San Diego becomes the latest T-Mobile Wideband LTE market

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Just a couple of days back, T-Mobile announced that San Diego (or the greater San Diego area) is the latest to have wideband LTE switched on.

In addition to the greater San Diego area, LTE customers in the Carlsbad area are also experiencing super-fast download speeds, making access to their favorite mobile content seem almost instantaneous. In November, T-Mobile customers in the San Diego area observed download speeds as high as 76 Mbps.”

This news was announced  by T-Mo just a few days after it announced that  wideband LTE went live in Spokane, WA. San Diego becomes the 24th market to see the carrier’s ultra-fast LTE network go live, just over a year after the first ones started to show signs of life in Dallas, Texas

T-Mobile’s target of reaching 25 markets with its fatter data pipes looks more achievable by the day. And, if the company counts San Diego and Carlsblad as two separate markets, then it already has reached the magic 25 number. The others include:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Greater Bay Area, CA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Boise, ID
  • Boston, MA
  • Columbus, OH
  • Connecticut
  • Dallas, TX
  • Detroit, MI
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Houston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Mobile, AL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Greater Philadelphia Area, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Upstate New York Area
  • Spokane, WA

If you’re in either of the two new markets, let us know how the faster network is performing. Have you seen speeds of 70Mbps+ in speed tests?

Source: T-Mobile
Image: RantLifestyle

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  • Trevnerdio

    I’ve seen 73 in Tallahassee, which isn’t wideband…but that’s the max for 10+10, right?

    • fentonr

      I’m not sure. I’ve seen over 100 in Minneapolis but I think that is a 15×15 market.

    • besweeet

      Tallahassee should be at least 15×15 right now, or at least it was when I was there a month ago…

      • Trevnerdio

        I got that speed in August

        • besweeet

          If Tallahassee is anything like Jacksonville (which is 20×20), speeds won’t really increase. I think they’re capping max speeds to equalize load and general performance for everyone.

        • Trevnerdio

          Sounds about right. Here in Panama City/Panama City Beach, I think we have 15+15 or 20+20 but speeds are capped at about 40.

  • Marvin Lilmarv Bolden-Mitchell

    wait til every one blog down the network it willl go back down to 30mpbs………………..and of course if you half patch the network it will olny work for a short time you cant expect old parts to keep up with new parts every week the have a new site ohhhhh wideband in this city wow ok it olny take 30mins to replace the old easy part and leave the hard job behind

    • Aconn


      • UMA_Fan


    • Alex Zapata

      English much?

    • fentonr

      what are you talking about? They are upgrading equipment. All of the new equipment in the world doesn’t do any good without additional spectrum.

    • Fabian Cortez

      This guy is clearly on Sprint.

  • superg05

    i wish there was wideband where i live in Dallas

    • What part of Dallas do you live? because Dallas does have Wideband LTE. Dallas was one of the first cities to have Wideband installed.

      • superg05

        I barely get lte at my home when I do it’s rare but my phone is usually camped out on Hspda so all of the towers around here have not been upgraded and my service acts up at times 75227 area

      • Dats

        How can I tell (other than speed) is there an app to get and if so what do I look for to tell?

    • Allen Enriquez

      I went to Dallas i got 68!

  • Javon C

    I’ve seen speeds 60-70 in NJ!

    • Julian

      I get blazing edge speeds in south jersey :/

      • Romdude

        Somehow I got the image of a scooter with racing stripes going full out at 15mph.

  • Aconn

    Has anyone heard anything about the potential for Albuquerque NM to get wideband? We have 10 Mhz of lte now but t-mobile owns enough spectrum in the market area to have 20Mhz (aws band) with another 10 for hspa (pcs band) to back it up. With almost a million people in the metro area (over 900k) it wouldn’t be a bad investment. And with extremely inconsistent data speeds over the last couple of weeks (very abnormal for the area) I guess I was just hoping it was because they were doing work on the towers or something.

  • Greg Victor

    Wideband active in brooklyn…..yesterday I hit 75 Mbps……..

    • Jay Holm

      What about Manhattan?

      • William Kestle

        Manhattan was the first in new York yo get it, you should check out Howard forums, a plethora of knowledge to be had there about tmobiles ever expanding network

        • Jay Holm

          Hmm…ok, I will. I’m interested in 700mhz deployment in Fairfield & New Haven Counties.

  • Jason

    I was just in San Diego for Thanksgiving and they had 15x15mhz, so is that considered wideband? Sacramento has also had 15x15mhz for a month now, but they’re not on the list.

    • GinaDee

      Yes. But there are still so many areas with sub 2 Mbps download speeds over LTE despite the 15 MHz LTE pipe. San Diego still needs more backhaul in more places and we desperately need better indoor reception especially downtown. I always lose service in underground garages and inside buildings downtown.

      Low band spectrum is desperately needed here but I guess we’ll have to wait for the 600 MHz auction.

  • guatemala7

    What phone support wideband LTE?

    • taron19119

      All phones can get benefits from wideband LTE but to get the most out of wideband LTE u need a category 4 LTE phone

      • guatemala7

        I thought that only the galaxy avant supported wideband. For that one it’s 700mhz, buy I assumed wideband and 700mhz were the same thing. Does the Sony xperia z3 support wideband or 700mhz?

        • taron19119

          700mzh and wideband LTE are not the same thing wideband LTE is capacity of LTE spectrum 15×15 or 20×20 is wideband LTE and yes the z3 does support 700mhz and wideband LTE

  • 9to5Slavery

    What about St. Louis?

  • Mmam

    Just did a test in Seattle downtown… 95mbps!!!!!!

  • Roger Sales

    Even if they don’t consider San Diego and Carlsbad two markets. New York is unofficially lit up.

  • Bori

    Congrats S.D.!!

  • JMccovery

    I live in Mobile, AL, and I haven’t seen much over 25-35mbps on my 2013 MotoX. I wouldn’t mind being able to see 50+mbps on LTE…

    • taron19119

      You need a new phone that is category 4 lte

  • Chris Dosta

    Im in carlsbad right now, getting 26mb down, and 26mb up… on my Nexus 5 with 5.0… cant complain either way with those numbers

  • Melvin Douglas

    i hope miami is next

  • Joe Ma

    Was in Seattle last week and the 20+20 LTE hit 106 DL and 35 UL! I live in LA and got as high as 90s but always dwindled down to 1-3mbps DL during peak hours (5pm-10pm)

  • Joshua Miller

    I live near downtown San Diego and average between 25 to 30mbps on my note 4. Definately haven’t seen 76mbps yet but still happy with the speeds

  • Emperius

    What about VoLTE?

    • Rod

      Most of Tmobile’s LTE network in San Diego is VoLTE enabled.

  • TMorob

    If San Diego has wideband LTE I’d like to know what part? I work in Poway area, live in the central part of San Diego and go to church down in National City. Service at home is terrible (I need to use the Wi-Fi router, and cell-fi repeater just to make a call). I have aNote 4 BTW, and no 700mhz in sight for us. San Diego is not only not receiving 20X20 speeds it lacks signal in allot of areas. Work and church are fine but not as fast as 70MBPS!

    • jacky

      no 700 mhz rollout yet in california. perhaps in 2015.

  • Diego Martinez

    Haven’t seen 70, but I’ve seen 40 Mbps.

  • Romdude

    They really should stop illegal torrrenters and tetherers. We pay to have unlimited high speed data not to be artificially throttled by rule breakers.

  • Nuh Yo

    I had 77.99 mbps yesterday way out in eastern San Diego County on the 8 freeway.