T-Mobile confirms Galaxy Note Edge price and release date


In a blog post just published by T-Mobile, the company has officially announced the release date and pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. As we’ve already read on the pre-registration page, the phone is set to land on T-Mo’s store shelves on November 14.

To get hold of the Note Edge, you’ll need to hand over $870 which – on EIP – is $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $36.25. In comparison, Sprint’s off-contract price is $840, while AT&T is charging $949. So, T-Mo’s price is sitting somewhere near the middle. Still, it seems incredibly steep.

The wait is almost over for T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile today announced the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available on its Data Strong™ network starting November 14th for $0 down (and $36.25/month for 24 months) online and in participating stores nationwide. You can also pre-register online to be notified when the Galaxy Note Edge becomes available to order.

It will be interesting to see how much demand there is for Sammy’s unusual device. Perhaps more interesting, is seeing how the company plans to develop the dual-screen technology to make it unmissable and useful.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Matt

    $840 for Samsung phone ?? Samsung really needs reality check

    • CJ

      I think Apple does too – No phone should be above $500 -> I think the Note can do more than the IPhone plus and that is at this price.

      • superg05

        not to mention 1080p screens are very cheaply produced now thanks to the wave of larger 1080p screens years before it

  • CJ Jacobs

    Poor people always complaining about price. Ya gotta pay to play. If you can’t afford it, STFU and move on!

    • Bklynman

      Really? Who die left you king? Maybe you are bless to buy a new phone every 6 months,since you have money to burn,go get your service from big red. No one in Tmo,will miss you.

      • LJ Kearny

        “Who die left you king?” Ooooh he card read good.

    • JBrowne1012

      Go away troll go find another bridge

      • LJ Kearny

        I guess CJ hit too close to home…

    • Deadeye37

      Its not necessarily the price. Yes it has a big price tag, but in most cases, you get what you pay for. The big question is, the extra $120 justified just for that little bent screen? Only a silly person would throw away $120 on a boondoggle. The smart person would make sure that edge feature is worth $120. Right now, the edge feature is perceived by many as a boondoggle and therefore the price is considered exorbitant.

  • Chris

    Where’s the Nexus 6?

    • thepanttherlady

      November 12th if you’re going through T-Mobile.

      • Chris

        Is that the preorder?

        • Jason Crumbley


        • thepanttherlady

          No pre-orders for this.

        • Chris

          Whhaaaat no way. So it’s out on T-Mobile before Google is releasing it? I’ve never ordered online from T-Mobile before but I think I’m going to for this. What time are they usually up? Like midnight on the 12th or anytime during the day? Thanks for the help btw!

    • Philly Jim

      On store shelves 2 days before the edge

  • queenren

    Since this is a limited release device, will it be available in any T-Mobile store?

    • steveb944

      I’m sure it’ll be at all corporate retail locations just in limited stock. Otherwise there may at least be a floor model and you can order online.

      Try calling the store to make sure they’ll have supply. That’s what I did years ago for a Blackberry Flip and HTC Amaze release.

      • Nurdface Gamerhandz

        Or order online. We never get them in stores consistently, if you want it earlier, get it from online/telesales/ship-to. We STILL don’t have iPhones on a consistent basis in my store, just 10 here and 10 there. Right now its iPhone 6 Plus silver 16 GB, two weeks ago it was gold 6

  • gperez

    If you willing to pay 870.00 to beta test like I did with the note 3 then it is OK, but I know I won’t do it anymore moved to the Sony Z3.

    • LJ Kearny

      Your loss. The Note 3 is/was a great phone… Enjoy your Sony.

      • gperez

        Why it’s my loss when all I had was problem with the note 3 exchanged it 4 times until I gave up. I could be unlucky but never at loss, well you’re right I lost my money.

        • skinsfan

          I agree. The note 3 was nothing but problems.

  • tranceformer978

    I’ll wait to Jump on this next year when the price drops. My G Flex was a great conversation piece when I left it on my desk at the office. I’ll be enjoying my Xperia Z3 til then.

    • JBrowne1012

      That is if they continue to make and sell it this is a limited production product more than likely it will be gone by that time

  • lion man

    Still no news about the gear s. Smh

    • John H in tampa

      Gear S to be release this Friday (Nov. 7) by all carriers.

