T-Mobile’s Un-carrier movement is about to make a big push for small businesses


Last year, during one of T-Mobile’s earnings calls – I believe Q3 – the company’s executives made a passing comment about the business sector. If I remember correctly, the insinuation was that Verizon and AT&T were really big players in the world of business and enterprise. It’s something the two rely on. In fact, their success in the enterprise market is something of a comfy cushion for them, but T-Mobile was coming for them soon. And that they shouldn’t get too cosy. That is heavily paraphrased, but it has stuck in my mind ever since as being important.

We’ve been hearing from our sources, off and on for at least 5-6 months now, that T-Mo has been contemplating making a bigger push in to the business market space with its Un-carrier moves.  We’ve not written about it before since there haven’t been any definite plans set in stone, it’s just something the company needs to do if it’s going to compete with the Big Two. But an email has been sent recently from a T-Mobile executive to staff. And if this communication is anything to go by, the time for the big business push is – as they say – nigh.

It begins telling employees that the carrier has “an even bigger growth opportunity directly in front” of them: “Business!” Last quarter, T-mobile gave a senior executive named Mike Katz the lead in its Business Markets team. As part of his new role, he’s made some immediate changes set to take place very soon. One of which is to “go big with business in Retail.

This – of course – is a plan made up of several steps. First was to add Retail Small Business Managers and Representatives, and those are being hired currently. Staff in these positions will be the “key leaders and drivers of one of our [T-Mobile’s] fastest growing segments over the next few years.” They will be hired with the express task of boosting T-Mobile’s sales to businesses, and are described as being very important for the carrier’s long-term focus. But that’s not all.

Several times in the memo to staff, upcoming Un-carrier moves are mentioned. Mike Katz, the new lead of the Business Markets team is described as “an architect of Un-carrier.” Immediately afterwards:“can you guess what he has planned?:-)”. If that wasn’t enough of a teaser, towards the end of the email the executive himself pens two tell-tale sentences.

“Second, well, how many months has it been since we rolled out our last uncarrier move Data Stash??? Let’s just say I’m starting to get the itch…” 

“As broken as the industry was for consumers, it is even more broken for business customers… the Un-carrier is coming!” 

I mean, they may as well have just outright told staff that the next Un-carrier move was going to be big for business in bold, capital letters. But I guess there’s no fun in that.

Exactly what the carrier has in mind, my guess is as good as yours. If you are a small business owner, and your current carrier or plan leaves you feeling frustrated and you have a list of pain points, I’d start tweeting them out to @JohnLegere. Listening to customers’ desires through social media is a key part of what the company decides to launch.

As for time-frame, I’m shooting for March. T-Mobile themselves – during the Q4 earnings call – mentioned that the next move could be on its way next month. So, who knows, maybe March is the start of the network operator’s big bid for business accounts. Stay tuned, this should be very interesting.


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  • YABD

    Well lets see what’s going on with this new wave.

  • maximus1901

    Dad works for company with 60k employees and his company phone is verizon.
    He pays $30 for unlimited everything – unsubsidized by his company – and bought his 5S for $200 on contract.
    Lte everywhere. Doesn’t turn on wifi while at house (25/5 comcast).

    Good luck tmobile.

    • LTEman

      May I inquire what company he works for? Just to see if I can track down the company plan code? That seems very interesting. Thanks

      • orlando duran

        Its a big fat lie

      • maximus1901


    • Cruise Guy

      Retail of S5 was almost $700. He paid $200. So Verizon is paying $250 of his phone in year one and $250 of his phone’s price in year two. He pays $30 x12 months = $360 for service. So he is basically paying $110 per year for his unlimited; divided by 12 months = about $9 per month for unlimited service. How stupid is Verizon to give unlimited service for $9 per month if those figures are even close.

      • J

        60,000 times 9 = 540,000 maybe thats why idk…

    • Cam Bunton

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure 60,000 employees fits in the “small business” category. ;-)

    • Woop

      60k is not small business. VZ gives corporate discount so that wouldn’t fall into B2B either.

  • ITGuyMN

    I manage my small company’s cell plan (about 80 devices). There is no way i could move them to T-Mobile, our reps drive all over the state of MN and I know for a fact they will not get coverage in most of the places they go. Unless the un-carrier move is some way to magically have service anywhere in the country, i dont see how they can expect to take the business customers from the big 2.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what “small business” means to T-Mobile.

