Xperia Z1s Android 5.0.2 Lollipop software update rolling out


We’ve been informed by a handful of our readers that T-Mobile is finally rolling out Android Lollipop software updates for the Sony Xperia Z1S. Although T-Mobile’s software updates page still indicates that it is in “T-Mobile Testing”, the device’s own individual page does contain details of the update. Specifically, it’s Android 5.0.2 and weighs in at over 640MB in size. It also comes with Group messaging support.

From today, you should be notified that an over-the-air update is available to download. If you don’t, check in your settings menu and you should find it once you check for updates manually.


Customers are advised to ensure they have enough space and at least 50% battery remaining before updating via Wi-Fi or through the PC Software. As always, let us know if you get it downloaded successfully and be sure to send us screen shots to show us how it looks on the older generation Sony device.

Thanks to all who emailed/tweet us with this news.


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  • sushimane

    This means the z3 is not far behind yes!!!!!!!

    • Paul Hansen

      Here’s hoping :)

      • sushimane

        im hopping with the new update would fix my text messaging problem because it take hour and days to receive a picture message kinda annoying

        • Paul Hansen

          Weird. I don’t get that but I mostly use hangouts…

        • sushimane

          i use hangout too but im having problem receiving mms messages im not sure if its a tmobile network problem or is a hangout thing. have you have this problem?

        • Paul Hansen

          Nope. My messages come through just fine. Might be the device or reception perhaps.

        • Sushimane

          Full signal

  • Torry Skurski

    Now hopefully the Z3 update comes out in the next day or so. I’m going out of town tomorrow to a place that looks like the coverage could be very spotty. Would be nice to have band 12 before then for the best signal possible!

  • J Cav the Great

    I’m hyped for my Z3!!! Now I’m back to being glad that I bought it….. Will it see 5.1.1???? The world may never know

    • Paul Hansen

      By end of year maybe.

  • impasse

    well that was fast..and i’ve had it for less than a week! :) now to just wait for a new root, and to make sure my favorite xposed modules work..

    • Paul Hansen

      You got a Z1s? Why wouldn’t you pick up the Z3 if you just got it?

      • impasse

        i’m on an old grandfathered family plan, paying $5 for unlimited data, off contract. tried multiple times since the new plans came out to see what they could do for us, but they’ve never been able to get us a better deal (5 lines, 400mins, myfaves, family texting, unlimited data on 3 lines, corp 15% discount, total <$100) and haven't forced us to upgrade, so.

        paid ~$218 total for a new2u one direct from t-mo, to replace my 2yo xperia zl (c6506) that i bought unlocked, that had the google play services battery drain bug despite multiple wipes, etc. i'll probably replace this within the next year, sooner if they come out with a z4 compact. also i wanted to have wifi calling/texting again for when i go abroad, which i didn't have with the unlocked xperia.

        • sushimane

          im surprise they didnt do a force migration i had that done to me. i was only paying 20 dollars for unlimited data but before that i was only paying 10 dollars for unlimited data. when i got migrated to the new plan im paying 30 dollars for unlimited data plus 5gb of mobile hotspot not to bad but it is what it is.

        • thepanttherlady

          They did the same thing to me but I called and insisted they give me back the $20 data I was “grandfathered” into. I told them I didn’t ask for the hotspot etc. and just want what I was grandfathered into.

          I’m paying $20.

        • sushimane

          Lucky lol. But I think its too late for me. It’s ok 60 unlimited data,text,talk with the same features as simple choice.

        • gar1

          I was going to change to 100 dollar family plan but before it went into effect I changed my mind and asked to be moved back to my 20 dollar unlimited data was no longer available so they put me back on plan but they don’t charge me the 20 dollars for each of my two phones. I asked them why they told me that because the plan was no longer available and I was grandfathered in that they just wouldn’t charge me because they couldn’t put me back in the system. what a deal so my unlimited data and 5 gigs of tethering is free saves me 40 dollars a month for 6 months now

        • sushimane

          do you have a z3 thepantterlady? im having problem with my text messages mainly the mms do you know if its a tmobile network problem or is a hangout software problem?thanks

        • Paul Hansen

          That makes sense I guess.

  • AnotherNew Z?