      • John H in tampa

        if you Google search Gear S release you will see Nov 7

  • Philly Jim

    I’ve been searching for news everyday for the past 30 , I’m all about change our something different do needless to say I’ll be at the store door at my local t mo store on the 14th an hour before the store opens,I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a phone………Still trying to order the UAG case which looks awesome………….

  • Arbi


  • Arbi

    It’s a nice phone to have, but I’ll wait till next year for a 64bit Note5 or Edge2. I think 32bit is kind of outdated for a $900 phone. don’t you think that?

    • LJ Kearny

      Tell me why you think you need 64bit.

      • Arbi

        because Google started using 64bit on its new Nexus phone and there’s a rumor that Samsung will use a 64 bit on its GS6. to be honest, I was expecting Samsung to introduce its 64bit on note4 but it didn’t happened. they will introduce 64 bit next year for sure and I think it’s not worthed to spend $900. and these phones will drop it’s price more than average as all customers will rush to get the 64bit one.

        • LJ Kearny

          Tell me how the Nexus 6, which uses the same processor as this, is 64 bit. Also you didn’t actually provide a technical reason for wanting a 64 bit phone.

        • Arbi

          I’m sorry you’re right Nexus 6 has the same cpu, I meant nexus 9 tablet which uses Nvidia 64bit.

        • g2a5b0e

          Samsung has introduced its 64-bit chip on the Note 4. The Exynos version sold in some territories is 64-bit. I’m sure you could find it online if you wanted, but you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of all the T-Mobile bands with it.

      • prime

        Its easy, the gaming, the multitasking, the 64bit will increase battery life due to the fact that it can handle more of what the processor will produce. The processor will be clocked higher and have a higher rate of response. It will be better to have an android device running a 64bit. Apple has used it and it has greatly increased productivity.

        • LJ Kearny

          I’m sure you’re a lot more productive now. The features you claim are speculation and the statement of “it can handle more of what the processor will produce. ” sounds like you are a non-technical person parroting what you’ve read somewhere.

        • prime

          Obviously no one on here knows anything about processors. The same reason the 32bit will be obsolete in a PC. The 64 bit has a better success rate. And I’m no parrot. The person asked for a reason why it would matter, I gave reasons. I hope I made your day by allowing you to bash someone on the internet. Yay to you sir.

        • Rocky

          “I’m no parrot”…

        • LJ Kearny

          Better success rate? Success rate in what?

          I apologize for the parrot comment. I believe I insulted the parrot as he’d get something right.

        • Adam Jennings

          Totally agree 64bit would be amazing for performance and battery life. A quick synopsis of 64bit vs 32bit. Each command and instruction is broken down into binary. so many bits for the actual instruction, so many bits for the destination address, and so many bits for source address. What happens when you have a command that in total takes 40bits to execute? The 32 bit processor has to break it two individual commands where the 64bit takes the whole command.The breaking into multiple commands be it just a matter of nano seconds now imagine when you have thousands of commands that total over 32 bit each the 64 bit processor will rip through them fastest. 64bit also allows you to utilize more wider range of memory space.

        • CJ

          64 Bit is smoother in my opinion but I am confused because I thought you only needed 64 bit if you wanted to go above 3gb of Ram now Android devices are nearing that so I assume next year the S5 will have 4gb of ram but if you are only using 1gb like the IPhone not sure it is necessary but it is nice. I put 64 bit on my old PC and it ran a lot smoother :)

        • Rdaex

          Increased battery life… Huh. I guess my new Z3 has a 64 bit processor.

    • superg05

      i feel for something like this it should use the newset chips a snapdragon 810

  • dtam

    um…why would I get this over a note 4? so expensive!

    • LJ Kearny

      um I guess you wouldn’t um

    • Huh? The Note 4 is $749, and this is $840. How is it so expensive?

      • dtam

        $91 more for similar specs, no removable battery, potentially gimicky curved touchscreen….

        then i compare it to a nexus 6….

        • superg05

          the battery is removable look at any note edge unboxing before spreading false information as truth cause your distorting it

        • dtam

          not trying to distort it. i just went to the first comparison website I could find. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/samsung-galaxy-note-4-1937-vs-samsung-galaxy-note-edge-1936

          so they have incorrect info

        • dtam

          not trying to distort, just got bad info from the first result of googling “note4 vs note edge” (they won’t allow me to post links)

        • Those are just things you don’t like about it…your OP. Value is set by the buyers…so this phone is spec’d better than some other phones that cost more. I don’t plan on getting it, but I’m just saying.

