T-Mobile applies to acquire 700MHz spectrum in South Dakota


T-Mobile recently announced that it would attempt to roll out all 190 million POPs-worth of its current 700MHz spectrum by the end of 2015. But it didn’t say it was done with acquiring new airwaves. In a recent filing made with the FCC, T-Mobile is proposing a deal with Dryad Communications to purchase A block 700MHz spectrum in the South Dakota area.

The filing became active on March 24th, just four days ago. It includes – as always – the transaction description and public interest statement as well as the details on the competitors in the area, and the spectrum aggregation. Once approved, the deal will see T-Mobile become owner of 12MHz spectrum blocks of 700MHz spectrum in the following counties:

South Dakota – Minnehaha, Meade, Pennington, Adams, Butte, Harding, Lawrence, Perkins, Clark, Codington, Deuel, Grant, Hamlin, Roberts, CUster, Fall River, SHannon, Bennett, Gregory, Haakon, Jackson, Jones, Lyman, Mellette, Stanley, Todd, Tripp, Aurora, Brule, Buffalo, Charles Mix, Davison, Douglas, Hand, Hughes, Hyde, Jerauld, Sully, Beadle, Brookings, Kingsbury, Lake, Miner, Moody, Sanborn, Bon Homme, Clay, Hanson, Hutchinson, Lincoln, McCook, Turner and Yankton

North Dakota – Adams

Nebraska – Sheridan, Cherry, Cedar, Knox and Grant

Minnesota – Big Stone, Traverse, Pipestone and Rock

Montana – Carter

As with all of its 700MHz spectrum so far, T-Mobile will more than likely roll it out in 5+5 MHz flavor. Which means that – although strong and capable of penetrating buildings, it’s not the fastest of T-Mobile’s LTE networks.

The map created by DanRant of the T-Mobile subreddit has already been updated to include these new areas:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 13.39.44


Thanks to Josh and Ryan for sending this through.

Source: FCC

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  • Dark enV

    Dang it I thought that said South Carolina at first haha. Hopefully soon that will happen as well.

    • William Burr Winans

      Yeah I’m pretty sure T-Mobile will buy Cavalier and Continuum at some point soon!

      • Justin Smith

        They aren’t buying these companies lol just their spectrum

        • RiskyBidThis

          They only exist to resell the spectrum they won in 2008 for a profit, so they more or less are buying the companies.

      • Dave Slater

        I hope so. Cavalier’s 700 mhz spectrum in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy NY market would make T-Mobile a true competitor. Their LTE is by far the fastest, but coverage indoors can be a problem.

      • I hope so too. Cavalier, as well as WFXG, are the main reasons why we don’t have 700 here yet.

        • William Burr Winans

          WFXG can be taken care of because they have permits for Channel 31.

  • Ryan M.

    … by golly they may just figure out a way to service Montana soon! It is a start!

    • chrssstp9

      Just buy Brenden communication…they’re just sitting on 700 MHz spectrum

      • Roger Sales

        you mean Bresnan?

    • enkay1

      They are planning to roll out service in Missoula, Helena, and Butte this year.

  • nebraska

    What about eastern Nebraska where all the people are in nebraska

    • enkay1

      T-Mobile and AT&T have basically given up Alaska to Viaero Wireless. AT&T is building a little bit but for the most part, it is cheaper for them to roam on Viaero than to built and maintain a network.

    • SirStephenH

      US Cellular owns the band 12a licenses in Eastern Nebraska and is unlikely to sell.

  • UMA_Fan

    Where are all those posters that try to spin every news article into how it shows DT is looking to sell T-Mobile ASAP?

    • Crybabies

      I like how everytime I complain about poor coverage everyone’s defense is T-Mobile doesnt care about covering people in the boonies. Time to revise their argument I guess.

      • UMA_Fan

        Coverage satisfaction is relative to an individual persons needs.

        There are countless areas Tmobile is indisputably better than Verizon and AT&T.

        Your personal experience for YOUR needs does not mean it’s true for everyone else.

  • Roger Sales

    The article means 12×12 blocks and not 12 mhz, right? Unless they are acquiring either A or B licenses and not both in all these regions.

    • Justin Smith

      Most areas should have 10×10 if they acquire all 2-3 blocks.

      • enkay1

        T-Mobile has only acquired more than 12 MHz of 700 MHz in Bismarck, ND. They can only roll out 5+5 in the A block.

        • eAbyss

          T-Mobile owns C block in Bismarck, ND. What Bismarck has to do with this, I don’t know. But you are correct ONE block of A-C has 12 MHz total of paired spectrum (6×6). That’s not what he was talking about though.

    • enkay1

      6+6 MHz for a total of 12 MHz.

    • eAbyss

      The article’s not clear on that at all. Blocks A-C are a total of 12 MHz of paired spectrum (6×6) EACH and blocks D and E are each 6 MHz of unpaired spectrum. If they acquired blocks A, B, and E they’d have a total of 30 MHz of band 12 spectrum. Block E is pretty much useless without carrier aggregation but blocks A and B (12×12, 24 MHz total) would be perfect for a 10×10. I suspect the article is only counting A block because that’s all T-Mobile has committed to rolling out so far.

  • Justin Smith

    When I was looking at the map it showed Youngstown Ohio with new band 12 LTE a well!

    • Walt

      Where did you find the map that showed band 12?

    • Laststop311

      can confirm pretty much all of north east ohio is in 700mhz goodness also wideband 15+15 aws LTE is in effect too. T-mobile seems to really like northeast ohio and im not complaining :)

  • CorHector

    It looks like its only A band spectrum. Other company’s own the b and c blocks in the area. Also E block spectrum is owned by a hoarder that owns the entire block e aka Dish Network.

    • The FCC should implement a use it or lose it policy for all spectrum below 2500 MHz.

  • Cameron

    This news was posted 2 days ago by Tmorocks..

  • Zack

    I’d just like to add that a saguaro would look pretty out of place in South Dakota.

  • Durandal_1707

    This is awesome news!

  • Andrew Heisler

    They really dont need a lot of spectrum for montana.

  • Corhector

    So I was wrong they are buying b and e spectrum. What will happen is that they will deploy a and b 700 spectrum as needed and start a byod promotion. Tmobile is going to buy a lot of that rural spectrum that att never bothered with and close the holes in their coverage.

  • Scott

    I got excited when I saw the saguaro cactus. I was hoping some new coverage in Arizona…but no.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    What I don’t understand is if Florida has an antenna with a ref circle around it, then how come it’s covered in pink? I thought channel 51 areas wouldn’t get 700MHz until the channel was relocated??

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Cactuses in South Dakota?