Samsung Galaxy Note Edge official, will launch this fall


Samsung, hot on the heels of announcing the Galaxy Note 4, has also unveiled a slightly more unique version of the device. While we’ve been hearing about Samsung’s upcoming “curved Note” for sometime now, even with renders showcasing what it might look like, Samsung has now made it official.

The Galaxy Note Edge is all about the curved display, which actually seems to offer up a bit of functionality that hardcore smartphone owners might want. With the curved display, owners will be able to interact with notifications, or certain applications with just a swipe of their finger — even if the device’s cover is closed. What’s more, the curved display will also let you see notifications, or interact with them, while a video is playing on the main display, as they’ll be displayed on the curved edge.

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note Edge will launch in “Charcoal Black” and “Frost White” in select markets, and will launch on T-Mobile at some point later in the fall. Unfortunately, no exact dates were provided, but it looks like it will launch after the Galaxy Note 4 by some margin.

As far as specifications go for the Galaxy Note Edge, it’s very similar to the Galaxy Note 4:

  • 5.6-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display (2560 x 1440 x 160)
  • 2.7GHz quad-core processor
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 16MP camera with Smart OIS; 3.7-megapixel front-facing camera
  • 32GB/64GB built-in storage; support for microSD cards (up to 64GB)
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 3,000mAh Li-ion battery

The Galaxy Note Edge also supports the S Pen, and offers features like the Air Command view, and offers up an all new, enhanced note taking experience.

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  • Paul

    I have to say that this is better than what I was expecting. Moving the notification bar to the side frees up that small portion at the top. I’ll have to play with one in store, but it’s peaked my interest.

    • Jon

      Same here but it’s definitely something new to consider this holiday season.

    • JamesG

      The notification bar isn’t moved, its still a key importance at the top of the phone…

      • Paul

        Yeah, I realized it was still there when I saw a hands on video. I think moving it to the side would have been a great move.

  • Get_at_Me

    Software updates?

    • donnybee

      Android. Sorry.

      Lol I kid…sort of.
      I’m diggin’ the design though! Too bad they don’t have it in a smaller form factor.

  • taron19119

    This phone is stupid

  • Adrayven

    Watched their review of it.. was painful as a presentation.. lol I’ll admit, it caught my eye.. but…..

    Will see if it’s practical.. so far it’s a righty (right hand) only product, which is already a negative to me.. and I have to wonder at the durability of no bezel protection and direct sunlight issues caused by curved displays. Soooo, we’ll see..

    I suspect that’s why they didn’t “Replace” the note 4 with this.. they are hedging their bets incase negatives end up outweighing the ‘cool’ factor of it’s looks.

  • J.J.

    I love the design but Im worried about protection of the side glass. I case and use tempered glass immediately so I can keep it pristine to sell later and almost fully fund(eip) the newest version, but I don’t think you can curve tempered glass and it appears it will be very difficult manufacture a great case for it. This may make me lean to the standard note 4.

    • Paul

      That’s an issue I’m debating as well. I’m sure the replacement glass will be an obscene amount.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I’m eligible for jump take my money I’m sold!

  • Alois

    band 12 LTE?

    • B-Mobile

      give me band 12 and i’m sold, i might even spend the extra $$$ on the edge just for kicks – watched a video:

      Ed Baig interviewed Philip Berne from Samsung who stated “they are not talking prices, but compared to the Note 4 he believes it will cost more”

    • Jay Holm

      Highly likely, but wait to be sure. It won’t be long before we’ll know. If it’s available for sale in October, it will have to pass through the FCC soon.

  • sushimane

    Its something different kinda nice. A little strip with short cut.

  • Paul

    What if you’re left handed? Or don’t like holding your phone in your left hand??

    • bob90210

      Flip the phone upside down. Viola! the screen edge is now on the left side.

      • JamesG

        Then learn how to use the phone upside down unless it actually incorporates 180′ rotation….

        • superg05

          it does they showed it on accident during the Samsung announcement she was holding it upside down and it completely flipped to my surprise(made mistake it was a verge hands on video but confirmed)

        • JamesG

          Really? I completely missed that

        • superg05

          confirmed it was in a verge hands on video

        • Paul

          That’s pretty awesome.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Wow both the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge as well as the Galaxy Gear 3 all on Tmobile my plans have changed. I will buy all three .

