T-Mo preps for LG G4 arrival as online pre-orders go live

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Although it’s a couple more weeks until the G4 physically arrives at its stores, T-Mobile is gearing its retail staff up to push the online orders which went live this morning. As announced yesterday, customers can now submit orders for the latest LG “superphone”.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 14.16.41

Along with the pre-sale, T-Mobile is also offering subscribers the chance to claim a free 128GB Micro SD card. Promotional flyers for that offer have been sent to stores. And it’s no surprise to see those leaflets pushing the exclusive brown leather model of the device. Which – by the way – is definitely the best option. For those who don’t like it, T-Mo will be selling the plastic gray model too. If you don’t like either, the shell is removable so you should be able to find individual rear shells to buy on eBay (or somewhere similar) within the next few weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 14.18.27

One question that arose yesterday when T-Mobile announced the promotion was whether or not you could take advantage of this offer as well as LG’s more widescale promotion. The short answer to that is: yes, you can. The official response from T-Mobile (via PhoneDog) is:

“T-Mobile’s offer for the 128GB memory card is exclusive to T-Mobile customers and LG’s offer is available to customers of participating retailers and wireless providers. T-Mobile customers who purchase the LG G4 at T-Mobile could be eligible to receive both offers, but they’ll need to visit both promotion websites and follow the directions to see if they qualify.”

For those who need a refresh, LG is running a promo where customers who buy the G4 can claim a free spare battery, charging cradle and 32GB Micro SD card. To qualify for LG’s offer you need to buy from one of its authorized retailers. That list includes the following:

  • Amazon
  • AT&T
  • Best Buy
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Target
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Walmart
  • Carrier authorized retailers reselling operator services (essentially, branded non-corporate stores)

You can read more about this particular offer, along with all of its terms and conditions, over at LG’s bespoke web page. But, potentially, you could end up with two memory cards (one 128GB and one 32GB) as well as a spare 3,000mAh battery and a battery charging cradle, just for buying your G4 from T-Mobile. Let us know if you manage to claim on both promotions after you’ve bought it because that – to me – sounds like an awesome haul of essential extras.


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  • GreatNews

    Ordered! But the 128GB SD Card promo site gives a 404 error!

    • psychoace

      Probably wont be up until they ship since you can’t fill out the form to claim the gift without your phone.

  • Ryan Vega

    ordered as well. I did next day shipping, this damn S4 mini ive been using since I sold my G3 is HORRIBLE

  • phonedroid

    “Whoomp there it is”, nice, but more like “Whoomp there it goes”, almost upgraded this morning, very excited until I got to the very end of the process and saw some small print saying that my 2.5GB data would get set back to 1GB if I continued.

    • Alex Pilaia

      Really? Promotions were for life.. Are you on the family 4 lines for $100 with 2.5GB??

      • phonedroid

        Yes, exactly that plan. 4 lines at 2.5GB, and I want to keep 4 lines.

        See my response to Taylor above.

        ATTaboy T-Mobile !

    • TaylorW86

      what? I’m a TMO rep and i’m not aware of any type of transaction where you would lose a data feature by upgrading your phone.

      • phonedroid

        I have 4 lines at 2.5GB, I want to keep 4 lines.

        The small print essentially says that upgrading the phone will cause my account to drop to 3 lines which will wipe out the “forever” 2.5G

        “This is only available on family plans with 4 or more lines. You have removed one or more lines, which puts your current plan below the 4 line minimum. The lines in your cart had the up to 2.5GB offer selected have automatically changed to 1GB of 4G LTE data.”

        “automatically changed to 1GB” – so thoughtful :-(

        • TaylorW86

          That doesn’t make any sense. If you have 4 lines on your account, t-mobile isn’t going to cancel one of your lines when you upgrade, especially considering that we’re trying to add as many lines to your account as possible. I’m not trying to be rude, but I don’t think you’re accurately describing the transaction.

        • phonedroid

          Right it makes no real sense, but then why display the message (quoted above) ?

    • John Masters

      I had to phone in to order, and my data plan is exactly the same. My problem was that it kept insisting I “Jump” and return to them my HTC HD2. Somehow, they think that’s the last phone I got from them, and of course, it’s long since bit the dust. Best phone ever, and I used it, running various versions of Windows Phone at first, then Android for several years. Cycled through a bunch of batteries, then passed it on to my nephew who used it for a good while, before finally busting it for good.