      • Adam

        small business = switching to T-Mobile so they can give employees raises

        big business = in lieu of raises this year, they are giving employees Verizon service

    • EaganMnRSM

      I manage a retail store in MN and can say that our network here is phenomenal! As far as rural areas go, Minnesota lit up their 700mhz a while back. If T-Mobile wasn’t an option for you a few years ago because of network, you should give us a try, we’ve made huge improvements!

      • Jason

        How about Northern Minnesota? As soon as I got to Zimmerman 2g is all I had for service…
        This was two weeks ago I might add…. LOL
        Pandora wouldn’t even play longer that 10 seconds without pauses…
        Over the summer taking 94 from Maple Grove to St Cloud not as bad but similar experience….

        • Jason

          After checking the official coverage map it shows I should of had coverage til Milaca and I should have coverage all the way to St Cloud but definitely not the case!

        • Mike Palomba

          What phone do you have? It might not be 700mhz capable which is why you don’t have the coverage even though it’s available in the area

        • Jason

          avant, note 4, and nexus 5

          nexus 5 is the only non 700mhz, i dont think the avant is activated but note 4 is for sure….

          regardless there was no hspa either… are they only broadcasting 700 mhz for lte/hspa in the rural spots because otherwise i dont see how that is relevant…. The map shows coverage of high speed and it was 2g

        • Fanglasses at Night

          No challenging? Was I supposed to hold my phone at a 226 degree angle while sticking my toungue out the window to get coverage? You fanboys are really disappointing today! Two of you already compared lack of coverage to personal preference on type of restaurants, yall fanboys can’t come up with something more retarded?
          Anybody going to claim my Note 4 is the sprint version? LOL
          Or maybe Verizon emp’s every tower while I’m driving outside of Twin Cities?

        • JE_25

          It’s getting better. Places like Rice, Alexandria, Little Falls, and Albany all have had LTE turned on in the past few months.

        • J

          Thats awesome hopefully TMo keeps chugging along further…

    • Ben

      A similar example: I’m not a fan of casual dining restaurant chains, so I’m not sure how Fridays, Chili’s, et al are profitable given that I don’t like them. Can’t companies understand that if it doesn’t work for me, that it won’t work for anybody?!

      • Fannies Gone Wild

        Do you have any experience with TMobile in Minnesota?
        Twin Cities is about all that is covered after leaving the metro its all 2g goodness with a blazing speed of 10kbps…

        Do you fanboys even read what is posted? Your analogy has no correlation what so ever..

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          “Your analogy has no correlation what so ever..”

          Its pretty easy to understand actually. The op said that he doesn’t understand how T-Mobile will succeed in this endeavor based on his personal situation, and the reply put that same concept in restaurants chains.

        • Jason

          Except the reason stated is because TMobile doesn’t have coverage in 90% of Minnesota…
          Which has nothing to do with personal preference or has no bearing on whether op likes or dislikes TMobile…
          Not liking casual dining due to personal preference has no comparison to TMobiles lack of coverage…
          Now if he stated he didn’t know if Chili’s could manage to profit or be worthwhile because of their lack of restaurants around Minnesota that would be comparable…
          I can like or dislike TMobile as much as I want but it’s not going to change their coverage…

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Yes, but just as not everyone dislikes chain restaurants, not everyone needs or cares about their cell phone working in MN. That was the point of the analogy

        • Needs more Cowbell

          Except we are in topic about TMobile drumming up business from small businesses. The op stated his company wouldn’t be able to use TMobile due to the company needing coverage in areas that are uncovered by TMobile. Businesses do care because they need coverage from anywhere there is money to made. Businesses do care otherwise Verizon and Att wouldn’t be dominating in the business world of cell phone service…

          So again analogy fails and has no relevancy…
          It fails regardless of what every customer needs or don’t need besides because it makes no sense to begin with.
          How is this apple to apple and postpaid to prepaid is apple to orange genuis?

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          That’s exactly my point. Your making the assumption that all small businesses have the same needs as his small business. Just like not all people need the same thing from their wireless provider, not all small businesses have the same wireless needs as other. I’m not denying that lack of coverage will he a challenge for them to overcome for this endeavor, but there are plenty of small businesses out there that coverage in rural areas will only be a minor or complete non factor for.