    • superg05

      lol i was thinking about the same

    • skittle

      Hello Richard :) You are definately a T-Mobile and Samsung veteran. I know you will at least get the Note 4 and the Edge :)

    • squiddy20

      …Because you’re an idiot. The Note Edge is basically a Note 4 with the edge screen. There’s very little difference otherwise. But have fun wasting that money on devices you can only use one at a time anyway.

  • Marcelo_L

    Ok…..if the Note Edge comes to TMo….I’m in…otherwise, I’m not seeing much reason to move up from the Note 2 (Yeah, QHD is nice, but if TMo would FINALLY release the KitKat update for the Note 2, I’d be set for a while w/o having to upgrade.).

    • MadJoe

      I get that cost might be an issue, but if you’re ready to drop the (more than likely) ~$800 on a Note Edge, it probably isn’t. So why are you still rocking the Note 2 when the Note 3 was such a huge step up? I’m curious because the only reason anyone ever gives for it is they say “The Note 3 just isn’t enough of an upgrade”, but that’s bulls#!t and they, and everyone else, knows it. Ignoring the HUGE screen res jump, what about the RAM, internal 32GB, processor, S-pen, all of it? The whole device is a monster compared to the mediocre Note 2. I just don’t get it. Now if someone wants to say that the Note 4 isn’t much of a step up from the Note 3, there’s a better argument to be made, but I still don’t agree.

      • Marcelo_L

        The reason for me that the upgrade from the Note 2 to the Note 3 really wasn’t as effective as I would’ve liked:

        A) 32 Gb was not the low ceiling for storage in the Note 3, 16 was/is.
        B) I didn’t “see” a performance increase in from the Exynos 5414 (Note 2) to the SnapDragon 800(Note 3), at least not for the things I would use the phone for ( note taking, voice reco, business-y things ).
        C) The screen was HD, yes, but the display quality was no big leap IMHO.
        D) The jump in ram from 2Gb to 3Gb, again, did not seem to give me an impression that the phone handled the extra ram to give it a snappier feel.

        Some of my impression is probably due to the TouchWiz updates to support the SPen, and as “glossed over” within the announcement of the Note 4, they’ve apparently worked on making the SPen support better, more responsive (I’m sure the SnapDragon 805 with the Adreno 620 helps out a lot there), and be less bloated.

        The jump from 1280×720 to QuadHD may sway me in the end, but the responsiveness difference better be there. The quality of handwriting reco better be there, and please-please-please….someone put “S Voice” out of it’s misery already. That part of the TouchWiz interface is absolutely putrid.

        • MadJoe

          A) You’re going to have to show me a link to a 16GB Note 3. There are plenty of 16GB Note 2s, though.
          B) You are kidding, right? Also, the Note 2 had/has a Exynos 4412.
          C) The increase from 265ppi to 386ppi on a larger screen was a pretty significant jump, imho. But I suppose if you were ok with the resolution drop that the Note 2 received from the Note 1, then obviously display density isn’t the most important thing to you. I can accept that.
          D) True enough, Android handles RAM pretty efficiently, so most won’t see the difference between 2GB and 3GB. I do, but I love using the multitasking.

          Touchwiz is awful, but unfortunately with the Note series, it’s difficult to get away from since the major reason for using a Note is the software and S-pen. Some people just want the size and specs, but the multi-window and s-pen are what drew me in once they stopped compromising on specs.

          If the Note 4 has the same as, or even better version of TW than the S5, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It isn’t perfect, and the settings got even more confusing, but most else is cleaner (my wife has an S5) and smooth running. And if the rumors are true, Samsung is drawing back on their redundant apps that try to compete with the stock Android apps like S-Voice and their Samsung Hub crap.

        • Marcelo_L

          A) My bad, forgot the TMo version was 32Gb, but if you look at GSM Arena they did offer a 16Gb version.

          B) 5414, 4412, regardless, having played with a Note 3, I just didn’t see any quicker responsiveness, I’m sorry. It just didn’t “feel” faster to me.
          C) Having seen the G3 put through it’s paces, if the screen resolution looks as sharp on the Note 4, that could enough of a deciding factor for me.
          D) Part of the problem is that after the Jelly Bean update, I really feel that the Note 2 didn’t handle itself as efficiently.

          Now what I find interesting is what you said about Sammy toning down their TW apps ( I hated the Hub too, and that fact that you can’t uninstall most of them, ridiculous.). If they ditch SVoice, Hub, and the dreadful S Calendar that is maybe 1/2 as useful as the stock Google Calendar…then THAT ALONE, might be worth the price of admission.