        • dtam

          if it were your money and you were to get a phone, would you get the note 4 or this? that’s the most apples to apples comparison since it has nearly identical specs

          I’m not trying to poo poo anyone from getting it, if you are in love with the design, go ahead. I’ve just learned that you should buy the flagship phone of manufacturers and not variations (more product support, more choices for accessories, etc).

        • Oliver Jackson

          the battery is removable

        • dtam

          my bad, bad comparo site I looked up

  • AdamBath

    Glad I didn’t wait. Loving my Xperia Z3.

    • Singleweird

      beast phone

  • J_Man

    Does anyone know if the Edge will allow wireless charging? I’m still not happy that I can’t do it with my Note 2. (And how about the Note 4?)

  • Good price, fair price.

  • jeffy

    Why is this site looking so weird. i miss the old website!

    • Cam Bunton

      Try doing a force-refresh, or clearing the cache. Should make things right again.

      • jeffy


  • samso

    I just think the price is outrageous, when you start having to pay a monthly note for a phone on top of an already expensive phone plane, its to much. Love the phone tho, want one, just not at this price.

  • Android_God

    I can only imagine how gross the right side of that phone will get. Seems like it will need constant cleaning.

  • kiiKane

    Now if it folded out into a tablet, that would be worth some money! I’m hoping this is just the start and there will be much better to come from the technology.

    • superg05

      i think they said 2016 it was coming

  • Rocco Gallo

    great phone but way to expensive

  • TechHog


  • croozn

    Two things:

    1) The right side of this phone will make it nearly impossible to handle or keep in your pocket without accidentally keying whatever features are on the edge. The Note 3 is already a pain to simply hand to someone to show a photo with bumping a wrong key. This will be hundreds of times worse.

    2) Samsung will totally FAIL to bring out any useful software feature for that edge gimmick. Just like they failed to develop any good apps for the Gear watch. Samsung apps are horrible, across the board.

    FWIW….I use a Note 3 and (despite my comments above) actually like it. My gear watch has been in a drawer since it was 2 months old and that’s where it will stay.

    • thepanttherlady

      No selling, buying, trading or bartering on this site.

    • Joseph

      I was actually able to test the Note Edge, the right side of the phone is not as easy to accidentally activate as people would think. I stuck it in my pocket, ran my palm across it (since I have a right-handed grip on it) You have to press on the screen and not on the edges to get it to trigger, so it’s not too bad. On the point of the extra software… only time will tell there.

      • Not Lying

        U have to actually drag to activate the side panel and I keep phone number my pocket and rarely use a carry case. Not a problem at all for me to not accidentally turn phone on. Had edge since few days after came out after sell person at t mobile suckered me to this after having Galaxy Note 2 almost 3 years(cracked screen last 8months cause still working perfectly fine and cheap)

  • croozn

    And if this really has NO REMOVABLE BATTERY…the RUN, don’t walk away! I carry 3 or 4 spare batteries everywhere with my Note 3.

    • superg05

      it does have a removable battery look at any unboxing

      • croozn

        Ok, then just walk away

        • Android_God

          3 or 4 batteries? Please stop exaggerating. Next you’re going to tell me that you hardly use your phone or that you don’t have a ton of apps running. I mean it’s never user error is it?

        • croozn

          I travel with 4. Always carry at least one. And I use the crap out of the phone. Non replaceable batteries will keep me away from iPhone forever.

        • Chuck D

          Have you thought of just getting an extended battery like the Zerolemon battery instead of carrying multiple standard batteries around?

        • croozn

          I have used those, but actually I find it more convenient to just carry spares. Very slim and light, and nothing to plug in. I travel internationally a lot, so for me this works great. Easy to keep several fully charged.

        • Singleweird

          10k mAh portable charger, $20 on amazon.

