More Band 12 700MHz LTE sightings in Grand Rapids and Maryland

T-Mobile’s not kidding when it says that it is “furiously” rolling out its low-band 700MHz Band 12 frequency LTE network. We get new sightings in our inbox every week and – over the past week – we’ve been sent two new ones.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

grand rapids

One of our readers got in touch from grand Rapids in Michigan to inform us that he’d spotted some of T-Mobile’s 700MHz spectrum live in the city. A quick check over at the 700MHz map created by Redittor, DanRant reveals we shouldn’t be surprised by that. Sites have apparently been live in the city since January this year.

Grand rapids danrant

While it’s great to see the sites go “officially” live, we always like to hear from our readers about new networks they’ve managed to log on to. In Grand Rapids, speeds on the 5+5 Band 12 network are around the 8Mbps mark which isn’t terrible. Granted, it’s not as fast as T-Mobile’s wideband LTE speeds which often approach 70-100Mbps downloads, but we don’t expect super fast speed on the 700MHz network.

Columbia, Maryland


Another of our regular readers – and commenters – got in touch from near Columbia, Maryland with a new band 12 sighting. As with every sighting we’re sent, we approve that it’s actually in a market where T-Mobile owns spectrum and has no interference in rolling it out. In this case, it’s well within a market where T-Mo has B12 spectrum. You’ll see the specific location in the screenshots above.


As with all these sightings, most people tend to note that signal is noticeably stronger indoors with B12 spectrum. In many cases we hear of signal strength jumping from 1-2 bars up to 4-5. If you spot any changes in your network performance, be sure to get in touch, particularly if you see evidence of T-Mobile’s 700MHz network going live near you.

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  • Verizonthunder

    Sent two more emails for Maryland Cam.

    • Frankwhitess

      Hello……… Ever thought of changing that user name ??” TmoThunder ” maybe? Yes… Noo…?? … Food for thought..

      • Verizonthunder

        I would but my credibility would go also. Known pretty well with this handle but thanks for advice.

        • JunniJatt

          Can’t hate. I Had Verizon for their great service. Just couldn’t afford $200 a month for me and wifey

        • Verizonthunder

          I had Verizon till they throttled under . 05 mbps near work with grandfathered unlimited data and spoke several times with customer service all denying throttling otherwise a violation to FCC agreement for 700mhz block C would mean shut down of all LTE towers so they had a strong case to deny.

        • superg05

          they got in trouble for it

        • eanfoso

          Not gonna lie but once 700 MHz gets saturated speeds really do get that crappy.

        • dontsh00tmesanta


          Let’s hope they can acquire more

        • Joe

          Yup that is why they will need to use Carrier aggregation so that we can use band 12 but still get great speeds.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          You have cred?

  • JunniJatt

    When will San Jose CA get 700mhz. I got 5 ppl waiting to switch once tmo gets lowband.

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Not till the KDTV moves off the spectrum. I think t mobile is in talks with the station to work out some deal. Soon I hope.

      • JunniJatt

        I really hope so too. Itll be nice if iPhone 6s has band 12. I don’t see why not as the latest Galaxy s6 has it

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          Personally I am not a iPhone fan at all but it will be still good to see iPhone 6s with the 700 MHz compatibility since there are plenty of people who want it. I am Android all the way.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Really, all new phones from here on out should have the 700 mhz compatibility. I am looking forward for this service on my next phone.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Band12 you mean since they already have band 17

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    It’s active in Fresno but signal strength is the same as b4 what’s up with that

    • Justin Smith

      Probably on low power until they are done testing

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        That’s what I’m hoping

  • calgrav24

    Could really use some 700 here in WA state. Especially in rural areas.

    • Jason

      It’s coming. Tmo bought Vulcans 700A and there is no channel 51 in Seattle.

    • jay_max

      We could use it in metro Seattle also…so many hills there are pockets of poor service.

  • Justsomecommentator

    Some Band 12 is beginning to show up in parts of Orange County, but it’s pretty sporadic right now. (It comes and goes.) Cellmapper site has those verified.

  • Christopher Olson

    I know this isn’t related to the topic but is there something we can do about these lame blackberry ads? It’s way too misleading for an ad every time I check for new articles and virtually pointless on a T-Mobile blog. Granted T-Mobile is repairing their relationship with them and we’re starting to see some devices come our way but for the most part it doesn’t do much good for a majority of traffic to this site. Ok rant over.

