T-Mobile gives CEO John Legere a raise and extends his term of employment


There’s no question that T-Mobile had itself a pretty successful 2014, adding a total of 8.3 million new subscribers, expanding its MetroPCS prepaid brand, and rolling out LTE, Wideband LTE, and 700MHz spectrum. As a result of T-Mo’s big 2014, the carrier has given CEO John Legere a raise.

A Securities and Exchange Commission filing reveals that T-Mobile has amended John Legere’s employment contract, giving him a raise and extending his term of employment. Legere’s base salary has been increased to $1.5 million, which is up from $1.25 million. Legere’s also had his minimum annual incentive plan target award and minimum annual long-term incentive plan target reward raised to $3 million and $12 million, respectively.

In addition to giving Legere a raise, T-Mobile has extended his term of employment two full years, extending it from September 22, 2015 to September 22, 2017. T-Mo has also extended its CEO’s non-compete clause from one year to two years, meaning that if Legere were to leave T-Mobile, he wouldn’t be allowed to join a T-Mobile competitor for two years.

John Legere has been huge for T-Mobile, helping bring it back from rough times and pushing out several successful Un-carrier moves, and soon he may make T-Mobile the third-largest carrier in the U.S. Considering all of that, it’s no surprise that T-Mobile wants him to stick around for the foreseeable future.

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Source: SEC


  • Mike

    Congrats to Mr. Legere!! This is well deserved for him.

  • 9to5Slavery

    That’s great now I need a raise.

    • Mike

      Do what you can to earn one!

      • cozacious

        Lolololol…. You must still believe in Santa Claus too? Let me guess, republican?

        • Mike

          What does earning a raise have to do with Santa or politics for that matter?

        • OhShewee

          Everything! Republican Santa has a nice and naughty list for raises!
          Mikey don’t listen to them Santa’s really real and Republican!

        • Mike

          Again, what does any of this have to do with this individual needing/getting a raise?

        • EndlessIke

          I got a 10% raise this year. It wasn’t Santa who busted his ass to get it….

        • Mike

          Great job! I hope it helps you and your family’s needs/wants! :-)

        • bluemoon

          Probably is since he believes you can “earn” a raise vice believing he is “entitled” to one.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Why don’t you go back to the hole you crawled out of, lowlife?

      • 9to5Slavery

        That’s the life of my 9 to 5. What happen to this country? !

        • Mike

          You have to demonstrate your value to your company if you want a raise. You also have to be able to back up your claim.

        • 9to5Slavery

          The company owes me for working for them not the other way around.

        • Mike

          With that kind of attitude its no wonder you have not gotten a raise. You are easily replaced. You have to prove your value to the company to get a raise. Clearly you have not done that. What does that say about how they feel about you. You gotta earn it. Nothing is free in life.

        • 9to5Slavery

          You are correct, nothing is free in life. But that attitude that you think I have, is called freedom.

        • Mike

          If you expect something without working for or earning it then having an attitude isn’t freedom. That’s is called battling entitlement.

        • 9to5Slavery

          never said expect something for nothing or not earning it.

        • Mike

          Then dont talk about needing a raise if you dont wanna do anything to get it.

        • 9to5Slavery

          Never said I wasn’t going to do anything to get it.

        • Mike

          Then why didnt you say that to begin with? Why all the other nonsense?

        • 9to5Slavery

          You assumed a lot of what I wasn’t going to do.

        • Mike

          No, I gave you words of encouragement to do what you can to get one. You then got defensive like the company owed you something. You are now on the pay no mind list since you can not communicate with and logic. Enjoy your 9 – 5. Cheers!

        • 9to5Slavery

          The company owes me for my contribution. Thanks I will enjoy my 9 to 5, I hope you do the same as well and for your children. Slaves.

      • Deadeye37

        By not working for Samsung Mobile? :)

        • Mike

          If you feel you deserve a raise and worked for it and no raise was was given, maybe its time to move on.

  • Tblows


  • slickshoes

    Give it to the man! This guy has done more for the wireless industry in 1 year, then anyone has done in the past 15! Job well done John, and proud to be on your network!

  • KingCobra

    This is one CEO who I can say deserves the raise.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Congrats daddy Legere!

  • Adrayven

    Yup, they’ve recognized he’s a smashing success, AND, a threat if he leaves.

  • enkay1

    You aren’t going to write about T-Mobile’s new coverage expansion plans? TMoRocks has something up about it.

    • Mike

      Dude, 300 million POPs by end of year is old news.

      • enkay1

        Yeah but they released maps of their planned coverage this time.

        • Mike

          300 Million POP’s is 300 Million POP’s. Map or no Map.

        • thepanttherlady

          He’s trying to promote the other site.

        • Mike

          Hehe. I figured. He was also slamming this one.