    • JamesG

      You have a real problem if you are going through that many batteries a day

      • Philly Jim

        I have two spare batteries for my note 3 , the only time I use them is because I’m too lazy to plug my phone into a charger changing batteries on the note 3 takes less then a minute and my phone is usually good for at least a day and a half……

    • Bklynman

      My note 3 ,charge last from anywhere from 12-48 hours all depends what I am with doing with it. Then also I never updated it either,everytime I read on here,
      how the updates screw up people phones camera,doesn’t work like before,battery life drains,kicks me off the web,etc. You should call tech support.

  • Android_God

    is the battery removable?

    • Singleweird


  • I, for one, love my $950 128GB iPhone 6 Plus… pfffft… peasants… /sarcasm

    Samsung’s not the only one who charges that much for phones. People pay it so they must be doing something right…

  • Mike

    Croozn would you be interested in selling me your galaxy gear watch? I am wanting to do some experiments on one, but don’t want to spend much money, if your not using it, let me give you a little money for it, I’ll pay the shipping and everything

  • skywalkr2

    There is a lot of incorrect info on that site.

  • Bill

    I still prefer my Galaxy Note 3

    • Singleweird

      you can’t have held a note 4. it makes a 3 look like a toddler’s plaything.

  • UralBas

    If you touch a Samsung phone, expect SD CARD error in a bit over a year .I’ve had that issue with by GS4 and have seen it with others. What’s worse, is Samsung expects you to pay for this flaw.

    Then there is Samsung horrible programming practices.. Touchwiz and Tizen. Tocuhwiz is intrusive and Tizen just not up to par.

    This is the reason I will never touch a Samsung product again.

    Nexus 6 or iPhone 6, maybe and LG G3. But Samsung, forget it.

    • Philly Jim

      couldn’t agree more after 3 years of Touchwiz , I wants something different and bought an LG G3, while not perfect, I’m very happy with my choice , ya just gotta change things up once in awhile , and even though I’ve been rooting and romming my phones for years , that eventually get’s old to…………heres to change………..; )

      • skywalkr2

        My son love the G3, but I am going to be first in line for a white Nexus.

        • Philly Jim

          I’m actually going for the midnight Blue I think they call it…….fingers crossed

        • Singleweird

          6 inches though!??! im torn.

        • troll

          so is your mom…

    • Mike

      they actually fixed that problem, I’ve never had it on my note 4, my daughter had it on her s4, but they said they had found the issue and they had to replace with a newer version of the s4 and she hasn’t had the problem since, that was like a year ago. Not trying to change your mind, just letting you know they did get it fixed

      • UralBas

        They wont honor that after one year.

        This is why I’ll never purchase another Samsung device. Its a manufacturing issue or design issue… it’s their fault. They should stand by the product they sell.

    • Me

      I had the SAME errors. SIM and SD card read errors. My S4 was 6 weeks old. I bought it in I think August but it had a build date of 2/2014. I had to pay $20 for a warranty exchange. The new one was made 8/2014 but I still don’t trust the phone. There are a good amount of people posting online about similar problems with the S4. It’s a shame too. I think the S4 is a great phone. I now have an iPhone 6 (and don’t get me wrong, Apple has its problems too) – not sure if I want to keep the S4 or sell it. I have an extra line I wanted to use the S4 on but my cheapo L90 seems more reliable.

      • croozn

        Same with my Note 3.

        • Marcelo_L

          Same with the GN2…..random SD Card disconnect/reconnects.

          It’s ridiculous.

    • Singleweird

      gs4 is a bug magnet. do NOT peform any software updates after the original kitkat one.

  • Paul

    I think it’s a neat take on screen real-estate. Some people want a bigger screen, even others don’t, and this is an elaboration on that movement. I can see the potential in it but that price tag will limit the sales. It doesn’t have much at all that would push it that far over the Note 4. Plus, you’re less likely to get the newer Android updates since it’s a one-off.

    It has potential to show Samsung as a forward thinking company but I’m not sure they’re confident in the product themselves.

    I’ll pass on it as I love my Note 3 as it is. Hopefully there’s something better down the pipeline from all the phone makers.

    • Bklynman

      That’s what I am doing, but not too much longer. I have the org.jump. Hoping LG,will bring out a G flex 2,no rumors about it. If anything, I will downgrade to the ZTE Zmax ,come Dec, or Jan(hoping for a sale on it from Tmo). If nothing shows by then, I will pick up I will pick another Note 3,or even the 4 on ebay or swappa,later in the year,when theyare way cheaper then.

