Over 50,000 BlackBerry users have upgraded to a new device since April’s “loyalty offer”


Back in March/April T-Mobile and BlackBerry had something of a public fallout. T-Mo had been reaching out to existing BlackBerry-toting customers offering them an upgrade to an iPhone. BlackBerry’s chief responded, calling the marketing effort “inappropriate and ill-conceived”. After various back and forths involving a trade-in offer and a $100 ShopBlackBerry discount, T-Mobile launched a new “loyalty offer” in April.

Customers upgrading their BlackBerry phones for a Samsung would get a $200 prepaid credit card sent to them in the mail. In short: T-Mo really wanted customers to swap their BlackBerry for a Samsung-made phone. But, if you happened to go with another manufacturer’s device, you’d get a $100 rebate.

In an internal memo today, it’s been revealed that T-Mobile has since upgraded 50,000 BlackBerry users to new devices. And if I had to guess, I’d suggest not many of those 50,000 upgraded to a new BlackBerry, since the two companies have ended their professional relationship.

The BlackBerry Loyalty Offer launched in April and has provided savings to over 50,000 customers who have upgraded to a new device!  In order to keep the momentum going and provide the best customer experience possible, the fulfillment of the offer will be changing from a bill credit to a Mail in Rebate beginning August 6.”

T-Mobile has also changed the method of getting the rebate. In the first week (April 4-10), customers got the credit directly on their bill within 90 days of purchase. Anyone taking advantage between April 10 and Aug 5th (today) got a prepaid MasterCard sent out automatically. Between tomorrow (April 6) and the the end of the year, customers will now have to download a submission form  available at www.t-mobile.com/promotions using code ‘Loyalty3Q4′. The form must be downloaded and submitted within 30 days of the upgrade.

Customers should receive their rebates within 8 weeks of submitting the form.

Offer Details 

  • Eligible customers who upgrade from a BlackBerry to a qualifying device will receive the following promotional savings via a Mail in Rebate:Note: Customers who upgraded on or before August 5 will receive a Mail in Rebate in the form of a Prepaid MasterCard automatically.
    • $200 Prepaid MasterCard for customers who upgrade to a Samsung device
    • $100 Prepaid MasterCard for customers who upgrade to other devices
  • Must upgrade with EIP.
  • No trade-in required.
  • No migration fees for qualified BlackBerry customers.Account must be active and in good standing at the time of payout.
    • Billing Responsible Party will be liable for migration fees charged to lines not qualified for this offer.
  • Note: Customers who upgraded on or before August 5 will receive a Mail in Rebate in the form of a Prepaid MasterCard automatically.
  • The credit cannot exceed the price of the handset.
  • To redeem the customer must download the promotional request form from www.t-mobile.com/promotions using promo code Loyalty3Q4.
  • Submission form must be downloaded and submitted within 30 days of upgrading.”

To sum it up, T-Mobile has managed to turn an event which could have damaged its reputation in to a very successful campaign of upgrading customers’ old BlackBerry phones for brand new shiny Samsungs.


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  • Brian Bloom

    I haven’t found that the links I’ve seen so far indicate any deals like those mentioned. I’ve got a Curve on my wife’s number and no experimenting with the given URLs or upgrade options in the tmobile site did anything to reflect a $100 or $200 offer regardless of how it was paid out.

    • Chelly

      Head to the nearest corporate T-Mobile store, it’s something that exclusively shows up on our end of the systems.

      • Jonathan

        Can I get the phone from Costco and apply for the MasterCard? Costco offers EIP.

    • Cam Bunton

      It wasn’t a heavily marketed offer. They kept it kinda secret. They didn’t want BlackBerry seeing they were offering a cash incentive for customers to ditch their BB’s.

  • steveb944

    Wait… They were still doing this deal? I thought it had ended months ago.

    • archerian

      its not the exact same $200 offer for any working BB offer… that one didn’t need EIP and the discount could be more than the cost of the device. People bought the cheapest $70 phone and got the remaining balance as an account credit, many devices on the same account.

  • BRyan

    I’m using a Verizon Blackberry Q10 in NYC. I’m getting 4G LTE on it. before I would only get 4G.

  • wallnutberry

    Good luck with for the fools that took on that offer. I am a Tmobile Blackberry Q10 owner and I am not going to exchange my beloved Blackberry with a cheap tin-can Samsung device. Every one is getting what he deserves.

    • Dawin Arvelo

      Agreed! i am a T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 user too, I have not plans to abandon BlackBerry because of this. BlackBerry my best choice.

  • D_Wall__

    Suck it Blackberry!

  • Kornmatrix

    I have a Z10 and T mobile can try to get me to switch all they want it wont happen and now that they don’t sell blackberry’s anymore i probably wont be purchasing my next phone from them either.

  • a

    How many people went on eBay to buy a cheap Blackberry just to get the deal?

    • archerian

      I got some from local pawn stores and craigslist. $20 for a few old 8320 and older devices. Traded them for 2 Nexus 5

  • Clifford Haight

    This wasn’t a good offer in the first place because even if you could get the full 250 off for another blackberry you could still buy it cheaper elsewhere. T-Mobile shouldn’t use this as a metric this offer was flawed in a lot ways. Even if you knew about it the in store reps tried really hard to talk you out if it. I hope even if it isn’t sold in shops we can still get a wi-fi calling enable version of of the new classic or passport coming out soon. Else I am sticking with my z10!

  • wasn’t that the entire BB user base? lmao

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager


  • harprit singh

    Whatever they can say. I have ditched iphone and android and moved back to blackberry. Much much much better and fluid experience than apple and android.

  • manuelthesatanfan

    Bought a Z10 for $199 U.S. directly from Blackberry and am running it on the T-Mobile network. The Blackberry 10.2 OS on this configuration working fine for me. My next major phone purchase probably also will be a Blackberry.

    • kim jon won

      Z30 is only 400$ unlock direct from BlackBerry, do t buy from carriers.

  • Rick Rudge

    My Son’s fiancé traded in her Crackberry for a new iPhone5S. Unfortunately, she left T-Mobile for my Son’s Verizon plan. Still, it’s nice to have another iPhone in the family. :-)

    • triphopopotamus

      iPhone is for kids. Rather have a rugged businessberry any day. Who needs a fingerprint scanner? Whoopdeedoo bazzle

      • John Peters

        Not just that, but the iPhone’s browser sucks, can’t play video and be writing an email at the same time, always have to keep “closing” apps which I still don’t believe actually closes them since they always come back on at the same state they were previously in, and so on. BlackBerry 10 is decades past iOS.

    • John Peters

      So you’re happy that she downgraded to an iPhone? Or you’re happy that your family now has another China-made iPhone? Or you’re happy that you’re supporting the Chinese economy? Or you’re happy that you’re helping Apple keep it’s money outside the US. Anyway you cut it, it was a foolish move and a complete downgrade. I say this after using both devices and ditching Apple once a for all. Apple is nothing but an evil company that’s bad for America.

      • Rick Rudge

        Hey John Peters. Are you stating that the Blackberry is made in America? If that’s the case, then it’s the only mobile phone that is. I don’t see anything on Blackberry’s web site that states that. Do you have a hyperlink you can furnish? Other than that, it sounds like (pardon the pun) sour grapes. :-)