T-Mobile Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Samsung Gear available from today


Today is the day you’ve been waiting for! T-Mobile has finally made the HTC One M8 available for sale, launching alongside Samsung’s Galaxy flagship device. If you’ve already pre-ordered the Galaxy S5, you should have received it by now (unless you pre-ordered after April 6th). As for the One M8, it was never available on pre-order through T-Mo, but you can order it from today or go pick one up from your local store.

Price-wise, the Galaxy S5 has a full retail cost of $660. On EIP, that’s $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $27.50. HTC One M8 is slightly cheaper at $636, or $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $26.50. Order the One M8 here, or the Galaxy S5 here.

Starting today, the Samsung Gear range of smart wearables will also be available. The Gear Fit and Gear Neo will be available for $199 from T-Mobile retail stores and online. The Gear 2 will only be available online at T-Mobile.com, and will set you back a princely $299.

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  • Joel

    Not big on HTC. You can always get more out of a Sammy battery than HTC lately. As for the gear it’s cool I have it. Pretty neat device. I’ll wait for the Note 4 to be released. I’ve got the 3 and can’t leave this family. It’s great for work

    • corona10

      If you’re not big on HTC than how can you comment on its battery life if you havent used it?

      • He never said he’s never used it. He said he’s not big on it.

        • corona10

          He also didnt say he used one either.

      • Sam_K

        The Samsung Galaxy S5 does have a larger battery (2800 mAh) than the HTC One M8 (2600 mAh) and considering they have similar specs (i.e. processor, screen size/resolution, RAM, etc) you’d expect that the Samsung to have better battery life.

  • wezra

    I recently came back to Android from iPhone. I was looking for a larger phone, yet, not huge. The recent releases from most of the manufacturers are just to big for me personally. So I did a side-by-side (the best I could) and found the LG G2 to be the perfect physical size phone for me. With a 5.2″ screen it is still physically smaller than the M8 or the GS 5. I’m not sure why HTC and Samsung are moving to such large phones… again, and its just my personal taste, the LG is as big as I would ever want to get. All three are great phones in their own right and am sure will find many buyers. I know that T-Mobile is selling more G2’s than they had expected… at least that is what my local T-Mobile factory store manager told me.
    But the bottom line is that its great to be back on Android after a year with the iPhone 5 and 5s. And, SwiftKey!!! Holy smokes.. the iPhone keyboard is horrible.. and that is being nice!

    • Rob

      One thing that you don’t have to worry about with the M8 because of its size is overheating, something that the G2 suffers from quite badly. There is a huge trade off to taking the smaller device and its an unacceptable one for anyone that really wants to put the power in their devices to use. The M8 doesn’t overheat but both the S5 and the G2 do. The M7 had overheating issues as well (which also fried the camera) but HTC did a phenomenal job with heat in the M8.

  • KingofPing

    Getting the M8 this weekend. Already have the m7. Just going to add the m8 as a device – easier that way and gives me some more wiggle room. Don’t want to JUMP! because the m7 is a *really* good device and I want to keep it (use as a media player/alarm/clock).

    Going to play with it a bit in-store first though…make sure it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

    • wezra

      I saw the dummy yesterday at Best Buy and it looks like a very nice phone… its just to big for me. Put it up against my G2 and it is definitely larger. That said, it is a bit slippery due to the curved back. But I can’t say anything because the G2 is as slippery as any phone I have ever had. Enjoy your M8!!

      • Why are you calling me a dummy? (sorry; couldn’t resist)

        In all seriousness, I’m going to wait for the G3 release myself before making any decisions. I currently have a G2 and have been incredibly impressed with it. I never imagined owning an LG, but after putting it side-by-side with the Xperia Z1, S4, Note 3, and M7, ignoring the brands, it was an easy decision for me.

        That said, I don’t get too attached too brands even though I want to see what the G3 has to offer (perhaps even along with the Note 4). I’m not too crazy about the increasing sizes, and so that could be a deal breaker for me with some of these. I was actually leaning towards the M8 until hearing it was larger than the G2 (which is about the limit for me in terms of size).

