T-Mobile LTE suffers another outage, concentrated on the East Coast [Update]


We’ve received several emails from TmoNews readers and T-Mo customers this morning to inform us that T-Mobile is currently suffering another LTE outage. And, yet again, it seems to be concentrated around the East Coast. Areas like Philadelphia, New Jersey, Virginia Beach and Washington D.C. have been affected.

Checking on DownDetector.com reveals there have been reports of outages, but not anywhere near as widespread as the recent North East outage. It also seems to that it is limited to LTE coverage only.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.43.28

One reader got in touch to inform us that a temporary fix is to switch the LTE off in your phone settings, if you’re able to and choose to have 3G only. This should enable you to use the HSPA+ network while T-Mobile’s network engineers get the problem fixed. Again, we’re not sure how many people are being affected.

Another reader got in touch who claims to have spoken to a T-Mobile customer care agent who stated that the outage is nationwide. And that – as of this morning – there’s no ETA on when it will be fixed.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear any updates. But do let us know if you’ve experienced any serious LTE issues this morning. Use the comments section below, or grab me on Twitter: @PhoneDog_Cam.

UPDATE: Seems the service is back up and running, in Philly at least. We’ve had a few people contact us to say that it’s working again. 

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  • Michael L

    LTE works in OKC, OK

  • Bryck

    Everything up and running here in CT.

  • D_Wall__

    Ive noticed a few drops recently in Orlando Area. But they have been adding coverage so i assume that they are working on the towers.

  • Baz

    Been streaming happily all morning on LTE here in Tallahassee, FL.

  • Steve

    LTE okay on Long Island,NY

  • Jrunner

    Streaming here on LTE in Indianapolis this morning and haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary

  • melon3531

    LTE seems fine here in Brooklyn, NY…

  • besweeet

    Good in Jacksonville, FL. Getting the usual 37 down and 10 up on 2 bars of LTE in an office.

  • bob

    LTE down in DC. Confirmed by T-mobile. Forcing HSPA works.

  • omellet

    Down in Philly. 3g works.

  • Verizonthunder

    It was extremely bad in central Maryland no Pandora, Facebook barely worked before httperror code not good T-Mobile.

    • fu

      Oh no! You can’t post your selfies on facebook! What ever will you do!

      • Verizonthunder

        I was giving examples

  • Terry

    Denver, CO seems to be OK. However off topic for a moment, has anyone experienced missing texts or getting duplicate texts? Apparently there is a known issue with the messaging services at t-mobile and has been going on for a period of time.

    • Joe

      Ya I have bin getting duplicate texts but I think it’s my phone cuz I have an s2. :(

      • Terry

        I have an S3 and was told specifically by Tmobile that it was their service and nothing to do with my phone. I have three lines and we have all be experiencing this. My ex wife also has tmobile and she has been having the same issue. (Iphone 5, Galaxy Avant and Lg G6 are our phones)

        • Joe

          Hmm ya that’s weird.

      • Joe

        O but it’s only in group text’s not normall ones and i’t also takes for ever to send a text sometimes

    • Bigjavar101

      I received 4- 5 duplicate text messages randomly throughout the day. I finally went to t-mobile last week and got a new sim card… Since then I haven’t had any issues with receiving duplicate text messages….

  • Adrayven

    Good here in Kzoo, Michigan

  • drklahn

    Good in Chicago.

    • Blackhawks

      Chicago is horrible the Hermosa are and the North side Fullerton and kostner 1-2 download or 0.79 upload it’s been like that since LTE arrive in Chicago..

      • Illinois

        Don’t worry, Chicago will get better all by itself. Especially since people are fleeing Illinois like it’s going out of style. Thanks to Chicago Politics…. Illinois has a net loss of something like 800,000 residents over the past 10 years. Residents are moving out of Illinois at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes and have been for years now.

        I actually heard in a Chicago news report that recently the number of people have left Illinois has actually exceeded the number that were born in Illinois.

        • Nate Opgenorth

          Oh Crook County…I wish you knew how to treat your citizens. Looks like Milwaukee will be getting an influx of you FIB’s :P. Don’t worry I like Illinois, just not the politics and other BS of that nature

  • Bradley Karas

    Wideband and Low band 12 working like a clock on my Note 4 in Tampa FL. But I was in Chicago over the weekend before St Patty’s Day and their LTE speeds were HORRIBLE!!! 2 mbps down and 4 up on 10mhz spectrum. It was REALLY BAD!!! Girlfriend has the Iphone 6 plus on T mobile and she was having same issues.

    • jjowiielks

      You a lucky getting 2mbps down, i get 0.2 mbps in miami in busy business area.

      • Bradley Karas

        Really? That’s weird cause you have wideband and low band in Miami. I didn’t have any issues down there when I was in Ft Lauderdale

    • Mike

      Was it on the south side where the speeds were slow? I work on the north side and the speeds are normally pretty fast there.

