T-Mobile Q4 and full year 2014 earnings call to take place on Feb. 19

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Although the company has already announced preliminary financial results for the final quarter and full fiscal year of 2014, T-Mobile is set to announce full results officially on February 19th. Just six days from now.

The call will run for approximately 90 mins and will be an “extended, open conversation” kicking off at 9:00am Eastern, and ending at 10:30am Eastern. That’s 6:00am to 7:30am Pacific.

As with Q3’s entertaining earnings call, participants will be able to interact with John Legere, Mike Sievert & company by tweeting questions to @TMobileIR using the hashtag #TMUSearnings. You will also be able to send in your questions via SMS by sending a text message to 313131 and using the keyword TMUSQA followed by a space.

Example: “TMUSQA When will we surpass Sprint as the #3 carrier in the states?”

As always, you will also be able to tune in to the call on T-Mobile’s investor site via webcast. Simply head on over to http://investor.t-mobile.com. There will also be an embedded livestream on Twitter that can by accessed by mobile or desktop.

We’re expecting T-Mobile to confirm the numbers that it has already announced a few weeks back. Subscriber numbers reached a total of 55 million, thanks to adding 8.3 million customers in 2014, and 2.1 million in the final quarter. As we all know, that last ditch, valiant effort from T-Mobile wasn’t quite enough to catch Sprint’s 56 million subscribers. But it’s close, and T-Mo has the wind in its sails and has better momentum going in to 2015.

As always, we’ll be covering the earnings call next week. Stay tuned for more information as it goes public.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    This will be great.

  • sushimane

    Maybe in the second quarter tmobile keep on doing what you do Best.

  • taron19119

    About time i been waiting for every for this now i hope they talk about 700mz and 2g to lte progress

  • Joe

    I wander what they will do about the 2g to LTE Cuz even when all 2g towers are LTE there will still be a good amount of 2g between the towers cuz LTE is not as strong as 2g :(

    • Mike

      It depends on if they put LTE on the PCS or the AWS spectrum in your area.

      • Joe

        It does not matter cuz in rural parts of the US they have the towers spaced based on how fare the 2g goes which is farther than LTE. So that would mean that there would still be 2g between towers.

        • Mike

          It does matter. If LTE is launched on the 1900 PCS band, it will travel the same distance as edge. The signal will travel the same distance no matter what technology is used. If they launch it on the 1700/2100 AWS, then yes, it may not travel as far.

        • Joe

          Than why is it that on there maps in some parts ware it looks like all of the towers have bin upgraded to PCS LTE there are still small gaps of 2g I do understand what u are saying about the AWS and PCS but it is still going to be a problem in some parts of the US especially in the mountains cus LTE is also more “fragile” of a signal.

        • Mike

          That is true, but the main variable will be the device sensitivity and the conditions outside.

        • Joe

          I guess we shall c when it is all done.

        • 9to5Slavery

          Rooting for the midwest (Central IL all over and path down to STL’s rural outer parts!!!!!!!!!)

        • Guest

          Actually that is false. You can launch LTE and 2G on the same spectrum

        • Mike

          Thats what I said. That is also what they will be doing in most 2G areas due to cost and spectrum issues.

        • daniel

          Actually that is false. You can launch 2G and LTE on the same spectrum and EDGE will travel farther. It’s the nature of the Technogy. LTE on PCS does have a bit better range than AWS though. But AWS performs better as far as data capacity goes.

        • Mike

          That what I said, It just depends on what Tmo does in a given area

        • Mike

          In some areas there will even be 2G/LTE/HSPA on the PCS spectrum

        • daniel

          Yeah that would make sense in the areas where they have a lot of PCS spectrum

        • Mike Palomba

          2G is the same thing as EDGE.

        • daniel

          I know

        • daniel

          There is a layer of HSPA as well. I know because my tower was just modernized.

        • Joe

          That is true but not in many places only in some places.

        • daniel

          I guess if they launch LTE on AWS then they also launch HSPA on PCS. But if they launch LTE on PCS then there is no HSPA later. That’s my guess

    • Hector Arteaga

      Supposed to be done by the end of the year.

      • Mike

        2G to LTE will be done mid year, 300 million POPs on LTE by the end of year.

  • KingCobra

    Interested to hear about the progress of the 2G to LTE upgrades. Other than a few towers remaining in the Eastern part of the state, they look to be mostly done in NC. Shouldn’t have any trouble meeting or exceeding their deadline.

    • Jose Mendoza

      Western Nc is pretty much done with lte upgrades. Going to Raleigh,there is a few 4G HSPA+ spots only. At least it is not edge like in my hometown that used to be edge in the middle of the city and hspa+ in the rural part. I found that to be interesting how they did not deploy hspa in the middle of the commerce areas along the highway.

  • Hector Arteaga

    It doesn’t matter if T-Mobile is #3 or #4. I’m glad they are doing great and hoping for both Sprint and T-Mobile to start making the big two sweat. Verizon is already introducing better data deals. Thank you Tmo and Sprint, the consumer wins.

    • Jay Holm

      Verizon is way, way too cocky and full of themselves. I won’t respect them until they announce plans to shut off the EVDO Rev A network!!! Totally useless, probably won’t be til 2018 at the earliest. EVDO Rev A is to Verizon what EDGE is to T-Mobile.

      • lynyrd65

        No, it isn’t.

        You can count on Verizon EV-DO for at least 500kbps which is enough for basic streaming video and HQ streaming audio and it can peak at 2mbps. T-Mobile’s EDGE at best is 256kbps peak but is usually much less and often completely unusable for even the most basic data tasks. In my area most T-Mobile EDGE sites don’t transfer any data at all.

        The 2G to 4G upgrade is a Godsend here.

  • Jay J. Blanco


  • UMA_Fan

    We need an update for the edge to to LTE conversion

    • Mike

      There is a real time network map on T-Mobiles website

    • Jay Holm

      Also, an uodate on the 700mhz deployment, and what to expect in the coming months.

  • tony


  • Where the Fannie Pack

    So no fanboy predictions that are totally impossible for TMobile to meet?

    I thought atleast UMA Fan would predict or overcount subs by two million again ;p

    • UMA_Fan

      Well T-Mobile has been adding the MOST phone customers for about a year now. Gross and Net. It is a fact T-Mobile is no 1. It can’t get simpler than that.

      • Crazy prediction pls?

        Actually TMobile is number 4

        That last year or two has been good but when your in 4th place giving away anything you can at the lowest price of the competition, id hope you could add customers!

        Why is DT actively trying to unload TMobile?

        Fact is TMobile is down by 50+million customers to the top 2 in wireless and has a long way to go….

        Another fact is no matter which way you twist the numbers, TMobile didn’t add 10 million for the time you stated….

        • UMA_Fan

          No 4 in total EXISTING customers.

          In the marketplace right now T-Mobile is number 1.

          Every quarter the past four quarters.

          Meaning the majority of people out there shopping for new cell phone service choose Tmobile all while Tmobile spends the LEAST amount of dollars on marketing.

          If they’re spending the least and adding the most that says T-Mobile is growing due to word of mouth. People are switching. Liking it. Then telling their friends.

          How is that a twist?

  • Nerd_Baller

    Is tmobile placing 700mhz tower components only in the places they’ve closed deals or others? I know the hardware is fairly obvious as the array is quite larger than 1900 mhz or 17/2100

  • Lester Walters

    FOUR NO MORE! Move over Sprint!