        • Even More Cowbells

          Actually no we were talking about his specific situation and never grouped all businesses into one…. That came from the brilliant analogy that makes no sense either way.
          All the evidence is above, reading comprehension goes a long way…

          In the analogy op stated he didnt “like” casual restaurants for whatever reason, nowhere did ITGuy state his preference on TMo based on personal opinions. What ITGuy stated was his needs for his business and why it made it that his company couldn’t have TMobile. ITGuy used actual facts or real world data while your buddy ben compared it to his opinion of a restaurant setting he dislikes without any data or facts… LMAO

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Analogies are by definition a comparison made between scenarios of different circumstances but similar logic. This particular one fits the bill because both posters claimed that because they’re needs aren’t meant in one situation they don’t understand how different people could have different needs. I’m not going to sit Here and type out an argument about the laws of grammar all day with you, the matter here is simply that the op claimed that he can’t use T-Mobile service because of lack of coverage in his area and that everyone will agree, but the truth is most people are not located in MN and really don’t care about whether their phone service will work there.

    • JE_25

      Did you know that Small Business gets their regular data plans when roaming. So anywhere you’re roaming in Minnesota you will still get your regular data plan.

      • archerian

        Can T-Mobile afford to do that with roaming costs so high? The business plans don’t seem to be any more really expensive than personal ones, don’t see how they can sustain unlimited data and calls

    • J.J.

      not that it helps anyone currently, but based on projected maps(which history has shown they have delivered on their projections plus some) tmo does plan to have almost the entire state of Minnesota covered within the next 9 months… so it may be something to reconsider later.

  • TK – Indy

    Many companies have gone BYOD. If I am going to get a phone partially paid for from work, it will be from the big 2.

    • Dan

      Yup. Went with tmobile for personal phone to save money. Shortly later got a new job and they will pay for 75% of phone bill up to a certain amount so I can get work calls and email on it. Really wish now I stuck with Verizon now that phone service is mostly paid for so I wouldn’t have to wonder if I will get coverage for work access when away from home area.

      • archerian

        What’s stopping you from switching? The EIP?

  • Joseph Aruanno

    My relatives work in a small business and apparently T-Mobile is going there tomorrow to shoot for a commercial. No one knows any details, though.

  • ltnstar

    Just came from sprint, and before them it was nextel. Those phones were awesome due to the speaker. Loud,tough,and easy to use.
    Wish T-Mobile would offer tough mil spec phones. My dad needs one had to get a rugby frm Samsung. Not the best. Sonim seems to be offering what moto nextel use to be.
    When sprint botched the nextel merger, and hasn’t learn how to treat customers they left for att and vzw.
    For me so far in LA T-Mobiles been great. Sucks that when I did the trial I was getting 10mbps at peak hours now its 3mbps.

  • My Dream

    So when is T-Mobile going to increase their current 1GB of included data per line to compete with the newer offerings coming from the competition?

    Cricket now offers 2.5GB per line for their basic plan (these plans are not promotional like T-Mobile’s 2.5GB 4 line family plan). I think T-Mobile should include 3GB per line free (no data stash) and for the data one pays for, include data stash.

    Sprint will be unveiling a new set of family and individual plans this spring/summer. I think T-Mobile should also introduce a new set of plans. Either bump the free data up to 3GB per line or introduce a family share plan that includes shared data between everyone on the same account. Just throttle when the high speed data threshold is met on the account instead of overages.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      So sick of seeing people compare T-Mobile’s plans to cricket’s. It’s apples to oranges. Compare T-Mobile to at&t, and cricket to metropcs (where $50 gets you unlimited LTE).

      “I think they should make their plans cheaper” doesn’t carry much weight when they have been adding customers at break neck pace for YEARS and show no signs of stopping. Why would they lower prices and hurt profit if they don’t have to? That makes no business sense whatsoever.

      • Mr Paul

        Why? Because first T-Mobile’s new prepaid plan COPIED Cricket, and secondly, Cricket uped all the data. All with tons more coverage than T-Mobile, and lowband virtually everywhere at that. Yeah, the choice is obvious. I wonder why people compare?

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Oh god. Go at&t shill elsewhere. What did T-Mobile “copy” from cricket, an 8mbps high speed cap? Let’s talk about everything at&t has copied from tmobile that’s far more important, like rollover data (for 1 month LOL), phone EIP, switching bonuses/etf reimbursement, etc.

          If T-Mobile isn’t good enough for you then don’t use it. End of story. I’d love to know what’s got you so butt hurt that you insist on being active on a forum for a company you are in no way involved with.

