Detailed report shows how T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint compared in Q3


It seems an age since T-Mobile announced its results for Q3 of this year, having added a record number of branded postpaid additions. It also posted double digit service revenue growth. In fact, in virtually every measurable performance indicator, T-Mobile showed incredible statistics.

Jan Dawson, a knowledgeable and respected wireless industry analyst at Jackdaw, has teamed up exclusively with Fierce Wireless to publish his third quarter slides which show how T-Mobile stacked up against the other three major carriers and Tracfone, América Móvil’s Stateside MVNO. In respect for the exclusive deal between Jan and FW, I shan’t be posting any of the slides here. But, I couldn’t let you go on without seeing them, so I encourage you to head on over to Fierce Wireless’ report to check them out for yourself. Also, be sure to follow Jan Dawson on Twitter.

A couple of factoids that really impressed me were to do with sales and growth. Looking at the chart for service revenue growth, or in lay terms, how much money T-Mobile brought in compared to last year, it is the best performing carrier of the 4 major network operators. Beaten only by the fast-growing prepaid operator, Tracfone. Perhaps even more impressive, is that T-Mobile sold the same number of smartphones as AT&T, and has done for the last two quarters running.

When you consider that T-Mobile is still – officially – the 4th largest carrier, it really is punching above its weight. Un-carrier is working.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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