      • draco

        Did you receive your receipt yet? I ordered mine an hour after it went live and have yet to recieve a receipt

        • John Masters

          Got the receipt, and then late yesterday got my tracking number for the shipment.

    • rand Poke

      I have 4 lines and the same plan. I upgraded 1 line and i didnt lose my data nor did my lines drop to 3. I also upgrade another line with an S6 a few days ago. same result.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Very tempting but I must not click the order button. Will tough it out until the new Nexus comes out.

  • Ordered mine. I got the silver. I want skins on mine, and obviously the leather brown wasn’t going to work for that. Plus, I don’t like that color. I wanted that really light blue leather backing.

    I ordered mine to be shipped overnight and T-Mobile said I should be receiving it tomorrow. I wonder will the LG G4 T-Mobile Promo site for the 128GB Micro SD card be live tomorrow.

  • draco

    I ordered by phone since tmobile site kept messing up my mailing address. Paid for overnight shipping and quoted for delivery tomorrow evening. 10 hours later the phone is still in processing and still has not yet shipped. And did I mention I didn’t even receive a receipt yet…

  • Michael jackman

    Ordered mine through the call center (I know I know shocking that their call center is worth calling but I like dealing with Tmobile reps) and received a receipt soon after hanging out the phone. Paid for ground shipping and UPS says it should be here by friday, I am excited for that,anything earlier than retail is a plus to me.

  • It is not true. T-Mo is not offering 128GB Micro SD card to existing customers.

    • Luis Macias

      That’s what they told me when I called in to order. The rep told me it’s only for new customers. I guess current customers are out of luck.

      • Steve Park

        This is a LG site, not T-Mobile. All you need is the box the phone came in and a receipt from T-Mobile for the phone. Note this site is not active yet. The 32GB, battery and charger site is up and accepting requests for that promotion.

        Edit: got my G4 a couple of hours ago and took pix of box and converted email receipt to pdf. I was able to apply for BOTH the Battery, 32GB SD, and the T-Mobile 128GB SD card. We’ll see in 4-6 weeks what I receive.

  • StarMenace

    Ordered online yesterday, chose the cheapest shipping option, and UPS is delivering tomorrow. Glad I didn’t pay for the more expensive shipping.

    • Steve Park

      Ordered mine yesterday also, got email and UPS tracking number but no delivery date yet. Just coming from T-Mobile LDC (assuming Local Distribution Center) in Louisville, 30 miles from my location. Also chose Ground shipping as almost all UPS packages come through the “World Port” for ups in Louisville, Ky KSDF airport.

  • Ryan Vega

    waiting for mine to show up. paid for next day shipping just cause i’m impatient. plus my employer is basically paying for half of it anyways so why not

  • Ordered mine overnight shipping, and it’s supposed to be here before 5pm via the UPS email. It’s 4:21pm, and I’m still waiting though…

    I mean it was out for delivery @ 8:21am this morning. Typically packages arrive to the house between 2pm-2:30pm, at the latest really.

  • D. Duran

    So the fine print on the 128 gb card is for new customers only?! I’m sorry but WTF?! If that’s true, then way to stick it to the loyal customer base….

    • Yeah, I’m waiting for the page to actually go live. Because it hasn’t been live since yesterday (or maybe even longer).

      • D. Duran

        You got the G4 already?

        • Yup, got it about 2 hours ago.

        • D. Duran

          Nice, I’m friggin jelly. I wanna upgrade from my G3 but I’m waiting for ZeroLemon to make an extended battery case for the G4. It’ll be out soon. Hopefully the stock G4 battery is better than the G3’s..

        • Lol. Thanks. Never heard of ZeroLemon, but I have a 15000mAH 3Amp Dual port portable charger, and I ordered a Batpaq from nexpaq (kickstarter).

        • D. Duran

          Dang! 15,000?? Well ZeroLemon make cases just like Otterbox cases with belt clips, except the case is built around a 9,000mah battery for the G3! It’s awesome, you can go a whole 2 days without charging, max brightness, Bluetooth, WiFi. Probably 1 whole day using Location if you have too. I get 5- 6 hours of on screen time.

