MetroPCS intros $30 unlimited talk, text and data prepaid plan

MetroPCS offer

Today, MetroPCS – T-Mobile’s primary prepaid brand – announced a brand new promotional plan for customers who walk in to its stores. For $30 per month (including taxes/fees) subscribers can walk out with unlimited talk, text and data with 1GB 4G data.

This is an in-store exclusive which means, sadly, you can’t grab it online. You have to go to a brick-and-mortar MetroPCS branded store to get it. And you’ll need a compatible 3G/4G GSM handset. T-Mobile promises “you won’t find a lower cost option with data at Boost or Cricket. Period.”

When you compare it to T-Mobile’s 1GB PostPaid Simple Choice offering, it’s pretty great value for money. Especially since MetroPCS pricing includes all your taxes and fees.

EDIT: In an earlier version of this post I had “4G LTE data” in the first paragraph. I edited it as I became aware that this is not for LTE data. “LTE phones not eligible” is included in the fine print on the MetroPCS splash page and definitely takes the shine off this deal. 

You can find out more and find your local store on the MetroPCS site.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • david

    FIne print says LTE phones not eligible. Up to 4G only. The description in the 1st paragraph is incorrect.

  • Jesse

    correct no lte on this plan.

    • Curious Joe

      That doesn’t make sense. Why would they roll out a new plan that excludes LTE on a network that will soon enough be ALL LTE?

      Is this like a fire sale to milk every last penny they can from the non LTE networks before they are shut down?

      For some reason it makes me think of an analogy… a mall owner is going to shut down their mall and demolish it for a bigger and better mall in the future…. so they rent out space to new tenants super cheap while not telling them their space will be gone soon when the mall gets demolished. hmmm……

  • Roger Sales

    don’t know why they wouldn’t want people using LTE devices

  • Will

    This is an epic fail compared to say Cricket’s $35 plan with unlimited minutes, texts, and 2.5GB of LTE data. It’s like MetroPCS doesn’t want new customers. Come on MetroPCS, please help yourself. Even Verizon gives its prepaid customers unlimited minutes, text, and 1.5GB of LTE data for $45.

    • Brandon Jiang

      i don’t see how the verizon plan matches up? .5 GB data for an extra $15 no thanks?
      cricket’s is pretty competitive though

      • JLV90

        Verizons lets you add 3 GB of data for $20, thats the only benefit I would see. The 3 GB also does not expire for 90 days. No throttling allows tethering etc.

      • Roger Sales

        and probably temporary til they stop bleeding customers from the bad CDMA transition fallout.

      • Will

        You pay more for their coverage. I constantly have no bars but my brother (on Verizon) has plenty. Personally I think given that Verizon has historically been stingy with their data plans, 1.5GB for $45 is pretty good, especially if Verizon is the only one with coverage.

        I tested out Cricket but their customer support is terrible. They could never tell me why a Cricket branded Moto G LTE would never go to LTE. It parked itself on HSPA+ 99% of the time even when a friend with an AT&T phone had LTE.

        • 9to5Slavery

          T-mobile isn’t honest as whole. Got a customer rep telling me that prepaid offers international roaming. Said yes to my questions and later found out I had to do credit check to re-do my whole plan. Told the reps that I went through I wanted the $60 plan not unlimited. They put me on unlimited anyway. What scam they tried to pull.

        • MKashi

          wait for a rebuttal from someone claiming all carriers do it, like somehow that justifies it or lessens the problem.

        • 9to5Slavery


    • Ryanide

      Or even AT&T’s new GoPhone plan.
      Their new plans offer unlimited data, but throttled after your allowance of your plan.
      The 1.5GB LTE unlimited talk, text, data plan for $45. blows Verizon’s 1GB $45 plan away, especially since Verizon isn’t unlimited data.

    • Mike Palomba

      Cricket is throttled to about 8mps. Anyway so you’re Basically getting non-LTE speeds. It may say LTE by the signal bar but I’m reality your really getting 4g speeds. And for $30 what do you expect? This plan is obviously for those who aren’t worried about blazing fast speeds

      • Bill Berry

        I think 8 megabits is reasonable! For Christ’s sake when does one say to themselves “what speed is enough?”

