T-Mo BlackBerry customers being offered up to $200 to upgrade to a Samsung

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One of our readers just got in touch with us, forwarding a text they received from T-Mobile (pictured above). To begin with I thought it was a spam-text, but, turns out it’s a genuine offer. Head on over to this link and you’ll see a genuine offer from T-Mo offering you up to $200 to upgrade from your BlackBerry to a new Samsung device.

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If you’re due an upgrade, and you have a BlackBerry, T-Mobile really, really wants you to upgrade and take a new Samsung device. If you upgrade your BlackBerry, T-Mobile will give you a gift card for up to $200 paid on to a prepaid Mastercard. So, if you upgrade Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Light you could net yourself some credit. The offer’s also available to customers enrolled in the JUMP! program.

What’s unusual about this offer, and the way it’s been promoted, is that it’s kinda buried within the announcement from last week. If you remember, BlackBerry started offering T-Mobile customers $100 off the price of its unlocked devices from ShopBlackBerry. John Legere responded by offering the same discount off T-Mobile BlackBerries. His post was titled “An open letter – and offer – to BlackBerry loyal”. And went on to emphasize that the company is still committed to BlackBerry fans and users. And this was supposed to the company’s way of showing it. Giving a discount on new BlackBerry devices.

His link to the offer is what’s unusual here. It now leads to a page offering BlackBerry users $100 to upgrade to a new smartphone, but up to $200 if they go Samsung. I don’t remember that being in the offer initially, but, the offer page states that it’s available to BlackBerry users as of 4/3/14 (a week ago). So if I missed it at the time, I do apologize wholeheartedly. If this has been snuck in later on, then I guess this is new information. I don’t see it reported anywhere else and it’s not easy to discover by browsing T-Mobile.com, so something tells me this is a new offer T-Mobile didn’t want to publicize too widely.

Either way, if BlackBerry thought T-Mobile’s original “switch to an iPhone” marketing campaign was bad, that bears nothing on actual financial incentive involved in this Samsung offer.

Now, not just anyone can switch and get the credit. You have to be due an upgrade, so it’s not like any BlackBerry user from anywhere can just bring one in and swap it for a Galaxy S5, pocketing $200 in the process. If you have a BlackBerry, you’re due an upgrade and fancy a new Sammy-branded device, this is for you. Be sure to head on over to the offer page and go through the terms & conditions.

Let us know if you’ve received the text. Also, let me know if you spotted this ages ago, and I somehow missed it. Shout at me on Twitter if you like, @TiP_Cam.

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  • Fr0stTr0n

    Ok, this is starting to get ridiculous T-Mo….

  • Adrayven

    No doubt Samsung is subsidizing and taking advantage of BB’s vulnerable position right now to gain more sales / users.. shouldn’t be surprising..

  • trife

    Uh oh….here comes the angry mob of Blackberry loyalists…..

    Oh wait…

    • Cam Bunton

      Hehehe.. They all traded their BlackBerries in for Android phones in February. ;-)

      • eanfoso

        Not exactly, some of us scammed t-mobile by getting a cheap 50$ blackberry and getting an alcatel one touch evolve, so far I don’t have to pay my bill for 2 years, gotta love these promotions!

    • Bklynman

      All 50 of them. One in each state. Sorry BB,hope u would make come back,now I know it is over for u,customers are the losers too,one less choice for us.

  • Jeff Grace

    BlackBerry is done. .T-Mobile knows it…and how many BlackBerry are in store on any carrier any how…maybe behind locked door…apple and android only…even governmet is stopping using blackberry and testing android so…

    CEO of blackberry has.said thry are going to focus more on software then devices if any new get released

    • eanfoso

      Actually Obama decided to stick with blackberry

    • John Peters

      OK, that’s why BlackBerry was the one who kicked TMO out and did not renew their contract. Then TMO came begging by offering customers a credit off a Z10 or Q10. Nice try. TMO is going to lose all the high margin business customers and are just going after the low end market.

  • Zacamandapio

    As a BlackBerry user I find this as a great promotion. Hey, whatever works for the consumer. I stopped using carrier phones for a while now. I get bored and sell the unlocked ones and buy another one.

  • Gregoron

    I wonder if BB CEO Chen got this text too. No wait, he’s not with TMO.

    • eanfoso

      Nope he doesn’t get coverage lol

  • $15454173

    So, shouldn’t BB be the hipster phone of choice now?

  • Cellphone Chris

    Anyone else notice that the screenshot says “Get a $200 gift card” – while the linked page says “up to $200 back”? Which is it?

    • Cam Bunton

      It’s a gift card/prepaid Mastercard. They ship it to you in the mail.

  • Brian

    So does this mean that any BlackBerry user that was eligible for the $100 switch to a new smartphone would get an ADDITIONAL $200 if that new smartphone happens to be a Samsung brand (ie. total of $300) ?

    • Cam Bunton

      No. It says “up to”. $200 is the maximum you’ll get back.

      • Brian

        Thanks for that info. I was going to give you the heads-up when I got the text message from TMO but couldn’t find an email address.

        Word has it that the Galaxy S5 has been selling through pretty well today. I wonder when the price of the S4 will be reduced to clear out inventory.

  • king kong

    Haha crackberries are such a close minded bunch. Like old grumpy people who just don’t get technology.

    • Brian

      Actually, The BlackBerry users are a very loyal community. With everything that has transpired the past few years, they still manage to have hope and hang on. If you haven’t used a BB10 device like the Q10, Z10 and now the Z30, it’s worth taking a look at it. The root of the problem is that smartphones went from security and convenience to a focus on apps. Unfortunately, BlackBerry never responded to that and by the time they attempted to put some apps into their App World, it was too late. Everyone had moved to iOS, at first, and then to Android.