        As far as slipperiness goes, I found the G2 to also be very slick at first, but here I am over 6 months later having opted to go commando with it the whole time and I’ve not dropped it on any hard surfaces. In fact, I’m almost convinced that the slickness is the result of some kind of coating that eventually wears off. It’s not slippery to me at all anymore. Anyone have any ideas if phone manufacturers are indeed glossing up their phones for aesthetic purposes with a temporary coating of some sort?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Maybe I’ll get the S5 next semester.

  • S. Ali

    I don’t see any reason to buy the M8 over the S5. It has that huge bezel and it has a terrible camera. S5 has a removable battery, faster CPU, bigger battery, better camera, multi-window, download booster, MIMO WiFi, and is water resistant.

    • focus2145

      First of all the camera on the HTC one M8 is more then fine for 99% of people. Who likes to zoom and in and crop a photo that will look like crap anyways because that’s what the S5 camera can do? I can take a picture with an M8 and put it next to one of an S5 and you wont know the difference. Also M8 has a way better front facing camera. The bezels are for the boom sound speakers which blow the S5 speakers into the water. The CPU is almost identical, same ram, and same GPU. Any real health nut will get real health monitoring equipment and not the gimmick that is on the S5. So only thing that you are getting with an S5 is an uglier phone with a bunch of useless crap that you will never use. Only useful features are download booster, removable battery, and water resistant. The M8 has a smoother OS, useful features, and an incredible design.

      • krym73

        Because you know 99% ppl getting a new phone right? Lmao you fanboys try to say anything to excuse the crappy camera.

      • Marko

        M8 is water resistent. Heck my HTC sensation has had water, beer, and other liquids spilled on it and I would wipe it off and it works fine. Check the youtube video HTC m8 water test!

    • Singleweird

      download booster isnt done yet.

    • Guest

      You’re using wifi as something it has over the M8? Seriously? And it has the same SOC the GS5 does.

      • S. Ali

        MIMO WiFi means faster downloads, better streaming, consistent uploads, and lower battery drain.

        • Fr0stTr0n

          The hell is MIMO?

        • MastarPete

          Multiple Input Multiple output, also known as multi-stream.
          It allows your wireless router and client device to split data transfers across, up to 3 (its why some routers have 3 antennas – 4xMiMo is in the works), independent wifi transceivers.

    • steveb944

      Removable battery is just a personal preference for you, I’ve had better experiences with internal batteries working much better.

      Same CPU and actually HTC has a sort of boost method that can ‘overclock’, as well as the most responsive screen on any smartphone in the market, lowest screen latency.

      Better camera slightly because of OIS, but some may prefer that 5MP selfies cam on the M8.

      If I wanted multi window I’d wait for the G3. Download booster and WiFi is moot. And you can make a smartphone water resistant, better than IP67 standards I believe with third parties.

      You missed a huge point tho that the M8 can easily be turned into the GPe variant removing all T-Mobile bloat.

  • Sam_K

    When is the 32gb version of the S5 going to be available for purchase? I know it has a microSD slot but after seeing how none of the Google apps can be moved to the microSD card, I’m willing to pay $50 more for the 32gb version.

    • Guest

      Samsung KNOX is one big reason to pick the ONE M8 over the S5. I’d like to be able to mod it without worrying about tripping an eFuse. Samsung KNOX on the Note 3 is a current downer for me.

    • wilfredo

      I called a tmobile retail store and asked them for the 32gb one and they said thats online only and if i wanted to go to them that they will orderit for me …. i feel the same way i dont want the 16gb one as i have had trouble with my 16gb S4

      • MastarPete

        Did they happen to say how soon the 32gb would be available online? I’ve checked the website several times today and there’s no sign of a 32gb option yet.

        ATT and Verizon don’t have the S5 32gb listed either and they both offered the S4 32gb last year. Though it looks like ATT didn’t offer it until May, and Verizon didn’t offer it till late June. Really hope Samsung isn’t going to delay it that long again this year.

        • wilfredo

          Well i called the most near tmobile retail store and they told me to go to them that they will order it for me in store only because im doing JUMP.

