took a miracle for me to be able to pull up Google.

  • I know this well. I attend a lot of San Antonio Spurs and Baylor Football games. There is no point in trying to get data in or out during the matches. I can still call and text, but data is dead at that point. It just isn’t going to happen. Luckily, Baylor has sick in stadium wifi, so we’re all set. The Spurs have AT&T wifi at the SBC Center, but it doesn’t work as well as the Baylor wifi.

  • carbonrobin

    Last year I had perfect service and great LTE speed at a packed Kauffman Stadium. I even Tweeted to T-Mobile to brag about it. This year my bandwidth didn’t exist while the stadium was more than half full and throughout the game. I tweeted the results to T-Mobile and they said it was expected. Quite a difference 6 months makes. I’m hoping the reason for the capacity/bandwidth reduction is more subscribers and working on the Band 12 deploy in the KC area.