As part of Uncarrier for Business, T-Mobile makes “enhancements” to business customer service


Uncarrier 9.0 wasn’t just about creating simplified pricing and perks for business customers, it was also about making sure those business customers are better looked after when they’ve signed up. As part of its new focus on the B2B market, T-Mobile is bringing “enhancements to T-Mobile Business Customer Service”.

According to an internal communication, T-Mobile wants to make sure that business customers “small and large, have direct access to the help they need, whenever they need it.” This means three key things:

  1. Business customers get a direct line to their 24/7 business account team and calls will be answered by a business customer service rep in 80 seconds or less, but normally within 10-15 seconds. Calls are automatically routed via 611 or 1-800-375-1126.
  2. The Virtual Hold Tool will enable customers to request a call back if a call isn’t answered within 60 seconds, rather than leave the customer wait on hold.
  3. Every retail store worker will be trained specifically to handle the needs of small businesses.

T-Mobile staff will get access to new tools and “enhanced permissions” to enable them to be better equipped to help business customers. This means more staff will be able to handle business-centric issues without needing escalation, or transferring the customer to a specialized department. This goes alongside the previous moves made to employ more business-focussed staff.

Of course, these benefits come to T-Mobile business customers for free as part of their plan. As put in the communication, “they don’t have time to wait on hold or stay on top of all the latest offers that would benefit their businesses. T-Mobile Business Customer Service is designed to solve those customer pain points. 

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  • steveb944

    I wish it were like this for my horrendous AT&T service on my work issued device.

    • Acdc1a

      AT&T is famous for their customer service. They famously promise things that aren’t delivered, famously transfer calls in an endless loop, and famously don’t care.

      • harp

        You forgot about Verizon. Verizon exceeds AT&T in this domain.

  • GinaDee

    I went to a T-Mobile Corporate Store today to add 2 lines to my Business Account. It took over 2 hours to accomplish this. Store rep kept having to call a Credit Department and Activations Department etc to get two devices on my account. Very much a hassle.

    Then I ask for a CelFi for one of our Corporate Offices (we have 4). Rep says no problem but then comes back and tells me that there is already a coverage unit deployed on our account somewhere (somehow) and they can’t issue me another. I told them we are a business customer with over 600 lines and we have several locations and that there should be no stipulation stating we can’t order another just because the system says we have one already on our account? But no dice.

    Also be prepared to memorize your TAX ID and have the rep make a physical copy of your drivers license to complete the transaction.

    Then I had to pay the sales tax for both phones with my personal credit card because they were unable to bill that portion to the account. In my opinion everything should be billed to the account just like Verizon does it.

    It seems like T-Mobile means well but they are over complicating this stuff.

    I want to be able to order a couple of lines and be out of the store within 15 minutes max without all the hassle especially when the story is empty and I”m in a hurry.

    • Todd Wright

      Email John Legere. He reads all complaints emailed to him and will have someone from his staff reach out to you. I had to contact him about a problem and it was resolved fairly quickly.

    • T-MoB2BKJ

      You should work with a B2B rep, I’m a B2B rep I’m Chicago, I can assist you or refer you to a local rep. The process is a less time consuming for business customers on our end.

  • Mike Thaler

    Not quite as fast as the “calling 611 description” – but you can email business care and get an answer to many questions the same day. These are routine type things I used it for. Haven’t had to contact CS in several months. Last time simply concerned when I had to redeem my $200 BB rebate given to BB users a year ago who gave up their BB.

  • jim

    Customer service has been horrible ever since Tmobile began closing US call centers and outsourcing customer service to Asia. Uncarrier marketing might attract new customers but horrible customer service will drive them away in 2 years. It’s cheaper to keep existing customers than buy new ones with incentives.