HTC One (M8) for Windows coming to T-Mobile


I was almost in tears when I saw that Verizon’s HTC One M8 for Windows was a global exclusive. Thankfully though, the device is only going to be an exclusive for Big Red for a limited time. It is going to be available elsewhere and – more importantly – it’s coming to T-Mobile soon.

T-Mo confirmed it through its Twitter account earlier today:

No details on pricing just yet, but it will be available in Magenta-flavor sometime in the fall. Around about the same time that every other new device is launching.

If you’re a Windows Phone fan, but have been longing for market-leading hardware to go alongside your operating system, HTC One could be the perfect phone for you. It features exactly the same design, build and specs of the Android version. That means it has a stunning unibody chassis and an incredible display. Not to mention the ear-pounding BoomSound speakers and speedy processor.

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  • Whiskers

    Woohoo , the best news today since sliced bread.
    Can’t wait to Jump off my Nokia 925 and get a real windows phone that has awesome front facing speakers and a high quality build without square corners .

    • IamDefiler

      And a worse camera than the 925 sadly.

      • Krazonite

        Definitely a treat for the folks the don’t care if their smartphone even *has* a camera, though. :)

        • IamDefiler


        • Whiskers

          Some people actually have a REAL camera for taking REAL photo shots and use their phone for other reasons.

        • pda96

          Well said ! You can’t defy physics. It’s best to understand the limitations of a tiny little lens.

      • Whiskers

        I would rather deal with an average camera than a phone with a crappy speaker mounted on the back side that’s actually worthless .
        I’ve owned the HTC One M7 and loved that phone , just did’nt care for Android OS .

        • IamDefiler

          That’s one of the great things about multiple makes/models. You can choose a phone with features you care about. If you care more about sound coming from the phone, then this is your flagship. I personally care more about the camera.

    • John

      I love square corner design from Nokia phones and I have to say I hate round corner designs. :)

  • itguy08

    Tears? Really – the 100 people (and shrinking) that GAF about Windows Phone may be excited.

    The rest of the world yawns and passes the garbage known as Windows Phone up.

    • BlackJu

      Most people have never even held a Windows phone or used one. To say they are actively passing on WP is a far cry from reality.

      • itguy08

        Or they’ve seen the God Awful UI and passed right by on it. Or had a craptastic experience with Love Tiles on Windows 8 and decided to pass right by.

        Either way there is a reason people dismiss WP – it’s really a bad OS.

        • Whiskers

          Better OS than Android by a long shot with all it’s problems .

        • itguy08

          Then get an iPhone. It’s got less of the problems, apps people actually care about making, and top performance (even the “aged” iPhone 5s keeps up and surpasses some of the Android flagships of today.

        • Whiskers

          Had the iphone 5s and can’t stand itunes and Apple’s highway.
          It’s not bad , IOS7 sucks , but i like WP much better for my needs , gave the phone to my wife.


        • hit_the_lights

          You just get dumber and dumber every comment.

    • nogdolan

      Keep in mind people like you said the same thing about Android early on!!

    • spartanjet

      I for one care Ive been looking for a windows phone. I don’t feel like surrendering my personal information and security for ADroid so gogle can make a profit off of it.

      • itguy08

        You do realize you are surrendering the same to Microsoft via Bing, right?

        • hit_the_lights

          you couldn’t be anymore clueless

        • JonBarros

          why exactly do you care what other people do? if someone likes wp then let them like it. pricks like you are the reason websites shouldnt have comment sections.

        • Truth

          No, Bing does not extract advertising data from Windows Phone devices. That’s a false assertion.

    • David

      Only thing garbage here is your opinion and comment.

      • itguy08

        Except I’e got the fact of declining marketshare, poor WP apps that are an afterthought, and generally lackluster experience on my side.

        Did you miss, was it Gartner or IDC that said WP’s piece of the pie has declined? That’s pretty sad when your piece is very small.

        MS needs to give up already and go back to bilking businesses for vastly inferior software.

  • colonelcasey

    But they still drag their feet on 8.1 upgrades and picking up high/middle range Nokia phones. Mixed messages of support for WP.

    • BlackJu

      Yeah, summer is soon ending, which was the original timeframe quoted by T-Mobile. I don’t know if it’s intentional or perhaps certain aspects of the firmware, namely WiFi calling, is giving them trouble.

  • taron19119

    How about some band 12

  • epsiblivion

    can’t wait for that dual boot!

  • T-Mo keeps on evolving. Once that B12 becomes a reality, I can’t wait to see how many new subs they’ll pick up!!

  • Derrick Ford

    I’d much rather have the Nokia Lumia 1525 that was rumored! But, this is a good step as an option for a high end Windows Phone device.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    I am excited for this! now T-Mobile better bake in some Wi-Fi Calling and get off their asses with respect to update rollout speed, and the will finally have a worthy Windows flagship phone!

    • Oliver Jackson

      They’re on top of things man.Trust me so just chill.It’ll be worth the wait

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        I hope you’re right! I’m still feeling the burn from what a great job they have done supporting the 8X (/sarcasm), hence the bitterness…

        • Oliver Jackson

          Patience is a virtue my friend. I know things dont happen when we want it to happen,but eventually it’ll happen.I learned that a long time ago.Sometimes you let it come to you and at times you take what’s yours

    • FLUDzilla

      Just sign up for a windows phone developer account and download the developer preview app. You’ll never be tied to carrier updates again.