      • Bradley Karas

        I was on magnificent mile and Huron staying at Hampton Inn but pretty much all thru the downtown area

        • Mike

          Downtown and in the Loop can be spotty with any carrier because of the buildings and just the large number of users. Im sure all the carriers will address this when small cells become more common.

        • Bradley Karas

          T mobile just needs to increase capacity with wideband, maybe add some pcs spectrum or low band but I’m not sure small cells will solve the problem

        • Mike

          Yes spectrum will def help, but the small cells will help just due to the number of people crammed in the downtown area.

        • Mike

          My T-Mobile phone gets slow in the loop, so does my work phone which is on Verizon.

    • drklahn

      Yeah, we need some spectrum love here in Chicago. I hear T-Mobile might add some LTE in PCS band.

      • Bradley Karas

        Yeah they refarmed a ton of pcs spectrum in SE WI in the Milwaukee metro area works great. Last year at my folks house I was on edge and this year I was up there and they had fantastic LTE coverage on band 2

        • Nate Opgenorth

          I live in Central NY State but I’m from Milwaukee, WI and go there a few times a year. Was there last summer and had a great LTE experience on T-Mobile. I had both Band 2 and Band 4 depending on where I was and the HSPA was impressive as well. T-Mobile really worked on making sure I-94 was completely covered…was watching Netlfix on my tablet tethered to my iPhone from Chicago to Milwaukee and had ZERO hiccups, it dropped LTE a few times but went to 4-5 bars of HSPA+ and netflix never skipped a beat! Chicago was certainly bogged down however but all along I-90 from Erie, PA to East Chicago I had a solid connection, a lot of rest stations in rural Ohio/Indiana that only GPRS and LTE with no HSPA!

        • Bradley Karas

          That’s awesome! Yeah very impressed with the expansion I’m actually from the Waukesha area lived in Milwaukee but folks live out in Waukesha county and didn’t have any LTE connectivity last year this year full LTE

        • Nate Opgenorth

          Yeah at this point my guess is the Milwaukee metro area is only going to get better. I know they were actively working on putting up new cell sites and increasing capacity in the area. I actually had better T-Mobile indoor service than Verizon so I was very impressed.

      • Show me the sprectrum!

        Would love to know if they are talking with AT&T at all to buy their Band 12 in Chicago area?

    • Blackhawks

      Chicago been horrible since LTE arrive T-Mobile needs to improve or it will lose customers in Chicago. LTE sucks in Chicago Northside 60639 60641

  • Hector Arteaga

    No issue here in Memphis TN.

  • JTrip

    LTE is now working again in NJ just outside Philly. Had to switch to 3G earlier this morning.

  • Matt

    I wasn’t effected in the northern and western suburbs.

    • idiot box

      The northern and western suburbs of what? You do realize that there are MANY cities that have northern and western suburbs?

      • kgraham182

        I don’t know what city he’s referring to, but when I think of suburbs I think of Chiraq. Illest Noise

        • Curious Joe

          LOL yeah…. so many people think their city is the center of the universe or something that they make reference and think everybody knows what they are talking about.

          Kind of like people in the San Francisco area just say they are in the “Bay Area”… guess what San Fran Folks? There are SEVERAL “Bay Areas” in the USA….

  • Corey Jalette

    Had an issue for about 10 minutes earlier but it’s been working ever since. Rhode Island.

  • IShouldProbablyJustSignUp

    Phoenix AZ (East Valley) area had issues a few weeks ago. My LTE speeds were less than 1MB. I have the unlimited high speed plan, so it wasn’t because I was throttled. My wife had LTE issues too. My bro on the west Valley said he hadn’t seen any changes though. We had to switch to 4G for the time being, but as of now everything seems to be okay on LTE.

    • Justin Smith

      Even on a limited plan once you are throttled speedtest.net still shows unthrottled speeds

  • bobby

    I called tmoble and was advised that it was not an outage but system was updates and rebooted.

    • nycplayboy78


  • Melvnx

    LTE DOWN here in RIchmond, VA area


    Suburb of Philly. just came back on…

    • Cam Bunton

      Good to know. Seems a lot in Philly suffered.

  • bydavidrosen

    Has anyone (on the west coast, I’m in Las Vegas) been having an issue where texts just don’t send sometimes. Fine signal, but texts won’t send at all and I have to wait for them to time out to hit resend and then usually they work… Sometimes it takes two times of that to get them to send. Happening on mine and my gf’s Note 4, also I think on my mom’s S5 it’s happened sometimes.

  • dtam

    I have LTE on my phone outside of Boston

  • eman

    Everything good in NYC

  • Frankwhitess

    Everything is Goood in Westchester County….. It’s Clear that Sprint is attacking t mobile’s cell towers…. Hey, I give it to Sprint.. Atleast they are Not going down with out taking a few of t mobile’s towers….