        • Mr Paul

          Oh god, another T-Sheep. Want to talk about copying? T-Mobile needs to copy AT&T’s coverage, ASAP.

        • kgraham182

          AT&T didn’t copy T-Mobile on Rollover data. Ma Bell trademarked it first, TMO just happen to release it ahead on them. Anyway Rollover data is a gimmicked, TMO has unlimited data already. If you on a 1, 2.5, 3, 5 GB plan and you haven’t gone over your allotted high speed data in a month, why would you ever go over it?

        • idisestablish

          Really? You can’t imagine any scenario where someone might use more data one month than they usually do? Let’s say you’re on vacation or a long road trip. Maybe your home internet goes out for a few days. Maybe you have your nephew visit who blows up your phone playing Clash of Clans. Maybe you’re stuck somewhere and decide to stream some Netflix, which you usually only do on Wifi. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

        • kgraham182

          Correct me if I’am wrong, but all T-Mobile plans are unlimited talk, text, and data. Rollover data only applies to the $60 3GB, $70 5GB plan. If you were on one of those plan and never want over why would you now? And if you did go over the allotted data cap TMO doesn’t charge overages. Internet going out from days at a time, streaming Netflix, playing online games sounds like a person that needs unlimited high speed data, not this rollover gimmick. TMO has a $80 plan or TMO very own MetroPCS as $60 unlimited plan and if you buy one of their 4G LTE phones the plan is reduce to $50.

        • JayQ330

          Exactly what I do, for some reason my N5 updated to lollipop the hotspot on settings & quick settings icon would allow me to use hotspot… I don’t have hotspot on my unlimited plan but since that’s been working I disconnected FiOS & just use my phone data since I get fast lte at home, I also cut Netflix off & use showbox, more updates than Netflix & more movies. So I basically have a triple play combo,or quad play if you include the cellphone/mobility for cheaper than ever. I don’t have T-Mobile. Did anyone out here get the lollipop update with unlocked hotspot?

        • idisestablish

          If I repeated what I just said again or gave you additional scenarios, would you grasp the concept this time that someone might use more data in some months than they usually do in others due to special circumstances? Let’s say that someone uses on average 2.5 GB, and they have the 3GB data plan. In the past, they would get slowed down if they used a little more than usual one month and went over 3 GB. With Data Stash, they can go over their 3 GB limit without being slowed down. No, I can understand that maybe it’s not useful to you, but to say that there is no way it’s useful to anyone, is just asinine.

        • JayQ330

          It’s something that certain people fall for, but I guess it would come in handy if at the end of the year they want to go all Netflix crazy. Either way I get the unlimited plans all the time, don’t have to worry about saving nor being throttled to 128 kbps & all that.

        • EndlessIke

          AT&T’s current rollover implementation is a joke. It’s basically unusable if you read the fine print.

      • My Dream

        I didn’t say lower prices in my post.

        I said T-Mobile needs to increase their basic level of free data OR just introduce a family share data plan where everyone pulls from the same bucket of data and when that threshold is exceeded, throttle at 128 kbps.

        Cricket (AT&T) does have better coverage than T-Mobile as of today. Cricket does have a 5 line family plan for $100 (may increase to $110 for the 5 lines starting in 2016) that includes all taxes and fees.

        In order to stay competitive, T-Mobile needs to increase their individual data thresholds or just introduce a family share plan that pulls from a shared data bucket. T-Mobile can still offer Music Freedom, throttling, etc. as they do now, just have a bucket of data for the whole account.

        • JayQ330

          Agree with you.

        • right

          Cricket has better coverage than tmobile? Where did you pull that statistic?

        • kalel33

          Cricket is AT&T’s network, which is larger than T-mobile’s network. Google is your friend.

      • Wow

        But it makes sense to compare restaurant type preferences to cell phone coverage within a state???

        Prepaid postpaid any paid for cellular service would be an apple to apple comparison, no matter which way you spin it….

        • idisestablish

          In the same way that McDonald’s is often compared with Carrabba’s because they are both restaurants, sure.

    • Mike

      T-Mobile has unlimited Talk+Text+Web for $100 for 2 lines and 40 for each additional. If just a single line, MetroPCS has unlimited all for $50.

  • Bordelais

    One year ago TMO stopped taking on new corporate discounts. Since you had to renew every year all the existing corporate discounts should be almost all phased out. Perhaps there is a strategic timing element to this uncarrier move.