  • JayInCA

    I’m looking forward to getting the new One. Having had the Amaze and the HTC One M7 and comparing features with my partner who chooses the Samsung flagships of the same generations (S2 & S4), Iknow why I want an HTC. Better screen tech, clean UI, beautiful design, and yes a better camera. The metal build of the new one helps to release heat that comes from processing, a problem I have read about for the S5. Even with a slightly underclocked processor, the One beats the S5 in speed because of its build and lightness of the UI. That’s a well designed phone. Plus, it’s nicer to look at and not as common.

    • psreddy1234

      I like HTC One – But all the reviews say its got a bad camera. Looks like time time samsung nailed it when it comes to camera. Others features are an even match. Design and UX – HTC Wins

      • corona10

        The reviews are not saying it has a bad camera. The only people that believe that are the ones that are obsessed with mp. People that learn to use the camera consistently take good pictures with it. They’re saying it leaves a lot to be desired. That doesnt mean its a bad camera. You have to work with it to achieve good results, but that doesnt make it bad. The camera is geared to a niche crowd of social media users. For that its more than adequate.

  • Chad Dalton

    Can’t Jump until July, so i have plenty of time to decide on the Galaxy S5…although i’ve been thinking about just waiting for the Note 4…it should be worth the wait.

    • Chrisrj8084

      Yeah I have to wait until July as well, M7 works just fine for now though so no biggie. Plus this will give the developer/modder scene time to work out all the bugs in the early released custom roms.

  • M3LP3R1A5

    Here’s a major difference: M8 has 32GB ROM; S5 has only 16 GB per the links you provided.

    • wilfredo

      There is a 32gb S5 online only i called the tmobile retail store .. thats what she said.

  • Orlando G.

    Well I finally get to use my JUMP. As a current owner of the HTC One (m7), I was excited about the news of the M8 when it first came about. The camera has been my biggest gripe with this phone (m7) along with how the chassis of the phone is sensitive to heat and cold. In the winter time, the metal body gets cold and summer time really warm. I also realized that I do need the dust/water protection in a phone. Summer time is around the corner and I’ve had too many close calls with my phone getting wet. I’ve gone through all of the Galaxy phones (up to the SG4) and I just prefer Sense to TW but it looks like I might have to get the SG5 and change up the launcher.

  • sidekicker89

    So the announcement Monday will be the Buy now Pay later thing right??

  • 1 color option m7&m8

    Wow! Am I the only one noticing this??! The T-Mobile M8 is only available in gunmetal black…. No gold option??!!! This is the same damn thing that happens to last years model… T-Mobile never get any different colors of Htc’s flagships, while all the other carriers at least give their customers 2 color options with Verizon offering all 3 colors. Why do we always get the shaft or is T-Mobile to cheap to throw down $ in additional colors for this amazing phone!!

    • jake

      it’s a god damn phone. not jewelry

    • krym73

      It’s actually not that good, same crappy camera as last year, no beats audio and ugly bezels, thank God t mobile didn’t throw away any money getting those colors, the phone don’t sell that much anyway.

      • DirkDigg1er

        Hater lol. Although I will agree to some degree about the M8 needing minimally a 8MP rear camera, the design of the phone and sound are 2nd to none. They made a phone optimally for playing media and taking great social site pics.

    • SandyToes

      Then go buy it at Verizon and stop complaining. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  • UMA_Fan

    I hear only T-Mobile has the download booster available on the S5 which is huge news.

    • DirkDigg1er

      Doesn’t US Cellular’s version also include download booster?

      Meanwhile, Sprint has the US exclusive HTC One M8 with extreme power saving mode and Harmon Kardon audio.

    • Paul

      Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon stripped it out. I just commented about it as well…then I saw yours.

  • jawash22

    Anyone notice that the samsung note 3 went up overnight and is now more expensive than it was on launch day….c’mon tmobile seriously?

  • Paul

    Have you seen the articles about Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon stripping the fast-download feature from the S5? The feature allows the connection to data and WiFi together to download files faster.
    Apparently, T-Mobile is the only one with it still included.

    • $15454173

      Thanks for the heads up. Seems they want their users to be using pure data $$$.

    • Stone Cold

      T-Mobile and US Celluar

      • Paul

        I figured the smaller ones probably would leave it in. I limited it to the top 4. That is good to know US Cellular left it.