  • Thecookindrummer

    I’ve been having problems with T-mobile’s network here in Southern California for about 2 months now. I get download speeds over 30mbs sometimes 50mbs download speeds after midnight. As soon as the sun rise I start dropping down between 7mbs-12mbs download speeds. By the time 12pm comes around my speed goes from there to 0.50mbs download. And it stays like that until after midnight. All on the LTE network. I would switch between the HSPA+ network to see if that would resolve the issues. It would only work for a few mins. My coworkers experience the same issues as well. I have unlimited data so I shouldn’t be throttled. This is in San Bernardino CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA and Rialto Ca.

    • Bigjavar101

      When i was in the Redlands area, I was experiencing the same issues! It also sometimes happens in Highland near the casino… I wonder if this is just happening in the I.E..?

      • peralta61

        I was having the same issue…I live in downtown and it seems to be working now I think they were working on the towers

        • Bigjavar101

          Downtown Redlands or San Bernardino?

        • peralta61

          Downtown Los angeles

      • Thecookindrummer

        I’m wondering too because it is happening throughout the I.E.

      • Guest

        I think it’s happening in the IE in general because I’ve also had those problems. I’m in the Fontana area, and I used to see fast speeds, but now the speeds have severely gone down hill. At home, I used to get 5 bars of service and LTE, but since December I haven’t had LTE at ALL. all I get is hspa which doesn’t work since it’s so slow. Also been getting edge a lot lately too, something I never had with my S3 and Note 4. I’ve been in contact with T-Force on the Facebook, and they’ve told me that the tower I connect to is fine and that there’s nothing wrong. I don’t believe that to be true in the slightest.

    • IShouldProbablyJustSignUp

      This is what happened to me in Phoenix! Exactly as you experienced, except I don’t get 50Mbps :P

    • Justin Smith

      There’s probably just a capacity issue. Wideband LTE sounds like it’s needed there. Almost no people will be on the network at mid-night.

    • Ray

      I experience the same thing no matter where I am. UCLA and SF Bay Area.

  • skippy1960

    Long Island, NY still with issues

    • nycplayboy78

      So that may mean that the Tri-State area is still down….

      • mingkee

        It works OK in Brooklyn (N train route) and Manhattan (Lex and 59th).

  • impasse

    northern va, mine is back.

    • nycplayboy78

      Good :)


    Purchase, NY never went out…yay! Las t time lasted hours! Hopefully it won’t!

  • MrTalkTooMuch

    LTE was down in Virginia Beach earlier this morning. Seems okay now though.

  • nycplayboy78

    Well I am here in San Antonio, TX on business and I can report T-Mobile LTE is up and strong…No issues…

  • mingkee

    I am using it at Lex/59th and LTE works 100%.

  • Epic_Ninja420

    It was down in Jacksonville, FL this morning around 7:30 but was back up and working about an hour later.

  • Quinto

    Miami and Orlando FL Working without problems.

  • Jon Beuerle

    I had some issues this morning in Lancaster County PA around 9 am. By 10 am it seemed to have been fixed.

  • slybacon

    Seattle working fine this morning (5-7am pacific).

    • Justin Smith

      East coast only from what we’ve seen so it should be working fine anyways

  • former_tmo_rep

    I wonder how many ppl found out how gullible they were when they switched from lte at 20+ speeds down to 4g with 3-5 speeds and found out apps such as pandora, youtube, and Netflix all load and play the same… #downloadspeedsgimic #youvebeenplayed

    • John Wentworth

      I wouldn’t say it’s a gimmic.
      Web pages load faster thanks to reduced latency.
      Apps download quicker
      Music and video starts sooner.

      It may not be a dramatic change but it’s definitely noticeable.

      • Joe

        O ya and don’t forget google maps and the fact that LTE is a bit more efficient than HSPA

        • John Wentworth

          Yeah, if you put today’s traffic levels on a hspa+ network it would crumble, you wouldn’t be getting 3 – 5 mbps.
          that’s the real carrier need for new technology like LTE, to deal with the ever increasing capacity.

        • former_tmo_rep

          My point wasn’t about the technology, it was mainly the speeds. If LTE was soft capped at 5mbps there would be no real world difference between 5 from 25. The apps load (least the ones I test loaded within the same time frame. Movie, game and music files downloaded within the same amount of time. Speaking of that topic you could have the fastest download speeds in the world, but on the server side it could be limited, and no matter how fast your speeds were it wouldn’t make a difference. Music and videos started no different. The point is all this bragging about speeds in today’s real world environment doesn’t count for much. As long as you are getting at least 3.5 down, you’re not gonna notice much of a difference unless you are sharing your connection with multiple devices. Ppl buy into the speed wars and it’s just silly.

