HTC One M8 for Windows, Galaxy Note Edge and others coming on Nov. 9-14?


T-Mobile is about to release a wave of products, if  leak obtained by Windows Central is anything to go by. The product release schedule points to several devices due to land within a few days of each other, between November 9th and November 14th.

They go as follows:

  • 11/9 – T-Mobile LTE Hotspot
  • 11/9 – HTC Windows M8
  • 11/12 – LG 450
  • 11/12 – Nexus 6
  • 11/12 – Nexus 9
  • 11/14 – Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Of course, we already had a release date for the Nexus devices. That had already been confirmed by T-Mobile.  But, until now, the Windows Phone HTC One M8 was just coming some time “this fall”. The Galaxy Note Edge, likewise, wasn’t given a specific release date by T-Mo. And the T-Mobile LTE Hotspot could be one of two devices, or perhaps both the rumored LTE HotSpot Z915 or LTE HotSpot Z64.

As with any leak or rumor, it’s always sensible to take a pinch or two of salt. That said, none of this seems entirely unlikely.

The big question is: Do you plan on getting your hands on the new products? Will you buy one of the new hotspots? Or is a Windows Phone version of the excellent HTC One M8 appealing?

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