  • Yung City

    Not gonna outsell the note 4

    • skywalkr2

      It’s not expected to. Its more of a proof of concept limited run phone.

      • croozn

        Right. I heard there would be 1 million built, which, in market terms that matter to developers, equals zilch. Who would waste resources building what Samsung calls “edge aware” apps for such a limited audience?

  • YABD

    That’s a whole lot of money.!!!

  • Marcelo_L

    I dunno folks……$870 sounds a bit up there…..As much as I’m Jonesing for a Note Edge, I’d have to hold one in my hand before I made up my mind to upgrade.

    Now if only they’d shoot the upgrade for the GN2 to 4.4.4, I might hold off long enough until the price is a little more…amenable.

    • Singleweird

      the edge is nothing special, its kinda weird. save yourself $120 and just order a 4.

    • If The Head Right

      Its only 800.. whats that, like 2-3 days of work? And u cant expect a new product to be near free. . Get tmobile n use jump insurance

      • OneSockWaldo

        what the hell kind of a job do you have man ! get me a job like that ! =D

        • If The Head Right

          Company contractor, make around 1600-1900 a week..

        • Marcelo_L

          Not everyone has the position you do, mate.

          Consider that even for “something premium”, that number is ridiculous. This is Samsung we’re talking about , not Vertus.

      • Marcelo_L

        Only 800? Only?

        Listen…I don’t expect to get a high end phone for free, but there is no WAY you can justify a phone that probably has a BOM cost of less than $250, should be priced over TRIPLE that.

        Sorry, it just doesn’t fly. Hell, it doesn’t even crawl.

        And as for the GN4…….it shouldn’t be cost $750 either…..again….triple the BOM cost……absolutely lunacy.

  • Marcelo_L

    Which is ( the AT&T) essentially the same as the TMobile version save for some firmware mods to support the same AWS bands, from what I understand.

    So you just popped this receiver in under the hood, and Qi charged your GN2’s little heart out?

    About how long does it take until full charge? Can you use it with the original AC plug, or must you use the USB connector to some other charger unit?

  • J_Man

    It does NOT work on the T-Mobile version without a lot of modifications that require soldering.T-Mobile has configured the device so as to prevent wireless charging out of the box. So your experience with the AT&T version does not indicate that they have wireless charging on the T-Mobile version.

    • David Gubbiotti

      I guess its just the tmobile note 2.I have the tmobile note 3 and tmobile note 4 and ihave wireless charging on both of them.

  • RJ Robinson Sr.

    Im sure the custom mods and development for this edge screen is gonna be incredible!!! If you’re into custom roms….

    • nycplayboy78

      Which I am :)

    • Xda-developers user

      Depends on how many developers grab one. I’m willing to bet that most jumped on the Note 4 rather than waiting on this. I think the big problem was that this wasn’t what most people expected it to be. More weird than appealing plus not exactly the curved screen most of us expected in spite of the conceptual artwork. I’d recommend waiting on this device and see how development goes. Heck I might even wait on the Galaxy 6 before grabbing a new device. My Note 2 is still holding up well lol!

      • Marcelo_L

        I doubt very highly that this is going to see customizations beyond what come out of the box.

        Anyone remember the Samsung Continuum? Remember it has a small extra screen at the bottom that behaved VERY similarly to what the Edge is going to display on it’s side? No, of course no one does…that’s because no one bought it, because no one developed any extensions for it.

        When will Samsung learn.

  • audi1031

    If you still have your prior phone (Note 3)just sell it and it will re-coup most of your moneyy to purchase the Edge.

    • Singleweird


  • Mystery Man

    Does it done with free accidental damage protection for that price?

    • Singleweird

      absolutely not, why would it?

      • UralBas

        Because you will see SD Card error in a year or a bit more. Then your phone becomes useless.

        If Samsung doesn’t offer a 3 year guarantee on their devices. Purchasing one is laughable. And using one is just out of the question.