        • enkay1


        • Mike

          And its cool that he’s doing that, but toss a good teaser out there. Not something already known. :]

        • enkay1

          Ok…so? They haven’t released a map before. Seeing where they are planning to expand is kinda important.

        • Mike

          Dude, there is the real time map on their website already. Old news. I already know where they are planning to upgrade. Old news. I already know their planned time table for roll out. Old news. So if you add all this up, considering everything, why would i need a map showing coverage end of year 2014 and end of year 2015? You also said NEW expansion plans in your post above. This has all been known.

        • Fabian Cortez
      • tony

        T mobile is wayyy ahead of schedule this year. They will have 300 pop earlier then that if nothing goes wrong.

  • Thought we were third already

    • bob90210

      We? What did you do?

    • Michael

      T-Mobile is technically third according to John Legere. Sprint is just counting people that haven’t paid their bills or inactive customers into the total number of subscribers, which technically is not fair according to John. Sprint has 55.93 million subscribers, and T-Mobile has 55.02 million.

    • gmo8492

      Sprint hasn’t released their official numbers so they’re tied. But if Sprint stops counting prepaid customers that no longer use their service than T-mobile should overtake them.

  • IHatePoorPeople

    It only states the “minimum” target incentive rate. It doesn’t list the actual amount he made in 2014. Case in point: If you add up everything they show listed it only comes out to 16.5 million and doesn’t even come close to what he made in 2013 which was 29.2 million If he doesn’t hit the 50 million mark for 2014 then I’m going to really upset. He deserves it. All those 3000 employees who were laid off should just stop your whining and get a frickin job. All the current T-mobile employees living under the poverty line should also quit your bichin. JJ Legere’s gotta have his millions in bonus’ to keep the place running so get over it you frickin peasants. Yes, I’m a Republican. So what?

    • Mike

      Agreed. Most dont realize jobs are based on business need. Its nothing personal.

      • WhyAreRepugsSuchA-Holes

        Actually jobs are not as dependent on business needs as.they are executive greed in this case.

        • Mike

          Explain how its greed? It is def business need. If they still needed them or if they were key, they would not have done a RIF

    • Hmm. You’re probably the only Republican i will agree with.

      • ReverseCraCraRIGHTbackatya

        Have you been living under a rock? Most all Republicans think like that. Either that or you just don’t know very many Republicans. You need to get out more often.

      • eanfoso

        I live in Texas, I came from Mexico, my family is hard working people and we’re all Republican, why you ask? Because of the sheer fact that Republicans do not impose taxes on us, look at the current president, in my opinion there was absolutely no reason to have this Obama care thing, we own a small business and it was really hard for our part timers that have to file taxes that do not have medical insurance, so no democrats are the real socialist group here.

        • Concerned Citizen

          You’re being deceived, Republicans have consistently tried to lower taxes on large corporations while attempting to raise taxes on the poor and working class.You should probably stop watching Fox news and start watching MSNBC if you want to know the truth.

  • DennisLee

    Anybody got any recommendations on the best way to block Vibrant in-text ads in Firefox? I found AdBlock Plus, Ghostery and Ad Fender, just wondering if any can be configured to just block in-text ads. I don’t mind banner ads, but anything that thinks it’s so wonderful that it is going to jump out and prevent me from reading the article just tends to make me avoid a web site.

    • kevev

      root and install adaway from f-droid.

    • mingkee

      I’d do more deeper to add such ad sites into firewall’s policy.

  • nohummingallowed

    @Bogart. You must live in a cave. You really should get out more often. News flash! Most Republicans think like that. Now stop loafing around and get back to work chief !

  • gmo8492

    John has worked hard to keep T-mobile going and he seems to have a passion for what he does like no other CEO. He lives on Twitter answers questions and offers uncarrier promotions that others try to ripoff and take as their own. People like to bash on both T-mobile and John, but what they don’t realize that they’re keeping their bills down. He’s not perfect, but no one is.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Was there any doubt that John is the James Brown of the wireless industry. Congrats on the raise and keep up the great expansion in NC!

  • Philip

    John should go to any monopoly company and shake things up! I like him.

  • morphoyle

    John is a good example of why good CEOs are so highly compensated.

    • Ben

      Agreed, he has done a ton to build the brand, the subscriber base, and increase shareholder value.

      The unfortunate part of capitalism is he still would have taken home $125,000,000 if he was the worst CEO of all time and totally incompetent at his job.

      • Ben

        Err…. $1,250,000.

        • morphoyle

          And they also wouldn’t have extended his contract (essentially firing him), and his next employer would most likely not offer him such a generous compensation package. I don’t see the problem here.

  • Johnny Carson

    Here’s Johnnnnnnnnnny

  • Johnny Carson

    Dun Dun Dun Dahhhhhhhhh

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Maybe I’m wrong about this guy after all. Maybe he is a decent person.

  • JLee

    great ceo. in the process of leaving crappy sprint who nickles and dimes you.

  • Prox

    well deserved. Congrats John