  • GinaDee

    My biggest gripes with T-Mobile’s business department:

    a) Their Business Online Tool is awful. https://businesscenter.t-mobile.com Hardly anything on it works. When I try to upgrade the tool signs me out and when I try to lookup a specific line on my account it can never find anything. Anytime I try to change my own SIM card I get an error that the SIM card number is invalid. I still have to manually email my orders through my rep who always seems to be busy and she has to fill out some manual form made in the 1980’s and fax it in.

    b) You can’t change a data only device to a smartphone. It’s a stupid rule that only they have. Verizon and AT&T don’t care if you switch between data only devices and phones.

    c) No west coast distribution. If you order something later in the day from the West Coast there is no way to get it overnighted even if it’s for your CEO.

    d) The i-Billing software is old and too manual. You have to manually upload data to make changes.

    e) Retail stores still make business customers pay for SIM cards. They should be free.

    The only thing I really like is the international rates but it’s no better than what retail customers already get. We also need better business pooled data plans that allow my users to tether as much as they need to without the fear of being throttled.

    If they can fix the stuff above I’d gladly give them more business.

  • idisestablish

    The fact that you can’t change a data device to a smartphone isn’t a “rule” per se. It’s just a reality of the system. While it can’t simply be converted, you can cancel the line and then activate a voice line in its place and use the same number. There is no fee for this, it just takes about 24 hours to complete. This is something that is rarely requested.

    • GinaDee

      Looks like it’s a limitation of their billing system then. It would be nice if they could fix it. The 24 hour thing is not really convenient when you are trying to make a change in real time. It should be as simple as an IMEI/SIM card and rate plan swap.

  • RJKMadison

    If it makes you feel better, the business web tools for Verizon (provider for the most business accounts) is awful as well. So, you aren’t missing anything. As admin on our account, I can’t change anything more than contact information on the website.

    • GinaDee

      Verizon has a My Business Tool (formerly the VEC). I like how you can look up any user via mobile number, last name, cost center, device ID etc and make real time changes to the user, the device, the SIM, the rate plan…. I can also easily pull real time reports. You can also cancel the line or upgrade any line on the spot using an alternate upgrade option. I can even change the billing responsibility from corporate to end user or vice versa right from the site.

      The AT&T Premier site is feature rich but clunky at times. I think the AT&T site has too many options I’d never use and not enough of the ones I would use.

      The Sprint business site is a joke.

      • Mike

        If Verizon works great for you and your business, great! Stay with them especially if you need coverage rural areas. I’m sure there are several companies out there looking to cut cost that will try T-Mobile.

      • Mike Thaler

        Over the years could never understand why “COMMUNICATION” companies have the worst websites. Even the sales side of their sites are horrible. They all need to take “setting up web site” lessons from Amazon, Home Depot, or almost any other major site.

  • JayQ330

    Oh boy…. That’s what’s needed more un-‘ news.

  • prisoner223

    I don’t understand how they are going to get business to sign on with their strategy of “forsake everything but urban population centers”.

    I’d imagine businesses need reliable service no matter where they are, which would explain why Verizon is so dominant in the sector.

    • Stefan NaumoBenWicz

      TMobile should be fine since McDonalds doesn’t sell taco’s. Everybody doesn’t like Taco’s. Taco’s are better at home anyways, why go to a sitdown restaurant when you already pay for you kitchen.
      TMobile Employees For the Win?

      • Stefan NoodleBenwiz

        Yo man i made porn wit your mom… She was great for a 55 year old bag but it all i can afford… Thank goodness fo TMobile otherwise I couldn’t even afford your ma, I’d be stuck raping my Guinea Pig

  • Brent

    Sounds great. Needs to: 1. allow customer employees to purchase new phones on an EIP (either billed directly or through payroll deduction), 2. provide better roaming capability, particularly data roaming, 3. Fix the international data roaming so that it just works (currently have to search for a roaming provider that supports T-Mobile data roaming)

    • Andres

      You’re right,Brent. But,instead have international data roaming,T-mobile haves a simple choice plan that includes 120+ countries with unlimited data and unlimited text and $0.20 per minute which very good. For a example: when I was in Belgium,i didn’t had T-Mobile. But, when I looked at T-Mobile website,it’s shows that T-Mobile simple choice plan is covered in Belgium with unlimited data and unlimited text and $0.20 per minute. Is great because the international coverage map of Belgium is upgrading from 2G,3G and 4G to 4G LTE and I could use my iPhone 6 Plus with ease. What matters is that T-Mobile is getting better than Verizon,Att and Sprint. They’re very expensive and they don’t offer unlimited data like T-Mobile does and T-Mobile is the only carrier that took off the 2 year contract since 2013. T-Mobile has progress a lot in less than 2 years and they gonna be those 3 carriers by improving more 4G LTE coverage map than before and also, everything unlimited. That’s why i’m happy that I stayed with T-Mobile and people say that T-Mobile sucks. Wait and see went T-Mobile shut the people’s mouth up with their improvement on the coverage map.

