HTC One M8 for Windows, Galaxy Note Edge and others coming on Nov. 9-14?


T-Mobile is about to release a wave of products, if  leak obtained by Windows Central is anything to go by. The product release schedule points to several devices due to land within a few days of each other, between November 9th and November 14th.

They go as follows:

  • 11/9 – T-Mobile LTE Hotspot
  • 11/9 – HTC Windows M8
  • 11/12 – LG 450
  • 11/12 – Nexus 6
  • 11/12 – Nexus 9
  • 11/14 – Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Of course, we already had a release date for the Nexus devices. That had already been confirmed by T-Mobile.  But, until now, the Windows Phone HTC One M8 was just coming some time “this fall”. The Galaxy Note Edge, likewise, wasn’t given a specific release date by T-Mo. And the T-Mobile LTE Hotspot could be one of two devices, or perhaps both the rumored LTE HotSpot Z915 or LTE HotSpot Z64.

As with any leak or rumor, it’s always sensible to take a pinch or two of salt. That said, none of this seems entirely unlikely.

The big question is: Do you plan on getting your hands on the new products? Will you buy one of the new hotspots? Or is a Windows Phone version of the excellent HTC One M8 appealing?

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  • sushimane

    I’m curious how much the note 4 edge would be.

  • warpwiz

    The Nokia 925 has been so annoying (no wifi call capability, a convoluted process to get MMS, plus not great phone range) that hopes run high the HTC One f/ Windows is a home run.

    • jay_max

      The 925 does indeed have wifi call capability and I’ve had zero issues with MMS on the phone right out of the box.

      • Ryan

        No problems with mine either. Have you installed the updates? If not, it may help :)

      • warpwiz

        That’s amazing, since TMo admits WinPhone8 has these problems. We d/l’d Win 8.1 and both issues went away. Finally!

        • notyourbusiness

          Disregard my previous post because I didn’t see this one of yours when I replied. Glad that you’ve gotten your Wi-Fi calling working again.

    • Tss

      I switched to iPhone 6, one thing I really miss about the 925 is the awesome cell tower and Wi-Fi connection, it had one to two more bars than the iPhone everywhere I went.

    • notyourbusiness

      A tip: Try updating your 925 to the official 8.1/Cyan update T-Mobile released two days ago. Wi-Fi calling is back to working exactly the way it should. I tested it out on my 925 and discovered that texting with Wi-Fi calling once again works like a charm.

  • Chris

    Black Friday is a company holiday? lol…
    Was that a typo? Was that suppose to go to the next section – Promo Days?

    • Chad Dalton

      haha, that’s what i saying…really?

      • Mike

        Black Friday has always been a company holiday due to the extended hours needed to operate business on that day. Employees should be compensated for their efforts. T-mobile is a great company to work for.

  • TS50

    Just saw from @TMobileHelp there will be no pre order for the Nexus 6. Just releasing on the 12th.

    • skywalkr2

      Seriously? That really stinks. I guess I will have to go wait at the mall that day and see if they actually get them in stock.

  • Bklynman

    Alright,new Lg,hopefully it will the new Doublepaly 2! I been waiting for it! It about time! LoL

    • pcjnyc

      LG 450 is a basic flip phone, currently available on MetroPCS.

      • Bklynman

        Really flip phone? I wasn’t really looking for Dp2,was hoping it was The Gflex2. I guess it was one and done,phone. Too bad.

  • How many people remember when having a flip phone was top of the line quality?

    • skywalkr2

      I remember having to buy a European MOTO RAZR for my wife… because pretty colors.

    • Paul

      Had the razr but had the samsung c130 before it…loved that phone!

      • monkeybutts

        I remember when razr’s cost as much as a smart phone and people still bought them, even though they did nothing special

        • Bklynman

          If you go to cnet,read the review about razr’s when it 1st came out,it was only sold by the death star at that time,they were selling it for $450.

        • Bklynman

          When the razr 1st came out only the death star had it,they charge$450 for it, I read about it on cnet. It was not too long ago flip phone rule the cell phone world. I miss them.

  • Mystery Man

    Nexus 6

    • skywalkr2


      • TS50

        Just saw from @TMobileHelp there will be no pre order for the Nexus 6. Just releasing on the 12th.

  • we need a TMO specific phone now. all carriers have an exclusive type phone. but TMO doesn’t.

