Microsoft Lumia 640 review [video]

Although we’re still not 100% on exactly when it’s happening, T-Mobile is going to start selling the Microsoft Lumia 640 very soon. The budget Windows Phone device is expected to cost around $130 (if Cricket pricing is anything to go by) and will feature the latest Windows Phone operating system, complete with Lumia Denim. I’ve been able to spend some time with the device over the past couple of weeks, and I’ve gathered my thoughts in form of a review for PhoneDog’s YouTube channel.

As a short version of the overview:

“Microsoft has done well releasing mid and low-end phones over the past couple of years. It has cemented itself as a solid option for the budget-conscious smartphone buyer. With the Lumia 640, that reputation is even stronger. This is an incredible phone for its price point. It performs admirably and it’s almost impossible to find compromises that are bad enough to persuade you not to buy it. Right now in the UK, you can buy a Lumia 640 for for £130 unlocked. In the U.S., Cricket Wireless is selling it for $130 and T-Mobile will launch it soon. If you’re looking for a low-priced handset running Windows Phone, get the Lumia 640. It’s fantastic. It’s easy to use, reliable, smooth and comes loaded with the latest version of the OS.”

Although it’s frustrating for those interested to keep waiting for it to arrive, I have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait. It performs well, has a great camera and battery life. What’s more, it’ll be compatible with all of T-Mo’s LTE bands when it’s launched on the fine Magenta-flavored network.

Let me know if you plan on picking one up as soon as it’s here.

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  • JLV90

    Definitely going to get at least one of these to hold me over till flagship devices for windows come out.

    • jakematic

      That’s my position too, but after using the 640 on T-Mo for over a month… a new flagship would have to be pretty compelling.
      The 640 is a good phone.

  • dude

    will it have band 12?

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Where is the XL?

    • jakematic


      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        T-Mobile version..or unlocked LTE

        • jakematic

          There is no, and won’t be, a T-Mo version.
          AT&T has the rights to the XL model.
          You’ll have to source it from Expansys, or the Microsoft Store when/if they offer it unlocked like the 635.

        • This is why Microsoft must end carrier exclusivity for their Windows phones.

        • thephoenixlament

          They have. It’s up to the carriers if they want to carry a device on their network. Both 640 & 640XL were pitched to T-Mo & AT&T, AT&T was the only one to pick up both. For a while, it was thought T-Mo was going to carry the XL as well.

          With Windows 10, I think all carriers will be offered the flagships and hopefully all of them will choose to carry.

        • thephoenixlament

          AT&T doesn’t have the “rights” to the XL. It was offered to both carriers, T-Mo decided not to bite. The Microsoft store will likely sell a contract version and an unlocked version, just as it does with the Lumia 830. But the pricing will be wonky.

        • VIDGMER
  • Steven Jefferies

    I definitely plan to pick one up. Getting tired of waiting.

  • Ordeith

    Great Phone at a great price.
    but what’s taking so long for it to be released already?!

  • I’m going to end up getting the Lumia 640 XL along with the first flagship device that will come once Windows 10 hits the market this year, but the Lumia 640 appears to be a solid offering, especially with Band 12 700MHz on board.

  • archerian

    I’ll wait for the $50 sale on Amazon and Bestbuy, should happen in 2-3 months…

  • Michelle Jenkins Hendrix

    “The budget Windows Phone device is expected to cost around $13…” Where did you come up with that genius? Microsoft had it listed on their website briefly 3 weeks ago at $79.00. Most are calling for an initial pricing of around $79.00… A few Walmarts around the country have already begun selling it for $99. Whatever, do your homework before opining about pricing based on (of all companys) Cricket….geez.

    • Andrew Singleton

      we sold the 521 at $149 for months while it was $79 on microsofts website. cricket is a much better point of reference for pricing than microsofts website and god knows what the heck walmart is doing.

  • T-Mobile better not pass on the Lumia 940 XL this autumn. The company has zero, I repeat, zero quality phablets in its portfolio right now.

  • Speaking of AT&T, it’s official: they WILL NOT sell the Lumia 640. They’re only going to sell the 640 XL.

    • Ordeith

      AT&T already sells the Lumia 640 through their Cricket subsidiary.

      • That’s Cricket. I’m talking about Big Orange themselves.

    • thephoenixlament

      This is wrong. Lumia 640 will be prepaid on AT&T and will come after the 640 XL launch.

      • Actually, you’re wrong. AT&T won’t carry the Lumia 640 at all. They got the phablet and that’s what they’re going to solely sell.