T-Mobile network ranked joint-first in Portland

portland magenta
Although it didn’t score so well overall in the national RootMetrics report, metro area tests indicate that T-Mobile’s network is actually rather good. In its latest RootScore rankings for Portland, T-Mobile finished joint first with Verizon with a score of 98.9.

The final rankings for the city are as follows:
1 – T-Mobile (98.9)
1 – Verizon (98.6)
3 – AT &T (95.7)
3 – Sprint (94.6)

As we know, RootMetrics’ RootScores are based on a combined score taken from its network reliability index and speed index. In both of those rankings, T-Mobile scored very highly. Its Reliability score for Portland was 99.8 and its Speed score was 95.0. That said, the network is seemingly showing signs that – as more people sign up to join the magenta carrier – its speeds are slowing down slightly.

T-Mobile was still one of the fastest networks in the area with median download speeds of 25.6Mbps. But that’s roughly 5Mbps slower than the median download speed measured in August of last year. Verizon, on the other hand, improved massively going from 15.6Mbps in August to 27.8Mbps in the most recent round of testing.

All in all, RootMetrics performed almost 26,000 call, data and text tests from January 7 through January 13, 2015.

If you’re in the area, let us know how T-Mobile’s network is performing there. Is it as fast and reliable as RootMetrics’ tests suggest?

Source: GlobalNewsWire

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  • Jay J. Blanco

    Awesome! The 2nd half of 2015 will be a rude awakening for Sprint

    • Hector Arteaga

      I agree. With the LTE to Edge overlay and the 700Mhx rollout. It’s gonna be interesting next time.

      • Mr Paul

        Not feeling any excitement. Sprint has far more low frequencies already deployed, and plenty more coming. Sprint, unlike T-Mobile, has also announced they are also going to add new towers and boosters. The only other carrier I know of that is also planning to do that this year is AT&T.

        • mario

          Mr Paul, sir do you have a hobby or life ? Just curious all you do is talk crap like seriously some life you got

    • KingCobra

      Year end 2015 will be a rude awakening for the Big 2 if T-Mobile can legitimately meet their goal to cover 300M with LTE by then. 300M is current AT&T LTE coverage level.

      • kgraham182

        Once T-Mobile fixes the big hole in the central Northwest, coverage complaint will quiet down. That’s at least 2M.

      • Mr Paul

        Not possible. Take a look at the service partner areas and no coverage areas on their maps. With an extremely minute exception of where they actually will have a little 700MHz, none of those areas will be seeing new coverage.

  • Terry

    I am glad to see these numbers, but I am going to be real interested in seeing the numbers from Denver. Let me tell you I just did a speed test outside and only was able to achieve a download of 1.59 mbps and upload of 3.45. This is not a random occurrence, it happens all the time. Definitely showing signs of slowing down here in Denver.

    • Tanner

      It’s doing the same thing here in Salt Lake city. Speeds have just plummeted overall. We’re still on a 10×10 channel, and I’m seeing it’s capacity go down.

      • Terry

        We are also still on 10×10 and it has been slowing down a lot lately. I am not complaining because I still love my T-mobile, just looking if others have noticed this as well.

        • Ryan

          Noticed the same thing here in Boise area. Not only have speeds dropped but now dropping calls which has been very rare until the past few weeks.

        • Raymond Fernandez

          Ive noticed it alot where i live. Which is central valley CA. Idk whats going on i just hope its just maintenance and they are improving capacity in my area.

        • Naruto44

          Same thing happens here Tampa, FL before speed test about 37-50 now I’m lucky if I hit 20.

      • Justin

        Same in pockets of Northwest Houston. During peak hours it drops below .5 megabits down. I’m having to switch off lte to do anything meaningful. Really annoying.

    • Mike

      I don’t live in Denver but when I was there 4 months ago, my speeds were around 15 Mbps down — close to my friend with AT&T.

    • Mr Paul

      I’m presuming if that’s not a bluff and is the case for Denver, then Denver is showing the same signs of slowing down as Western Florida like what I saw between Tampa and Ft. Myers. I had LTE the whole trip, but was lucky to get more than 2-3 megabits down half the time. I think my best was like 6-7 down, and then really briefly around Sarasota I saw some 20-30 down on the highway. Never double digits when I need it and horrible, horrible latency. It was just pathetic.

  • dkbnyc

    Go Big Pinky!

  • k

    Portland here: Yes, its as fast as it suggests. There’s a tower near my place where I get around 60M down and 20M up. There’s still some EDGE in the surrounding areas which I wish TMO would get converted to LTE, but overall, very pleased. I switched from Verizon about 1 year ago and inside of Portland, i’d say the service is a tad bit better.

  • Dan

    I can confirm both. Yes the coverage is good (I get edge in SW hills though occasionally while driving), and yes, the speed has slowed in the last year – especially in the last few weeks. Getting more 4G and less LTE at home – assumed they were doing maintenance or something lately. Dunno. Still fast, just not 60-100mbps fast. My 55/5 in December went to an 8/.5 on feb 4. Not happy about that, but livable. Wondering if congestion is starting to happen.

  • jay_max

    It looks like the FCC has already consented to TMO’s purchase of the 700mhz spectrum from Vulcan in the Seattle and Portland markets. Now to just get the deal consummated and the bandwidth deployed…

  • TechnoRealz

    Looks like TMO is down on east coast through 15 states according to the tech rep I just called.

    • Verizonthunder

      Yes mine loss data connection a couple of times today only have 3g now.

      • TechnoRealz

        It’s intermittent 0 bars to LTE & everything in between.

        • Verizonthunder

          It’s crazy but I have Internet for my Samsung galaxy note 4 with swarovski crystal back cover so I am content tmobile hspda plus is fast.

    • Gtech

      Confirmed. Rep told me the same thing. No etr given, hopefully resolved by end of the day.

  • archerian

    Why Portland of all places? Is that the largest metro where T-Mobile came first? This is old news according to JL, can’t have it both ways…

    • Dan

      Because it’s where young people go to retire.

      • Orlando Duran

        LoL…what an idiot

      • Anton Nekhaenko


  • Orlando Duran

    Here in Portland Oregon. …the network is phenomenal. It’s not always about speed. It’s all about latency of the connection. DL speed may slow down, but as long as you get consistent latency, it will work flawlessly

    • TmoUser

      Lol, when Sprint users say the same thing, they get torn apart by Magenta fanboys.

  • Jason

    Magenta is tits in this area! No complaints with LTE on my phone.

    • Jays

      I just want better building penetration and I’ll be a happy camper

  • Justin Jackson

    Tmobile just needs to work on the I-5 corridor from Salem to Portland besides that area i have no complaints about tmo’s speeds

    • Orlando Duran

      My unlocked galaxy s4 gets lte from Portland to Salem with zero problems

  • Rick Rudge

    I’m another Portland area resident who is very happy with T-Mobile’s coverage here. I’ve never experienced any dead zones here. I’m a very happy customer. Keep up the good work, T-Mobile.

  • Thomas Clark

    SE Portland. Terrible reception in my apartment, but incredible while on the town. I’m thankful for wifi calling at home and my range extender at work so I can get reception in the break room. Looking forward to the 700 mhz spectrum to be deployed here and my next phone to operate on said spectrum.

  • Madness

    They lie about their coverage. Their coverage map shows excellent service at my house in Tigard, yet I get zero bars. They sent someone out to verify the problem 2 months ago – yet still 0 bars and still shows as excellent coverage on their map. I went to Carlton with my girlfriend who is on AT&T – she got 3 bars in town while I got zero… Sure, it works in downtown Portland, but that’s about it.