  • Derrick

    Why have a smaller battery in the Edge than the Note 4 and 3 3000mAh

    • JamesG

      Because of the Edge, they had to account for space

  • Paul Garrison

    I don’t get this phone. Or maybe I don’t really get the gimmick.

  • jeremy vega

    edge is same thing as the note 4 just more interactive in the notification bar.Seems to be deadly when driving because you have to tilt your phone to see it . Not worth getting it.

    • JamesG

      Yes, that is reason its deadly not the fact that you’re looking away from the road…

    • Chris

      You probably did not take the time to actually watch a hands on video for how the side screen works. You still have the notification drop-down like any other Android phone on this planet when the phone is on. Not all notifications just magically go to the side of your phone.

      The purpose of the side display is when the phone is lying down flat on its back and you don’t want to lift the phone and turn it on to see basic stuff. This way you can still swipe your finger to the side. This would turn on just that side display and not the whole screen. Giving you easy access to time and some notifications you have set up.

    • skittle

      You have “deadly when driving” already built in to your current phone. Spend the money on a helmet ;)

      • Ray

        And a butt pad just in case you get impaled by a pole.

    • Jay Holm

      THAT is a good point! About while driving!

  • jeremy vega

    they should just make the note 4 and work hard to make it perfect. So if the phone is perfect the sales go up Instead of relying 2 phones for the same sales

  • The Galaxy Edge is ugly as hell. funny thing is, it looks exactly like an artists rendering many many moons ago that was slated to be the note 4 with the curved edges. WOW!

    Note 4 looks just like the GN3. it’s aiight!

  • notyourbusiness

    That just looks wrong. Also, all the gadget spam from Samsung is out of control. They release so many phones it’s like a dime a dozen. It’s no wonder they end up being the “best” sellers.

  • Hiro

    Does every Samsung look like the same thing?

    • Alley

      They look more different than and IPhone :)

      • Alley

        They look more different than an Iphone

        • Singleweird

          liked BOTH of your responses haha

  • David

    I like the way it looks and the concept….BUT this is going to give me trouble in the near future. Complaining customers that broke the phone because they are butterfingers! Classic samsung though….bunch of gimmicks and novelty features on their phones that no one really uses. Thats how they are more innovated then apple.

  • Luis

    According to Sammobile The Note Edge (SM-N915T -T-Mobile US) May Launch For T-Mobile.

  • William Harris

    these go to 11….

  • Jose A Morones

    I’m about to buy the iPhone 6 but this looooooks AMAZING!!! It’s going to be hard to decide…

    • Singleweird

      thank goodness for JUMP!

      • Bemi

        I keep reading on other forums the stress of the yearly releases.

    • Guest

      FYI on the Iphone 6 the display is only 920p-740p pixels 440 ppi and Samsung makes the processor for the Iphone 6 SO apple doesn’t makes it own and they depend on Samsung and other firms to help make the Iphone so There’s that too. And No SD card slot in it either thus making the phone useless. If you want to store music and photos in it YOU would depend having to store everything on your Icloud which recently got a bad rep. Beware if your are getting an Iphone it might stop you from enjoying your phone fully cause the fact there’s a lot of limitations and no free space to make your phone truly your’s. Plus with android you can Down Load free music from apps in the android market which you can store in to your SD card. For instance I have a Samsung galaxy s5 With SD card slot that can hold up to 162GB of memory all my music can be located in there but I only have a 2GB SD card for now but the galaxy S5 can hold a SD card up to 162GB sd card. But you decide is it really worth the money investing on an apple that has premium build metal design but when dropping it break’s easy ? Even then you would end up buying a case that’s made of durable plastic like Otterbox Thus making that premium design unseen lol. really wanted to hold for a note 4 but i cant cause I direly needed a phone badly.

  • mreveryphone

    Will be getting the edge most definitely, probably getting the regular note 4 too… Wonder how long it will be in between release dates?

  • Has anyone thought about how this thing will look/feel with a case on? I can’t picture it. Shame it’s not optimized for left handed folks. I’m finding it hard to see how the functionality would make this better than just getting the note 4. It looks cool, but that’s it.

  • thepanttherlady

    If I can get an international unlocked version of this I think I might just try it out. I’m crazy like that. =P

    • Paul Garrison

      Stay crazy panther

    • superg05

      if your going to pay full price why would you buy one with limited compability

  • Paul Garrison

    I would like to see the case for this thing.

  • big dong

    wow that sure is dope

  • skittle

    I think they need to play off of the name of the phone in the commercials. “Living on the Edge” comes to mind. I am sure they already thought of it first.