  • dd23

    Well 16 gigs is enough for me I have plenty of porn movies, games,music etc and still have lots of space left I dk how some people need more like seriously.

  • I’m currently awaiting for my smart watch today. Except it’s the Pebble Watch. I still don’t believe in these second iteration of Samsung gears.

  • Purchased the htc M8 at 5:30am online as soon as I woke up while getting ready for work. I don’t like buying it in the store, hate when carrier associates get their grubby
    hands all over my brand new pristine device. I can set up my device
    better and know more about it than any of their workers anyways.

    • thepanttherlady

      I request they don’t open the box and they don’t.

      • I was thinking of just doing that as well but I didn’t get much sleep so I decided, just order it online. lol That also I’m not talking that sucker out in the wild until I get a vertical slip case which is hard to get considering it’s not as popular or readily available as other regular cases, so I don’t mind a little bit of waiting.(just a little bit!)

        • thepanttherlady

          I hear you. I opened but didn’t use my Z1 when it came until the screen protectors got here (there was a delay between when they were available versus the device). When my Z2 gets here (sometime in 2015 LOL) it’ll be arriving not only with front/back screen protectors but also a bumper. Yesssssss! :)

        • Yeah the Z2 is the hottness also, but it’s been delayed EVERYWHERE. By the time it comes out, the Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 will be out. heh

        • thepanttherlady

          And the Z3!! Ok, now I’m depressed. J/K I’m hoping early May but couldn’t believe Hong Kong got delayed to JUNE!

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Hey Lady, got a sec?

          I’ve decided to go for the Z2 over the M8 (mainly because of the extra GB of RAM) and for the waterproofing. So here are my main questions:

          1.) Where do I buy a Z2? I see it’s being sold for $769.99 on eBay. Is that a good price? Regardless, where do you recommend buying one?
          2.) Is there something better I should be aware of? (I have the opportunity to get the S5 for $629, but 3GB of RAM sounds sweet enough to shell out a bit more for.) Like, the LG G Pro 2 is only $589 but it lacks the front-speakers, waterproofing, and I am not so enamored with LG’s update timetable.

          Thanks! :-) I appreciate your input.

        • thepanttherlady

          Will respond tomorrow… Heading to bed. 3:45 a.m. gets here way too fast. Lol

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Thanks… You’re the best! :-D

        • thepanttherlady

          I purchased my Z2 from Clove in the UK. I also got my Z1 there, excellent customer service. The pricing seems pretty consistent with what you listed, maybe a little less. It all depends on the conversion rate when you purchase. Not sure about the Ebay listing so check with other vendors (Clove etc.) as they’re including a Sony bluetooth speaker.

          Just know that with the delayed launch of the Z2, the Z3 is literally right around the corner. It should be announced in August and probably released around September. A report I read last night is rumoring it’ll be around the 5.5″ screen size. The Z2 is 5.2″. Another rumor I read (and hope it’s true) is that the Z3 may have a curved screen like the G Flex. I really liked the rendering I saw but again, these are all speculations except for the fact that the Z3 will be announced in August. Sony has basically confirmed as much. I also think they’ll be announcing a Windows phone too if that’s an OS you like.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Thanks so much. I’m not such a WP fan, but the Z2 and Z3 sound wonderful. I wasn’t sure about buying internationally; the import fees scare me (although perhaps that’s just a rumor).

          I really appreciate your help. I think I’ll probably end up with the Z2, heading over to Clove now to check it out! :-D

        • thepanttherlady

          I haven’t paid any import fees and we don’t pay VAT. You will have to pay the shipping fees through DHL but they are not outrageous.

      • billmayor

        Are the Tmo Rep required to remove your Sim Card that comes in the box with the mobile? Seem they always want to take it from me if I am not using for my new mobile purchase?

      • Peter Smith

        Same here with the rest of the comments. I wish that as a courtesy the reps could ask “would you like for me to open your box and setup your device for you or would you like to do it yourself?” That sounds way more pleasant than just doing it without asking. By the way I do request not to open it and they do honor my request. Moral of the story don’t assume just ask!!!!

      • Stone Cold

        My rep opens the box and then hands it to me. They know my love of phones well. They can open but never touch my device before me.