  • Michael Barnes

    We need it everywhere keep it up tmo if they get more coverage even only 2g speeds ill be happy 4g is great but no service is horrible suburbs va new kent williamsburg charles city quinton mostly have no signal

  • Bradley Karas

    Noticed while I was in South FL in Palm County and Broward County that Band 12 was up and running. They were testing it I think because it kept on going on and off periodically. Also noticed they expanded wideband all up the coast was seeing 15 and 20 mhz Band 4 coverage. Boynton Beach last year I couldn’t get a signal on the beach now its full bars 15 mhz wideband. They are working on it that’s for sure.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Glad to hear that, Have you noticed this anywhere else in FL? I am on Orange/Polk Counties but do not have a device that supports this bad yet.

      • Bradley Karas

        Tampa is solid. Orlando area won’t have it till that Christian station in cocoa relocates

        • Jose Hernandez

          Thanks a lot for replying! I work in Orlando so the sooner it gets here the better.

  • Dan’s the Man

    I’m confused. Will I need to get a new phone next year after all the Band 12 coverage is fully rolled out if I want to have the better coverage? I have the T-Mobile edition of the Galaxy S5. Will this not work with the new bands? Thanks in advance for clarifying how this works.

    • Joe

      Yes you will the s5 does not have band 12. The s6, note 4, nexus 6, htc one m9, LG g4, and some other phones currently have band 12.

      • Dan’s the Man

        Thanks for the info. I guess I should have looked into that before I bought the S5. I live in the New York City Metro area and get super fast 4G LTE here and I don’t really travel anywhere outside of major cities so I guess I’ll be ok with not having the new band.

  • UMA_Fan

    I hope T-Mobile buys the 700mhz cox owns

    • Desmond Foucha

      Me 2 or the band 12 they have in Lafayette reaches Southeast Louisiana

  • Johhny78

    the problem of having somebody from the UK that has no clue about the US writing a blog about T-Mobile USA…
    Cam always mixing up states vs cities vs regions

  • Cam Fas

    Maybe one day they will find someone willing to sell band12 spectrum here in Las Vegas

  • B_Eng

    Is there anybody in the Grand Haven/Muskegon area that can confirm whether the (non-700Mhz) LTE reception has improved in general or whether the map strictly reflects the 700 Mhz additions?

    • Jeremy

      So I was along the lake shore on the holiday weekend from Saugatuck to grand haven along lake shore drive and found that there is new lte coverage along the lake and it is only 700mhz lte in the new areas. This means that phones without band 12 fall back to hspa. But I can say how surprised my loyal at&t family members were to see tmobile getting coverage along the lake. It’s certainly a start. Let’s hope tmobile moves fast and adds coverage that at least matches sprint in northern lower Michigan. Roaming on at&t all the time is lame with no data.

  • johnediii

    I live just outside Rockford, MI about 10 miles north of Grand Rapids and there is lots of LTE in Rockford but on the T-mobile coverage map there is a grey spot of 2G right over my house and boy is that utterly accurate. I have the LTE signal booster in my house and I get 1 bar of LTE on it up near the ceiling on the West side of my house about 60% of the time. The rest of the time and when I’m not in range of the signal booster, it’s still all GPRS even though everywhere around me is now LTE.

    • chris

      i am also from Michigan, So I am guessing t mobile not going to expand coverage for the other half of Northern upper & north when you travel North or have you heard any news lately?

      • Austin

        Look at their end of year map, they plan to cover the entire state of MI by the end of 2015

        • Jeremy

          Well let’s see them cover the lower half of the state first then see how they do up north with all those hills and trees. There are many places like fennville, Bangor, hastings, Middleville, gobles, grand junction, that lack any coverage at all not even at&t roaming as they disabled that in these areas in 2012

        • chris

          yes I totally agree I am also from Michigan hopefully T Mobile well expand coverage more in the northern & upper part
          other half of Michigan like ceder springs the more North you travel like
          big rapids, mt pleasant, Cadillac and the rest of northern & upper
          part of Michigan.. really hoping to see t mobile expand coverage or I
          really don’t wanna join sprint or Verizon !!!

        • SwedishPimple

          Any update on when Band 12 is coming to Hastings? TIA

        • johnediii

          This is interesting but I’m wondering how this will work. Is it because of the Metro PCS merger? They’re talking like tripling their Lower Peninsula coverage in the next 7 months. I was just up in Pentwater over the weekend and I was roaming the whole way. I’d be happy with 3G in the whole LP.

        • chris

          aww I hope your right and the rest of the Northern upper part of Michigan when you travel north !!

    • Jeremy

      I saw that one tower on the map and was guessing that at&t is your broadband provider there? If so they have been moving slow on getting fiber to their competitors cell towers. Unless charter or Comcast is providing up there in Rockford….lmk

      • johnediii

        My home internet is Charter. That’s fast. I get a consistent 60Mb down. I can use wifi calling in my house if I want, but there are reasons why I would prefer to have actual cell coverage.