        • Will

          I actually agree that the current throttles are enough even for HD streaming. But I do think it is funny that people point out Cricket’s throttle when T-Mobile has the same speed for their throttle on their prepaid plans.

      • Will

        T-Mobile’s prepaid plans are now throttled as well at 8MBps.

    • Cruise Guy

      So wrong Will. We have choices. Its just another price point with another product. If you really want 2.5 GB of LTE, then go to Cricket. There are a bunch of people who barely use 200MB per month. It will be perfect. Thank gosh there are a ton of choices now. Not everyone wants your 2.5GB of data.

      • Will

        So wrong Cruise Guy. But then you are just trolling without adding in anything useful.

        Since you failed to read, let me state it another way: even Cricket’s lowest plan has 1.5GB MORE data than this crappy MetroPCS plan. It’s called market analysis and knowing your competitors.

        But you don’t care because you are just a troll.

    • Bill Berry

      But what many of you are missing are that carriers and their MVNOs also offer 3G only plans and that isn’t a bad thing either if you happen to live where HSPA+ is available. My goal is not to have the biggest baddest device with the always fastest data speeds possible. What I want is for my device to work regardless of wherever I may be and for it to do the task I need it to; that’s it. What I care about is being made to pay for a plan that I will receive no benefit from having and only pay for what I need…now that would be radical. Now the day for example T-Mobile gives me unlimited broadband comparable to Cable/ADSL/VDSL providers and a comparable price; we’ll talk, but c’mon, seriously, is it really about the biggest baddest or something that should be practical like say, common sense?

  • TK – Indy

    This is no LTE like Brightspot, Wallmart Family Mobile, and GoSmart. Won’t help MetroPCS brand at all.

    • JLV90

      Except you can’t even use a phone that has LTE.

      Walmart Family Mobile has LTE as of January.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    This offer should be $30 with unlimited text, talk and 1 GB LTE data and it would make more sense. LTE will show people what their speeds can be like and maybe they will want to switch to higher plans.

    • MKashi

      I’d rather be on HSPA+ in several areas, better speeds on it compared to LTE now that congestion has started to creep in significantly.


    My partner owns an authorized retailer MetroPCS in Manhattan. He said the plan is to push out non LTE phones since they want to eliminate or phase out selling these low end phones. It makes sense because he said that they’re going to bring in more value based LTE phones like the MOTO E. So it figures the best way to entice people to buy out the scraps is to offer a cheaper price plan to go along…it’s funny just this past weekend I was thinking along side this type of thinking! Why advertise blazing fast LTE speeds when the unknowing client may purchase a lower priced phone that can’t even access it? Well i guess it pays to do ur homework….or not expect it all for a 29.00 phone I guess.

    • Wondering

      Can you tell me if you can call U.S. Virgin Islands with Metro?


        Look up world calling METROPCS…I gave a link but its being approved so it’ll take a while to show.

        • Wondering

          AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon all consider the U.S. Virgin Islands part of the U.S. and it is part of the calling area. MVNO’s do not necessarily allow the same calling area but should. I can call the Virgin Islands from T-Mobile but not generally from a smaller phone co. I am trying to determine which Metro falls under.

        • Mike

          I have MetroPCS. I tried to call a USVI number; it didn’t work. Further investigation online shows that Tmo considers USVI an international destination on its prepaid plans and Metro is the same. You can call Puerto Rico as normal; don’t know about other territories.

          You can use Google Voice for about 2 cents a minute to call USVI if you have an account. Or you can add the world calling plan for $10/month.

  • TK – Indy

    Ok, so no LTE. The rural Edge conversion is to LTE only, and leaving a bit of Edge behind – but no HSPA. Rural coverage for this plan is going to be terrible.

    • Really, no HSPA at all, just LTE and a modicum of EDGE?

      • doubleatheman

        For now. Its much cheaper to add LTE only. They will go back later hopefully and add hspa in those areas.

        • Car Hound

          Why would they want to go back and add HSPA, especially if it’s more expensive to add?