        • thepanttherlady

          It is definitely nice when you have a relationship with a store that knows your preferences, isn’t it? :)

        • Stone Cold

          Yes and all my reps were trained by the guy that sold me my first T-Mobile phone

    • T-Mo Rep Who never set you up

      Your blatant ignorance is beyond obvious, I’m sorry you’ve run into unexperienced reps, but no need to insult those of us that will run circles around you in product knowledgability, troubleshooting, and device set up because I’m sure you set up 10-30 phones per day, day in and day out for over 5 years. *smh* #ignorance

      • GINAG


        • dd23

          Agree with u gina lol I also had sum fine reps that knew there stuff help me out. Just the other day I went to the tmobile store in dwtwn La to activate international roaming on my phone cuz im going to mexico and the guy that helped me out knew his stuff and daam he was FINE he looked middle eastern or arabian idk had the full beard going on and perfect tan and good body and looked around 25 and he was kinda flirting with me I know ill be going to that store more often if hes there LOL

      • thepanttherlady

        I understand where you’re coming from but honestly don’t think he was meaning to be offensive towards T-Mobile reps with his comment. For a cell phone geek (as I refer to us) it’s exciting to be the first person to physically touch our new phone. Having someone else open the box (carrier representative or other) kind of deflates the balloon a little.

        For the record, most of you guys are great. :)

      • The only ignorance is your own and may I also add, your Arrogance is deafening. I know far more than any so called “carrier associate” that I’ve ever come across, don’t presume to know my own experiences as you are not me and have no idea who I’ve come across. 99% of any of those people know far less than I do, sorry not sorry. I have no idea why you take such personal offense when I wasn’t speaking of you as you state in your fake name, find elsewhere to lash out your anger.

        • JayMo86

          I don’t even think you’ve come across 1% of all the reps in the company…kinda funny you’d call a sales rep ignorant/arrogant

      • Orlando G.

        Funny that you say this. I walked into a T-Mo store, this afternoon, and asked one of the sales reps to let me see the “New HTC One”. He proceeded to tell me that they do not have a demo unit and if I would prefer to look at the “top of the line” android phone, the SG5. He then says that the HTC One is a windows based phone. I told him that he was mistaken. He then brings over to the poster image of the HTC One M8 and points at the blinkfeed squares and insist that this is a windows phone. This conversation went on for a few minutes as I then showed him blinkfeed on my M7 he looked confused.

        I pointed to another rep to come over and to my surprise she said the same thing. At this point I asked to see a manager and he corrected his employees. Im sure he was embarrased.

        I used to work for T-Mobile and took the time to understand every product we sold not only for the customers sake but because I’m just a techie and love electronics.

        Recently, my experiences at the tmo stores have been similar. Not saying that all reps are like this but these managers need to get their sales reps in line and trained.

        • jim

          one of the rep told me I can download android kitkat on my HTC sensation 4G. i TOLD HIM he was wrong but he said he was right and he told me if I can give him $20 he can try

        • notyourbusiness

          Um, wow. How sad. Reminds me of the time I went into an AT&T store just to see the Nokia Lumia 920 when it was first released. A rep was helping a guy who was interested in the 820 and he asked her a question she couldn’t answer, so I answered for him. It’s a shame there are too many people working for the carriers in store who know little to nothing about the phones they’re trying to sell. I get that many of them don’t know Windows Phone, but making a mistake like that with an HTC One? SMH

        • Orlando G.

          Yea, I found that disturbing. We’re talking about a flagship phone. I don’t expect them to know all the details about every phone they sell (which is what I did as a sale rep) but at least understand the different platforms.

      • IamDefiler

        There are still reps at my T-Mo store that think Windows Phone doesn’t have Instagram or Vine apps.

    • FILA

      Reps are just taught the basic knowledge to get by, I have gotten into battles with them before that I know more then them. I tried applying for T-Mobile before, they didnt want me, there lost.

  • metalspy8

    When i try to jump htc one m8 doesnt appear as an upgrade.?