          I love it, not having to worry about plugging in until the end of the day. Sometimes I don’t even have to.

        • Yeah, lol. I had a 10,000mAh one, which I actually still had, but it took all day to charge, and I had to charger it like once or twice every day or so. So, I opted for something that charges quicker and last longer. This charger last for about a week, depending on my usage. That case sounds awesome though. Is it really bulk or not? @daniel_duran:disqus

        • D. Duran

          Ya. It adds some heft to it but it offers solid protection. I’ve dropped it so many times. Never worried about it. Here’s a video of it:


    • Steve Park

      It’s open now and if you select online submission, you upload either one or two files with a picture of the box the phone comes in and your sales receipt. My receipt was an email, so converted it to PDF and uploaded two files. to both the 128 and the 32 site.

      • D. Duran

        Awesome Steve. Thanks, I just ordered mine last night. Which email is considered the receipt? The order confirmation or do you get the receipt when it ships?

        • Steve Park

          I got an email that show the price paid, all the taxes, shipping cost etc.. That’s the one I used. It’s titled “Your Tmobile payment has been processed” and was dated the day I got the phone.

        • D. Duran

          I used my Jump and the only emails I got were: pending, confirmation and a shipped. The confirmation email has all the payment info and order number so I’m assuming that’s it unless my receipt will be included in the shipping box when I receive the phone.

        • Steve Park

          Nope, nothing in the “Bag” except the 128GB promo flyer. I’d use that one with the payment info and as long as Tmobile and LG G4 and in the email, I think that would do.

        • D. Duran

          I just got that one right now

      • Jiovanni Rodriguez

        my phone didn’t came with a receipt I did not convert it to PDF file but I did a screenshot of my receipt would that work ?

        • D. Duran

          if you received a receipt in your gmail, what i did was select the print option, not sure if this a chrome or gmail thing but when you select what printer to use, it gives me an option to save to my google drive which makes it a .PDF

        • Jiovanni Rodriguez

          Ok thanks

  • ALUOp

    Can we buy the Verizon one? It’s only $550. Wonder if it supports all the LTE bands T-Mobile is using.

  • The T-Mobile LG G4 Promo site is live now, I just submitted my online form.

    • Steve Park

      Did also to both the 32GB SD, Battery and charger AND the T-Mobile 128GB SD.

      • D. Duran

        I just ordered mine last night too, cant wait to get it and apply for both promos!

        • Steve Park

          If anyone is still wondering if you can get both promo’s, yesterday I got a conformation email from T-Mobile that my 128GB sd card submission was approved and would be mailed soon. Today I got an email from LG with tracking info for the 32GB sd card, battery and charger. Says should arrive within 4-7 days.

        • D. Duran

          About how long did it take to get approved?

        • Steve Park

          I sent the requested info on the promo web site the 29th of May, day I received phone. So about two week total. First was the T-Mobile promo, then LG.

  • Jeff

    Silly question… how do you order online without a new plan? I just want to take the SIM out my current tmobile phone and pop it into this one.

    • Vanesa Martinez

      Login to my T-Mobile and upgrade your phone.

      • Mike

        Thanks. Until now, I’ve always upgraded in the store. Add another member to the LG G4 family. Can’t wait until it’s here.

        • Vanesa Martinez

          Welcome. Can’t wait to get mine too I choose standard shipping wish I choose next day or express. I’m supposed to get it Tuesday.

        • Steve Park

          Ordered my online the 27th and got it the 29th with ground shipping. Great phone so far, but won’t connect with my Moto 360 thru android wear app.

  • tidus1ph

    Anyone here won a G4 on their preview tour thingy? Went 2 hours ago & they just chatted with me and that’s it. I’m curious on the way they choose winners. Magic word? Person no. X?

  • Familiar Joe

    Very interesting find with my demo unit in the store. I took a photo something random and looked at the metadata of the image. It said the photo was taken at a 1.7 Aperture….THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE IF IT’S A 1.8 FIXED LENS! What is going on here? Everyone else who has a G4 check your metadata, I would be interested to see if anyone else has this as well.

    • D. Duran

      I’ll remember to let you know when receive mine

      • D. Duran

        Ya. I just received mine and it also shows 1.8 aperture..

    • Vanesa Martinez

      Mine said 1.8 Aperture in photo I took today.