        • Bill Berry

          T-Mobile is not adding HSPA+ to 2G EDGE towers that have been upgraded to 4G LTE regardless of bandwidth. We either upgrade our phones or we’re stuck on EDGE. I don’t like it anymore than many who share my feelings on the subject but it’s sort of like being in the military and while you’re shopping around for a place to live you’re also checking out how good are the schools. My home address I have 5 bars over on T-Mobile and barely a bar on AT&T and Verizon Wireless…at the ex’s house it’s the opposite AT&T is pegged out and she’s pulling a cool 7 megs down on non-LTE sim card and my stepson is pulling an impressive 29 megs down over on Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile? There no where to be found here.

  • StankyChikin

    I will stick with my T-Mo $30 plan tyvm


      Seriously. My brother uses a 12.00 plan with like 250 min on page plus for verizon service and the 30 tmo on a Verizon tab 4…5gb data on tmo and Verizon mvno voice for 42.00 a month….no brainer!

      • 9to5Slavery

        so complicated @.@

      • Bill Berry

        Ah…somebody other than me using “The 12 Plan” – It’s excellent! 250 minutes, 250 text messages, and 10 megabytes of 3G data for the basics! It’s my backup when T-Mobile is always so kind and gracious to offer 4G LTE/HSPA+ in Columbus, GA but the moment you leave town, zero coverage.

  • My brother and some of his friends asked how to get this 1GB of LTE for $30 monthly. I have told locals they have to go to Aiken across from the mall on WHISKEY RD (SC 19) since they heard or saw this deal. They thought the nearest store was in Augusta, Ga.

    • Ryanide

      And this plan doesn’t allow for LTE data/phones.
      So sadly, it’s only 2G-4G (HSPA+).

    • Car Hound

      And how is that relevant to 99.9% of the people reading this?

      • He expressed interest in a MetroPCS phone in an online order after we got an offer from them in the mail.

  • randomnerd_number38

    Seems like a pretty good deal for people that just to need to talk, text, email, and occasionally use a little light web browsing. But yeah, introducing a non-LTE plan in 2015? Lame.

    • john

      Not lame. I just watching a metro pcs 4g speed test on youtube. The phone was connecting at 8 Mbps download for regular 4g not 4g LTE which is really good for $30 a month.

      • doubleatheman

        Yeah Hspa has the ability to go to 42mbps… Real world 15mbps under good conditions.

      • Bill Berry

        Personally, I think their (Wal-Mart) $30 Unlimited Text Messages, 5GB Data, and 100 Voice Minutes is by far the best plan out there for the money…assuming you have an alternative way to make VoIP calls and a device capable of doing it depending on whether you have HSPA+ and/or LTE available to you.

  • Yessss

    I work at Sprint, and I have T-Mobile. Lol. I’m only at Sprint to get paid and we have to pretty much lie about their service. Sprint just sucks… You think Sprint is a ruin from the outside, only try working in the inside! I really applaud T-Mobile for their agressiveness. Hoping to work at T-Mobile once they start hiring in my area.

    • Sprint Management

      You’re Fired!

    • 9to5Slavery

      They do win on prices though.

      • Mike

        Too bad sprints network sucks.

        • 9to5Slavery

          It is usable. Very competitive. May not be other areas great vs other carriers but it is good. And only getting better. You shouldn’t make suv a bias comment

        • Mike

          No, I had it right the first time. Sprint sucks. They are completely down right now in the Chicago area. Not just the LTE like T-Mobile outage.

        • 9to5Slavery

          Being down doesn’t mean it completely sucks. It’s just temporally. It’s not like your life is going to end so why don’t you stop panicking and get some air.

        • Mike

          It does completely suck. That’s my opinion and the opinion of many others. You think otherwise and that’s fine. So, why do you keep responding? Maybe it’s you that needs the air my friend.

        • 9to5Slavery

          I am responding because you responded towards my comment. And if you were to have such an opinion, I would have mine too. I would disagree with you because you are very biased. Not only that but you seem to have little knowledge other than the surface knowledge of what you see on some sites like this.

        • Mike

          So Sprint having the slowest speeds in just about every market doesn’t count?