    • Nick

      You have to call Tmobile and change your Jump program to Jump 2 so that you have to pay just 50% of the total price of whatever current phone you have and get the HTC One M8. I had an old Jump program, I called customer service they switched me over to the new Jump program and they actually will bill me 50% that I owed on my LG G2 (instead of paying they can actually bill you to the next billing cycle and show on EIP balance that you have paid at least 50% of the current phone). After that I went to store, the tmobile rep checked in my account that tmobile phone rep charged the 50% of my current phone to my next bill and I was able to swap it with HTC One M8. Note: Will old Jump you can only swap to new phone after six months, but if you switch to new Jump (usually called Jump 2, you can get any new phone if you pay at least 50% of the current phone you have, I think it’s a pretty good deal)

      • JayMo86

        Sorry bro, you are not required to switch to JUMP2. JUMP1 is grandfathered and can be used for these new devices. You just gave up a better version when you didn’t have to…

        • Nick

          I asked three customer rep and they told me that with Jump 1 either I have to wait 6 months or pay the whole phone to get a new phone. But with Jump 2 I can pay 50% and get a new phone regardless of the time I own it. So if new phone comes in suppose in next 15 days, I can pay 50% of my HTC One M8 and go for the third phone which I cannot do with the Jump 1 because I either wait 6 months or pay full price for HTC One M8. I hope I have made myself clear now. It depends on the customer whatever they like. I am phone enthusiastic and I change phones frequently sometimes, 5 or 6 phones a year so Jump 2 is a better deal for me to pay 50% and change my phone regardless of the time I own this phone. Jump 1 will not work for me cuz I do not want to pay the full price or I do not want to wait six months.

        • thepanttherlady

          The only 6 month wait for those on the original JUMP! program was when they first joined. After that they could JUMP! two times in a year whenever they wanted.

        • Nick

          But with new Jump (you can call it Jump 2) you can jump several times a year (not just 2 times a year) if you are willing to pay 50% of the phone you own.

        • thepanttherlady

          Yes, I am aware of how both programs work. Glad the second program works for you. Personally, I jump whenever I want without the extra fee as I buy my phones outright. ;)

        • Nick

          Cool I know what you mean. I do not buy my phone outright and go for the $0 down lol

        • JayMo86

          IMO I just think the cost of paying half the device brings less value than being able to upgrade several times a year…Just think, if you owe $550 on your current JUMP1 device, they would pay it off entirely and you’d be able to get the next device for $0 down. But if JUMP2 works for you I guess that’s a win. I just don’t like it when some people, including reps say you have to switch it when in reality you don’t. I mean that could change in the future…

        • thepanttherlady

          Agreed. It gets difficult sometimes for people to see this but like we’ve all said here, if the new program works for some then great.

        • JayMo86

          I’m just speaking from a financial perspective. Yes JUMP1 makes you wait 6 months for an upgrade but they pay off your “entire” balance from your device. And you’re allowed two upgrades per year which is not bad. I don’t think new devices are even being released less than 6 months apart. And the most common misconception about JUMP1 is that you have to wait 6 months between upgrades which is not true. Your two upgrades for the year can literally be back to back once you’re past the first 6month introductory period. You’re not stuck with paying half of any device if you stick out the first 6 months. So if you buy 2 new devices with jump for the year, you’re only paying the sales tax for the two devices plus about only 4 months worth of payments since the payments don’t start right away. All that money adds up, that’s the only reason why I say the first one is better. T-Mobile realized that and I think that’s why they were forced to “downgrade” it.

  • billmayor

    If you order S5 does it come with a sim card in a unopened sealed box? Seems when I buy a mobile in store they always include a new sim card.

    • Randall Lind

      you get a card in the box with a new sim card.If needed but if you have a S4 you can just use that sim card.

  • Randall Lind

    Why is Download Booster disable on the S5? every site I read said T-Mo was the only carries to enable this feature but not on my phone. It is greyed out and can’t be enable.

    • Randall Lind

      Call T-Mo and had to turn off wifi calling then I was able to enable booster

  • Orlando G.

    Went to three stores, yesterday, and none had the M8 in stock or the demo model as well. They couldn’t tell me why or when they would have stock. Found that strange.

    None of the stores I went too had black SG5s in stock, only the white ones.

    I’m still undecided on what phone I want. Currently have the original HTC one and Im tried of the purple pics/video in low light situations. Already delt with one replacement and does the same thing.