        • John Wentworth

          Their are very few servers that are limited to 5 mbps, and if you find one it must be severely congested. most servers have 1 gbps connections or much much better. It’s rare that I find a server that can’t saturate my 50mbps home connection.
          Capping LTE at 5mbps isn’t the same as HSPA+ the latency is different, which does make a difference in things like web page , I see a noticeable difference.

          Maybe you don’t notice a difference, but I do and a lot of people do. I’m not saying it’s night and day or that it’s even at the frustration point. But their is a difference and I myself like the slightly better response times.

          Your not by chance a cricket user trying to justify that your capped LTE connection is just as good to yourself :)

    • JD

      Had to use Hspa, pinged 87, DL-8.02, UL-1.14
      that’s not bad..can still do whatever. Myrtle Beach SC

  • Chad Dalton

    seems to be fine in NC…text are a little slow, but thats nothing new…its the most aggravating thing about tmobile…text transmission!

  • Dan Lodi

    T mobile in central jersey working strong

  • steveb944

    Similar to my work AT&T hotspot… Oh wait that one just has horrendous signal at all times.

    • gmo8492


  • JD

    Myrtle Beach SC is running horrible for 2-3 days

    • Justin Smith

      That may just be the network there.. They don’t have a great network built out in Myrtle Beach from what I have read…

      • JD

        Myrtle Beach I normally pull 25-30 DL, 10-18 UL. Theirs build out goes 40 plus miles following the coast,east to west about 20 miles. Build out is good

        • Justin Smith

          I said capacity not build out

    • Justin Smith

      Capacity issue wise not overall

  • JD

    I called customer care yesterday,thought for some strange reason I was being throttled.lol

  • Deibid

    I tweeted T-Mobile to see what was going on. I too experienced the outage in Baltimore. I’ve had HSPA+ on all day instead of LTE. No big deal since we had a fall back.

  • SVU BOlieve in AJ’s EMMAlution

    I was wondering if T-Mobile had an outage, in New Orleans this morning while at work (around 6am) when I couldn’t download any podcasts, but then I found out that my mobile data somehow got disabled even though the 4G LTE icon was still displayed in the notification bar.

  • MichaelB

    On most non-Samsung devices you can dial *#*#4636#*#*, tap Phone Information, scroll down to “Set Preferred Network Type”, tap LTE/GSM/CDMA auto… then select “GSM/CDMA auto”. This will take LTE off you your settings do not give you the option.

    • steve

      Pittsburgh up and running

  • JD

    Feb.28th pinged 61, dl-30.05,ul-15.42 in myrtle beach. Today I pinged 107, dl-2.44,ul 0.87
    something seriously wrong

    • Jose Mendoza

      That’s what happens to me here in NC. Some speedtests have low latency, some are mid high. When going to major city like Winston salem, the ping is a bit more stable, but the network isnt.

  • V C Pittsburgh

    Good in NYC

  • Roger Sales

    if the service was out in NYC, it wasn’t in any part I was in(mostly lower manhattan and then back home to North Jersey).

  • Jose ramirez

    Miami this morning couldn’t play Pandora or check my Facebook or nothing

  • Blackshell

    LTE is still out in northern VA (Fairfax County).

  • adrenalinegroove

    Seems to be out in CT right now but it could be the town I am in. No LTE and no 4G. Just 2g or less

  • a d00d

    A late report: I was having a lot of trouble the past couple of weeks, but especially last weekend through at least Wednesday (the 25th). My Nexus 6 got the 5.1 update on Tuesday the 24th, and I had some issues with VoLTE that I thought was related to cell capacity (this is our busiest time of year in Phoenix), yet yesterday I only had trouble in one spot and not only no further VoLTE trouble as of last night but also much higher LTE speeds. Anyway, to fix the voice call issue I forced the phone to HSPA as others suggested, my thinking being that only LTE treats voice calls as packet-switched. I had no idea there was a nationwide LTE-only outage until I read this for the first time just a few minutes ago on Friday (the 27th) evening.

  • Seabass

    I was affected, LTE didn’t work on Thursday morning.

    • Brian Perez

      My lte has been very funny lately in nyc slow tp no data response when i try tp get on the web or watch huluplus and tpday is Wednesday. Tmobiles network is getting congested and slow

  • Jermaine Williams

    The offshore network engineering staff Neville Ray hired to supplement John Legere’s $25,000,000 per year compensation plan seems to need some additional training.

  • Hannah

    No service whatsoever in Durham, NH but if you travel a few minutes down the road you can get some service. Been out for 2 days now.

  • Bill

    in Center City Philly now – nope – not working. Web pages wont load – server connection lost. Cant view MMS messages on phone. Ipad wont load pages either – so its not a browser issue. Nope – not cleared here…

  • Guest

    Way to go #data strong network , all you Sprint haters suffer lol