    • TechHog

      No, we don’t need more carrier-exclusive phones. Besides, T-Mobile has the Xperia Z3. (The Z3v on Verizon is a rebranded Z2)

    • JamesG

      Exclusive devices are an awful idea. Carriers should just be carriers

      • Bklynman

        The phone,that Tmo,should have gotten,was a phone no carrier pick up,the LG GPro 2,the Pro 1,was att only phone. I don’t believe att.pick it up the 2 either,when I check on Ebay for the Pro2,only unlock,and unbanded,came up.

  • monkeybutts

    None of these devices really interest me I’m more interested in what the hell customer appreciation day is

  • Whiskers

    I’m jumping on the HTC M8 for windows on the 9th , can’t stand the square edges and pathetic rear mounted speaker on the back of the Nokia 925 I have and it’s now cheaper to buy that phone new than what I owe on my EIP .
    I like the OS on windows phones but I’m not to keen on the Nokia phone styles .

    • william43

      I barely use my camera and when I do a decent capture is good enough for me. I constantly got complimented on my8X even up to this year. The 22 hour battery life on the M8 is more important to me than the camera.

      • fentonr

        At this point, I don’t even really care what features the phone has, just so long as it’s a Windows Phone and higher end than the 635…I’m tired of paying for JUMP but not being able to use it because T-Mobile doesn’t like to carry high end Windows Phones.

        • william43

          Amen. My phone paid out now so I can try to get $200 bucks for an “unlocked” (hehehe) Nokia 925 toward my M8.

  • Guest

    I was hopping for the 1525 also. :(

  • xchaser

    I was hoping for the 1525. :(

  • Ugh, the HTC One for Windows is hardly the flagship Windows Phone I was wanting this holiday season. I really just want the Lumia 930, a nice 5″ device with an adequate camera. I switched my 925 for a Nexus 5 back in Jun because the Lumia Icon I have for work just spoiled me, now I guess I’m going to have to make the JUMP to the Z3 for the time being.

  • C Michael Rush

    I sure hope the Galaxy Note Edge is really coming! I’m very excited about that one, as well as the Nexus 6!

  • Mike Menard

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile will carry the Nexus 6 in White or just Blue?

    • jonathan3579

      Just blue.

      • John Johnson

        Rumor. T-Mobile has not made any official statements ot that effect and there is an un-boxing video going around with e White 6 and T-Mo paperwork.

        At this point: We just don’t know.

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m more curious about the LG 450. What is that device?

    • Mike Mac

      Yeah I was hoping it was a possible sequal to my lg l90 with LTE 16gb and posibly and 720p screen…if only …

      • Jerry

        Haha, Those were my same exact thoughts except I was a thinking a sequel to my lg F6 LTE with 16gb instead of 4. :-)

  • susan

    I was hoping tmobile would release the lumia 735, but i guess i was dreaming.

  • Marcelo_L

    As Lord Marshall…

    How much is the Note Edge going to cost?
    Is it only going to be available in the 32Gb version or also in the 64Gb?

    “These are the things I need to know!”

    • tomarone

      A pretty penny.

  • PenKowalski

    FINALLY! I had already decided to upgrade to the Note 4, but now that the HTC One is coming out soon, then I’ll wait for that. It’s as if they knew what I was thinking.

    • Juline An

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  • superg05

    i was so happy finally a date on my EDge

  • tomarone

    Windows Phone needs a good device and the HTC fills the bill So how much of a problem is it supporting or not, the band 12 700 mhz? or is it really not so important? And will the new M8 do it?

  • spartanjet

    Its annoying they came out with that windows phone so late. I would have purchased it 3 months ago immediately but with the current wave of phones that were just released I caved and bought another flag ship phone. Hopefully in the future they will release windows phones with no delay as I want my next phone to be a Windows phone.

    • Tss

      Same story here, they are two weeks late whit this news, just bought the iPhone 6, pity,

      • Tss

        Will be waiting for my six months to be over, hopefully there will be a nice high end Nokia by than,

        • fentonr

          I’m starting to think that T-Mobile’s strategy for supporting Windows Phone is to not carry any high end phones and forcing users over to other platforms…And then when they do launch a high end WP, they’re surprised when no one buys it…Because they already got something else.


    If the information is correct, I guess there will be no Pre-Orders for the Note Edge… They will just sell it directly at the stores on Nov 14? There is simply no time left for pre orders… only 10 days left…

  • I’d get the HTC One M8 for Windows if the price was right.