    While playing around the with the SG5 and LG2, I found the latter to be faster. Swiping from one window to another was speedy as well as opening and closing apps. This has made wonder if I should wait for the LG3.

    Anyway, heading back to the store today (they claim they’re getting another shipment of phones) to play around with the SG5 again and see if they get any M8s.

    • elmodern

      i was always a huge HTC fan (had the G1, g2, Mytouch Slide, HTC HD2, HTC sensation) then i jumped on the galaxy s3 and the s5 is a big upgrade from there. I enjoy my s5 but then again i haven played with the m8.

  • kekel1123

    Does anyone knows the model number of this S5 from T mobile?

  • tbonezx11

    You wouldn’t know the HTC device was available. Called the store I normally go to…”we’re out of stock” – option 2 called, “nope, but we have the S5!.” Final call to corporate store & they tell me they have some in stock. So, with a few minutes to spare before picking up the kiddo Friday, I swing by to find 6 staff employees wearing the Black S5 tshirts, 5 ft cardboard cutouts outside the door. I walk in & say, “I hear there’s a couple new phones out today.” “Yeah, the new Galaxy S5! Let’s check it out” “No, I was talking about the HTC One M8, can I see that?” “No we don’t have any floor models. Do you want to check out the Galaxy S5?” “But you have the HTC right?” “Yeah, but no floor models.” “What about that big area with a spot to hold 2 HTCs and the big M8 poster?” “Sorry we don’t have any floor models, but I can show you the S5?” “Well, if I’m going to buy a $650 phone, I’d like to see it…can you go get one?” “Yeah, but it’s in the box, you can’t open it until you purchase it.” “Really? Where’s the manager so I can confirm you don’t want to show or sell me a new phone if it’s not the S5?” “Hi Sir, we can let you see one if you’re going to buy it, but we have to pull up all your info and confirm it before we’ll open a box.”

    ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    I’m not sure what Samsung has over Tmo, but there was some serious BS going on for Samsung. I’m sure it’s a great phone. I have a personal preference for a more solid feel and don’t like AMOLED screens. Samsung has nothing for me. NOTHING personal. But stop trying to “UPSELL” me to a phone I don’t want while “C)(k-blocking me from the one I DO want.”

    I’m sure there’s some retail BS that goes with “display models” not being actual boxed product or something.

    The bias was strong…happily, I was stronger, got to touch/feel the M8 before, YES, walking out with the one they “HAD TO OPEN AGAINST POLICY” to show me…

    I’m sorry #HTC gets the shaft like that. Nice phone. It’s what I wanted – you get your own & if you don’t like the M8, that’s fine. I don’t care. I just DO care when i’m treated like I’m at “CRAZY LARRY’S cars” and keep being told what I “really need and want is this beauty over here…”

    • Orlando G.

      Same experiences I’ve had at 3 different stores.

    • Jason Crumbley

      Same thing happened to me in Las Vegas.
      There was an M8 display with no floor model.
      One of the employees had an M8 and let me look at it.
      I got the last M8 they had in stock.

    • IamDefiler

      It’s because T-Mo employees get kick backs from Samsung for every phone they sell. The T-Mo stores near me push Samsung phones regardless of what you ask for.

    • Sal Monella

      My store had a display spot reserved for the HTC One, but it was not on display. I am assuming they could not display it the first few days the S5 was on sale.

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  • Sal Monella

    I’m not sure if you need 800 or above credit rating, but I was also
    asked to make a down payment on the HTC One M8. I have been a
    customer for eight months and have been early on all payments. Maybe it
    is the stores location. Middle to lower class area. I know that sounds
    ignorant, but just wondering because “no down payment” is advertised. It
    does reduce my monthly payment, so no biggie, plus it is the best phone
    ever. No silly gadgets. Just blazingly fast and works.

  • sharklover

    There are no lock screen widgets on S5. I got a s5 from from costco and could not believe that there are no lock screen widgets. This is something I use all th etime on my S4. The speaker is softer than the s4. I am taking the s5 back. It is a bigger phone with just about the same size screen. I think I may get a note 4.

  • JayMo86

    Anyone have any idea if and when T-Mobile will start selling the 32gb model of the S5 and what the pricing will look like? Thanks in advance!