  • Peter

    Very excited and interesting news! I am very happy to see HTC finally released another good phone for Windows Phone.

    I always liked most of HTC phones and their design. I had all 3 HTC Windows Mobile 6 phones back then (Year 2007) and I know this is also a very nice phone.

    But I am waiting to see what comes from Nokia as well. I last 3 years I had Nokia 520, 900, and 920 and I have to say all of them have very nice design and build quality is amazing. And most importantly support from Nokia for Lumia devices is wonderful something that HTC lag big time.

    Constantly getting firmware updates, software update and OS update for Nokia Lumia phones which every time adds more features to the phone and improve performance makes it hard to think about any other phone specially HTC. HTC mostly sell the phone for period of time and then they move on and no support or update.

    If you are on AT&T or Verizon which both offers several high-end Windows Phone devices you know high-end Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices will come soon by the end of this year.

    But with T-Mobile is too risky. Chances T-Mobile get high-end Nokia Lumia phone is slim base on last 2,3 years offerings. This is one big reason to wait and see for T-Mobile customers.

    Better to wait few more months and see if anything better or close to HTC One for Windows Phone comes from Nokia/Microsoft. If they offer something similar or close to HTC One go for it and pass on HTC One if you want to get latest updates and better support in next 2 years for you phone.
    And of course Nokia Lumia cameras are the best in market and no other phone can offer that quality if you are into photography. Wish HTC One for Windows Phone had a better camera.

    • Whiskers

      If your in the original JUMP program waiting makes no sense .
      You can jump without having to pay off your EIP balance twice a year.
      Can’t wait to JUMP off the 925 , pathetic rear mounted speaker and square corner design has to go .
      I doubt any new Nokia phone will have any better speakers on it either , all they care about is the camera ..

      • Smith

        I don’t know what you are really talking about but Nokia Lumia phones I had so far all had good quality sound and speakers as well. I have to say tough I don’t have 925 and I don’t know but I like 925 design and square corner is actually very nice and much better than round designs in my opinion.

        • Whiskers

          Have you ever watched a video or video chat with the phone laying on it’s back while you do other work , well your not going to get much sound with the speaker blocked are you.
          Or your holding the phone in your hand while video chatting and the rear speaker is projecting sound away from you like the new flat TV screens do , pretty worthless since the audio is projecting the wrong way.
          Glad you like square corners being chipped or poking you in your pockets but it’s not for me , i’ll take the rounded edges for comfort.

  • VG

    The T-Mobile press release in the Newsroom states “in time for the holidays” for the release of this phone. Those hoping to get one from T-Mobile will probably have to wait until December (which is still fall), so be prepared to wait 3 months+.

  • Alex Zapata

    Hmmmm, this might be worth using my JUMP on…..

    • Ordeith

      JUMP is such a gimmick.

      • Alex Zapata

        Cool story bro

      • Whiskers

        The new JUMP program sucks , but the original JUMP is Awesome.
        I’m on the original JUMP so when i JUMP off it i don’t have to pay the balance of the phone off , so hows is that a gimmick .
        My Nokia 925 can be bought new for $199 , but i still owe $340 on my EIP plan so i currently owe more than what the phone is worth , but not for long thanks to the JUMP program .
        Without JUMP i would be screwed !

        • Alex Zapata

          Original JUMPers unite!

  • skittle

    Almost in tears Cam??? You are an iPhone/Apple guy :)

  • Forgot the best part A HIGH-END WINDOWS PHONE wait for it WITH AN SD SLOT!!! :D

  • mjs64

    I had one HTC phone a few years ago, battery life SUCKED! Had to charge it every four hours. Hope they fixed that.

    • trapdogg

      I have htc m8. With smart. Watch bluetooth and all notifacation I get like
      9 hours if battery life without like 12

    • David

      Perhaps you had Android phone and that’s why batter life sucked. That nothing to do with HTC. Common Android phone problems: need to be plugged to charger mos of the times…

  • volvoV70guy

    Who in their right mind would want this? The exclusive apps and superb cameras of the Lumia devices really make them the only true and worthwhile Windows Phones. Even a low-tier Lumia makes more sense than this.

    • warpwiz

      There’s a big reason Nokia’s suck. It’s T-Mobile. My wife has the 925. Despite the specs stating the phone has wifi calling, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t support MMS either.
      As I understand this is a Microsoft developer software problem. I also understand that a fix is available. But TMo won’t implement it – that I don’t understand.
      So since the wife loves the OS, I anxiously wait for the HTC phone so each dropped call (we live in a marginal TMo area) doesn’t result an angry wife!

  • james

    windows phones typcaly do better on battery life due to operating system and htc makes a great quality phone

  • Toby Rich

    I am really glad to be a part of this because I can’t understand why it’s so hard for T mobile phones to put the update for the 925 Nokia Lumia phone when ATT has done it with the same phone please help me to understand T mobile phones why you are so uncaring to your customers

  • Peter Gan

    I guess its better than nothing…
    I Wish T-Mobile would bring us a Lumia 930!