[UPDATE x2: Back up and running] T-Mobile LTE experiencing outages in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and more?

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It seems as though T-Mobile is experiencing some network issues today. My first experience of it – coincidentally enough – was while being guest host on PocketNow’s weekly podcast a short while ago. Since then, I’ve had a number of emails and tweets informing me that it’s not just isolated to the Boston area where the show was being hosted.

Checking DownDetector makes it clear that there are several reports of outages in a number of areas across the U.S. Areas mentioned specifically include New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston, Bronx, Providence, Baltimore, Jersey City, and Somerville.

It’s unusual to see such a widespread outage as this one, so be sure to let us know where you are, and if you’ve experienced your LTE dropping out.

UPDATE #1: John Legere has tweeted, acknowledging the outage in the North East

UPDATE #2: Should be back up and running now. Reboot your device if you were affected and see if it has improved.

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