        • 9to5Slavery

          Have you ever tried being optimistic about anything? You are so caught up in how things are bad in areas and hopefully not all the time while you are living on earth. Some areas not even Sprint are slow, it is also the other carriers as well. If you are into speed then get a carrier that suites for that speed. You don’t need to complain about it if you have the service or if you don’t have the service. It doesn’t make any sense. Just go for the solution and stop being a b****! B*tching about it doesn’t make you look any better Mike. So stay optimistic.

        • Mike

          I’m not complaining. Just stating mere fact.

        • 9to5Slavery

          Do you know stating a fact and stating an opinion? Because you certainly do not.

        • Mike

          So sprint having the slowest network is most markets isn’t fact? It’s been stated by several parties.

        • Greg Lanning

          Sprint renewed my contract while I was on the other side of the planet without my phone. I didn’t give written or verbal consent, which is what they said they needed before contract renewal. I went with another provider and Sprint chased me down for $200 for a FALSE early termination fee. When the collection agency finally broke me for $100 a couple years later, he didn’t even take his fee for the collection because he had soo many people with the same complaint!
          Imagine the millions of dollars Sprint is extorting from people!

          Say the government fines them $100,000,000.00 for their actions, But they already made $300,000,000.00 from their actions. F**k the law, they just made $200,000,000.00 profit!

          Yes, Sprint sucks. They are thieves!

  • Elmo1182

    I find it hard to see how they can possibly make any profit from this. Although it’s great for competition though

  • JTrip

    T-Mobile outage today?

    • JTrip

      No LTE in NJ. Running on 3G right now.

  • peharri

    Kinda makes the postpaid family plans feel a little overpriced too at this point. Hopefully it’s a sign there’s going to be more price cuts (or else a general shake up of TMo’s tariff structure) in the near future…

    • The danger is that TMUS adopts the German plan ladder of different prices, different speeds (v. bit{dot}ly/1BMyEMW ).

      • Bill Berry

        Their own little spin on net neutrality?

  • William Burr Winans

    At first this may seem like a bad plan because its Non-LTE and I think it needs to be $25 than $30. Anyways I have been told T-Mobile’s plan is they aren’t just going to upgrade all the towers to LTE but also HSPA. They are upgrading LTE first cause its more popular but eventually they will start working on the HSPA upgrades.

    • Acdc1a

      It’s nice for the casual user or something to put the kids on.

    • Bill Berry

      Yep, I was not a happy camper when I learned rural areas that received the 2G EDGE upgrade to 4G LTE won’t receive HSPA+ making my Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999) useless at my home unless I’m on Wi-Fi. I’m not aware there are any future plans to upgrade any rural 2G EDGE to HSPA+ other than whatever they had in place before switching the majority of these rural areas. I find it sad that there are so many areas where I live in Georgia where their service goes from 4G LTE to no coverage at all. I fail to understand their logic except to say I do hold out hope that the 700 spectrum they bought for the Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas that have no coverage will come on board soon. My step son has Verizon Wireless in a town of 400 people tops pulling a cool 26 megs down and AT&T switched on HSPA+ here three years ago and while I appreciate what T-Mobile has done throughout most of the country; it lacks coverage in many rural areas throughout the country where cities surrounding these locations now have 4G LTE. I’ve come to expect there is always a catch with them…always. I was completely caught off guard when I learned rural areas won’t receive the HSPA+ upgrade and yes, I’m aware it’s a 3G technology, a point that surprises our local kiosk in Opelika, AL who continue to preach it’s 4G until I pull out a Windows Phone device and run the diagnostic mode and show it to them.

  • Eric

    Um… How do you get 1 gig of unlimited data?

    • Sushi

      Thats 1GB of 4G data, after that 4G it will only be 3G worth of unlimited data.

  • SMFD21

    It doesn’t have to be a brick and mortar store, I sell this plan at my multi carrier store…

  • robert holmes

    How can I get my service for metro PCS back on.

    • Randy Moan

      Certainly posting to a message board must do the trick.

  • Tim

    This sounds a lot like the Sprint plan Kroger has except it’s $5 less but you don’t get free aritime $$ when you buy groceries.

  • Ted

    Love the ad. Doesn’t say PER MONTH anywhere on the sign, but the goober taking the eye test reads it.