      Incidentally, outside of the US, BlackBerry devices do fairly well. Just goes to show what a major part we here play in making or breaking a company.

      • 21stNow

        What do you consider “fairly well”? BlackBerry sold 3.4 million units worldwide in Q4’13. That broke down to 2.3 million legacy devices and 1.1 million BB10 devices. I don’t consider selling roughly 1.1 million units a month worldwide (there’s well over 1 billion smartphone users) to show that there is a market anywhere on Earth where BlackBerry is doing “fairly well”.

        • Brian

          Just comparing it to the US market. Believe me, at the end of the day, they continue to lose customers, especially with deals like TMO is offering. Bottom line is that as long as they stick with or move to TMO, that’s really all that matters.

      • Adrian De La Vega

        yah how many flash light app do u need???

        • Brian

          Lol, good point. Also, after one of the 10,000 flashlight apps that you’ve downloaded has burned through your battery, what does the iSheep do? Sit there and hookup some battery pack to their phone? Just pray they don’t get any calls for the next 5 hours? No thanks, I’d rather just pop my charged spare battery in (I know BlackBerry batteries retain around 95% of their charge after a few months sitting around) and not miss a beat. I know the new Samsung GS5 is supposed to have great battery life so to have a spare one would be even better. This is an often overlooked major downside of the iSheep users. How many of us go to sporting events where we snap pictures during the game and then send them out to friends? Because so many fans are there, the cell signal can be spotty and your phone uses more battery life trying to maintain a signal so imagine going to a game and being stuck with a low battery warning?

  • 21stNow

    Darn! It’s too late for me to switch my postpaid T-Mobile SIM card into my Z10 to take advantage of this offer. : (

  • superg05

    T-Trolling at its best

  • pug_ster

    I got a cheap old t-mobile blackberry pearl I want to trade, but 200 for a limited selection of samsung phone doesn’t sound to tempting.

    • eanfoso

      Specially if it’s sammys phones, maybe an xperia for sure, not all of us want a plasticky phone like sammys line-up

      • Wayne Peterkin

        Stay away from the z1s. I have it and it is horrible. The touch screen has a good deal of issues.

        • Stone Cold

          I have the Z1S with no screen issues at all. Do a warranty replacement on it.

        • Wayne Peterkin

          that’s not the bottom line. It’s because I play games on mine. The problem comes up when you touch the screen in rapid succession for a certain period of time and it happens at random points. It really is a problem. On Sony’s site there are numerous complaints. I checked a month ago and the thread was 40 pages long. Sony acknowledges the problem as well. This is my second z1s. I know it’s a problem with the phones for a fact. Though this one is not nearly as bad as my first.

  • As a tech who has to support blackberry and their users, this couldn’t make me happier.

    • John Peters

      Why, because you’ll be out of a job soon? Moron.

      • Hardly. You’re the moron for assuming. Blackberry accounts for less than 10% of my center’s calls. But Blackberry by far are the most annoying calls.

  • Adrian De La Vega

    I know I just read an email..
    They still think they can get me to switch… lol.. I’m going elsewhere… lost a 10 year customer!

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Sayonara! Then it looks like its back to your brother Ralph at AT&T for you.

    • EyesRolledSoHardISawMyBrain

      Good riddance. Negative people are obnoxious, depressing and poor company.

    • Stone Cold

      Wow your leaving cause they make a offer for you to switch to android. No one is forcing you to take the offer. What happens if other carriers abandon Blackberry? will you leave that carrier too? Right now you will be locked into a 2 year contract with AT&T or Verizon whichever new service you go with.

  • Damien

    No interest in a droid. Jumping the t-mobile ship because they handled this whole blackberry spat like a bunch of 10 year-old d%icks.

    • Timbo1

      there are no Droids on T-mobile anyway, only Verizon has those.

  • Geo

    This would be a good deal if Samsung phones and customer service didn’t suck ass!

  • Victor A Paulo

    what’s with all the trolls below? lol one person doesn’t like Samsung phones. ok but millions of people love it. it’s the most sold brand name for phones these days….then there’s Damien who got offended and is jumping ship because of blackberry vs T-Mobile? get over it troll!

  • Why on earth would I trade in my beloved, soulful Blackberry for a soulless Samsung? I most certainly wouldn’t sell my Soul for $200.00!

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Could you just:

    -Buy a cheap and busted Blackberry on eBay or something for like $50

    -activate it real quick on T-Mobile

    -Trade it in to T-Mobile for $200



    • B_Eng

      Offer for current customers using BlackBerry devices as of 4/3/14.


    haha $200.

    It would take a few more zeroes on that number for me to even begin to contemplate “upgrading” to a Samsung device.

  • VanillaPlease?

    I appreciate the build quality/aesthetic of Blackberry but I’m loyal to stock Android. I don’t mind Samsung or HTC in regards to hardware but I do hate Touchwiz UI and Sense UI. I’m loyal to the Nexus brand and I still use a Nexus 4. Very happy with LG, as well. The N4 a sexy phone. I would choose a Google Play Edition HTC One M8 if I had to upgrade.

  • king kong

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of relevance blackberry. Oh and Crackberries when you finally come out of your illusion of grandeur there will be plenty of Android devices just waiting ;) .

  • Nick

    The T-Mobile Customer Service agent mentioned that this offer is only for people who have got the test message or an email from T-mobile. Can anyone verify this for me?

    • Rick

      this is a TARGET offer. if you did not get a text or email, you are INELIGIBLE. there is nothing they can do about it. Trust me, i tried.

      • Nick

        I don’t see it being mentioned on the offers web page on T-mobile website. There is no mention of it either in T&C of the offer. This is a bit misleading.

        • BRyan

          I would’ve jumped to the GS5 or the note 3 if i got the offer.