  • Hampster

    So I guess you can talk about boning someones mother but raping a Guinea pig is frowned upon

  • Jason

    Ive been email blocked
    Ohhhhhh Noooooo
    How could this happen

  • Jason

    Block my ip :( but whhhhyyy

  • Jason Doe

    Now the mods actually have to do work…. LOL
    if im not obvious there no way to ban, is that why yall dont ban ne1?

  • Andres

    I have been with T-Mobile for almost 2 years and i’m happy about it. But,they’re 3 things that T-Mobile should do to make us happier.1.T-Mobile should do is to upgrade their 2G to 4G LTE in some states that haves 2G and ugrade to 4G LTE. 2.They should take off the service partner off and ugrade to 4G LTE so we could have internet and using navigation on the google map while we’re traveling on a road trip,for a example. 3.T-mobile shoud increase their 4G LTE coverage on other states where they don’t have 4G LTE and to fill up the gasps where they don’t have 4G LTE coverage and to be like Verizon if they want beat them with their Uncarrier move.

    • Krali

      1 – They said they’d start working on that this year 2 years ago….
      2 – Try saying that one again in English.
      3 – They’ve been improving their coverage for 2 years now, and there are continued plans to increase the coverage….

      So…What’s your point?

      • Andres

        My point is that is T-Mobile is getting better everyday. That’s what matters. We just have to be patient and have faith in God that T-Mobile gets better because in Puerto Rico where i’m from, there was some towns that had 2G back then. And now,it upgrade from 2G to 4G LTE. Which means that they are upgrading the 2G to 4G LTE plus they are taking mostly off the service partner off the map and upgrade to 4G LTE. I saw it on the Tmonews what’s gonna be the T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage map for the end of 2015 when they hit 300 million people.

        • Andres

          I’m always checking out what T-Mobile doing and to see the results and also,i always checking out the coverage map ever since they said that to check out the coverage map because the coversge map is gonna change. And is true.

        • Andres

          Go to tmonews.com and look for the date that says February 28,2015 and it says T-Mobile’s LTE coverage map will look like this by the end of 2015.

  • Mo

    This is great news for TMO and I wish them well in accomplishing their goal. Given the current shaky service in some areas (yes even major metro areas) and heavy reliance on wifi calling it is difficult to think that businesses would bite in a big way on TMO as its carrier of choice. I used my personal phone in business and was greatly disappointed…poor call quality, no service and frequent dropped calls. Not a formula for success in attracting business.

    • Andres

      And they will,Mo. Go to tmonews.com and for the date that says February 28,2015 and it says T-Mobile’s LTE coverage map will look like this by the end of 2015.

    • Precision Steam Roller

      One of the problems with T-Mobile’s network is when you offer a customer “unlimited service” another customer will get bumped offline.

      Sprint has a much more compelling service offering. When I read that they’re developing 5G network technology with Samsung, it was a no brainer.

      Besides that, the new rates offered by AT&T’s cricket plans are even more compelling.

      Thankfully, T-Mobile doesn’t sell contracts anymore; it seems they planned to max out their network capacity starting with Uncarrier 1.0.

  • Businessweek31

    Big surprise. T-Mobile should have hired “Oprah”.

    She would have placed a free WiFi Access Point under everyone’s chair and paid for one month of your company’s internet service to show you the service works… At least through the 14-day trial period.

    The following 23 months are up to you to figure out.

  • Mike Thaler

    1. I gave up using online access to the account when we switched to business type service (5 lines) 18 months ago. I agree w. you – useless and haven’t tried to log on in a year. The few times I need something – business users get help via email (or direct via business CS 611).
    2. Strange no shipping from west coast since HQ is in Seattle.
    3. Agree w. your other (minor IMHO) points. Altho none of our lines comes close to the 1GB fast data limit – even if it did – slow data is fine for email – which is all we really need.