    • Jeremy

      Loving this discussion for once this site hits home. Why for the love of God hasn’t tmobile covered Greenville and surrounding areas belding etc?

  • chris

    I am also from Michigan and nice to hear that Grand Rapids has coverage, so that means T mobile not going to expand coverage from the 700 MHZ additions where you live or travel in the northern & upper part other half of Michigan like ceder springs the more North you travel like big rapids, mt pleasant, Cadillac and the rest of northern & upper part of Michigan.. really hoping to see t mobile expand coverage or I really don’t wanna join sprint or Verizon !!!

  • YABD

    That means 700mhz will reach more people? I think 700mhz it is a low frequency and will bounce more than a high frequency like 1700/1900 mhz.

    • Aaron C

      Google Maps shows a Band 12 tower about 15 miles from me. I get about -93dBm to -94dBm off it. Supposedly it reaches about 20-25 miles in the opposite direction as well. I don’t know how far the typical Band 4 signal reaches, but I imagine it’s a lot less. Also, building penetration will be better.

  • FILA

    But yet just east of Columbia, inside the Arundel Mills mall, I had full LTE signal, but it was unbearable to use, in fact I couldnt use it at all, it was so slow it wouldnt do sh*t

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I will tase myself in the hoo-hah if T-Mobile would buy spectrum from Cavalier in NC…

  • Diver Dan

    A cool web site to see where are the 700 MHz
    Grand Rapids cell sites are located is Cellmapper. It locates the towers on a
    map based on crowdsourced information collected from people using the
    Cellmapper App. If you are looking at cellmapper on a PC or Mac pick 310 as the
    country code, 260 as the Provider, and LTE as the network. Then under the bands
    option turn off bands 2 and 4 leaving on band 12. Then you will see just the
    700Mhz towers and sector coverage. The more data people generate with the app
    the more accurate the maps. It looks like the Band 12 sectors at each site are
    numbered 21, 22, and 23. The band 2 and 4 sectors are numbered 1, 2, and 3. The
    Android Cellmapper App does not seem to allow you to filter by band so you see
    everything at once. You have to go to the desktop computer or ipad to get the
    finer detail.

    • Aaron C

      Wow. That *is* cool. I’m definitely installing and will enable it on my Nexus 6 when I take my annual summer vacation to the White Mountains, NH a month from now.

      • Charmed79

        Pretty sure there is zero coverage in the white mountains, last trip up there end of last year there wasn’t even roaming.

        • Aaron C

          Got back a few weeks ago. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sure there’s no signal on the Kancamagus and Bear Notch Road, etc., but there are a LOT of areas with LTE now, from Laconia up to Bartlett and even by the Mt. Washington Resort now IIRC. Where there wasn’t coverage, it was just a short drive until we saw LTE again. I was pretty amazed. Lincoln (Loon) was still on roaming however. Basically no data. That was the only place that I felt we should have had coverage and didn’t.

        • Charmed79

          Oh sweet! Thank you for the update… I can’t wait ti get back up there =)

        • Aaron C

          Enjoy!! BTW, I was running cellmapper everywhere I went on the trip, so if you look at the map mentioned in post above that I originally replied to, you’ll see all the band 12 and other LTE that I hit on my trip (I’m user AMC4x4 on Cellmapper). :) There’s band 12 in Ossipee, Laconia, Bartlett, Hopkinton, Rochester, Concord, etc. and band 4 in LOTS of other places.

  • Uri


    • drklahn

      ATT has the rights and they have to sell the spectrum as part of the Leap purchase. TMO os the natural buyer. TMO has indicated that ATT is asking for too much. But my guess is that the asking price will decrease as 600mhz auction draws closer.

  • Nick Atkins

    I’ve seen it in Catonsville and Annapolis as well

    • nukejello

      I’m sure UMBC has it too. Wish OnePlus supported band 12

  • Aaron C

    Prior to a trip to NH this past weekend, I was checking out LTE Discovery on my Nexus 6 while sitting in my living room in Farmingville, NY and noticed it was on Band 12 already! My phone alternates between Band 4 and Band 12. The Band 12 signal is better, but for some reason it still goes back to Band 4 from time to time.

    I get about -103dBm on Band 4 and -97dBm on Band 12.

    I also saw some Band 12 on my trip up to NH this weekend. Also amazed how much T-Mobile has improved the coverage in NH over the last year. It used to be I got zero LTE north of Holyoke, MA. This trip I had pretty much constant LTE up to Brattleboro on 91, and coming back we went through the center of the state, down through Concord, Manchester and Nashua, and it was LTE (and thus, Google Play All Access Music) all the way.

    LOVE IT!!

  • Scot Mahoney

    Look up Davenport and Reardon Wa…middle of no where getting 40 mb download