    No worries the 5.1 will be for the Xperia Z15 which will be due out in 2 weeks. Sony will then update the XperiaZ’s to 5.0 when the OS is at 6.1 then the Xperia Z32 will be out, that will be in 4 weeks. Great phone, frustrating support from a former big name manufacturer and up and coming carrier. Who knows, by the time this is posted Sony will have an announcement for the new flagship Z33 then 33S…… about running through inventory of the first few flagships before announcing new ones. Can you tell I’m frustrated? How about supporting the last 4- $600 dollar phones before announcing the new $600 phone. Sheesh..

    • pbo

      Yea, as someone who bought an Xperia Z for my son, I think they have a good idea and good specs for the phones but with cracking glass and terrible support from Sony I’ll never touch one ever again. Too bad Sony doesn’t get it, they really could have done much better if they knew what they were doing.

  • J Cav the Great

    Thank god for group messaging

  • ssjchaseutley

    Lollipop SG4 still missing.

  • Joey

    is T-Mobile getting the new Z3+ Sony just annouced??

    • Stone Cold

      Already having the Z3. Not enough of a spec bump to justify jumping in my opinion.

    • TaylorW86

      I sincerely doubt it. If we ever get another Xperia phone it will probably be the Z5, or Z4+ (?)

  • vanessa

    I hate the update. I should have an option to go back to what I had. It is my phone that I paid for been with tmobile for over 6 yrs I used to love my z1 s. Now I hate it. Time to look for another carrier

    • AS118

      Had the same reaction with my G2 update. I’ll stick with T-mobile, but I may just buy phones from elsewhere honestly. Especially if they don’t get the Z3 compact or Z3+ compact soon.

      • John

        It’s available on my G2 but I’m not installing it. Does anybody like it?

        • MatthewPDX

          My son has the G2 and I updated it. Seems fine to him and I.

        • John

          Thanks for letting me know. I still may wait until 5.1 comes out vs 5.02 as supposedly they’re fixing some of the bugs in there like battery drain.

    • gmo8492

      Blames bad software update on Tmobile. Smh.

    • Brad Kane

      You pay for the phone, not the OS from T-mobile. Maybe you should read up on things before automatically hating it. Who knows? It may in fact be easier for you to take duck face pics and tag yourself at the gym as you drive by it.

      • vanessa

        Maybe you should keep comments about the operating system and not stupid comments about what you think I do with my phone. You sound like an idiot talking to an actual adult about a duck face. I’m not 18 years old like my child is. Keep comments about the update or keep comments to yourself.

        • Brad Kane

 got me. Such wit. The OS is great. Better? Go ahead and go through the hassle of switching carriers and get a brand new phone. Let us know how that fixed your problem. Haha.

  • MatthewPDX

    It seems like people are simply programmed to hate updates.

  • TaylorW86

    Not sure why this hasnt been announced on the site, but the Z3 is still available for sale in most TMO stores and online. We actually just put our floor demo back out this week.

    • Jarobusa

      How is it selling?

    • Luis Ramirez

      It was announced like some weeks ago, beginning of the month I think when tmobile relisted the z3

  • BelchinBertha

    Got the new update this past weekend, but now web pages take forever to load or don’t load at all until I back out and try again. Also, MMS messages automatically go to “Queued For Sending” and won’t send out unless I shut my phone down and start it back up. Those are my biggest issues with the new update. :/

  • Dan

    Literally makes me want to break my phone. Most apps have become slow, laggy, and crash often. Even as I’m typing this the words are showing up entire seconds after having been typed. The browsers layout is terrible. You’re unable to switch quickly between “tabs”. This is shit. I cannot believe I had a choice to install this, chose to, and I cant for the life of me figure out how to go back. This turned my phone to utter garbage. I’m paying for unlimited data, but the OS can’t load things for shit and it can’t run apps. Will I get compensated for my phone being turned into a turd by the magic fairy fuckin idiot? Nope. I’m just stuck with it… If you read this, don’t update! You will regret it.

  • Stephen Buckley

    Thank you. I thought it was my imagination , you have just said everything I was thinking , my wife just got an upgrade iPhone looks like I might be opening the box after all, if you are reading this before you install 5.0.2 DON’T, as previously stated it is site and very very slow

  • Kathy

    horrible update dont do it if you can avoid it. I wish i could go back