        • If The Head Right

          First of no eletronic product gives 3 years warranty… u want samsung to pay ur house rent for 3yrs too? Iphone, nexus, etc only have basic defect warranty.. iphones break if u stare at them the wrong way… no sd errors, if u do its called manufacture defect so replacement is covered for free.. and no person keeps a phone longer than 3yrs… does the sd slot messes up on iphones? Oh wait nvm lol…

        • UralBas

          ROFL, read please, < 14 months!!! you get that error. If you travel internationally, you will also notice that the GS4Mini, and variants stop working < 6 months.

          Who in their right mind will throw away money like that. Not someone wise.

          Samsung is worthless. But if choose to buy one, Live with it. I like so many others I will never touch it again. There is a reason why its losing market share by the droves.

        • If The Head Right

          First off, the world know every product comes wit a year warranty… if ur mini phones are messing up within 6 months why not call them and get a new 1 sent in a business day for free?… and u are talkin about a cheap phone.. why dont u get a real phone like the note 4…. the s4 mini is for like an old lady.. After a year i think its time to switch …..

        • If The Head Right

          People want foot rubs for the rest of their life just because they purchased a pair of cheap shoes… whats wrong with people … cant distinguish a troll from a serious person anymore….

  • eight7four

    Holy cow!!! That much for a product that Samsung just through at the wall? The note edge is a novelty and would lose support in 6 months. good luck getting updates pushed when the phone is added to the junk list.

    • Jermaine D. Bynum

      it been over a year and still a bad ass phone

  • Jose

    So wait, I loose just a little screen restate and I get a smaller battery for this device and it’s pricier than the Note 4? I still have my Note 2 which I still love!!

  • UralBas

    I would not use another Samsung product even if Samsung paid me a seven figure to do so.

    Samsung’s quality on its devices. Touchwiz, and Tizen are simply horrible. To top it off Samsung does not stand by its products and its support service is simply not worth the trouble.

    Lollipop would show up stripped down when most will be thinking about the next OS.

    Why bother to pay $$$ for such a poor service? Why bother to use the device like even if Samsung paid your $$$ to use it?

    • If The Head Right

      Well as far as facts go, specs side by side no way any phone beats the note 3 or 4 ive never had a problem the past few yrs….. touchwiz is horrible? U must be a Samsung hater… isnt nexus a prepaid phone?

      • UralBas

        ROFL… Im not the only one. For your info:

        for my personal use, I have purchase in the past.

        2 Vibrants
        1 GS3
        2 GS4s

        I gave Samsung chance after they messed up the GPS on the Vibrant

        Will I do so again. Nope. Purchasing 5 phones this month alone (sweet Nexus 6, Moto X, LG G3, and hopefully a OnePlusOne). And advice on a few 5 to 6 digits (quantity) purchases, where Samsung will not be considered as an option.

        And for the record, name calling (Samsung hater) is childish, grow up. Samsung is not losing one or two yearly phones with my dissatisfaction. It has lost a chunk of business it wish it had. I can’t recommend a phone I know is not going to work.

        • freshprince130

          Man that’s a lot of money! I could think of2 things you could focus on more and they’d make you happy!
          1.giving to charity
          2.getting some p

  • curious

    Hello, I plan on buying the international mod of the note edge or note 4, what bands should I look for in order to take advantage of tmobile ‘ s network? Thanks

  • Marcelo_L

    My disappointment exists on multiple levels…..

    Are you freakin’ kidding me, Price?
    Have you lost your minds, Price?

    This thing better shoot Lightning Bolts from it’s Screen, and Fire from it’s USB port, for that kind of money.

  • Lamar

    Do you guys understand that the high price is due to not only the quality of the phone but also the availability and work put into the phone (not just the cost of the phone being assembled) No high price means no one goes into engineering any phone because the pay will be crappy: no one goes through school for 5 plus years for crappy pay. Stop complaining about price, just invest in what you can afford. Coming next friday I know where will be at 10am: getting my Note Edge and flashing an actual 1000 dollar phone at people who invest in less: Iphones. And before any apple losers shoot me down just “note” that I had an Iphone 4 and 5 and also an ipad air… there is nothing to do on those phones! I do not want to jailbreak my phone to download things online straight to my device

  • hello

    lmao to all the people hating touchwiz, i have the GN3 wtih the Go launcher. You guys don’t even deserve a quad core phone if you don’t know how to change a simple launcher. go back to isheep simpletons.

  • Jermaine D. Bynum

    the Iphone cost just as much or more